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he Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

Welcome, strangers from distant lands, friends of old, you have been summoned to answer the call of
Wellington. The New Zealand Hobbit League season stands upon the brink of completion, so come and enjoy
it. Each of you is invited to partake in this one event, this one celebration, and it is sure to be worth your while.
Yes! That’s it for another year. The League Final is here. Ahead of you lies a fun weekend of epic battle to
determine the fate of Middle-Earth. The winners of our League will be announced, trophies and prizes will be
handed to all, and while this event is not all about winning or losing, it is about having an opportunity to bring
your miniatures together and enjoy six wonderful games against friend and foe alike. Please come and enjoy a
weekend of fun and games interrupted only by the opportunity to take to the middle of Middle-Earth for a meal
amongst friends and enter into a hotly anticipated Tolkien quiz.

“Gandalf my old friend, this will be a night to remember!” – Bilbo Baggins

While there is no obligation for anyone attending to come out for the meal and quiz
on Saturday, it is highly recommended that you do! A good time is guaranteed.

Event Essentials Payment Information

Date: 9-10th December
Ticket Price: Early Bird - $45 (Expires Nov 20)
Where: TBA, Central Wellington
Regular - $55 (Expires Dec 4)
Payment Information: Transfer the appropriate
NZHL Points: 100 League Points entry fee to 06-0513-0367457-02 with your name as
the reference.
Army Size: 750 Points
Ticket Covers: Entry into the event for two days,
Army Selection: Use the “Choosing an Army”
where you are guaranteed to win one of the spot
guide on page 100 of The Hobbit: An Unexpected
Journey rules manual.
Scenarios in use: The scenarios are attached to the
end of this player’s pack.
Age Restrictions
Table Size: 4’ x 4’ This event does not have any age restrictions, but if
Publications in use: All current The Hobbit: An you are under 16 adult supervision is recommended.
Unexpected Journey Strategy Battle Game or Lord If you are 12 and under, adult supervision is
of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Publications from mandatory.
Games Workshop.
“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he
means to!” – Gandalf
10:00am - Venue opens for registration
10:30 – 12:30 Game 1: Ill-Met By Moonlight
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch and Beauty Pageant
2:00 – 4:00 Game 2: Seize the Prize
4:10 – 6:10 Game 3: Storm the Camp
6:30pm – Debriefing and announcements
7:30pm – Dinner and Middle-Earth quiz at Tulsi, Cuba

10am – Venue opens for preparation
10:30 – 12:30 Game 4: Capture and Control
12:30 – 1:30 Lunch & Hero of Legend Voting
1:30 – 3:30 Game 5: The Fog of War
3:50 – 5:50 Game 6: Contest of Champions
6:20pm – Prize Giving
Food and Refreshment Saturday Evening
“What about second breakfast?” – Peregrin Took “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should
like, and I like less than half of you half as well as
Throughout the entire event, participants are
you deserve!” – Bilbo Baggins
welcome to eat and drink at the venue. We only ask
that food and drink is kept off gaming surfaces, and Come and join the festivities on Saturday evening
rubbish is put away. We will be in central and get to know one another a bit better. We will be
Wellington, where there’s no shortage of food having dinner at Tulsi on Cuba Street. During dinner
outlets. we will host our Middle-Earth quiz!

Mustering your Forces Check List

“The men have found their captain. They will “It’s just the usual: summary of out-of-pocket
follow you into battle – even do death. You have expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral
given us hope.” – Eowyn arrangements, so forth.” – Balin
Army lists must be submitted in Word or Excel You will need the following each day:
format, and clearly state who your army leader is,
• Player’s Pack and Scoresheet
along with which models are in each warband. Your
army list may be up to, but not exceeding, 750 • Your models
points. All of the miniatures you bring must be fully • Rulebook and Sourcebooks
assembled, painted and based. For the sake of • Current FAQ and Errata
clarity, please run proxies and conversions by the • Dice and measuring tape
Tournament Organiser. • Pen and paper
• Superglue for those accidents
You will also need to bring a copy of The Hobbit:
An Unexpected Journey rules manual if possible,
either digital or hard copy, along with any
sourcebooks you require.

