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10. Is an equipment which controls the gate or valve opening of the prime mover:
a. silicon controlled rectifier
b. contactor
c. rheostat
d. governor
Answer: d

11. Is the mechanism which is used for moving a removable circuit breaker unit to end
from the connected, disconnected and test positions:
a. permissive control device
b. notching device
c. blocking device
d. position changing system
Answer: d

12. Is the complete electrical mechanism or servo-mechanism including the operator

motor, solenoids, position switch, etc., for a tap changer, induction regulator or any
piece apparatus which has no device function number:
a. regulating device
b. reversing device
c. rotating device
d. operating mechanism
Answer: d

13. Is used to increase or decrease in one step, the value of feild excitation on a machine:
a. tripping relay
b. filed regulator
c. DC reclosing relay
d. field changing contactor
Answer: d

14. Electron normally flow:

a. from the grid to the plate of an electron tube
b. from the positive terminal to the negative terminal inside the battery
c. through a capacitor
d. at the speed of light in a conductor
Answer: b

15. When an electric current is flowing in a conductor, that is developed at a rate

proportional to the square of the intensity of the current. This relation is known as:
a. Coulomb’s law
b. Joule’s law
c. Faraday’s law
d. Ohm’s law
Answer: b
16. An electric device designed to receive electrical power from a DC source and deliver
alternating power without the aid of external source of alternating voltage.
a. amplifier circuit
b. oscillator circuit
c. rectifier
d. integrated circuit
Answer: b

17. The modulated wave is transmitted over lines or space. However at the receiving end,
the signal wave must be recovered again by means of electronic circuit called:
a. frequency changer
b. detector
c. filter
d. inverter

18. Process by which the characteristics of a wave is varied a fu of the instantaneous

value of another wave:
a. detection
b. modulation
c. phase shifting
d. feedback
Answer: b

19. A special type of diode used to regulate DC supply:

a. Thyrector
b. Zener
c. diac
d. shockley
Answer: b

20. In any network consisting of linear impedance, the current at any point is the sum of
current that would flow if each generator were considered separately at all other
generator being replaced at the time by impedance equal to their integral impedances.
This principle is known as:
a. Kirchoff’s law
b. Superposition Theorem
c. Thevenin’s Theorem
d. Reciprocity Theorem
Answer: b
21. For a transducer, the impedance which simultaneously terminate all of I its input and
outputs in such a way that each of its inputs and outputs, the impedance I both
directions are equal are called
a. iterative
b. image impedances
c. characteristic impedance
d. driving impedance
Answer: b

22. When the emfs in the two windings of the transformer are opposite in direction, the
polarity is
a. positive
b. negative
c. additive
d. subtractive
Answer: c

23. To determine the equivalent resistance of an inductive motor we use

a. no load test
b. short circuit test
c. blocked rotor test
d. polarity test
Answer: c

24. Consisting of a single rotating machine that is mainly to convert alternating current to
direct current
a. motor generator set
b. motor converter
c. rotary converter
d. polarity test
Answer: c

25. It is the ratio of lumens reaching work plane by the total lumens generated by lights
a. maintenance factor
b. room ratio
c. coefficient of utilization
d. room index
Answer: c

26. Intermittent operation in which the load conditions are regularly

a. short time duty
b. continuous duty
c. periodic duty
d. varying duty
Answer: c
27. in DC machine, this consists of coils placed at the neutral point, midway between the
main pole
a. compensating windings
b. equalizer winding
c. interpole winding
d. neutralizer winding
Answer: c

28. A connecting to ground for noe or more non-carrying metal parts of wiring system or
apparatus connected to the system
a. System ground
b. system neutral ground
c. equipment ground
d. capacitive ground
Answer: c

29. A transformer intended primarily to provide neutral point for grounding purposes
a. ground regulating transformer
b. ground equalizer transformer
c. grounding transformer
d. ground fault transformer
Answer: b

30. A grounding transformer maybe connected zigzag or

a. delta-delta
b. wye-delta
c. delta-wye
d. wye-wye
Answer: c

31. Of the lightning arresters sold in the market, which can handle much larger surge
current and excessive contamination of dirt.
a. distribution arrester
b. line arrester
c. station arrester
d. intermediate arrester
Answer: c

