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June 8, 2018

Via Email: bragg.chris@gmail.com

Chris Bragg
Albany Times Union

Dear Mr. Bragg:

This letter responds to your correspondence dated April 29, 2018, which, pursuant to
FOIL, requested:

Copies of any subpoenas, search warrants or letter requests since

January 2017 from any law enforcement agency seeking
information concerning:
Crystal Run or
Crystal Run Healthcare

Any subpoenas, search warrants or letter requests from a grand

jury as well concerning Crystal Run or Crystal Run Healthcare

To the extent records responsive to your request exist, they would be exempt from
production pursuant to New York Public Officers Law §87(2)(e) because the documents
requested would have been, “compiled for law enforcement purposes which, if disclosed, would
(i) interfere with law enforcement investigations or judicial proceedings; (ii) deprive a person of
a right to a fair trial or impartial adjudication; (iii) identify a confidential source or disclose
confidential information relating to a criminal investigation; or (iv) reveal criminal investigative
techniques or procedures, except routine techniques and procedures.”

Pursuant to Public Officers Law § 89(4)(a), you have thirty (30) days to take a written
appeal of this determination. You may appeal by writing: FOIL Appeals Officer, Executive
Chamber, State Capitol, Albany, New York, 12224.

Very truly yours,

Valerie Lubanko
FOIL Counsel
Records Access Officer