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find
anyone.” – Gandalf

To share in this adventure, submit your army lists to mattridgley@hotmail.com by 4th December 2017.
Prizes Hero of Legend
At the end of all things we will take the time to Again, at the League Final there will be a painting
acknowledge the efforts and achievements of our competition for an individual model, which does not
hobbyists by handing out some well-deserved have to be a part of your army. This is a chance for
awards. Firstly, everyone will win a prize. Names you to show off just how well you can swing a brush
will be drawn from a hat and you will go home with and earn the awe and ire of your companions! Voting
something. Second, there will be awards for those for this event will take place during the lunch break
that finish on the podium, along with the fabled on day two, where you’ll display your models on the
NZHL Wooden Spoon. Third, there will be an award Tournament Organiser desk. Of course, there will be
for the people’s favourite opponent and army. a prize for the winner of this legendary competition.
Finally, awards and the trophy will be handed out for
the New Zealand League proper.

The Ring-Bearer
“There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who
can bend it to his will. And he does not share
power.” – Gandalf
At first light on the first day, during the Council of
Elrond, a ring-bearer shall be appointed by way of
chance. They will carry the One Ring, until it betrays
them or otherwise is lost. The ring-bearer will retain
possession of the ring if they win or draw their game,
but should they lose, the One Ring is taken by their

Army Special Rules

Each army taken, if taken solely from a single
faction, will have the new army bonuses applied to
them. These army bonuses have been written by the
Middle-Earth team, and apply to both Hobbit and
Lord of the Rings era forces. The special rules which
will apply shall be appended to the end of this
player’s pack for convenience. Should these rules be
altered before the beginning of the event, the new
rules will supersede the originals.
Event Scoring
Judge’s Ruling
“Argh! I’ll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!” –
“Then do not be too eager to deal out death
Over the course of the event you will be required to
and judgement. For only the Event Organiser
keep an account of your activities, must like Ori the
Chronicler in the Book of Marzarbul., Please keep can see all ends.” – Gandalf (probably)
an accurate record of your points tally on the table
Should a conflict of rules arise mid-game, read
provided, using the system details in your scoresheet
at the end of this pack. Remember to bring your through the rulebook first. If that does not
sheet to the Event Organiser at the end of each work, read through the sourcebooks. If that
round. You don’t want to see the Wizard angry! fails, the Event Organiser will make a decision
on the assumption that you have read all
Sportsmanship relevant rule entries already and found no
“I have found that it is the small everyday deeds

Contact Us
of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.
Small acts of kindness and love.” – Gandalf
We’re all a friendly bunch, everyone knows that, but
sometimes in the heat of battle desperation can set If you have any questions what so ever, feel free to
in. This is just a friendly reminder that our games are contact the Event Organiser or get in touch with the
to be enjoyed sportingly first and foremost. Having NZHL at:
a good time is more important than the result. Email: mattridgley@hotmail.com
However, if an opponent is getting under your skin,
have a quiet word to the Event Organiser and they’ll Phone: 022 4371814
discretely take action. Connect with the New Zealand Hobbit
League on Facebook by searching the name.

Final Word
“It’s a dangerous business, Wargamer, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t
keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – Bilbo Baggins (probably)
Well hopefully you’ll be swept along for a fantastic time! Thank you for making the effort to read through this
player’s pack. I hope all that needed to be mentioned has. If you’re a new player, an old player looking to shake
off some dust, or one of our veterans, please do not hesitate to come along and join in for the largest Strategy
Battle Game celebration in the country. I will do my upmost to make sure it’s a memorable and thoroughly
enjoyable occasion. See you there!
Matthew Ridgley
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for Dwarf-lords in halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where Shadows lie.

