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The 'Kalachakra' (wheel of Time) is an elaborate system of astrology.

This chapter is just introducing

the subject and bringing to use certain techniques to show the depth of the use of the nakshatras. It
is important for the fuller understanding of the foundations of the nakshatra’s use and
The Kalachakra is an elaborate system of Tantric astrology. Simple uses are mentioned in common
texts like Prasna Marga and Jataka Parijata, but there is an entire Tantra written called the
“Kalachakra Tantra”. This tantra is composed of five books. The first book is on the outer Kalachakra
and has the large amount of Jyotish information. The Kalachakra is a wheel of time, almost a calendar
in its self. Literally, Kala means time and Chakra means wheel. The second chapter is related to the
inner Kalachakra and related to the nadis (energy channels) and movement of prana relative to
Jyotish. The third book deals with tantric initiation into the Kalachakra path and the fourth and fifth
books relate more to sadhana and meditation. The Tantra was translated a few hundred years ago
into Tibetan and parts of the Tibetan text have been translated into English with Tibetan Buddhist
commentary. There has been no direct translations from the original Sanskrit to English as of yet
There are 722 deities contained in the Kalachakra (720 plus Siva and Durga). These relate to the
‘72,000’ nadis mentioned in the hatha yoga texts, as well as the 720 sashtiamsas of the D-60
regarded as the most important varga according to Parashara. There are 78 deities on lotuses
counted twice with their consorts (78 x 2 = 156). And with 6 seal implanting deities there are 162
main deities in the Kalachakra that are said to relate to 162 main channels in the body.
In the same way they also relate to astronomical aspects. In the outer level (body mandala) there are
2 Adityas in each of the 4 directions, and 1 Aditya in each of the intermediate directions. This adds
up to the twelve months of the year. Each Aditya is embracing their consort and surrounded by 28
deities, that represent the 30 days in a month, and all added together the 360 degrees of the zodiac
and sidereal solar year.
Prasna Marga of Harihara teaches some techniques of calculating death with the Kalachakra and the
8 Yoginis. There are exactly 36 verses listed in Prasna Marga on the Kalachakra. 36 is the maturity of
Saturn, the ruler of longevity and death. The life cycle can be broken down into 3 sections of 36
which add up to 108. When jyotish longevity calculations give the result of short, medium or long
life, they are referring to these three cycles of 36. There are five techniques for determining which
third of life a person will die. These are related to the panchatattvas (5 elements). Once the section of
longevity is calculated, the next step is to see when within that frame of time will the person meet
their death. This is done with various methods like Shoola dasa, Navtara chakra, and the movement
of the Yoginis in the Kalachakra, etc.
The Kalachakra will also show the health of the native and especially times of sickness. It shows how
a person uses their pranas (energy) and the directions in life this will lead them. The natal chart is
mapped into the Kalachakra to be read. Prasna Marga gives a verse for the drawing of the Kalachakra
diagram used in Jyotish.
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