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A. Who needs a DOST-SEI clearance? C. Post a surety bond posted with the Govern- F.

When is a final DOST-SEI clearance

1. An on-going scholar who will travel abroad; ment Service Insurance System (GSIS) or a
cash bond (with SEI for a travel that is for a issued?
2. A scholar who withdrew his/her scholarship but month or shorter period) for an amount equiva-
was able to enjoy the scholarship prior to with- lent to the total financial assistance received A scholar whose scholarship is terminated for
drawal; by scholar while on scholarship plus 12% inter- failure to comply with the scholarship requirements
est. at anytime within the first two years shall be issued a
3. A scholar whose scholarship was terminated FINAL DOST-SEI clearance together with the notice
but with service obligation; and For scholar-graduates and those whose scholar- of termination.
4. A scholar-graduate who has not yet secured a ship was terminated or withdrawn:
final clearance. PERSONAL TRAVEL A scholar-graduate must submit certification/s
of employment for the required period and/or other
B. When do you need a DOST-SEI A. D1A, D1B, D1C requirements. After evaluation of said documents, s/
clearance? B. Service Record/Certification of Employment, if he has been found to have fully complied with her/
any his service/financial obligations, the FINAL DOST-
A DOST-SEI scholar will secure a clearance SEI clearance shall be issued.
from the Science Education Institute while he/she is
still complying with his/her scholarship obligations OFFICIAL TRAVEL: If scholar-graduate’s com- The DOST-SEI clearance must be presented to
or for the following cooperating institution: pany is sending him/her abroad for training or any the NBI, DFA, and BID to have her/his name cleared
official business - for issuance of NBI clearance (for local employment
1. National Bureau of Investigation for em-
ployment; For short-term period: or travel abroad), passport or clearance to travel out
of the country, respectively.
2. Department of Foreign Affairs for application or A. With employer’s guarantee - the employer
renewal of passport; must write SEI about travel plan: reason for
travel, destination, duration of travel and a
3. Bureau of Immigration for airport immigration
guarantee of her/his return and in cases/
clearance prior to departure; and
you fails to do so, its willingness to reim-
burse to DOST-SEI the amount equivalent
4. Other institutions requiring DOST-SEI clearance
to the period left unserved.
As a DOST-SEI scholar/scholar-graduate,
C. When is a temporary DOST-SEI clearance B. Without employer’s guarantee—D1A, you are required to serve in the country along
issued? D1B, D1C, 2B, and employer’s endorsement your field of specialization for a period equivalent
of travel to the number of years you enjoyed the scholar-
A temporary clearance is issued to an on- ship. Until you have completed your service obli-
going scholar-graduate who has not completed her/ E. How do you retrieve a surety bond/ gation, you remain under the supervision of
his scholarship obligation but will travel out of the DOST-SEI, through a collaborative effort with
country, undergo on-the-job training or be locally cash bond? DFA, NBI and BID.
employed (for the latter).
Not later than a month after the scholar/
This guidelines is hereby provided on how
scholar-graduate returns to the country, s/he must
D. What are the requirements to secure a personally report to DOST-SEI and submit photo-
you can secure a temporary or the final clearance
from the DOST-SEI Scholarship Programs.
TEMPORARY DOST-SEI clearance? copies of passport pages marked with the arrival
data in the country; and to retrieve (original copy of
For continuing scholars: Surety bond or to submit original receipt in case of
cash bond for processing. Processing of cash
A. Submit a written letter stating the nature of bond may take ten (10) working days.
travel, e.g. official or personal purpose, desti- ESTER B. OGENA
nation, duration and other pertinent information Director
Failure to do so may either cause the forfeiture Science Education Institute
about the travel.
of the bond (surety or cash) or required the em-
B. Accomplished Supplemental Agreement (Form ployer to refund the financial assistance received
provided by DOST-SEI). by the scholar.