At the heart of your League Final experience will be six games played over the course of two days. Each game
will last for a maximum of two hours. Below you will find a list of scenarios, the relevant rules and layouts for
each and instructions on how to play them. Good luck!

Ill – Met by Moonlight

Descending on Wellington, two opposing forces Special Rules:

stumble upon one another in the dead of night. The
The Dark of Night: Due to the reduced visibility,
ringing of metal and clattering of shields soon fills
models cannot be targeted by shooting, Magical
the darkness as battle commences.
Powers or special abilities from over 12” away.
However, as it is much harder to avoid a shot in the
dark, all shooting attacks gain a bonus of +1 To
Wound. Siege engines can still target models beyond
12”, though will only ever hit on a roll of a 6.

Deployment: Both players roll a D6, the player with

the highest result chooses a board edge and deploys
a single warband in the deployment zone. Players
then alternate until all warbands are deployed.
Game End: The game lasts until the end of a turn in
which a force has been reduced to 25% or less.
Victory Points:
• You score 1 VP for causing one or more
wounds to the enemy leader. If you kill the
enemy leader, you instead score 2 VPs.
• You score 3 VPs if the enemy force is
broken at the end of the game. If the enemy
force is broken and your force is not, you
instead score 5 VPs.
• You score 3 VPs if you have at least one
Hero remaining at the end of the game. If
you have at least one Hero remaining and
your opponent has none, you instead score 5
Seize the Prize
As Anor rises over Wellington Harbour, some light
is shed upon the presence of a powerful and ancient
artefact that lies hidden nearby. Both forces will stop
at nothing to possess it.

Deployment: Both players roll a D6, the player with

the highest result chooses a board edge and deploys
a single warband in the deployment zone. Players
then alternate until all warbands are deployed.
Game End: The game lasts until either a model
carrying the artefact leaves via their opponent’s
board edge, or both forces have been reduced to
25% or below.
Victory Points:
• You score 3 VPs if one of your models holds
the artefact within your own board half. You
instead score 5 VPs if one of your models
holds the artefact within your opponent’s
board half. You instead score 7 VPs if one
of your models managed to carry the artefact
off your opponent’s board edge.
• You score 1 VP for causing one or more
Wounds to the enemy leader. You score 2
VPs instead if you kill the enemy leader.
• You score 1 VP if the enemy force is broken
at the end of the game. You instead score 3
VPs if the enemy force is broken and you
are not.
Special Rules:
The Artefact: The artefact must be dug out of the
soil before it can be carried anywhere. A model on
foot who is in base contact with the artefact marker
at the end of its Move may attempt to free it – roll a
D6; on a 4+ the artefact has been freed and is treated
as a Light Object – see page 85 of The Hobbit: An
Unexpected Journey rules manual. Might cannot be
used to influence this roll. Only one model from
each side may attempt to pick up the artefact.
Storm the Camp
As the first day of battle draws to a close, both forces
enviously eye the position their opponent holds.
Looking to gain a strategic advantage for the
morning, armies from both sides rush towards the
other’s fortifications.

