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the future
Digital technology is growing at an unprecedented rate.
Read about how private and international schools equip
children with the skills needed to compete.
2 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018

Infused with Lasallian

ST JOSEPH’S Institution International School
Malaysia (SJIIM) was established in August
2016 by Lasallian Asian Partnerships for
International Schools in partnership with

values and tradition

Tropicana Corporation Berhad and with the
blessings of the Brother Visitor and Lasallian
East Asia District council.
SJIIM is no stranger to the Lasallian
education circle in Asia, being the brother
school of the 160-year-old St Joseph’s
Institution (independent all-boys secondary
school) and St Joseph’s Institution complement SJIIM’s international faculty of
International School (independent highly qualified teachers from around the
co-educational international school) in world. Together, they guide students along
Singapore. their rigorous yet personalised and fulfilling
Through this backbone, SJIIM builds on academic journey.
its brother schools’ extensive history of Holistic learning is envisioned to be the
educational excellence and initiates future everyday reality at SJIIM, and this is largely
collaborative learning platforms to supported by the teachers and the Brothers.
encourage sharing of knowledge and Besides providing pastoral care, they work
resources between the institutions. closely to nurture students’ character
The school has a current student development, which is a big part of the
population of more than 730 students at all school overarching ethos.
levels, which is a record number of new This ties in with the learning through
students for a school entering its second service philosophy of the school, where
academic year in the Tier 1 school category. students get a chance to support a range of
This enrolment result, despite the charities and organisations through
unprecedented growth of new international community events, allowing them to develop
schools in the Klang Valley, demonstrates the internally and have a better understanding
Malaysian public’s support and belief in the of the world.
holistic education approach of a Lasallian SJIIM caters to more than 1,500 students
school. on its six-acre (2.43ha) campus. Its
At SJIIM, academic excellence is solidified comprehensive range of facilities include
by the school’s carefully crafted curricula, state-of-the-art libraries and laboratories,
which begin with the school’s early years’ music, arts and sports spaces, swimming and
foundation through the Nursery and wading pools, a Lasallian formation centre
Reception programme. and ample parking spaces complemented by
The International Primary Curriculum and a campus-wide security system.
Singapore Math are taught in Years 1 to 6, Based on Lasallian education ethos, SJIIM focuses on providing a holistic education and nurturing These top-notch facilities enable a wide
followed by the International General strong characters. range of co-curricular and outdoor learning
Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in activities to be conducted, further
Years 7 to 11 and the International The academic programmes at SJIIM offer education, which is built on faith, service contributing to the all-round progress of
Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in global flexibility to its students, who will and community building from within the students.
Years 12 and 13. have wider tertiary options when they school. SJIIM welcomes all new and prospective
The school’s curriculum design is graduate with their IGCSE and IBDP This distinct feature of SJIIM is developed parents to visit the school and explore what
supported by a Mandarin programme taught qualifications. and upheld by the Brother President Lasallian holistic education is all about.
daily throughout the different curricular The school’s motto “Enter to Learn, Leave alongside the school’s High School and
pathways. In true Lasallian spirit, the school to Serve” is central to SJIIM’s student Elementary School principals. n For more information, call 03-8605 3605,
provides scholarships to deserving students development philosophy. It is a mark of St These three leading pivots of the school e-mail enquiries@sji-international.edu.my or
to pursue the IBDP. John Baptist De La Salle’s essence of are joined by three Brothers who visit www.sji-international.edu.my
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018 Private & International School Guide 3

Embracing global educational trends

“ALL great artists and thinkers now in the midst of tackling new
are great workers, indefatigable specifications and linear (two-year)
not only in inventing, but also in courses, it has been fascinating
rejecting, sifting, transforming to see that the academic challenges
and ordering,” said German and opportunities for teachers
philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. and pupils are similar across the
The world is awash with globe.
educational insights and initiatives. In many senses, the concept of
For Epsom College in Malaysia balancing overt academic
(ECiM) and its sister school in the endeavour with enriching
United Kingdom, it has been co-curricular and pastoral
rewarding to witness the parallel progression is a theme of common
pedagogical developments in both interest to Epsom College in the UK
countries that emphasise growth and Malaysia.
mindset techniques, flipped However, despite the shared
learning and the perennial educational trends between both
assessment of/for learning. schools, it is the uniqueness of the
As A-Levels schools and colleges individual that connects the
– in the UK and elsewhere – are schools most.
“Every child matters” remains a
driving force in the UK educational
dynamic, and ECiM attaches
similar weight to this sentiment.
As a school replete with superb
facilities and offering the best of
British boarding and education,
ECiM is proud of its students’
academic achievements since its
inception in 2014.
With its Year 13 pupils attaining
61% A*/A grades in the A-Levels
examinations last year and
securing places at
universities such as ECiM aims to foster respect, tolerance and diversity among students.
London School of
Economics and teachers – to its ranks. academic curriculum. believes that the importance of
Imperial College Like all great institutions, “The hallmark of successful perpetual learning in the 21st
London, ECiM is Epsom College aims to foster individuals is that they love century should never be
well positioned to tolerance, respect and diversity learning, they seek challenges, they underestimated.
welcome within the broader canvas of value effort, and they persist in the
forward-thinking moulding life-long learners – an face of obstacles,” said psychology n For more information, e-mail
innovators – both educational objective that bears professor Carol Dweck. Sin Yee at sinyee@epsomcollege.
students and the template of a British-based Agreeing with Dweck, ECiM edu.my
4 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018