32. It is disruptive discharge between electrodes of measuring gap, voltage control gap, or
protective device
a. flashover
b. corona
c. sparkover
d. fireover
Answer: c
33. The voltage that insulation is capable of withstanding without failure or disruptive
discharge when tested under specified conditions.
a. maximum withstand voltage
b. rated withstand voltage
c. critical withstand voltage
d. minimum withstand voltage
Answer: c

34. In symmetrical components, the components consisting of balanced 3-phase vectors

and having a phase sequence opposite to that of the given vector is
a. additive sequence system
b. subtractive sequence system
c. negative sequence system
d. positive sequence system
Answer: c

35. The fault current that exists immediately after the fault is known as
a. transient current
b. steady state current
c. subtransient current
d. sustained current
Answer: c

36. The insulation strength of an equipment is described as its

a. basic insulation strength
b. basic impulse stress
c. basic insulation level
d. basic insulation factor
Answer: c

37. When a circuit breaker is selected for a particular application which one of the
following ratings is usually considered the most important?
a. interrupting rating
b. continuous rating
c. maximum rms current up to 1 second
d. maximum rms current up to 4 seconds
Answer: a

38. Periodic tests on protective relays are important to the stability of a system because
the tests ensure that the
a. disconnect switches will work properly
b. “in” and “out” current will be balanced
c. relays will operate in the proper sequence
d. arcing contacts can carry the main currents
Answer: c
39. Which one of the following switchgear assemblies would most probably be used in a
large industrial plant having several 600volt meters, an air-conditioning system, and
an extensive lighting system?
a. a low-voltage metal-enclosed switchgear
b. switchgear with SF? 6? circuit breakers
c. a station-type switchgear
d. a metal-clad switchgear
Answer: a

40. If a fault occurs on substation high-voltage bus, the system is protected by a

a. generator breaker
b. station feer breaker
c. low-voltage power transformer breaker
d. high-voltage power transformer breaker
Answer: d

41. Which one of the following tests is preferred for checking switchgear insulation.
a. an AC high potential test
b. a DC high potential test
c. megaohmeter test
d. a power factor test
Answer: a

42. In a generating and distribution system, current balance is provided by protective

zones which are:
a. used to eliminate reflections on short transmission lines
b. used to trip all circuit breaker in the system
c. isolated during fault by disconnect switches
d. monitored by differential relays
Answer: d

43. In switchgear application, the term “dead fronts” means that

a. the front and rear panels are hinged
b. an access door is at the end of the structure
c. no equipment is mounted on the front panel
d. energized parts are not exposed on the front panel
Answer: d

44. The power flow between two electrical systems connected by the lines stabilize the
difference between
a. voltage magnitude
b. current magnitude
c. phase angles
d. bearing temperatures
Answer: c
45. A circuit breaker that can be closed against a fault and operate at once, although the
solenoid mechanism may continue through its closing operation, is said to be
a. selective
b. trip-free
c. fully-rated
d. direct current operated
Answer: b

46. A large electric power distribution system is protected against surges and faults by
a. protective gaps crossing drain cells
b. high-speed relays detecting the trouble
c. protective relays operating without a time delay
d. radio communication system using flow frequency
Answer: b

47. If a 15-IV switchgear apparatus is used at an altitude of 1500 meters, the maximum
applied voltage should be
a. 4900 volts
b. 4800 volts
c. 4750 volts
d. 4000 volts
Answer: c

48. Which of the following steps is used for isolating a circuit breaker for maintenance
a. pull the substation fuses
b. turn off the main generator
c. open the disconnect switches
d. ground the auxiliary contacts
Answer: c

49. The impedance which when connected to one pair of terminal of a transducer
produces a like impedance at the other pair of terminals
a. characteristics impedance
b. input impedance
c. iterative impedance
d. surge impedance
Answer: c

50. In series circuit, resonance is defined as a condition in which

a. the next reactance is zero
b. total voltage is in phase with the current
c. the power factor is unity
d. all of the above
Answer: d
51. It is the reciprocal of the impedance
a. conductance
b. susceptance
c. reactance
d. admittance
Answer: d

53. In series RLC circuit at resonance, the current is

a. Zero
b. minimum
c. maximum
d. unity
Answer: c

54. In a variable resistant constant reactance RL series circuit, the locus of the current is a
a. straight line
b. parabola
c. ellipse
d. semi-circle
Answer: d

55. The Norton’s equivalent circuit is a

a. series circuit
b. parallel circuit
c. series-parallel circuit
d. parallel-series circuit
Answer: b