Deployment: Both players roll a D6 – the player

with the highest roll may choose one of the four table
corners as their camp. They deploy their army
entirely within 12” of their chosen corner. Any
models that cannot be deployed will move onto the
board via the controlling player’s corner at the end
of their first Move phase. Their opponent then does
likewise in the diagonally opposite corner.
Game End: The game lasts until the end of a turn in
which one force has been reduced to 25% or less. Capture and Control
Victory Points:
• You score 3 VPs if your force managed to As day two rolls around, the warring factions arise
capture your opponent’s camp. If your force from their slumber, bloodshod and weary, preparing
managed to capture your opponent’s camp to take control of the battlefield on the crucial day.
and your camp remains uncaptured, you Having identified various strongholds, the army
instead score 6 VPs. generals waste no time in setting off to war.
• You score 1 VP for causing one or more
Wounds to the enemy leader. If you kill the
enemy leader you instead score 3 VPs.
• You score 1 VP if the enemy force is broken
at the end of the game. You instead score 3
Deployment: Both players roll a D6 – the player
VPs if the enemy force is broken, and yours
with the highest result chooses a deployment zone.
is not.
They then select a warband in their force and roll a
Special Rules: die.
The Campsite: The campsites are the deployment On a score of a 1-3, all models in that warband must
areas of the two armies. A campsite is captured if be deployed in the deployment zone that is within
during the End Phase of any turn you have more 12” of the table’s centre line. On a score of a 4-6, the
models entirely within your opponent’s campsite warband may be deployed anywhere on the
than they do. This means a campsite may be controlling player’s table half. Players then alternate
captured mid-game, earn you the VPs and then rolling for each warband.
abandoned. You do not need to remain within the
Regardless of the dice roll, models may not be
campsite to capture it, nor can the opposing player
deployed within 1” of an enemy model or outside 6”
‘reclaim’ it.
of the warband leader.
Models that are within their own campsite will
Game End: Once a force has been broken, the game
defend it at all costs. Any model that is within its
might suddenly end. At the end of each turn after a
own campsite at the start of a turn will automatically
force has been broken, roll a D6. On the result of a 1
pass any Courage tests it is required to make for the
– 2, the game ends. Otherwise, the battle continues.
remainder of that turn.
Victory Points: Game End: The game lasts until the end of a turn in
which one force has been reduced to 25% or less.
• You score 2 VPs for each objective marker
that is under your control at the end of the Before the Game: Secretly note down one of your
game. own Heroes, which may not be your leader unless
• You score 1 VP for causing one or more you only have one Hero.
Wounds on the enemy leader, or if you kill Secretly note down one of your opponent’s Heroes,
the enemy leader. which may not be their leader unless they only have
• You score 1 VP if the enemy force is broken one Hero.
at the end of the game.
Secretly note down a single piece of terrain in your
Special Rules: opponent’s half of the board.
Controlling Objectives: At the start of the game all Victory Points:
of the objectives are considered to be neutral and do
not belong to either side. If during the End Phase of • You score 1 VP if your own Hero, whose
any turn, one or more of your models are in base name you wrote down, is still alive at the
contact with an objective then that objective comes end of the game. You instead score 3 VPs if
under your control. If during the End phase both they have suffered no wounds.
sides have models in base contact with an objective, • You score 1 VP for causing one or more
then that objective returns to being a neutral Wounds to your opponent’s Hero, whose
objective. name you secretly wrote down. If you kill
that Hero, you instead score 3 VPs.
• You score 1 VP if you have more models on
your secretly noted terrain piece in your
opponent’s table half. You instead score 3
VPs if you have at least one model on the
terrain piece, and your opponent has none.
• You score 1 VP if the enemy force is broken
at the end of the game. You instead score 3
VPs if the enemy force is broken, and you
are not.
Special Rules:
Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: At the start of the
game both players must write down which
objectives they are trying to accomplish on a piece
of paper, and fold it. This must then be placed
somewhere near the table, where no information can
be gleaned from it. These pieces of paper should
remain untouched until the end of the game when
The Fog of War they are revealed.

Amidst the torrent of battle, the two forces clash in

an endless swirl of shields and swords. Battle plans
are constantly being changed and the two generals
become locked in a battle of wits, both trying to
conceal their hand.

