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Never detour from duty, vocational immersion partner tells senior high students

By Justynne Keigh Dano

FRIENDLY ADVICE. Big 8 Hotel Human Resource Director Atty. Rachel Guinan reminds
the teachers present of their responsibility during immersion. © Harley Aglosolos

As the first graduating students of the Senior High School of La Filipina National High
School will undergo an 80-hour immersion training this year, technical-vocational business
partner urged students to properly act as future employees expected of them.
“There are rules that we need to follow in our establishment. These must not be violated
especially that our immersion students are very playful since they are still young,” said Atty.
Rachel Guinan, Human Resource Director of the Big 8 Corporate Hotel during the
Stakeholders Forum on July 13 at Veranda, Tagum City.
According to Guinan, common violations committed by students include carrying
cellphones during duty, bringing an amount of money with them which could be lost, and
using equipment without permission.
“There was even an incident where a student has almost burned one function room
because of carelessness. That is why the teacher in-charge must find to visit them and not
just leave them with us” Guinan added.
To avoid further responsibility on their part, Guinan told the teachers present to remind
the parents not to inquire from them whenever students are absent during immersion since
it is not their role to monitor their whereabouts, and their Memorandum of Agreement is
with the school and not with the parents.
“Although we are not bound to pay for their service, we have to take extra effort in
looking after their performance. If no one will accept these students, then who else will?”
said Guinan.

Note: Mecah ang person nga nag talk ani kay ang principal ha…e elis kay Guinan din kuhaa
lang ang thought sa statement din pagbuhat og imuha sa Filipino…
‘One death is enough’
Transportation agencies caution students vs overloading of single motorcycle
By Ivan Joshua Pacete

THRILL THAT KILLS. A single motorcycle driver takes three passenger students even if it is
beyond the normal load capacity of the vehicle. © Haren Pula

Driver casualties 30

Passenger casualties 16

Pedestrian casualties 15

No. of Operation involved

Minor injury 46

Serious injury 21

Killed 4

Cause of Accident
Human Error 192

Others 141

Vehicle Defect 5

Bad overtaking 2

Source: PNP Traffic Accident Statistics

After the accidental death of a Grade 8 student of La Filipina National High School due to
overloading of six passengers and driver’s error in riding a single motorcycle, students should
learn to weigh things between safety and practicality, Land Transportation Office (LTO)
head said.
According to LTO Tagum District Chief Marietta Piccio in an interview, although most
students who lived in far-flung areas have no choice but to ride a single motorcycle from
home to school and vice versa, they must consider their safety over saving money.
“What’s the use of saving when students are risking their lives. The death of one of your
students should be enough for everybody to learn to value life,” Piccio said.
She furthered that students should go home early so that they could ride on the last trip of
the public utility jeepney, thereby, sparing them from overloading these single motorcycles
since only one rider is allowed as a back rider according to RA 4136 known as the Land
Transportation and Traffic Code.
Parent’s Collaboration
Based on the Traffic Accident Statistic Report from January to June 2017 from the Tagum
City Traffic Management Office (TMO), 114 of the total 529 recorded accidents are of the
motorcycle vehicles which is the reason why the TMO conducted road safety seminar in
different schools and barangays in the city.
“We urge the parents to attend the scheduled seminar so they would give prime
importance on the safety of their children. After all, they have the greatest influence in
warning them not to ride single motorcycles,” said Senior Police Inspector 4 Paulos
Barangay Assistance
Because of the limited personnel of the TMO, Abresaldo urged the La Filipina Barangay
Council to designate barangay workers who will help in the implementation of traffic rules.
“If the council decides to assign workers, then we would be very willing to deputize them
and give them proper training,” Abresaldo said.
Constant Reminders
School Principal Mrs. Virginia Maningo said that it is important that both parents and
teachers should keep on reminding the students of the hazards of overloading.
“This incident proves that it’s the thrill that kills because these teens were having a
joyride maybe because they are still very aggressive. They often tend to forget the reminders
of their parents so I hope that even friends can remind other students of the precautions,”
Maningo said.

Note: Kuhaa lang ang thought sa story Meca.. din e revised gamay……
Barangay council intensifies monitoring of internet cafes during class hours
Owners warned on the revocation of license to operate if caught accommodating students
By Joshua Pacete and Mariene Salva

UNBROKEN VOW. Barangay La Filipina Captain Rudy Corpuz explains how the barangay
council carries out their plan to monitor the internet cafes. ©Cathy Florida

