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1. Lian is about to deliver her second baby at lying-in clinic. When baby cries after delivery, the midwife should:
a. Dry baby thoroughly c. wipe off vernix
b. Cut the cord immediately d. do foot printing
2. When newborn is breathing or crying right after delivery, the midwife should do the following except:
a. Suctioning c. cover newborn’s head with bonnet
b. Place on mother’s abdomen d. dry thoroughly
3. To clamp the cord, the midwife may do the following:
a. Milk the cord towards the baby
b. Clamp 2cm and 5cm from the base of the cord then cut
c. Do not apply any substance into the cord
d. b and c
4. After cord clamping, the midwife may do which of these:
a. Wash or clean the newborn c. examine the newborn
b. Skin to skin contact with mother d. inject vit K, Hep B. BCG
5. After an hour of birth, the NB was examined. Which of the following signifies well baby?
a. Weight is 2,500g and above c. with slight sternal retractions
b. Feeding well d. all
6. When newborn’s temperature measures 35.5, which advice would midwife commend to the mother?
a. Swaddle the baby c. skin to skin with mother
b. Apply warm compress on NB d. transfer the baby with mother to hospital
7. Woman without prenatal check up delivered her 2nd baby at lying in. NB birth weight is 1,400 grams. The midwife
should do which of these?
a. Refer baby to hospital c. keep NB warm by skin to skin contact
b. Explain to mother the need for referral d. all
8. Two hours post partum, mother was transferred from lying in clinic to hospital due to some medical
complications. Which feeding method is recommended for the NB?
a. Expressed breastmilk from mother using spoon or cup
b. Donated heat treated breastmilk using spoon or cup
c. Home made or commercial formula using spoon or cup
d. all
9. Woman delivered to a term twin. Both have good sucking reflex. They should be fed:
a. Right after delivery
b. One baby at a time until BF is well established
c. every 2-3 hours
d. All
10. Baby A was delivered at 6:00 pm and mother said baby has not yet received any feeding after 3 hours. Except
one, the midwife may advise mother to:
