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Senegal nutrition report in 2017

Report 1/ Development of a Nutrition Multisectoral Strategic Plan with the

particularity of 12 Sectoral Action Plan of sectors relevant to nutrition
Senegal is a west African country which has experiment a significant decline in
stunting since 2010 (26%) to 16,5% in 2017 (Demographic Health Survey). After
the revision of the National Nutrition Policy in 2016. Senegal go forward with the
development of the Nutrition Multisectoral Strategic Plan NMSP for
operationalizing the national nutrition policy. Through an inclusive and
participatory process, the mains objectives articulated to the world health
assembly targets were consensually determinate. The particular innovation of this
NMSP is the conception of sectoral action plan of each of the 12 sectors relevant
to nutrition (Agriculture, Trade, Decentralization &local Development territorial,
Education, Livestock, Higher Education and Research, Environment, Family &
Social Protection, Water and Sanitation, Industry, Fishery and Health). At the
same time a “nutrition investment case study” was developed for supporting the
implementation of the NMSP for five years (2018-2022) and a process a resources
mobilization will began soon for completing the 5 million dollars yearly attributed
by the government. All these processes receive technical and financial support of
UNICEF Senegal.

Report 2: the Nutrition Guide for Parliamentarian in Senegal

As identified by the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) movement, Parliamentarians are

relevant stakeholders for reinforcing nutrition. UNICEF as co-lead of the
Donors/United Nations SUN platform in Senegal, support the establishment of a
parliamentarian network in 2017 called ReParMenus (Parliamentarian Network
for Nutrition in Senegal). For building capacities of parliamentarian of the new
legislature, a handbook on nutrition was developed by UNICEF and partners to
support orientation of parliamentarian in nutrition. This handbook will help to
familiarize parliamentarian with concepts and strategies in nutrition, to sensitize
them on the nutritional situation and the necessity to invest in nutrition and to
help them identify the way to contribute to the scale up of nutrition in the
country and in their specific localities in Senegal.