A revolutionary approach
NO sooner have we come to terms
with the Fourth Industrial
Revolution (IR 4.0) that we are now
confronted with talk of a fifth one
(IR 5.0).
While IR 4.0 is focused on
digitalisation and automation psychological skill sets required to understand and adapt to any culinary arts, drama and music are
through the Internet of Things, keep pace in this fast-evolving environment. all very much part of the
artificial intelligence, robotics, world. “An agile and imaginative mind curriculum at HELP International
cyber-physical systems and “The dawn of the IR 4.0 and 5.0 is the most potent tool that School.
quantum computing, there is has led to a volatile, uncertain, students can use to succeed and It is expected that soon, people
speculation that IR 5.0 will be complex and ambiguous (VUCA) thrive in IR 4.0 and 5.0,” says Dr will be required to switch between
centred on human synergies with world,” says Dr Goh Chee Leong, Goh. industries more than twice or
robots and artificial intelligence to chief executive officer of HELP With machines taking over more thrice in their lifetime, according
create opportunities for mass International School. and more complex functions, many to Dr Goh.
customisation, ensuring that the “Therefore, the challenge for professions will be replaced with Therefore, HELP International
“human touch” is not lost. educators is to prepare students for artificial intelligence. School approaches career
Now that change is happening a world that does not yet exist, “The key is to develop skills that counselling in a unique
so rapidly with two revolutions which we won’t be able to predict are still uniquely human such as way.
possibly occurring at the same or fully understand.” creativity, adaptability, mental He explains, “Career counselling
time, it is time that schools rethink According to him, the focus of fluidity, resilience and empathy traditionally involved pointing
their purpose and approach to education should be less about that are often overlooked in Dr Goh Chee Leong. students in the direction of one
ensure that the next acquiring knowledge and more entrepreneurship and innovation,” profession based on their interests
generation is about sharpening and honing adds Dr Goh. knowledge and must instead and strengths.
equipped with minds as it will help them It is apparent that today’s youth demonstrate their ability to “This is a very static and rigid
the mental and cannot afford to rely on generate original ideas. way of looking at career pathing
their ability to With this in mind, HELP and is becoming invalid in a VUCA
regurgitate bookish International School has come up environment, so we are now
with an education model that encouraging students to think
focuses on nine areas – intellectual, about a broader life mission that
physical, emotional, leadership, acts as a ‘life compass’.
social, creative, moral, career “This approach enables them to
and technological track multiple pathways to their
development. goal so that they are not only agile
The emphasis the school in moving across industries but
places on all-round can find meaning and significance
development is apparent in each position.”
from how it regards the The future is unpredictable
arts. There is much focus on and, with the current industrial
science, technology, revolutions, life as we know it will
engineering and change drastically. The best way to
mathematics, but the school prepare our children to face this
integrates the arts into ever-changing reality is to choose a
its curriculum as evident school that will help them embrace
in events such as its the uncertainty and equip them to
annual STEAM (science, enjoy the adventure.
technology, engineering,
the arts and mathematics) n For more information, call
week. 03-7809 7000, e-mail enquiry@kl.
Design and technology, his.edu.my or visit www.his.edu.my
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018 Private & International School Guide 5

