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HESOP energy saver

London Underground

London Underground chose

Alstom’s innovative HESOP
energy saver as a one-stop
environmental solution for
its metro. HESOP enables
the recovery of more than
99% of the available energy
generated during braking,
thereby reducing energy
consumption, tunnel
heating and CO2 emissions.

High energy savings
Thanks to dynamic voltage regulation,
HESOP captures more than 99% of the
available braking energy. The recovered
energy is re-distributed into the HV
network and can be used by station and
tunnel equipment: escalators, lighting,
ventilation, lifts and other traction

Reduced tunnel heating

Thanks to full recovery of the available
braking energy, HESOP reduces train
heat dissipation, a notable problem in
London Underground’s tunnels.This
means the requirement for tunnel and
in-station ventilation is reduced, and
also allows for the removal of on-board
brake resistors, which in turn reduces
the train’s weight.

Network evolution
HESOP will allow London Underground
to modify the network voltage from
630V to 750V in the future without
modifying the HESOP converter.

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HESOP energy saver for the London Underground


The HESOP inverter unit will have the following electrical characteristics


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