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Date: 03rd MAY 2018
Ref No.: REF|YYMMDD|01

The Management

Attention: Dr. Evgeny Bazhov

Dear Sir,

RE: Establishing Cooperation with Ventocopter Manufacturer

Malaysia as the leading defense hub for the ASEAN region has a good market capacity for small flying
machines and heavy helicopters and defense armour. Malaysia ranked 38th out of 106 countries in terms of
military strength according to a report published by Global Firepower (GFP).Malaysia’s ranking placed it
five places ahead of neighbour Singapore at 44.According to the survey, Malaysia also outranked Norway
(which came in at 39), Ethiopia (40) and South Africa (41).In the ASEAN sphere, aside from Singapore,
Malaysia also beat out the likes of Cambodia (at 82) and Laos (102), but lost to Vietnam, Thailand and the
Philippines, which came in at 23, 24 and 37 respectively.

Currently Malaysia Royal Airforce are utilising both fixed wing and rotary wing type of aircrafts. Royal
Airforce of Malaysia are currently looking into new type of high technology air transportation like
Ventocopter or any other high technology heavy helicopters. Example heavy helicopters that are currently
used by Royal Airforce of Malaysia is Malaysian Army Agusta A-109E LUH, armed with 20mm gun and
rockets for area suppression.

We are looking forward into establishing a business cooperation with Ventocopter manufacturer and we also
might look into other aircraft products of the manufacturing company to introduce to Malaysia Government.

Thank you.

For and on behalf of


Dato’ Dr. Thiwakaran


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