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Pasierbek, Z

Title: Temperature vs. Particle Size

Question: ​Which has a bigger impact on the rate of reaction, temperature or particle size?

Hypothesis: ​If temperature and particle size are tested on rate of reaction, then temperature will
have a bigger impact on the rate of reaction because when temperature is increased, molecules
move rapidly resulting in a bigger chance of collision, thus speeding up the reaction.

Variables​: Independent variable: Temperature and Particle Size

Dependent variable: Rate of reaction

● 2 Beakers
● 2 Thermometers
● 4 Alka Seltzer Tablets
● Room temperature water
● Hot water
● Timer

1. Pour 100 ML of Hot water into one beaker and Room temperature water into another.
2. Measure and record the temperatures of both beakers of water.
3. Drop one whole tablet of Alka Seltzer into each beaker at the same time. Time how long
it takes to dissolve.
4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
5. Crush 2 other tablets(one at a time, separately) of Alka Seltzer.
6. Repeat step 3 with crushed tablets. Time how long it takes to dissolve.

Raw Data:

Temperature Crushed Tablet Whole Tablet

Hot water(82℃) 8 seconds 24 seconds

Room Temperature 16 seconds 42 seconds

Processed Data:

Here are the results of impact on rate of reaction :

Conclusion: ​In Conclusion, the results of the experiment did not support my hypothesis because
particle size was the one that had a bigger impact on the rate of reaction. Being that when taken
the average from the results of both temperature and particle size, it was particle size that had the
bigger difference in rate, meaning it had the bigger impact.

Evaluation: ​Something that could’ve went wrong within in this lab is the temperatures of the
water and the accuracy of dropping the tablets at the same time. Meaning that the room
temperature could have risen a bit due to being right next to a boiling beaker of water, also other
groups could have had different water temperatures. Dropping the tablets at the same time was
the most important part of this lab because if they’re not dropped at the same time, one of the
tablets gets a head start in dissolving.
To improve this lab, I would make sure everyone’s water temperatures are accurate and
the same. Making sure to drop the tablets at the same time, just have one person hold both tablets
above the water and drop them at the same time, because others may have different reflexes that
another student and the tablets will not have the same start time to dissolve.