a. Help initiate BF c. teach correct positioning and attachment
b. Advise to feed baby frequently d. refer urgently to hospital
11. Mother is known HIV positive. What feeding would you recommend for her baby?
a. Mixed feeding c. heat treated breastmilk by own mother
b. Mother’s breastmilk using cup or spoon d. all
12. Which of the following NB are at risk of bacterial infection after delivery?
a. With UTI c. mother is febrile during delivery
b. Mother’s BOW ruptured a day before delivery d. all
13. Mother’s blood was tested and she is RPR positive. Which treatment would midwife give to NB?
a. Crede’s prophylaxis c. penicillin injection
b. Vit K 1mg injection d. BCG
14. For term NB, breastfeeding may start:
a. Within 30 mins after birth c. when breasts begin to lactate
b. After a pre-lacteal feed d. after discharge from lying in
15. On the first period of reactivity, NB is:
a. Resting or sleeping c. temperature increases
b. Pulse, respiration drops d. alert, active
16. Which is normal at birth?
a. Temp 35.6 c. flexed posture
b. Pulse 180 asleep d. audible grunting
17. One day after birth NB pass out blackish green stool 3 times. NB has:
a. diarrheal stool c. GIT bleeding
b. Meconium d. transitional stool
18. NB secretes milky secretion on vagina. Midwife will tell mother:
a. NB has gonorrhea c. it is pseudomenstruation
b. NB has vaginal injury d. A and C
19. Mother’s blood was tested and she is HIV positive. Which medicine could be given to NB?
a. Zidovudine c. tempra forte
b. Mebendazole d. Ibuprofen
20. At the lying-in clinic, NB face is somewhat yellowish after 12 hours of birth. The midwife may do which of this?
a. Discharge mother and baby c. advise mother to expose baby to sunlight
b. Refer baby urgently to hospital d. a and c
21. NB has assymetric moro reflex indicating:
a. Brain damage c. normal extremities
b. Fractured clavicle d. congenital abnormality of extremities
22. NB has nasal flaring and chest retraction after one hour of delivery. Midwife should:
a. Resuscitate NB c. refer baby to hospital
b. Ignore, normal on the transition period d. observe baby
23. To measure length, midwife should:
a. Put baby in supine position measure from sole to knee, knee to head
b. Put baby in supine position, straighten knee and measure from sole to head
c. Hold baby in standing position and measure from head to foot
d. Hold baby upside down and measure from sole to head
24. Mother delivered a 2,600 grams baby at 12pm. Midwife will bath baby:
a. 8am next day c. before cord dressing
b. Immediately after delivery d. oil bath immediately followed by tub bath
25. At birth, when there is molding, head and chest are usually:
a. Equal c. head is bigger by 2 cm
b. Chest larger by 2cm d. head is bigger by 2 inches
26. You will refer baby on which of the following conditions?
1. Gray patches on sacrum 3. Frequent sneezing
2. Single palmar crease 4. Pronation of hand
5. red reflex
a. 1,4,5 b. 1,2,3 c. 2,4 d. all
27. Which are expected if baby is born 43 weeks AOG
1. scrotum minimal rugae 4. Leather like skin
2. abundant lanugo 5. Transparent skin
3. wasted physical appearance
a. 1,2,3 b. 3,4,5 c. 3,4 d. all
28. Which is normal in male baby?
a. urinary meatus is at ventral surface of penis
b. urinary meatus is at the base of penis
c. urinary meatus is at dorsal surface
D. urinary meatus at base of penis
29. Head circumference at birth:
a. 12-13 inches c. 12-13cm
b. 13-14 inches d. 13-14cm
30. The following are the advantages of breastfeeding to the mothers:
1. delays ovulation
2. reduce postpartal bleeding
3. closeness to baby
4. intelligence and visual acuity
5. maturity of GIT
a. all b. 1,3,5 c. 2,4 d. 1,2,3
31. Colostrum is important to NB because:
a. it has high protein and antibodies
b. it loosens intestinal mucus
c. it speeds elimination of meconium
d. all
32. mother’s uterus contract during breastfeeding because of hormone:
a. prolactin c. oxytocin
b. estrogen d. progesterone
33. The Midwife should tell the mother that NB is receiving enough milk from her if she observed:
a. 6-8 voids a day c. 10-15 minutes sucking on each breast
b. 3-4 yellow stools a day d. all
34. midwife may inform mother that NB is hungry when she observed:
a. licking c. searching
b. looking around d. all
35. NB is properly attached to breast when you observed:
a. lower lip turned outward
b. baby’s chin touching breast
c. more areola visible above the baby’s mouth
d. all
36. To break suction during BF, the midwife may advise the mother to:
a. open upper and lower lip c. pull infant mouth from breast
b. push away forehead d. insert finger into corners of NB mouth
37. Mother’s breast is swelling, painful and red, and feels ill. You may advise her:
a. continue BF on unaffected side c. give antibiotics
b. teach correct position and attachment d. all
38. Breastmilk can not be duplicated by formula milk due to this:
a. antibodies c. water content
b. casein content d. all
39. The law requiring mother and baby to sleep in one room together and breastfeed is:
a. EO 51 c. RA 9288
b. RA 7600 d. RA 8976
40. RA 9288 is:
a. Rooming in act c. Midwifery Law
b. Newborn screening d. Milk code
41. During the transition period, the following are assessed in NB except:
a. pulse c. respiration
b. temperature d. body weight
42. Which is true regarding principles of growth and development?
a. certain tissue matures rapidly than others
b. development proceeds in unpredictable order
c. development proceeds at the same rate
d. development procedds from distal to proximal
43. According to Freud, infant find pleasure in using their mouth. The midwife may advise mothers:
a. breastfeeding c. offer pacifier to non BF infant
b. do not discourage thumb sucking d. all
44. Infant’s trust develops more when parents:
a. hold infant during feeding c. talk to infant
b. rock infant to sleep d. all
45. At birth, NB weighs 2,500g. By 6 months it is approximately:
a. 5 lbs c. 10 lbs
b. 8 lbs d. 15 lbs
46. Which is true regarding growth and development of 3 months old baby/
a. Fixate on very small subject c. regards own hand
b. Reaches for toys d. takes object to mouth
47. Infant is ready to play peekaboo at:
a. 3 months b. 1 month c. 10 months d. 6 months
48. At the health center, infant cries at the presence of the midwife. He is probably:
a. 12 months b. 6 months c. 7 months d. 4 months
49. Midwife should inform parents to seek consultation when their baby:
a. can not scoop object at two months
b. babbles at 4 months
c. turn head to sound at 3 months
d. not babbling at 10 months

50. At the health center, infant has pot belly, scaly skin and discolored hair. These are signs of:
a. kwashiorkor c. anemia
b. marasmus d. intestinal worm
51. Baby James was delivered spontaneously at 8am, cried after 10 seconds and has good muscle tone. The priority
of the midwife after delivery should be:
