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What are their strategies plan to

expand the Market to Thailand?
Friday, May 11
Goal : I’m going to research about general information about the Heineken
Holding Company.

What I’ve learned: Back in 1864, Gerard Heineken who was a founder of Heineken met his passion to begin beer business. He
bought a piece of land, which is now in Amsterdam. He created an unknown beer brewery and try to figure out the perfect recipe.
That recipe has become the first lager beer brand in Holland. The rumors spread quickly and the Heineken name was stamped on
every bottle. Over the past 140 years, his brewery has expanded and inherited for the fourth generation. But the name on the
bottle remains the same name does not change today.
Targets : 63% are men
Age 21-34
Sport Fan
College Educated
Middle to High Income
New Question : How can Heineken become one of the famous brewing company?
Reflection: I think that I have to research more about Heineken in order to know its better. I should use the time wisely. I did
good in summarize the information.
References: http://www.theheinekencompany.com/about-us/business-conduct

Tuesday, May 15
Goal : I’m going to research how can Heineken become famous.

What I’ve learned:

Heineken takes longer time than usual to ferment a perfect yellowish beer with the best quality which takes 
28 days.

Heineken is a famous beer brand and is known for its great advertising campaigns.

Heineken strength are Iconic brands elements (which are packing, logo and font)

Strong brand Equity and High Brand Awareness

Heineken reflected the culture and tradition through the packaging and advertising.

Heineken make the consumers believe that "Consumers can count on Heineken as a friend” through project

Heineken also using 100% natural ingredients during brewing process.

Heineken's key ingredients are purely natural ingredients, including malt, barley, hop, and A-Yeast A-Yeast

Some of the website says that the thing that make Heineken famous is their advertisement

Advertisement from the campaign ‘It could only be Heineken’ (2000s) Poster from an advertising campaign for the former Dutch East Indies: “Heineken’s beer, the best served beer” (40s)

Heineken also build a very good brand image such as sponsor a sport events and being a sponsor can make them
getting closer to their customers even the groups that are non - Heineken drinkers.
Heineken also supports the drinkers to have responsibility to take care of themselves.
New Question: What are Heineken products?
Reflection: I can understand more about Heineken and what make them become well-known. I think, I have to
improve my reading skill in order to understand the topic deeply.
References: https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2014/08/25/this-is-how-heineken-became-the-best-known-brewery-in-

Friday, May 18
Goal: I’m going to research on Heineken products.

What I’ve learned:

1. The Icon
The green bottle, the red star, the smiling ‘e’… like an instant welcome from
an old friend. Cold, fresh, high quality Heineken. Enjoyed near and far since

2. Heineken 0.0
Heineken 0.0% is a new product which contains non-alcoholic lager,
brewed with a unique recipe for a distinct balanced taste with refreshing
fruity notes and soft malty body, which now allows you to enjoy a Heineken
beer at any time of day

3. Draught
Beer doesn’t like air. It affects the fresh crisp taste. A world-class
Heineken deserves world-class protection: a firm foam head. It’s a seal that keeps
the air out and the fine bubbles in and makes sure you can enjoy the taste as it
meant to be.

4. The Can
A cold can of Heineken, the refreshing taste that is kept safe
from light and air. Be reassured the can saves the balanced richness in
taste, the refreshing clarity and a beautiful golden-yellow colour inside.

5. Extra Cold
When the temperature starts to rise, it’s time for Extra Cold Heineken. Order
a smooth draught from the frozen column. Or choose an ice-cold bottle from the
Sub Zero fridge. Both chilled to zero-degree perfection for longer lasting
refreshment. What better way to stay cool?

6. Club Bottle
Smart. Sophisticated. Extremely stylish. Our limited edition bottle is coming
to best clubs all across the world. And it’s dressed to impress. Why not come
and join us for a great night out?

7. The Sub

This iconic at home draught beer appliance delivers on a promise.

Pouring a perfect beer was never this easy. Or eye-catching; The SUB was
designed by Marc Newson.

8. Draught keg
Can The DraughtKeg is filled with five litres of fresh and refreshing draught
Heineken. Just raise your glass, tap and pour.
New Question : What are the demand for Alcohol Consumption in Thailand?

Reflection : I did a good job for today.

References : https://www.heineken.com/gb/We-are-heineken/Our-Beer

Monday, May 21
Goal : I’m going to research on Alcohol Consumption in Thailand.

What I’ve learned : The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Alcohol Database tracks the
increase in Thai adult per capita consumption from 0.26 liters in 1961 to 8.47 liters of pure alcohol
in 2012. Most significantly, beer consumption had an eightfold growth between 1982 and 2001.
Thai unrecorded consumption was estimated to be 2 liters of pure alcohol per capita in 2003.

Age range ( 2013 ) : 77 % are adult (25 - 59) 15% are teenagers (15 - 24) 8% are elders
(above 60)

By regions ( 2013 ) : 23% from North 40% from North-East 21% from Central 8% from
Bangkok 8% from South

Drinking style :  Groups of Thais prefer to order a bottle of spirits to share and a bucket of
ice and a few optional mixers.

Popular Beer Brands : Singha (priest local beer choices) / Leo ( cheaper than Singha but
from the same brewery) / Chang ( 6.4 % of alcohol with a better taste)

New Question: When can the sellers sell alcohol in Thailand and What are some famous

Reflections: Actually, I don’t know what to research next because I have not enough time to know
all of the information that I want to know. But I did a good job today!

References: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/infographic/alcohol-consumption-thailand/


Tuesday, 22 May
Goal : I’m going to research general information about Alcohol in Thailand.