After the consistent prompting of the La Filipina National High School administration,
the barangay council has finally vowed to intensify its monitoring of the internet cafes
operating near the school.
In an interview, Assistant to the Principal Michelle Dano said that six students were
caught playing games in the two internet cafes near the school during class hours which is a
violation to the City Ordinance 227, series of 2006.
“The student’s absenteeism due to this internet cafes is one of the main reasons why most
students failed or dropped out of school. That’s why are very thankful for the move of the
barangay to monitor the operation of these businesses,” Dano said.
On the part of the barangay council, the business owners were called to a consultative
meeting on August 25, 2017 where they were reminded of the existing ordinance prohibiting
them from admitting minors especially students from 8 AM to 5 PM and after curfew hours
by 10 P.M.
“If they will be caught still violating the provisions of the ordinance, then we will
recommend for the cancellation of their permit to operate. If we will report them to the city
government, they may not be able to renew their license,” said Barangay Captain Rudy
The City Ordinance states that on the third offense by the owners, they shall be fined
P3000 and their business permit shall be revoked by the City Mayor.
“Students have no choice but to stay in school where they are supposed to be, because our
internet café owners promised to refuse students and we will do daily monitoring to make
sure they fulfill their promise,” Corpuz added.
Note: E revised siya pero ang thought is mabilin…

News Analysis
Clubs, student services suffer from school donation deficit
Leader calls for parents’ collaboration
By Joshua Pacete and Bernard Dayon

Total Deficit – P25,000

Araling Panlipunan 24%

School Publication 29%

Voxunito Chorale 34%

Dance Troupe 13%

Source: PTA Statement of Accounts

Since the implementation of the five hundred peso-ceiling for Parent-Teachers

Association (PTA) contribution of La Filipina National High School, services to the students
was decreased evident by the deficit in the collection of four clubs.
Based on the PTA Statement of Accounts, four clubs have a total deficit of P25,186.00
while the Development Fund together with other basic services suffered a P242,013.00
“It has been years that we have joined the division competitions yet we were never given
a budget even for the fare and food. We have to shell out from our pockets but we
understand,” said The Harbinger Editor Leslie Tajale.
Likewise, Brass Band Trainer Emmanuel Riña lamented that the music group continued
their training last year even without the hired trainer whose budget was scrapped since the
implementation of the guidelines.
“It was difficult on our part because we have to utilize some of our best students to train
the neophyte music players. What the professional trainer could give is far different from
these students,” said Riña in an interview.
PTA Bookkeeper said that the deficit caused juggling of funds in the collection just to
grant the request coming from the clubs.
A big bulk of the collection comes from the payment of the city and barangay scholars
prompting the PTA President Ruben Bagood to urge the parents to do their obligations as
agreed in the assembly.
“I encourage the parents to take part in the development of their students by contributing
financially to the PTA. This is one way of showing our support to them,” Bagood said.
The P500-ceiling in PTA contribution, stipulated in DepEd Regional Memorandum 102,
s. 2017, was implemented to regulate the voluntary contributions

Note: Mecah e emphasize nimo nga dili nalang maka join ang mga bata og mga higher
competition kay walay kulang sa support, maong wala pud nag function ang mga clubs,..

Local Exec: Loveless home leads to gangsterism

Teachers urged to be confidant to spare students from hazing
By Leslie Tajale and Cathy Florida

“Hazing has always been a part of gangsterism. If teachers will just give our students a
loving environment where they are free to share their burdens, then our students may be
spared from harm.”
This was the analysis of Tagum City Allan Rellon in an interview on October 10 when
asked on the city government’s move with regards to gangsterism.
According to ______, _____ gangster groups were identified in La Filipina National High
School and one Grade 9 student, who doesn’t want to be identified, admitted in an interview
with The Harbinger staff that he was subjected to hazing where his body was hit with
slippers upon joining one group.
“This starts at home when students are scolded by parents because of their wrongdoing.
When they go to school, they are still reprimanded by teachers because of low scores in tests.
Only a gang welcomes them that’s why they join,” Rellon said.
Underscoring the importance of teachers, Rellon urged the teachers to play their role as
guidance counselors where students can freely share their burdens.
“If they see students misbehaving, they should talk to them intimately about their
problems. In this way, they would feel being loved in their ‘second home’,” Rellon added.
As for the part of the city government, Tagum City has allocated one million pesos for the
symposium so both students and parents will be educated about their roles.
“Aside from education, the City Social Welfare and Development has created a group that
will roam around the city at night to rescue them and be ferried to their home. Counselling
the parent is equally important,” Rellon said.
Note: Mecah si Judel Canceran og kadtong taga senior high ang example diria….

Jobs, small-scale business await drug surrenderees

Local gov’t ensures productive life after reformation
By Leslie Tajale and Cathy Florida

(surenderee employment training)

Drug dependents who opted for a new life were not left in vain after undergoing the
rehabilitation program, the local executive said.
According to Mayor Allan Rellon in an interview, after the drug surrenderees have
graduated the five-phase reformation program, they are provided with free skills training so
they will be added to labor force of the city to work in masonry, carpentry and other
infrastructure projects.
“This would encourage the drug users including suspected students in your school to
surrender and choose to be helped. The government will also help those qualified for a small-
scale entrepreneurship through the After Care Program,” Rellon said.
The city government is now on its second phase where about 2,000 enrolled in the
training while those who need serious attention were subsidized by the city government in
the Luntiang Paraiso Rehabilitation Center.
“While it is true that some of them went back to drug pushing and using, and others were
killed where the killer was not yet identified, we do not tolerate the idea that these people
should not be given another chance to life. This is what the intervention program is for,”
Rellon stressed.
With the goal of lessening, if not eliminating the supply of shabu in the city, the local
government strengthened the enforcement of the law through a buy bust-operation.
“We understand that taking drugs is a weakness, that’s why we are doing our best to help
the users. In fact, some of our employees were reappointed after undergoing the program,”
Rellon said.

