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Cedar Point Website Grading Rubric

Your Name: ________________________________________

Date this form turned in: ____________ (All forms must be submitted by Thursday, 6/7/18.)

Website Elements

Has a theme 3

Home page + at least 4 other pages 3

 One or more embedded slideshows 3

 One or more embedded video 3

 At least one embedded Google map 3

 At least one email link 3

 Downloadable grading rubric 3

Home page

Relevant header image 3

Brief history of amusement parks and/or Cedar Point 3

Interesting facts about CP 3

Each additional page

Relevant header image on each page 3

 Picture of ride, physics problem, solution to problem (13 x 5 pts) 65

Problems truly relate to the ride indicated (-5 pts for each mismatched) 15

Quality of Website

Overall look, design, and functionality of your website 3

Quality of the content (in terms of helpfulness) of your website 3


Please help me quickly understand the layout of your website! Read the directions in the box below!!

Where is everything located?

 Write the name of each page title in

the blank columns to the right.

 Circle the type of problem each did

for each highlighted topic area

 Mark an X in the box that tells me

what page this problem can be
Home P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12 P13
one or more embedded slideshows
one or more embedded videos
embedded Google map
email link
downloadable grading rubric
accel equations, free fall motion
projectile motion
net force, inclined planes, elevators
static equil, rotational equilibrium
centripetal accel, centripetal force
work/power, conservation of energy
impulse, conservation of momentum
torque, rot inertia, ang momentum
Coulomb’s law
resistivity, equiv resis, power, voltage
speed of sound, wave equation