Leading the way

MONT’KIARA International School
(M’KIS) has, over the past 25 years, IB mission statement
established itself as a leader in
academic excellence. The International

to a brighter future
This is achieved through the Baccalaureate aims to
collaborations of a close-knit develop inquiring,
community, a commitment to knowledgeable and caring
staying current with educational young people who help to
trends, and a passion for teaching create a better and more
and learning. peaceful world through
Building a legacy goes beyond intercultural
the walls of a school. It takes a understanding and respect.
community dedicated to giving the To this end, the
best to their children to make organisation works with
M’KIS such a special place to be. schools, governments and
Over the past few years, M’KIS international organisations
has implemented numerous to develop challenging
curriculum enhancements. Last programmes of
year, the new robotics laboratory international education
for Middle School was unveiled and rigorous assessment.
and the Next Generation Science These programmes
Standards introduced. encourage students across
For High School, M’KIS is the world to become
developing a new design active, compassionate and
technology laboratory, a lifelong learners who
multimedia laboratory and a understand that other
completely refurbished library for people, with their
the 2018-2019 academic year. differences, can also be
As a leading IB World School in right.
the region, M’KIS has taken the
next step towards becoming an IB
Continuum School. knowing that your child is thriving
IB World Schools share a at school and being encouraged to
common philosophy – a achieve beyond his or her own
commitment to improving the expectations.
learning of a diverse and inclusive With this peace of mind comes a
community of students by sense of security and contentment
delivering challenging, quality that strengthens the foundations of
programmes of international the Mont Kiara community.
education that share a powerful M’KIS is leading the way by
vision. preparing for the future, living in
M’KIS received the confirmation At Mont’Kiara International School, students are encouraged to achieve beyond their own expectations. the present and learning from the
of candidacy for the International past. M’KIS is one community,
Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years attracting the most qualified, getting to know each other on a Having parents who are actively growing with you every step of the
Programme (PYP) and IB Middle versatile and experienced faculty, more personal basis. engaged in the school builds a way.
Years Programme (MYP) last year 95% of whom are expatriates from M’KIS encourages families to stronger bond between them and
and is now on track towards Pre- around the world. attend school events, volunteer the faculty, creating a platform for n For more information,
Kindergarten through Grade 12 IB The majority of families and in their child’s class or be involved open communication and call 03-2093 8604, e-mail
alignment. faculty at M’KIS walk to school, in whatever way they feel continuous collaboration. admissions@mkis.edu.my or
This endeavour found M’KIS enjoying each other’s company and comfortable. There is no greater feeling than visit www.mkis.edu.my

Beacon House
18cm x 8col
6 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018

Seeking knowledge, opening minds

MATRIX Global Schools provides clubs, school teams and shared
education from Early Years play times further encourage
through to Secondary Years for the coming together of students
the expatriate and local who would otherwise be
community in Malaysia. segregated.
Established in 2014, the As a global school, students
institution comprises Matrix celebrate cultural diversity by
Private School, Matrix learning three languages,
International School and Matrix namely English, Mandarin and
International Preschool. Bahasa Malaysia. However, the
All three institutions share the language of instruction,
same campus situated on a communication and
spacious and secure 20-acre understanding across the
(8.1ha) site amid lush greenery campus is English.
and an inviting landscape that To facilitate the use of English,
can accommodate up to 2,500 there is a wide-ranging English
students. Language Support programme
Matrix International that enables all students to learn
School follows England’s and improve their competency
national curriculum, in the language.
appropriately modified for Built to modern specifications,
international students. The the campus has been designed
Early Years Foundation Stage to offer the best facilities,
Curriculum is adapted for including air-conditioned
the Early Years while the classrooms equipped with
International Primary interactive smart boards,
Curriculum forms the core campus-wide Wi-Fi, security
provision in the primary with CCTV cameras, a double-
school. storey library with a
The established Cambridge comprehensive range of books,
IGCSE forms the backbone a fully equipped iMac
of the secondary school laboratory, a dedicated
curriculum, leading to the playground for younger
internationally renowned students, a sports complex with
and recognised qualification an indoor climbing wall and a
at the end of Year 11. full-size stadium.
Last year, its students These state-of-the-art facilities
Matrix Global Schools exposes students to different cultures and learning methods, nurturing global citizens. achieved 51% A* to A and 90% provide tremendous scope for
A* to C, with two students students to enjoy rich and
achieving 9As. This put the diverse co-curricular activities,
school in the top 20% of which include sports,performing
international schools in the arts and various non-academic
world for the July 2017 skills.
examinations. Moreover, the Matrix
Meanwhile, the Matrix Boarding House provides a 21st
Private School follows the century boarding experience in
Malaysian national curriculum – a loving home environment for
Kurikulum Standard Sekolah students aged 13 to 17 to
Rendah for the primary level develop self-reliance and
and Kurikulum Standard independence.
Sekolah Menegah at the Discover how learning takes
secondary level. place at Matrix Global Schools
In last year’s Sijil Pelajaran by taking advantage of the free,
Malaysia examinations, Matrix full-day trial classes and one-
Private School secured a 97% night boarding experience
pass rate and a school average during the Open Week from
grade of 3.82, with three June 19 to 22.
students achieving straight 9As.
As for last year’s Ujian n For more information,
Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah call 1300 229 888 or visit
result, the school achieved a www.matrixschools.edu.my
99% pass rate with a school
average grade of 2.2.
By operating two schools with
different sets of curricula within
the same campus, students are
introduced to different learning
methods, nurturing them to
become global thinkers.
The Matrix Global Schools
population is diverse with
students from more than 15
countries, enabling children
to be exposed to different
cultures and cultivating a
true understanding of
one another.
School performances,
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018 Private & International School Guide 7

