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Proclaim the Gospel; Equip the next generation; Mobilize the church

February 2017

Dear Partner and Friend,

Shalom and true blessings to you in Messiah Jesus, Our Lord. You are always in our prayers.

Israel is a society of around 6 million Jews and just under 2 million Muslims. It is a challenge on a daily basis to
see the conflict, to see the fear among the Jews toward the Arabs and the anger of the Arabs toward the Jews.
But the message of hope, forgiveness and true reconciliation is in the power of the Gospel of the Son of God
(Romans 1:16).

On December 24 we had a great outreach to Arabs in Bethlehem. Israelis are

not allowed to enter Bethlehem although it was a Jewish town 2000 years ago
when Messiah came to the world (Micah 5:2). We handed out many tracts,
gave children's books to kids and engaged people with the message of eternal
life. What a privilege to lead 2 Arabs to Messiah in a prayer of repentance. Both
of them put their faith in The Son of God. Please pray for their follow-up from the
believers inside Bethlehem. We trust what He is doing. We just obey His voice to
share His love.

Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

We are currently here in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica with our team. We thank God for
the fruit from this past weekend. World Mission Outreach partnered with several
churches here in Henry's hometown to hold a 2 night evangelistic outreach. We
also participated in a parade the evangelical churches organized through the
main street of the town. This was a first. The town is predominately Catholic and
the Mayor has never allowed this because of the Catholic control. This year he
allowed it. This was an answer to prayer. We praise God. It was a huge turnout.
You can view the parade here https://youtu.be/ytu8Vme_onQ.

Both evenings in the park were full of people and we had several first time
decisions. To God be the glory! The churches were encouraged and will be doing
the follow-up. Here is a short video of the worship https://youtu.be/

Last night Henry's younger brother Ronny whom we have been witnessing to for many years accepted the
Lord Jesus. A few of our team members shared with him and he was so open and ready to put is faith in Jesus.
We are rejoicing over this!

We will continue with one more week of meetings. We will be doing evangelism in a beach town that hosts
many Israelis, and then seminars next weekend. Thank you for continuing to pray for the salvation of souls and
for The Word to go forth.

Sierra Leone, West Africa

Sierra Leone has been known for the diamond corruption. Many children have been abused to forced labor.
Many have died and others have lost parts of their human body by the different factions or groups.
Please join us in prayers as we will take a team to Sierra Leone to do a 3 day conference to 300 pastors. We
will equip them on the Word of God, and also encourage them on the importance of presenting the True Son of
God, Jesus to the people of Sierra Leone. The Gospel has been watered down or compromised in so many
places around the world. But in reality as the Bible says in Romans 1:16; “The Gospel is power of God for
salvation to Jews and Gentiles”. A clear explanation of the Gospel will help people in Sierra Leone (and the
world) to be saved. We will also conduct an evangelistic outreach in the town of Bo which is outside Freetown.
We trust The Lord will draw many to Himself for salvation. Please pray for the churches to do a great follow up
to disciple others. He is The Lord of the Harvest.

Jesus The Messiah is always good news - The Lord is harvesting souls for His kingdom. John 4:35
“Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are white already for harvest”.

We thank God for you and your partnership. We together represent the department of Eternal Affairs upon this
earth until King Messiah Jesus comes back for us. We believe it. What a privilege to serve Him, our King said
in Matthew 28:20b "Lo, I am with you till the end of this age”.

Thank you for your prayers and support. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Blessings in Him,

Henry and Darlene M.


Praise Reports:

• We thank God for all the souls saved in Bethlehem and here in Costa Rica and their follow-up through the local church.

• We thank God for how the Lord is blessing our children at Naomi Ruth Bread of Life Orphan Centers, a branch of World
Mission Outreach. The children are growing in the Lord and they give God all the glory! Please visit our orphan
center at: www.naomiruth.org
• We thank God and give Him praise, honor and glory for you; your love, prayers and financial support.

• We praise God for the many doors HE has opened throughout the world.

Prayer Requests:

• Darlene's 2 younger brothers, Mason who continues to recover from a stroke and
Paul who has liver problems

• Upcoming outreach in Sierra Leone, West Africa

• The team members The Lord has for Israel 2017

• Upcoming purchase of land for orphan residential center in Tanzania. Favor, all
needed finances and volunteers.

• Overall health, protection and provision of resources to bring the Gospel to the world

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