Deployment: Both players roll a D6, the player with

the highest result chooses a board edge and deploys
a single warband in the deployment zone. Players
then alternate until all warbands are deployed.
Contest of Champions
Victory Points:
• Keep count of how many kills your leader
scores in combat throughout the course of
Two days of arduous battle, bluffs and gambits have battle. Kills caused by shooting, Magical
left both sides desperate for a victory. Seeing their Powers or the Hurl Brutal Power Attack do
troops flagging, the Generals of both armies step
not count towards their score.
forth to make one final push for victory!
• You score 3 VPs if your leader kills more
than your opponent’s. You instead score 5
VPs if you kill twice as many. You instead
score 7 VPs if you score thrice as many or
• You score 3 VPs if the enemy force is
Deployment: Both players roll a D6 – the player broken at the end of the game. You instead
with the highest result chooses one of the score 5 VPs if your enemy is broken and you
deployment zones. They then place their leader are not.
within their deployment zone and within 3” of the Special Rules:
centre of the board and then deploy their leader’s
warband in their deployment zone within 6” of the The Last Stand: Each time either leader kills a Hero
leader. Their opponent does the same. or multi-wound model, they immediately gain a
Might point. This can take them above their starting
Players then alternate deploying warbands by rolling
a D6. On the score of a 1-3 all models in that
warband must be deployed within 12” of the centre
line of the board. On a 4-6 they may be deployed
anywhere within their deployment zone. Models
must not be placed within 1” of an enemy model.
Game End: The game lasts until the end of a turn
in which one force has been reduced to 25% or less.
League Final Scoresheet
Here is where you will record all your results from each of your games. Remember to score each opponent you
play on their sportsmanship, and cast your votes for Best Army and Hero of Legend during both lunch breaks.
Please don’t forget to turn this sheet in to the Event Organiser at the end of each round.

Result Event Points Result Event Points

Crushing Win 24 Points Crushing Loss 0 Points

Major Win 20 Points Major Loss 4 Points
Minor Win 16 Points Minor Loss 8 Points
Draw 12 Points Draw 12 Points

A Crushing Win/Loss is awarded if you score 5 or more Victory Points, and your opponent is kept to 0.
A Major Win/Loss is awarded if you score double or more Victory Points than your opponent, and you scored
at least 2 Victory Points.
A Minor Win/Loss is awarded if you score less than double the amount of Victory Points than your opponent,
and your opponent has scored at least 1 Victory Point. Alternately, 1-0 is classified as a Minor Win/Loss.

My Event My Victory Opponent Opponent Opponent

Points Points Name Event Points Victory Points

Sportsmanship Scoring Sheet Favourite Army Vote

Hero of Legend Vote

Army Bonus Special Rules

If you Army List contains only models from one of the lists below, you will receive the appropriate army
bonus. Remember, you only gain the Army Bonus if EVERY model in your army is from the same list – that
means no allies!Army bonuses that are found in the Hobbit: There and Back Again supplement still apply to
those forces. These bonuses are for armies not included in that book. You may still take forces using the lists in
other sourcebooks, but will not gain these bonuses.