56. In a method of measuring power in balanced 3-phase system using one wattmeter,
total power is the wattmeter deflection multiplied by
a. 1
b. 2
c. 1.732
d. 1.5
Answer: b

57. In the current transformer method of measuring power in balanced 3-phase system
using one wattmeter, total power is the wattmeter deflection multiplied by
a. 1
b. 2
c. 1.7325
d. 1.5
Answer: a
58. The order of rotation of the coil voltage in a balanced 3-phase system is called
a. alternation
b. frequency
c. phase shift
d. phase sequence
Answer: d

59. A balanced two-phase system of voltages consisting two voltage which are equal and
out of phase by
a. 30 degrees
b. 90 degrees
c. 120 degrees
d. 150 degrees
Answer: b

60. A non-sinusoidal wave is symmetrical if it is made up only

a. DC component
b. triangular wave
c. even harmonics
d. odd harmonics
Answer: d

61. In a 3-phase synchronous converter, the ratio of the AC voltage to DC voltage is

a. 1.0
b. 0.707
c. 0.612
d. 0.50
Answer: c

62. An exchange of conductor positions in transmission line is called

a. Alternation
b. bundling
c. transposition
d. interpolation
Answer: c

63. A line terminated in its characteristic or surge impedance is called

a. incident line
b. reflected line
c. attenuated line
d. flat line
Answer: d
64. The total input to the armature at no load minus the armature resistance loss is
a. Power developed in the armature
b. stray load
c. stray power
d. shunt field loss
Answer: c

65. It is the power required to drive the unexcited dc machine at normal speed with its
brushes lifted
a. Friction and windings loss
b. brush friction loss
c. exciter loss
d. ventilation loss
Answer: a

66. When a circuit breaker is selected for a particular application which one of the
particular ratings is usually considered most important
a. Interrupting power
b. continuous rating
c. Momentary rating
d. Maximum current rating
Answer: a

67. If a fault occurs on substation high voltage bus the system as protected by
a. Generator breaker
b. Station feeder breaker
c. Low-voltage transformer breaker
d. High-voltage transformer breaker
Answer: d

68. Which one of the breaker following tests is preferred for checking switchgear
a. AC high potential test
b. DC high potential test
c. Magohmeter test
d. Power factor test
Answer: a

69. In a generator and distribution system current balanced is provided by Protective

Zones which are
a. used to eliminate line reflection
b. used to trip all circuit breaker in the system
c. Isolated during faults by disconnect switches
d. monitored by differential relays
Answer: d
70. In starting a 500 hp, 2300-volt, 3-phase synchronous motor the field winding is
initially short circuited so as to
a. produce much larger starting torque
b. lower voltage produced between the layers of the field winding
c. increased induced voltage in field winding
d. provide better flux distribution in the air gap
Answer: b

71. The ratio of the average load on the plant for the period of time to the aggregate
rating of all generating equipment
a. Plant use factor
b. capacity factor
c. power factor
d. maintenance factor
Answer: b

72. The ratio of the individual maximum demands of the systems to the overall maximum
demand of the whole system
a. load factor
b. diversity factor
c. utilization factor
d. demand factor
Answer: b

73. In parallel operation of alternator, if the excitation of one alternate is changed it will
only change
a. real power taken by the machine
b. reactive power taken by the machine
c. apparent power taken by the machine
d. synchronizing power of the machine
Answer: b

74. For parallel operation of DC generators

a. the frequency must be the same
b. the voltage must be the same
c. phase sequence must be the same
d. speed must be the same
Answer: b

75. The simplest form of motor controller is

a. toggle switch
b. magnetic switch
c. drum switch
d. relay
Answer: a
76. Another name for a magnetic stater is a
a. manual switch
b. manual stater
c. contactor
d. magnetic control
Answer: b

77. What type of overload contains a solder pot

a. melting alloy
b. bimetallic
c. magnetic
d. fuse
Answer: b

78. What type of overload operates on the principle of electromagnetism?

a. melting alloy
b. bimetallic
c. magnetic
d. fuse
Answer: c

79. A 15-amp fuse is found open, but the servicer does not have a replacement and has a
choice between a 10-amp and 30-amp fuse use the
a. 10-amps fuse
b. 30-amps fuse
c. 40-amps fuse
d. 20-amps fuse
Answer: a