SHATTUCK-St Mary’s School, a Shattuck-St

prestigious American boarding Mary's Forest
school, will officially open the City International
doors of its first South-East Asian School inculcates
campus on August 26. children with key
With its state-of-the-art campus 21st century skills
in Johor, Shattuck-St Mary’s Forest through a holistic
City International School provides
a vibrant and enriching
environment for children aged
three to 18.
Families in Malaysia and from
around the region are welcome to
tour the campus and have a chat
with head of school Graham
Gamble and other faculty members
during the school’s Open Days,
which will be held every Saturday,
starting from June 23.
The purpose-built campus is set
to accommodate up to 3,200
students and touts cutting-edge
facilities such as its hallmark two-
storey weCreate laboratory – an
innovative space designed for
students to explore their interests
in a variety of areas, including web

Best of American boarding

design, architecture and
woodworking, under the guidance
of highly qualified teachers.
“We want to enable our students
to seamlessly transition from
childhood to adulthood by arming
them with key 21st century skills
such as independence and
creativity, so that they can carve Top-notch boarding facilities are says Gamble. Shattuck-St Mary’s Forest City American-style programme,
their paths forward as caring, available for middle and high “Boarding is not simply a way International School consists of focusing on STEAM (science,
conscientious global leaders,” says school students, offering an ideal of attending school if one does several blocks generously adorned technology, engineering, the
Gamble. environment for the children to not live close by – it’s an immersive with verdant greenery and open arts and mathematics) education
The school houses a world-class cultivate their independence, environment that is, in many spaces. as well as athletic pursuits, and
sports complex with a full-sized necessary life skills and time ways, more liberating for young Taking advantage of the covers pre-kindergarten to Grade
football field, running track, management skills under the teenagers than being at home.” country’s tropical climate with 12 with Advanced Placement
Olympic-sized swimming pool and supervision and guidance of the According to him, this mangroves and waterfront courses available at high school
gymnasium. dorm parents. Students will also environment is conducive to fringing the campus, the school level.
It also features a 600-capacity have access to round-the-clock cultivating extraordinary levels of incorporates cosy, inspiring
theatre, dance and music studios, medical support from qualified responsibility and maturity among outdoor spots that are perfect n For more information on
science laboratories, libraries and personnel. children. for children to meet and mingle the school or to register for
smart classrooms to help children “Our boarding facilities are “It gives them their own space with each other outside the its Open Days or August
discover their full potential in all unique and a cut above what’s to explore and try out new things,” classroom. intake, call 019-7302 021 or visit
facets of life. typically available in Malaysia,” he says. The school offers a holistic www.ssm-fc.org
8 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018

Equipping Gen Z with life skills

FOR parents, it is becoming It should be noted that for some time at their school of choice In most cases, social skills and
increasingly hard to see through
the marketing glitz and glamour
many teachers, accreditation is
nothing more than additional
to watch how students interact
with teachers and their peers.
Students need mental health were not discussed
and students were kept active
and perceive a school’s true paperwork and more layers of “Get a feel for the way they high self-esteem physically. Teaching resilience was

and resilience to
potential. bureaucracy, box-ticking and behave and talk – this will give not something that was deemed
An easy way to determine the hoop-jumping. parents a sense of the school as a necessary. Life skills were exactly
quality of an international school is
to look for externally awarded
Whatever stance you take, it
cannot be denied that getting
whole. See beyond the admissions
brochures and websites that are
survive in today’s that – skills that one picked up as
one progressed in life.
accreditations or quality assurance
accredited means that an designed to sell, and trust what you environment. If It is necessary for teachers now

