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ED 243 Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Topic: Cents Grade Level: Kindergarten Name: Arianna Birth

Lesson Type: Performance Level: Groupings Large group, pairs.

Re-teaching / Review On

Classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the
categories by count.
ABCD Objective/s: Students will be able to correctly identify coins and their worth by participating in a
true/ false game, sorting coins with a partner, and answering an individual question posed by the
*Kid-friendly Learning Target: I will correctly identify coins and how much they are worth by working
with a partner to sort coins and answering a question posed by the teacher.
Assessment plan for each objective: Coin worksheet, answer they give to the question you ask.

Key vocabulary terms and definitions:

Penny: 1 cent.
Nickel: 5 cents.
Dime: 10 cents.
Quarter: 25 cents.

Coin sorting worksheet
Coin bags
Large coins
Coin video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ARNqyQ0CuY or

Extend- For the groups that have finished the worksheet early I will ask them to count how many
coins they have in each group and then ask them to add the pennies and the nickels up.
Support- I will have children who seem to be having a hard time just work on identifying coins, I will
have them work with someone who seems to be understanding the lesson. I will also provide support
by leaving the pictures up on the board and if they need more support I will give them the value of each
coin. During the end question I will tell them the cent value of the candy and then ask what coin they
will use. I will refer to their sheet if they need.
Management Decisions
Behavioral Expectations: Transitions from place to place Fast Finishers: Go to free
Raise hands, limited or between activities: I will explain play, unless otherwise
movement, partner talk, work activities before we go to the next thing specified by Mrs. Kunde.
as directed. and then make them wait on the color
pad until I know that everyone
understands the directions.

Attention Signal (Regain Material Management: When we have Grouping: I will group
Student Focus): I will say, “I completed the partner activity I will tell students with their
will wait until its quiet” and say them to clear their boards and place shoulder buddy. I will try to
thank you to people who are them on their table. I will then have the place their nametags in a
being quiet. When they are at students talk to me and I will give them way that they are able to
their desks if I need their a piece of candy when they answer the work with a person that will
attention I will say “hands up!” question that I ask. I will tell them to put be good with them.
the candy in their cubby for later.

Lesson Sequence
Time What the teacher is doing What the students are doing
4 min Gain Attention/Activate prior knowledge: The students are watching and possibly
Show this video to the class: singing along.

10-15 Input & Modeling:

min Put all of the coins on the board. Ask the children to identify Children will raise their hands to identify
just the names of the coins. Call on the students who are coins.
raising their hands. Tell them if they are blurting that you just
want to call on those who raise their hands.
Children will raise their hands and tell
Once all the coins have been named ask the children how how they can tell the coins apart.
they know which coin is which. Ask this for each coin. Take 2 Students may say things like, color,
comments for each one. size, the president on it, and what it’s
made of.

Then we will play a true/ false game with the coins worth. I The children will close their eyes and
will have the children put their thumbs up if what I say is true put their thumbs up or down to signify
and thumbs down if what I say is false. I will have them close what they think is true or false.
their eyes when I have them put their thumbs up or down to
help them have their own ideas. I will them say, “a penny is
worth 10 cents.” I hope to see the children’s thumbs down.
Then say “A penny is worth 25 cents.” Again, look for thumbs
down. Then finally give them the correct statement: “A penny
is worth 1 cent.” Have them open their eyes and write 1 cent
underneath the penny. Go through every coin saying things
like this and then have them open their eyes afterwards. Look
out for the children who are unsure about every coin, those
are most likely the children who need more support during
the next part of the lesson.

10 min Guided practice:

While still on the color pad explain the directions for the Children will work with a shoulder buddy
partner-work. At your tables you will be working with a partner on the worksheet. Everyone in a group
to sort coins again. This time you also need to fill in the worth needs to participate.
of each coin. For example, how much did we say a penny
was worth? (1 cent) Yes! Then write a 1 on the line” model it
for the children. Ask them if they understand. Ask a child to
say the directions again. If they don’t remember then you say
the directions one more time. Then tell them to go back to
their seats.

Children will pair up with their shoulder buddy or get together

at a table of three and label on the line how much each coin
is worth. Then they will sort the coins in the bag on their
worksheet. Once they have finished sorting the coins they will
raise their hand to call the teacher over to look at it. If they
have done it wrong urge them to look in a certain box for
coins that do not belong there.

If the children finish quickly then ask them to add up the

pennies. If they finish that quickly have them add up the

10 min Independent practice: Students will answer the individually

Once they have finished with the sorting worksheet grab a asked questions. If they get it wrong ask
piece of candy for each child and individually ask them “If this them to go look at their worksheet
costs a nickel how much is it worth?” or “If this costs a dime again. Then students will put the candy
how much is it worth?” change this for each child depending in their cubby and clean off their
on their level. Once they are able to answer give them the worksheet.
candy. Then have them clean off their worksheets and leave
the bag and worksheet on the table.

Items to be collected as a result of this lesson: Sorting Sheets and bags of coins.