Note: Mecah lahia ang lead pero pabilin gihapon ang thought..
Local gov’t-funded mini-hotel ensures mastery of skills for employment
Nearby hotel assures job for quality Senior High graduates
By Joshua Pacete and Marienne Salva

REAL WORLD. Food and Bevarage

One of its kind in Tagum City, the newly-constructed mini-hotel in La Filipina National
High School will ensure that the skills needed to land a job for Technology and Livelihood
tracks will be mastered by students, the local executive said.
According to Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon in an interview on October 10, this project
of the local government is a manifestation of partnership and commitment of the local
executive for the K to 12 curriculum.
“This P2.5 million-worth project from the Special Education Fund will give your students
an edge because they will get acquainted with the actual environment where they will work
in the future,” Rellon said.
In an interview, Golden Palace Hotel Operation Superintendent Manuel Virgilio Navas
said that the mini-hotel will empower students on the basics of Housekeeping, and Food and
Beverage Services.
“Your facility is very helpful because it serves as training ground. When they excel in
skills and they have the right attitude, I’m sure we can offer them a slot in our workforce,”
Navas added.
Jerson Montaos of Grade 11 Sierra Madre said that the facility has given them venue for
their hands-on activity.
“Before, we were just imagining when we have our workshop. Now we already practice
how to do it in the actual working place,” Montaos said.

Note: Mecah himua ni nga maatua ang news, diba naa man tay mini-hotel.. ang idea sa story kay mas
mahasa ang abilidad sa mga senior high graduates kay ang school gi mold sila into reality..

Students clamor for efficient traffic management during rush hours

P60 million traffic light project to lessen vehicle congestion
By Leslie Tajale and Cathy Florida

Demand for Traffic Light

Yes No

80% 20%

Source: The Harbinger Online Survey

Unsatisfied with the way the traffic personnel managed the traffic during rush hours, La
Filipina National High School students wanted the government to establish traffic lights on
strategic intersections, a survey said.
In an online survey conducted by The Harbinger on October 16, 2017, 354 students of the
444 students believed that it is a high time for the local government to replicate nearby cities
on managing traffic with the use of traffic lights.
“We have noticed that traffic officers were not consistent with their job. Even if there
were already congestion, we witnessed that some were just chit chatting at the corner
causing us to be late in school,” ________ lamented.
When presented with the result of the survey, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon in an
interview bared its plan to allocate P60 million for the traffic light on seven intersections in
the city.
“These traffic lights will prevent accidents and make the flow of the traffic orderly,”
Rellon said.
Traffic Management Office Head Police Superintendent Cesar Azares said in an interview
that the proposed traffic lights are installed with CCTV so they can implement no contact
“Even if we have the traffic light, we still need our traffic personnel in cases where there
is power interruption. They may also be assigned in school to protect our students in crossing
the streets,” Azares added.

Follow-up Report
Students still smoke despite ordinance
City gov’t assures penalizing erring stores
HARMFUL FREEDOM. Caught in a surveillance camera, students bravely display their
smoking despite city ordinance prohibiting smoking near school vicinity. © Jaymar Liaging

The implementation of the ordinance was still a failure.

After The Harbinger reported cases of smoking students last year to the barangay captain
and promises were made, still ___ students were found smoking in a three-day surveillance
by the staff because ___ out of ___ stores within 100 meters still sell cigarettes.
When asked about the problem, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon said in an interview on
October 10, that the stores that are still selling cigarettes despite the city ordinance should be
“If you witnessed that these store owners are selling cigarettes to our students, please
report them to the city government, so they will pay the appropriate penalty. Our students’
health should be protected,” Rellon said.
Based on the copy of the City Ordinance No. 703, s-2015 obtained by The Harbinger,
violators are penalized with P1,000.00 or one month imprisonment on the first offense,
P2,500.00 or two months imprisonment on the second offense, and P5,000.00 or four month
imprisonment on the third and subsequent offenses.
“Aside from the regular enforces of laws like the Philippine National Police, the Chief
Executive may deputize to enforce this ordinance by creating enforcement team for every
barangay,” Section 15 of the city ordinance states.
On the part of the barangay council, Barangay Captain Rudy Corpuz said that their team
were occasionally monitoring.
“I have already given my number to the public so any student can report any incident so
that I could direct my team to monitor,” Corpuz said.
Supreme Student Government Jackharry Taturo hoped that the barangay council will
regularly monitor the stores.
“It’s disturbing to see that our students smoke. One way of stopping this is paralyzing the
source, so we hope that these stores would be penalized,” Taturo said.