Forces of Good

The Fellowship Numenor

“You have my sword!” “But there were some who resisted…”
Composition: Frodo; Sam; Merry; Pippin; Gandalf Composition: Elendil; Isildur; Captains of
the Grey; Aragorn – Strider; Legolas; Gimli; Numenor and Warriors of Numenor.
Boromir of Gondor; Bill the Pony and Smeagol. Army Bonus: Models from this army list increase
Army Bonus: As long as Frodo is alive or has their Courage value by 1.
escaped the table, all models from this list gain the
Fearless special rule. In addition, they will never be
broken if Frodo is alive or has left the table. Minas Tirith
“You are Men of Gondor. Whatever comes
through that gate, you will stand your ground!”
The Shire
Composition: Aragorn, King Elessar; Gandalf the
“Fear! Fire! Foes!” White; Denethor; Boromir, Captain of the White
Composition: Frodo of the Nine Fingers; Samwise Tower; Faramir; Peregrin Took, Guard of the
the Brave; Meriadoc, Captain of the Shire; Peregrin, Citadel; Beregond; Madril; Damrod; Cirion; Knight
Captain of the Shire; Paladin Took; Farmer Maggot; of the White Tower; Captain of Minas Tirith; King
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins; Fredegar Bolger; of Men; Warrior of Minas Tirith; Knight of Minas
Gandalf the Grey; Dúnedain; Bilbo Baggin; Tirith; Ranger of Gondor; Citadel Guard; Guard of
Bandobras Took; Hobbit Militia; Hobbit Archers the Fountain Court; Osgiliath Veteran; Battlecry
and Hobbit Shirriffs. Trebuchet and Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower.
Army Bonus: As long as your army contains Army Bonus: Models from this Army List increase
Meriadoc or Peregrin, you can upgrade any number their Courage value by 1.
of models to be either Battlin’ Brandybucks or
Tookish hunters rather than just the models in their
warbands. The Fiefdoms
“For the White City!”
Rangers of the North Composition: Imrahil; Forlong; Angbor; Duinhir;
Captain of Dol Amroth; Knight of Dol Amroth; Man
“Dangerous folk, they are.” at Arms of Dol Amroth; Axmen of Lossarnach;
Composition: Arathorn; Aragorn – Strider; Clansmen of Lamedon and Blackroot Vale archers.
Halbarad; Dunedain; Rangers of the North and Army Bonus: All models in this army treat Imrahil
Rangers of Arnor as a banner if they are within 12” of him.
Army Bonus: This force may take up to 100% of
their Warriors with bows, even if this takes them
beyond the bow limit. Rangers of the North and
Dunedain may lead warbands of up to 6 models.
The Dead of Dunharrow Rivendell
“The Dead do not suffer the living to pass.” “Tangado haid,m leithio i philinn!”
Composition: The King of the Dead; Warriors of Composition: Gil-Galad; Elrond; Glorfindel;
the Dead and Riders of the Dead. Erestor; Elladan and Elrohir; Arwen; lindir; Cirdan;
Gildor; Bilbo Baggins; High Elf Captains; High Elf
Army Bonus: The King of the Dead gains the
Stormcallers; High Elf Warriors and Rivendell
Harbinger of Evil special rule. Additionally,
warbands from this list that contain between 8 and
12 models do not require a hero. Instead, one of the Army Bonus: Models within 6” of the army leader
Warriors assumes this role for the purpose of may re-roll failed To Hit rolls when shooting, in a
deployment only. turn where they did not move.

Arnor Lothlorien
“Protect the King!” “They say a great Sorceress lives in these
Composition: Arvedui; Malbeth; Captain of Arnor;
Warriors of Arnor; Rangers of Arnor and Hobbit Composition: Galadriel; Celeborn; Haldir; Rumil;
Archers. Galadhrim Captains; Wood Elf Captains; Galadhrim
Stormcallers; Galadhrim Warriors; Galadhrim
Army Bonus: All models from this list within 6” of
Knights; Guards of the Galadhrim Court; Wood Elf
Arvedui automatically pass Courage tests.
Warriors and Wood Elf Sentinels.
Army Bonus: Models from this Army List gain the
Rohan Resistant to Magic special rule.
“Ride for ruin and the World’s ending!”
Composition: Theoden; Theodred; Eomer, Marshal Fangorn
of the Riddermark; Eowyn; Meriadoc, Knight of the
“Don’t be hasty.”
Mark; Erkenbrand; Gamling; Hama; Grimbold;
Eorl; Captains of Rohan; King’s Huntsmen; Composition: Treebeard and Ents.
Warriors of Rohan; Riders of Rohan; Royal Guard,
Army Bonus: Ents gain the Fearless special rule.
Outriders and Sons of Eorl.
Additionally, they are completely unaffected by
Army Bonus: Mounted models from this Army List Magical Powers, their area affect or special rules that
gain +1 Strength on a turn in which they charge. affect their movement. They can still take a hit from
Sorcerous Blast.

