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0102 – 2018-1

Nombre: Rossi A. Heredia P. C. I.: 18.440.088

Escuela: Química Semestre: 7mo
Cantidad de créditos aprobados: 135

Task 1 - The Research Article: Macrostructure

What do you know about this topic?

What do you expect to learn about it?


Section Purpose // Kind of information

Abstract General overview of study

Introduction Background information and a statement of

the author's hypothesis

Materials, Supplies, specific techniques and

the overall experimental strategy used by the
Material and methods

Data collected during experimentation,

explanation of how the authors interpret this
Results and discussions
data and how they connect it to other work
Can state inferences or speculations. Offer
Conclusions perspectives for future work.

Names people who contributed to the work,

but did not contribute sufficiently to earn
Acknowledgements authorship.

Provides the sources cited throughout the article.


Typically, scientific papers are comprised of the following parts:

Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, and References.
This article differs a little from the most frequent structure, these differences are that the results and
discussions are not separate sections, and the article a conclusion’s section.

Analyse the abstract in your article in terms of sentence, section and evidence.

Sentence # Pattern Evidence

1 Introduction
2 Objective
3 Methods
4 Methods
5 Methods
6 Methods
7 Results
8 Conclusions

The abstract have all the elements usually expected. These elements are: Introduction, Objective, Methods, Results, and