a. suction mouth c. place identification
b. clamp the cord d. dry and keep baby warm
52. Baby James was placed on mother’s abdomen after delivery. The purpose of which is:
a. increased blood sugar of baby c. expose baby to good bacteria of mother
b. improves bonding d. all of these
53. When should midwife clamp the cord?
a. right after delivery of the baby c. after delivery of placenta
b. after cord pulsation has stopped d. after first cry
54. The reason of delayed cord clamping is:
a. allow baby to get blood from placenta c. reduced risk of anemia
b. increased blood clotting factors d. a and c
55. Cord clamp should be placed from baby’s skin for approximately:
a. 2cm b. 3 inches c. 7cm d. 5 inches
56. Midwife is about to inject Vit K to newborn. The best site to inject Vit K is:
a. gluteus muscle c. upper arm
b. calf muscle d. vastus lateralis
57. While on mother’s chest. Baby A opens mouth and thrust tongue. These are signs that:
a. baby is ready to breastfeed c. baby has mouth and tongue problem
b. baby needs to be suctiones d. midwife should take away baby from mother
58. The proper position of Baby’s mouth to breast of mother should be:
a. sucking nipple c. lower lip pouting
b. more areola above lip than lower lip d. pursed lip
59. Midwife administered eye prophylaxis to NB. Which is not correct regarding the procedure?
a. administered to both eyes c. administred to lower eye conjunctiva
b. rinse with NSS after administered d. massage eye slightly after administration
60. Midwife inject Vit K. The usual dosage is:
a. 1mg b. 1cc c. 0.01mg d. 0.01cc
61. Newborn screening was performed to Baby James before discharge. The specimen for NBS is:
a. urine b. blood c. stool d. sputum
62. At birth, preterm cried spontaneously, midwife should:
a. place NB on mother’s abdomen and dry c. resuscitate baby immediately
b. clamp and cut cord immediately d. all of these
63. Suctioning is necessary when the following are observed in newborn except:
a. NB cried after 15 seconds c. does not cry after 30 seconds
b. NB is meconium stained d. NB has thick frothy secretions
64. After delivery of the baby when thorough drying is done, midwife may position NB to mother’s abdomen or
a. prone c. trendelenberg
b. supine d. any position
65. To prevent hypothermia after delivery, bath newborn:
a. before cord care c. before discharge
b. after 6 hours d. after cord falls off
66. When the umbilical cord is still fresh, you may instruct mother:
a. apply diaper above cord to protect wet cord
b. cover stump with gauze to protect wet cord
c. do not apply any substance to stump
d. any of the above
67. How shoud midwife inject Hepa B to newborn?
a. intramuscular c. subcutaneous
b. intravenous d. intradermal
68. Baby was delivered at 6am. After 12 hours, mother noticed that Baby’s face has yellowish discoloration. The
midwife may tell mother:
a. it is normal in NB c. observed baby further
b. refer baby to pediatrician d. keep the baby warm
69. The newborn’s first check up is usually done at _______ after delivery.
a. 3 weeks b. 6 weeks c. 1 week d. 3 days after discharge