Wildmen of Druadan
The Misty Mountains
“Wildmen have long ears and long eyes – know
all paths.” “The Eagles are coming!”
Composition: Ghan-buri-Ghan and Woses Warriors Composition: Gwahir and Great Eagles.
Army Bonus: Models in this list gain the Mountain Army Bonus: All models gain the Extra Attack and
Dweller special rule. Additionally, enemy models do Knock to the Ground bonuses as if they were
not gain any benefits from the Stalk Unseen special Cavalry. Additionally, they gain a bonus of 1+
rule, or any rule similar (note: not wargear). Strength on a turn in which they charge.
Additionally, warbands that contain between 9 and
12 models does not require a hero to lead it. A
warrior within the warband assumes this role for
deployment only.
The Kingdom of Khazad-dum Thorin’s Company
“The wealth of Moria.” “For when I called upon them, they answered.”
Composition: Durin; Mardin; Balin, son of Fundin; Composition: Thorin; Balin; Dwalin; Kili; Fili;
Floi; Dwarf Kings; Kings Champions; Dwarf Bifur; Bofur; Bombur; Ori; Nori; Dori; Oin; Gloin;
Captains; Shieldbearers; Dwarf Warriors; Khazad Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey.
Guard; Iron Guard; Dwarf Rangers; Vault Warden
Army Bonus: Models from this list re-roll To
Teams and Dwarf Ballistae.
Wound rolls of a 1 within 3” of Thorin.
Army Bonus: Models in this list may re-roll To
Wound rolls of a 1 when fighting in close combat.

Forces of Evil
“The power of the Ring could not be undone.” Uruk-Hai Captain; Mordor Troll Chieftain; Orc
Warriors; Orc Trackers; Warg Riders; Morgul
Composition: Sauron; Witch-King; Ringwraiths; Stalkers; Morannon Orcs; Black Guard of Barad-
Shelob; Orc Captains; Orc Shamans; Orc Dur; Black Numenoreans; Morgul Knights; Mordor
Taskmaster; Orc Drummer; Black Numenorean
Uruk-Hai; Great Beast of Gorgoroth; Mordor Troll;
Marshall; Mordor Troll Chieftain; Orc Warriors;
Mordor Siege Bow and Mordor War Catapult.
Orc Trackers; Warg Riders; Black Numenoreans;
Morgul Knights; Mordor Trolls; Mordor Siege Bow; Army Bonus: Whilst you have more models on the
Mordor War Catapult. board than your opponent, Warriors in this list gain
+1 Courage and may re-roll 1s To Wound when
Army Bonus: Warriors from this list gain +1 to
making Strikes.
Wound when striking against enemy models that are
outnumbered in a Fight.
Angmar “We cannot get out. They are coming.”
“If that fell kingdom should rise again, Composition: The Balrog; Durburz; Groblog;
Rivindell, Lorien, The Shire, even Gondor itself Druzhag; Ashrak; Moria Goblin Captains; Moria
shall fall.” Goblin Shamans; Moria Blackshield Captains;
Moria Blackshield Shamans; Dragons; Cave
Composition: The Witch-King; The Tainted; The Drakes; The Watcher in the Water; Moria Goblin
Dwimmerlaik; Ghulavar; Buhrdur; Shade; Barrow-
Warriors; Moria Goblin Drums; Moria
Wight; Angmar Orc Captains; Angmar Orc
Blackshields; Moria Blackshield Drummer; Warg
Shamans; Wild Warg Chieftains; Angmar Orc Marauders; Moria Goblin Prowlers; Bat Swarms;
Warriors; Angmar Warg Riders; Cave Trolls and Cave Trolls and Dwellers in the Dark.
Army Bonus: Moria Goblins involved in a Fight
Army Bonus: Angmar Orcs within 3” of a Hero,
where their opponent is trapped receive a bonus of
that is also a Spirit, gain the Terror special rule. +1 to their Fight value.