80. Low voltage often causes the magnetic control to

a. gum up
b. run more efficiently
c. chatter
d. sequence operation
Answer: c

81. Rapid stopping of a motor by momentarily connecting the motor in reverse direction
is called
a. togging
b. inching
c. plugging
d. sequence operation
Answer: d
82. A hot smoky transformer indicates a/an
a. open
b. short
c. both a and b
d. none of the above
Answer: b

83. A shorted motor will draw _______ current.

a. low
b. high
c. both a and b
d. none of the above
Answer: b

84. Three-phase manual starting switches are something used to turn on or off motors up
to _________ horsepowers.
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 20
Answer: a

85. The device used to control a motor from a distant location is the
a. Manual stater
b. Drum switch
c. Magnetic controller
d. Snap switch
Answer: c

86. Which of the following devices is a type of timer?

a. Interval
b. Pulse
c. Percentage
d. All of the above
Answer: d

87. The common neutral wire is usually _______ in color and connected to a
a. black, cold water pipe
b. white circuit breaker or fuse
c. black, circuit breaker or fuse
d. white cold water pipe
Answer: d
88. Number 8 wire is generally used for _______ amps.
a. 15
b. 20
c. 30
d. 40
Answer: d

89. Another name for EMT is

a. Nonmetallic cable
b. Flexible metallic cable
c. Conduit
d. Armored clad cable
Answer: c

90. Another name for flexible steel cable is

a. conduit
b. EMT
c. Synthetic cable
d. Nonmetallic
Answer: c

91. A 4-way switch controls a lamp from ________ different locations

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
Answer: c

92. The power factor rating of an inductive reactive circuit can be increased by adding
a. capacitors
b. inductors
c. coils
d. fuses
Answer: a

93. The device used to pull wire through conduit is called

a. wire tong
b. straps
c. connectors
d. fish tape
Answer: d
94. The best way to check insulation resistance is with a
a. voltmeter
b. ohmmeter
c. ammeter
d. megohmeter
Answer: d

95. To decrease signal strength in strong signal areas, used a

a. splitter
b. amplifier
c. couples
d. attenuator
Answer: d

96. Which of the following lamps uses a starting switch?

a. preheat
b. rapid start
c. instant start
d. all of the above
Answer: a

97. Which of the following lamps requires a cooling period prior to starting
a. incandescent
b. fluorescent
c. mercury vapor
d. none of the above
Answer: c

98. The device used to attenuate signals is the

a. prop tap
b. line tap off
c. splitter
d. trap
Answer: d

99. The wire that is shielded is

a. flat twinlead
b. foam-filled twinlead
c. coaxial
d. all of the above
Answer: c
100. Which of the following wires has 75-ohm impedance?
a. flat twinlead
b. foam-filled twinlead
c. coaxial
d. all of the above
Answer: c

101. The maximum capacity for a genera 20-amperes general purpose appliance circuit is
a. 1500 watts
b. 1800 watts
c. 2400 watts
d. 2800 watts
Answer: c

102. The type of thermostat most commonly used in appliance with heating element is
a. Magnetic relay
b. circuit breaker
c. bimetallic
d. all of the above
Answer: c

103. Most heating appliances use a cord made of

a. rubber
b. asbestos cover
c. a and b
d. all of the above
Answer: c

104. Insulators are commonly made of

a. ceramic
b. mica
c. porcelain
d. all of the above
Answer: d

105. Most cordless electric slicing knives use a charger unit and
a. rectifier
b. battery pack
c. diode
d. none of the above
Answer: b
106. Heating elements can be repaired by a ________ tube which crimps the two broken
elements together
a. nickel/silver
b. aluminum
c. wire
d. aluminum/nickel
Answer: a

107. Most heating elements can be checked by using a/an

a. ammeter
b. wattmeter
c. ohmmeter
d. growler
Answer: c

108. One of the most common problem of a hair blower/styler is a defective

a. cord
b. transistor
c. thermostat
d. SCR
Answer: a

109. An overheated cord often indicate

a. corroded terminals
b. defective cord
c. both a and b
d. none of the above
Answer: c

110. The insulation used in most water heaters is

a. fiberglass
b. rock wool
c. both a and b
d. none of the above
Answer: c

111. When examining a dead set, which item(s) should be checked

a. power supply diodes
b. fuse
c. open filament
d. all of the above
Answer: d
112. The decibel reading for proper separation between channels of a multiplex unit is
a. 5 dB
b. 10 dB
c. 20 dB
d. 40 dB
Answer: c

