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TGJ2O7 June 2018

Personal Online Portfolio

Assignment/Project Reflections:
Reflections should focus on your learning during each assignment. They should be 8-10
sentences in length. They can be longer. Remember, this is a portfolio which you can keep
updated during your education and even once you are in a career.

The intent to to show a progression in skills development and personal development during your
years in high school and beyond. It could serve as a resource when applying to post-secondary
institutions or careers in the future.

Your reflection are to focus on your learning for each assignment

Gr. 10 Assignments:
1. BHM Atrium TV screen Graphics (Photoshop)
Discuss design considerations and technical techniques in Photoshop

2. Fun Day Editing Assignment - editing a news item (Premiere Pro)

Identify elements in a news story

3. Television Production Team Show Item - Green screen editing in Premiere Pro
Discuss green screen process

4. Tv Graphic research and identity

Describe purpose of the assignments - understanding graphic in video production

5. TV item graphics - Static Full page, Lower Thirds, slab graphics

6. Animation of graphic package

Discuss key concept of graphic animation

8. eWaste - title only and identify the assignment (no reflection)

Ideas for reflection for the first 6 assignments:

a. What did you learn this assignment/project?
b. What problems did you overcome this assignment/project?
c. What do you need to improve on for next assignment/project?