What I’ve learned : Alcohol policy in Thailand is quite comprehensive. It includes tax which
increased by up to 30 baht per bottle, while beer will rise by 0.50 baht per can and 2.66 baht per
bottle since September 16, 2017. Thus, seller license, arrangements on time and place of sale,
prohibition of advertisement from 05.00-22.00 hours or the so-called partial ban introduced in
2003 and control of advertising content. There are some days and time when the sale of alcohol is
restricted. On religious holidays and elections it may be hard to find shops that are selling alcohol.
On regular days retailers are not supposed to sell alcohol between midnight and 11:00 and
14:00-17:00. For an Entertainment places have the right to sell alcohol only from 21:00 to 24:00.

Types of Alcohol in Thailand :

Thai beer

Thai wine

Thai rum

Thai whiskey

Thai brandy
Exotic drinks
New Question: What are the ways to promote Heineken’s product?

Reflections: I have to explain clearly about types of alcohol drink but, maybe I don’t need that

References: https://nashaplaneta.net/en/asia/thai/art-alkogol-v-tailande

Friday, 25 May
Goal : I’m going to research impact of alcohol in Thailand.

What I’ve learned :

Sources ; Kannika, N., The impact of Alcohol advertisement during the football world cup
inThailand. 2006, ABAC poll, Assumption University: Bangkok. [inThai]

According to Thamarangsi’s (2008) study points out Thai drinkers enjoy cheaper imported
and locally produced branded beverages and Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility has
been the recent trend among alcohol operators, including social donations and sponsorships to
sport persons, events and broadcast. From a survey, 80.5% of teenagers wanted to pay back to a
beer company that sponsored the free broadcast of 2006 soccer world cup22. Another study
shows that Thai students have high brand loyalty to the beer company that sponsors the national
soccer team while many primary students positively perceive this beer company and brand as a
philanthropic cause that they should contribute towards. Which mean that if Heineken set their
products' prices lower and sponsor some of sports event or festival, they might have a chance to
expand their group of customers.

New Question : What are some possible events that Heineken can host?

Reflections : I think these informations are very helpful with the plan that I am going to make.

References : https://globalgapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/gl200104-200103.pdf

Monday, 28 May
Goal :

What I’ve learned : To promote their brands to people, alcohol companies uses Sport
Sponsorship, Sponsor Party Night strategies. Here are some interesting sport event and party
night events ;

1. Fullmoon Party Live in BKK 2018

Music festival celebrated under the moonlight !

 07 June 2018 18:00 - 08 June 2018 23:59

 BITEC, Bangna Trad Road Bang Na, Bangna BANGKOK Thailand 

Age : 18 and Above


 15 June 2018 20:00 - 17 June 2018 20:00

 Pattaya, Thailand 

For the first time in history, the World’s biggest international gay event comes to Asia!! JOIN US at
Circuit Festival Asia June 15th - 17th, 2018 in Pattaya, Thailand!!

CIRCUIT FESTIVAL ASIA boasts 4 kick-ass events spanning over 3 days, including Asia's first
'Water Park Day Party' and circuit beach party!!

★ FRI JUN 15th (Night)- The Big Opening Party

★ SAT JUN 16th (Day) - The Water Park Day 

★ SAT JUN 16th (Night) - The Main Event 

★ SUN JUN 17th (Day) - The Beach Party

Prepare yourselves for a party of EPIC PROPORTIONS. THIS SUMMER – PATTAYA, THAILAND is
the ultimate destination.

3. Thailand National Games

New Question : What are some good campaign that Heineken’ve done?

Reflections : I think the best festival is Fullmoon Party Live in BKK 2018, this event is very popular
among teenage and the tourists.

References : -

Thursday, 31 May
Goal : Today, I’m going to pick one of my favorite campaign of Heineken and analyze all of the
information and create a product.


Since Heineken is well- known for its creative campaigns, which are created to activate the
sales volume. I choose to research more about the Global campaign in 2014, named ‘Open Your
City, Open Your World’ not just because of this campaign was set in Thailand. This campaign
encouraged people in the new generation to create something new or introduce something new in
their hometown. This campaign also inspired people to change their monotonous lifestyle to have
more fun and colorful. For those who want to be part of this campaign, Heineken had fun
activities for everyone to try out with. The one who receives more " mileage" means that they have
more chances to win. For the winner, Heineken offers you a special 72-hour world class
experience with 4 cities including New York (USA) / Amsterdam (Netherland) / Rio De Janeiro
(Brazil) / Tokyo (Japan). They can receive "mileage" from "City Explorer", you have to be part of
"Heineken Open Your City" project weekly in Heineken Facebook Page. Next, "360 Explorer",
challengers have to join Facebook Game to find Heineken Bottle Cities Edition Bottle Hidden To
earn mileage. "Snap Your City", Create Your Story, share your vision with Heineken's media-
related campaigns. It is clear that the bottle is a special version of Heineken recently made (the
bottle has a city name added) Posted on Instagram with a hashtag. #openyourcity and
@heineken_th. Lastly, "Open Your City Adventures". This one is the most interesting one for me.
Challengers have to brave enough to get on the Heineken's exclusive car to experience the
unknown city. Heineken has also produced 10 limited-edition city cans that feature five local
cities, and five international cities. Limited-edition cans will feature Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya,
Korat, Phuket, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Madrid, Rome, and Sydney for consumers to collect.
According to an article in Thai PR, the campaign will be launched together with a new 320ml
‘sleek’ can price around 44 THB ($1.25) that is said to be the first in the Thai beer market.

Reflections : I finish my journal with tons of information already, I think that I did good with my
searching topics and Informations. I have to improve my English skills and I have to manage my
time wisely.

References : http://www.ryt9.com/s/prg/1978119



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