113. If only one of the transistors is a push-pull amplifier is bad

a. replace only the bad one
b. replace both of them
c. a or b
d. none of the above
Answer: b

114. When using an ohmmeter to identify a short, the ohmmeter reading should indicate
a. zero
b. infinite
c. 100-kilo ohm
d. 1-mega ohm
Answer: a

115. It used to change the sequence in which the units may be placed in and out !0!
service in multiple unit equipment
a. reversing switch
b. starting switch
c. accelerating switch
d. unit sequence switch
Answer: d

116. To join two rigid steel conduits use

a. tape
b. coupling
c. clamp
d. locknut
Answer: b

117. The power factor of an induction motor is

a. leading
b. unity
c. lagging
d. selector
Answer: c
118. A lamp may be controlled from three different points by
a. 2-way
b. 3-way
c. 4-way
d. selector
Answer: c

119. Electromotive force is measured by

a. Ammeter
b. Voltmeter
c. Ohmeter
d. Wattmeter
Answer: b

120. This refers to the circuit conductor between the service equipment and the branch
overcurrent device
a. service drop
b. feeder
c. service entrance
d. secondary
Answer: b

121. One advantage of the aluminum over copper wire is

a. Higher ampicity
b. Higher resistance
c. Available commercially
d. Cheaper
Answer: d

122. This device converts ac to dc

a. inverter
b. rectifier
c. compensator
d. transformer
Answer: b

123. The unit by which electric energy is sold is the

a. kw-hour
b. w-hour
c. ampere-hour
d. lumens
Answer: a
124. Ohm is the unit of
a. capacitance
b. reluctance
c. power
d. resistance
Answer: d

125. Burrs on sharp edges in the inside of a rigid steel conduit end are removed with the
use of
a. reamer
b. wrench
c. knife
d. plier
Answer: a

126. It is a lubricant that is used to make pulling wires/cables through conduit easier
a. resin
b. iron filling
c. tals
d. grease
Answer: c

127. One horsepower is approximately

a. 2,000 watts
b. 1,500 watts
c. 750 watts
d. 850 watts
Answer: c

128. It is a device that is used to interrupt fault current without injury to itself
a. fuse
b. circuit breaker
c. cut-out
d. regulator
Answer: b

129. It is used for direct measurement of electrical insulation resistance

a. megger
b. volt ammeter
c. micrometer
d. growler
Answer: a
130. Thirty (30) amperes is one of the five special branch circuits rating with a circuit
conductor of
a. 2.0 mm2
b. 3.5 mm2
c. 5.5 mm2
d. 8.0 mm2
Answer: c

131. The unit of an electrical system which is intended to carry but not utilize electrical
energy is
a. device
b. branch circuit
c. serving drop
d. service equipment
Answer: a

132. If a fault occurs on a substation high voltage bus, the system is protected by a
a. generator breaker
b. station feeder breaker
c. low voltage power transformer breaker
d. high voltage power transformer breaker
Answer: d

133. Which of the following tests is preferred for cracking switch gear insulation?
a. an a-c high potential tests
b. a d-c high potential tests
c. a megohmmeter test
d. a power factor test
Answer: a

134. In a generating and distribution system, current balance is provided by protective

zones which are
a. used to eliminate reflections on short transmission lines
b. used to trip all circuit breakers in the system
c. isolated during fault by disconnect switches
d. monitored by differential relays
Answer: d

135. The main contacts of a circuit breaker are most likely to be operated by a
a. vacuum
b. solenoid
c. mimic rays
d. heavy duty switch
Answer: b
136. In switch gear application, the term “dead frost” means that
a. the front and rear panels are hinged
b. an access door is at the end of the structure
c. no equipment is mounted on the front panel
d. energized parts are not exposed on the front panel
Answer: d

137. The current that a breaker must be able to carry immediately after a fault occurs is
known as
a. interrupting current
b. short circuit current
c. exciting current
d. momentary current
Answer: d

138. There is no zero sequence component of the fault current for

a. symmetrical fault
b. single line-to-ground fault
c. line-to-line fault
d. double line-to-ground fault
Answer: c

139. The alternating current is passing through a conductor there is a tendency for the
current to crowd near the surface of the conductor. This is known as
a. corona
b. skin effect
c. resistivity
d. magnetization
Answer: b