Mordor Isengard
“Our enemy is ready, his full strength
“You do not know pain! You do not know fear!”
Composition: Saruman; Grima Wormtongue;
Composition: The Witch-King; Khamul; Dark Lurtz; Uglúk; Sharku; Vraskû; Mauhúr; Thrydan
Marshall; The Undying; Shadow Lord; The Tainted; Wolfsbane; Uruk-hai Captain; Uruk-hai Shaman;
Knight of Umbar; The Betrayer; The Dwimmerlaik;
Uruk-hai Drummer; Orc Captain; Dunlending
Ringwraiths; Shelob; Gothmog; Mouth of Sauron;
Chieftain; Uruk-hai Scout; Uruk-hai Warrior; Uruk-
Shagrat; Gorbag; Grishnakh; Kardush Firecaller; hai Berserker; Feral Uruk-hai; Isengard Troll;
Orc Captains; Orc Shamans; Orc Taskmaster; Orc Dunlending Warrior; Wild Man of Dunland; Warg
Drummer; Black Numenorean Marshall; Mordor
Rider; Orc Warrior; Isengard Assault Ballista; Uruk- Composition: Mahûd Kings; Mahûd Tribesmasters;
hai Demolition Team. War Mûmaks of Harad; Mahûd Warriors; Mahûd
Raiders and Half Trolls.
Army Bonus: Models from this army list do not
start to take Courage tests for being broken until at Army Bonus: Mahud Warriors that are within 6” of
least 66% of its models have been removed of a Mahud Hero that is engaged in combat
casualties. Note: the army is still Broken at 50%. automatically pass all courage tests they are required
to take.

Corsairs of Umbar
“No quarter was asked…”
“The Corsairs are upon us! It is the last stroke of
Composition: Khamûl; Amdûr; Easterling Dragon
Knights; Easterling Captains; Easterling War
Priests; Easterling Warriors and Easterling Composition: Dalamyr; The Knight of Umbar;
Kataphrakts. Corsair Captains; Corsair Bo’suns; Black
Númenórean Marshalls; Corsairs of Umbar; Corsair
Army Bonus: Easterling models receive +1
Reavers; Corsair Arbalesters and Black
Courage when their force is Broken. Additionally, in
scenarios where a die is rolled for the game ending,
the Easterling player may opt to have the die re- Army Bonus: Corsair models gain the Backstabbers
rolled if they have at least on Easterling Hero alive special rule.
on the board, and the game ended before the player
Sharkey’s Rogues
“You do what Sharkey says!”
Variags of Khand
Composition: Sharkey, Worm, Ruffians.
“Axe-wielding beserkers.”
Army Bonus: Sharkey’s Stand Fast! affects the
Composition: Khandish Kings; Khandish entire battlefield. Additionally, warbands of 10-12
Chieftains; Khandish Warriors; Khandish Horsemen Ruffians do not need a hero to lead them. A Warrior
and Khandish Charioteers. is nominated for this purpose solely for deployment.
Army Bonus: A Khandish army may have 100% of
its warriors armed with bows.
“Down, down, down in Goblin-Town!”
The Serpent Horde
Composition: Goblin King; Grinnah; Goblin
“They have black eyes, and long black hair, and Scribe; Gollum; Goblin Captains; Goblin Mercenary
gold rings in their ears...” Captains; Goblin Warriors; Goblin Warriors and
Composition: Suladân the Serpent Lord; The Catapult Trolls.
Betrayer; The Golden King of Abrakhân; Hâsharin; Army Bonus: Each Hero may increase their
Haradrim Kings; Haradrim Chieftains; Haradrim maximum warband size by six models.
Taskmasters; War Mûmaks of Harad; Haradrim
Warriors; Haradrim Raiders; Serpent Guard;
Serpent Riders; Watchers of Kârna and Abrakhân
The Trolls
Merchant Guard.
“Hold his toes over the fire, make him squeal!”
Army Bonus: A Haradrim army may have 50% of
its warriors armed with bows. Additionally, all Composition: Bill the Troll, Bert the Troll and Tom
Haradrim Warriors and Raiders may re-roll 1’s the Troll.
when rolling To Wound when shooting or in combat.
Army Bonus: You may include the Campfire for
Far Harad free, and it also counts as a banner along with
granting its usual effect.
“Smeagol thinks they have come out of the
South beyond the Great River’s end…”