70. NB’s first breath usually decreases pressure of pulmonary artery that closes which fetal shunt?
a. ductus arteriosus c. foramen ovale
b. ductus venosus d. umbilical vein
71. NB’s respiration is usually observed as:
a. shallow, diaphragmatic. With periodic breathing
b. with grunting, cyanosis, sternal retraction
c. with deep breathing, apneic
d. with nasal flaring, absent cry
72. Sticky tarlike blackish green stool on 2nd day of NB’s life is:
a. meconium c. transitional stool
b. milk stool d. diarrheal stool
73. First void in NB is usually pinkish or dusky which is usually caused by:
a. infection of bladder
b. uric acid crystal formed in bladder while in utero
c. abnormality of kidney
d. all of these
74. Most NB have cream cheesy substance on skin which is known as:
a. milia b. miliaria c. vernix caseosa d. melanin
75. Which of the following gives passive immunity to newborn?
a. BCG c. Hepa B
b. mother’s milk d. Vitamin K
76. A female NB has whitish vaginal discharge. The midwife will explain this to mother as:
a. vaginal infection c. normal in female NB
b. abnormality of vagina d. abnormality of female genitalia
77. At birth, NB has poor head control and poor reflexes. He has probably:
a. neck injury b. brain injury c. muscular injury d. all
78. Baby Ali is 4 months. Which of the following reflexes is no longer observed?
a. sucking b. moro c. sneeze d. blinking
79. NB turns head when cheek is touched, he is demonstrating:
a. tonic neck reflex c. side reflex
b. rooting reflex d. all of these
80. The head circumference of NB usually measures:
a. 13-14 inches c. 13-14 cm
b. 13-14 mm d. 13-14 feet
81. A newly delivered baby weighs 2700 gms. You will consider him:
a. SGA b. AGA c. LGA d. very low birth weight
82. Newborn’s temperature usually___if not properly managed:
a. increase b. decrease c. stablizes d. disappear
83. One hour after birth, NB’s skin color is accrocyanotic. You will consider this skin color as:
a. normal b. needs referral c. needs oxygenation d. b and c
84. Some NB has pink rashes on face and abdomen on their day of life. The cause of this is:
a. obstruction of sebaceous glands c. obstruction of sweat glands
b. reaction of eosinophil to environment d. local skin disease
85. A newly delivered baby has soft spot near forehead. This usually closes:
a. before 12 months c. after 24 months
b. start to close after 12 months d. anytime during infancy
86. A newborn has a small edema on his head. You will tell mother that it will disappear in:
a. 24 hrs b. 3-5 days c. 1 week d. 1 month
87. At birth, NB has thin nasal discharges, midwife should:
a. wipe NB face c. suction NB with bulb syringe
b. intubate NB immediately d. call for help
88. NB cries when the door closes suddenly. What refelex is present?
a. crying b. startle c. hearing d. all
89. While crying, white epithelial cyst was seen on NB’s palate. It is:
a. normal in NB c. abnormal palate that needs referral
b. oral thrush that needs treatment d. A and C
90. The midwife examining the NB noticed that he has difficulty moving his neck. NB has probably:
a. torticollis c. it is normal in NB
b. short neck d. brain injury
91. Some healthy NB secretes milky substance on breast. This is called:
a. colostrum b. foremilk c. witch milk d. hind milk
92. The umbilical cord of NB at birth is:
a. greenish in color with 3 blood vessels
b. bluish white in color with 3 blood vessels
c. bright red in color with 3 blood vessels
d. brownish in color with 3 blood vessels
93. The male NB should have urethral opening at:
a. dorsal portion of penis c. tip of penis
b. ventral portion of penis d. base of penis
94. A female NB passed out meconium after 24 hrs. This means:
a. imperforate anus c. patent anus
b. anal fissure d. intestinal obstruction
95. The midwife is doing physical assessment to NB. The sole creases are cracking and deep. Baby is considered?
a. preterm b. term c. post term d. abortus
96. A mother worries about the discoloration on buttocks of her baby. You would tell her that it is:
a. normal and will disappear by school age c. refer to dermatologist
b. permanent discoloration and needs treatment d. congenital abnormality
97. A male NB has extra toes. You would infrom mother that NB has:
a. syndactyl b. polydactyl c. symmetrical toes d. talipes
98. At birth NB has unequal gluteal folds. You would refer baby because he has:
a. leg injury b. hip dislocation c. thigh injury d. gluteus muscle injury
99. For a term NB breastfeeding could be started:
a. within 90 minutes after delivery c. when breasts start to engorge
b. when breasts begin to leak d. when all the colostrum disappears
100. Infants who are breastfeed received antibodies from their mother thru the first few feeding, the type of immunity is
a. Active b. Artificial passive c. Artificial active d. passive