140. When the primary and secondary windings take the form of a common ring which is
encircled by two or more rings of magnetic material distributed around its
periphery, the transformer is termed as
a. grounding transformer
b. regulating transformer
c. core type tramsformer
d. shell type tramsformer
Answer: d
141. Ratio of lumens reaching the work plane divided by the total lumens generated by
the lights
a. coefficient of utilization
b. illumination factor
c. maintenance factor
d. room ratio
Answer: a

142. The inner strand of ACSR is made of

a. copper
b. brass
c. lead
d. steel
Answer: d

143. It is used to join a length conduit with another

a. tape
b. coupling
c. bushing
d. clamp
Answer: b

144. Pin insulators are made of

a. paper
b. porcelain
c. mica
d. copper
Answer: b

145. A complete path over which an electric current can flow is

a. load
b. transmission line
c. circuit
d. resistance
Answer: c

146. The powers factor of an induction motor is

a. leading
b. 100%
c. zero
d. lagging
Answer: d
147. Branch circuit conductors applying a single motor shall have an ampicity of not less
than _______ percent of full-load current rating
a. 125
b. 115
c. 150
d. 200
Answer: a

148. In house wiring, grounded conductors must not be

a. fused
b. insulated
c. placed in conduit
d. mechanically protected
Answer: a

149. What test is commonly made on cables after insulation?

a. insulation
b. resistance
c. cnductance
d. impedance
Answer: a

150. What is the maximum number of quarter bends (90 degrees) allowed in rigid metal
conduit wiring between boxes?
a. no limit
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
Answer: d

151. It is a point in the wiring system at which current is taken a supply utilization
a. junction box
b. pull box
c. feeder
d. outlet
Answer: d

152. To protect a circuit fro short-circuit conditions, ________ is used

a. recloser
b. fuse
c. disconnect switch
d. alarm
Answer: b
153. What will happen if a 230 volt airconditioner is connected to a 115 volt line?
a. current will be less than normal
b. it run slower
c. it will burn out
d. it will overspeed
Answer: b

154. Ampicity of No. 14 AWG TW, three wire copper conductor cable at 30x ambient is
a. 15 amperes
b. 20 amperes
c. 25 amperes
d. 30 amperes
Answer: a

155. Split knobs are made of

a. wood
b. brass
c. copper
d. porcelain
Answer: d

156. A device with a blank cover in a run of raceway to facilitate pulling in of conductors
is the
a. coupling
b. elbow
c. outlet box
d. bushing
Answer: d

157. In an ac circuit, current equals

a. E/R
b. IR
c. E2
d. E/Z
Answer: d

158. A-C voltages maybe increased or decreased by means of an

a. induction motor
b. transformer
c. rheostat
d. rectifier
Answer: b
159. A lamp may be controlled from three different points by _______ switches
a. two pole
b. four way
c. three-way
d. selector
Answer: c

160. An ammeter is connected

a. across
b. in conjunction
c. series
d. series or parallel
Answer: c

161. To determine the positive wire in a singlr phase A-C circuit,

a. use a neon lamp tester
b. use an ammeter
c. use a phase sequence meter
d. is impossible
Answer: d

162. Which of the following is the smallest size wire?

a. No. 20
b. No. 10
c. No. 2
d. No. 00
Answer: a

163. In open wire installation, the wires are supported on

a. post insulators
b. tubes
c. strain insulators
d. knobs
Answer: d

164. Which of the following can reduce starting current of a large ac motor?
a. magnetic starter
b. capacitor
c. compensator
d. rectifier
Answer: a
165. No wire smaller than number _______ is allowed for general interior wiring
a. 12
b. 14
c. 16
d. 18
Answer: b

166. The power factor of a circuit is approximately 100% if the circuit load consists only
a. reactance coils
b. capacitors
c. motors
d. incandescent lamps
Answer: b

167. A mill is equal to

a. 0.001 of an inch
b. one inch
c. 0.745 of an inch
d. none of the above
Answer: a

168. The filament of incandescent lamp is made of

a. copper
b. silver
c. aluminum
d. tungsten
Answer: d

169. Operating stick for disconnect switches is made of

a. steel
b. aluminum
c. wood
d. brass
Answer: c

170. The common dry cell gives a voltage of about

a. 1 volt
b. 10 volts
c. 1.5 volts
d. 3 volts
Answer: c
171. A transformer or generator inserted in a circuit to current the voltage is called
a. rheostat
b. current transformer
c. ohmmeter
d. potential transformer
Answer: a