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The Croft Child and Family Unit

Specialist mental health care for children and their families

Information for referring agencies

Established in Cambridge for more Why refer to the Croft? Who can refer to the Croft?
than 30 years, the Croft Child and The comprehensive in-depth We have an open referral system.
Family Unit is the only unit in the assessment helps us to understand the Most referrals come from specialist
UK offering specialist in-patient complex difficulties of each individual NHS clinicians. Subject to agreed
and day-patient mental health child and family so that: funding, we are also able to receive
treatment for children under 12 referrals from:
years old, their parents and l we build the best care plan
siblings - a whole family approach, l we provide care in the best possible l primary care and community health
alongside an integrated environment services
educational programme. l we achieve the best possible l social workers
outcome for the child and their l special education services
We provide care and treatment for family l acute paediatric services
children who have:
Early intervention for children in We welcome visitors to the unit and
l complex developmental or difficulty is crucial to preventing are happy to provide additional
psychiatric disorders further deterioration. We aim to information about the service or to
l severe emotional and/or behavioural respond in a timely and flexible way. discuss possible referrals.
We have particular expertise in the Dr Jo Holmes
We work intensely with family assessment and treatment of children Consultant Child Psychiatrist
members as well as children to ensure with complex neurodevelopmental T 01223 885800
that beneficial change is achieved syndromes (such as autism spectrum E joanne.holmes@cpft.nhs.uk
quickly - the average length of disorders) alongside severe emotional
in-patient care is six weeks. and behavioural difficulties. March 2011

As well as intensive specialist mental

health assessment and in-patient
treatment, we can also offer extended
care packages including home-based
engagement work before admission
and outreach support after discharge
to consolidate therapeutic progress.
Throughout their care, children and
families are supported by a care

Many children at the Croft have very

significant educational problems. We
have an integrated educational
programme and all children attend the
daily education sessions - enabling us
to assess educational needs and
initiate educational re-integration for
children who have been out of school.
Our unique extended care service Children and their families are resident We do not provide services for
provides flexible and high-quality at the Croft in-patient unit Monday - children whose needs can be met by
intensive specialist support for Friday and return home at weekends. community child and adolescent
children, their families and other mental services.
agencies who are involved in the We also provide a day service for local
child’s care. children and families who do not
require 24-hour treatment or

Our approach Evidence-based care Treatment modalities:

Following referral we contact the We use specialist, evidence-based l Intensive family therapy
family to start the initial assessment. assessment tools: l Groups (both for parents and
Our wide range of assessment and children)
therapeutic approaches encompasses: l Psychiatric assessment of l Milieu/community therapy
development and mental health l Educational rehabilitation
l Complex autistic spectrum disorders family dynamics l Attachment therapies (watch, wait
l Attachment disorders l Behavioural analysis and wonder and Mellow Parenting)
l Severe behavioural disorders l Structured assessments for autistic l Intensive behavioural therapy
including aggression and violence spectrum disorders – the Autism l Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
l Depression and self harm Diagnostic Observation Schedule l Individual and dyadic music therapy
l Eating and feeding disorders (ADOS) and Autism Diagnostic l Medication
l Parental mental disorder and family Interview (ADI) l Psychoeducation
dysfunction l Cognitive assessment of learning l Therapeutic child counselling
l Psychosomatic disorders capacity - Wechsler Intelligence Scale l Refeeding and intensive nutritional
l Other neurodevelopmental disorders for Children (WISC), Wechsler support for children with severe
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Pre-school and Primary School scale eating disorders
Disorder (ADHD), tic, etc of Intelligence (WIPPSI), memory, etc
l Parenting capacity l Education needs (as they relate to
l Medically unexplained symptoms mental health disorder)
l Attachment style in younger children

How to refer Dr Jo Holmes For urgent referrals

We encourage direct contact to Consultant Child Psychiatrist Telephone and/or fax relevant details.
discuss potential referrals. Or
Sharon Kenny
Address all referrals to: Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Croft Child and Family Unit

Ida Darwin, Fulbourn
Cambridge CB21 5EE
T 01223 885800
F 01223 885801

HQ Elizabeth House, Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge CB21 5EF.

T 01223 726789
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