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Student Name: Christian W.

Grade: 1st grade

Teachers: Ms. Cordero & Ms. Evans

Behavior: Walking around, Calling out, Speaking when Appropriate

Goal: Christian will be able to sit during instruction and demonstrate knowledge of appropriate
times to share information 70% of the time classroom instruction. Christian will be able to self
asses with guidance and support from the teacher.

Student Background

Christian is a 7-year-old Male; academically he is advanced for a first grade student. He reads at

a level J and demonstrates higher level thinking skills within ELA, Math and Writing. His finished

assignments at school prove to be proficient and developing within the first grade expectations.

Although he demonstrates higher level thinking within the first grade criteria, Christians behavior does

impede his ability to complete his schoolwork during the allotted time and impedes his behavior during

times of independent work. He has every ability to be a role model to his fellow classmates but due to

his behavior, Christian has become a detriment to the classroom environment due to constant need of

redirection. Christians parents have been made aware of the concerns during an in person meeting held

between them and the teachers. They have agreed that Christians behavior has escalated and that they

are open to testing out any interventions those we the teacher feel is necessary and that will help

Christian in the long run.

During the parent and teacher meeting held on Friday 1/26/2018, Christians parents have

agreed to have him participate in the behavior intervention that has been developed by myself and with

the input and help of Christian. The intervention is developed based on behavior seen by myself and

discussed with Christian. The parents agreed that at home, Christian displays his inability to relax and

stay seated or stay quiet for long periods of time. They also stated that C.W. does have defiance when it

comes to authority. His behaviors are not only showing at home but they are showing at school with

equal impact.
Behavior Plan

Christian will be focusing on 3 behaviors during the school day: 1) calling out 2) staying in his

seat and 3) speaking when appropriate. His behavior plan will be in the theme of Mario Kart.

Christian will have 3 levels to achieve, each level he will be able to unlock at each Check-In

during the day. Every morning, Christian will conference with the teacher to discuss his goals for

the day and what he would like to achieve during each check in.

In order for christian to earn his levels of incentives, he will check-in at the designated

checkpoints: Math, Writing and Phonics. He will be able to get a max of 21 coins for the 7

subject matters of the day. Each level is worth a specific amount of coins. The breakdown is as


Level 1: 6 coins needed (check- in Aftermath)

Sub level 1: 7 out of 9 checks needed to earn computers during mindfulness

(after lunch)

Sub Level 2: 3 checks during whole group instruction to earn computers for the

first 7 mins of writing.

Level 2: 7 coins needed (Check-in after Writing)

Level 3: 9 Coins needed and minimum of 3 stars earned for the day out of 5. (Check-in

after Phonics.)

After each level check-in, Christian will conference with me and we will go over the three areas

we are focusing on, Christian will be self assessing his behavior and will reflect if he earned his

checks or not. He will have a check- in sheet that he will need to record his end of period

progress. After each level of check in, Christian will see if he earned his incentives, we have

included sub check-in for Christian to keep him accountable for his behaviors and to motivate

him throughout the day to practice his positive behaviors. Christian must wait until the check in

periods to talk about his behavior and record it.