students are forced

international organisation has perceive with your own eyes and to help develop students’ life skills.
Accreditation bodies assess a reviewed a school’s practices instincts.” Students need high self-esteem and
school’s programmes and their against its benchmarks.
to address their resilience to survive in today’s
implementation based on a At the very least, that should
Emotions count, too environment. If students are forced
rigorous set of standards. Within
Malaysia, you will see accreditation
reassure parents that the school is
working to maintain its established We now find ourselves guiding
weaknesses and to address their weaknesses and
build on them, they will learn that
from organisations such as the standards as an internationally Generation Z – the first generation build on them, nothing is impossible.
Council of International Schools in
the form of a British Schools
accredited institution.
Director of services at elc
born into the age of social media –
which is now living a life dictated they will learn Parents should look out for a
school that has a teaching body
Overseas kitemark or an
International Schools Quality
International School, Rajan Kaloo,
suggests, “Parents
by hazy rules of social
that nothing is that is motivated and prepared to
tackle these challenges head-on,
Mark. should spend With certain impossible. even if it leads to conflict with a
exceptions, most student or her parents.
of Generation Z see Given today’s students and the
themselves problems they face, it is important
as constantly connected digitally yet to look at what the school is doing
disconnected from real life as we, to develop a student’s emotional
the earlier generations, know it. resilience. Do not dismiss a school
They have great desire for that gives you a negative report on
independence while all too often, your child’s developmental
their reality is of grudging progress. You need to know that
dependence. the school is prepared to have
Mental health issues have difficult conversations with you
become the new norm due to the without fear or favour.
existence and pressures of social Ultimately, there is no sure-fire
media. Failure is too easily way of assessing if a school is right
embraced, self-esteem is at an for your children and there are no
all-time low and social skills are shortcuts.
disappearing. Parents need to determine if
Gone are the days when a what a school offers is in line with
school’s focus was on producing their own wants and needs for
knowledgeable students. Students their child’s education.
were sufficiently independent
when it came time to enter n For more information, visit
college. www.elc.edu.my
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018 Private & International School Guide 9

Top in the region

IGB International School (IGBIS) is thrilled ongoing, independent and objective process
to announce that the Council of International of peer review.
Schools (CIS) and the New England The accreditation process provides an
Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) opportunity for the school to critically reflect
through its Commission on International on its programmes, review guiding
Education (CIE) have awarded full statements and assess its alignment with
international accreditation to the school. research-based standards of the best
IGBIS is the only school in Malaysia to be educational practices.
accredited by NEASC, and joins the ranks of This award recognises the quality of a
prestigious institutions such as Harvard school and reassures parents, teachers,
University, Yale University and Brown universities and governments that the school
University. With the CIS accreditation, IGBIS provides a quality learning experience,
joins a community of excellence that is made resulting in sustained school improvement
up of 583 colleges and universities and more and a road map for transformation.
than 738 schools in 116 countries. The CIS website states that to achieve
These accreditations are a proud accreditation, member schools must
achievement for such a young school “infuse their programmes and offerings
because it shows the world that IGBIS is with international and intercultural
committed to quality international education perspective so that students can move
and wants to provide students with the forward with the attitudes and
knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue lives understanding that will provide them with a
as valuable global citizens. solid base wherever their studies or work
Among other requirements to gain may take them.”
accreditation, evaluators from CIS and IGBIS would like to thank everyone who
NEASC spent a week in the school earlier this played a role in helping the school achieve
year. They interviewed the staff, students these accreditations, including its faculty,
and parents, sat in on classes, and observed administration, board, students, parents and
how IGBIS operates. wider community.
Accreditation by NEASC through CIE
indicates that the school met the rigorous n For more information, call 03-6145 4688
standards of institutional quality through an or e-mail enquiries@igbis.edu.my

The modern classroom

MANY international schools in Malaysia In some ways, incorporating technology in
have a Bring Your Own Browser policy, the classroom can ease the learning
which ensures that every student has his experience, most notably in enhancing
own electronic device in class to browse the communication between teachers and
Internet. students.
This is in addition to the technology built E-mails, collaboration applications, group
into a classroom’s four walls. Interactive chats and online test submissions are among
whiteboards have replaced antiquated the ways teachers can improve learning
blackboards, and students can now learn processes. When students are facing
from myriad applications such as Google difficulty with assigned work, they can
Classroom and Kahoot!, which let students contact their teachers for advice and
collaborate with teachers, fellow classmates guidance, even when they are unable to
and even people across the world. attend school.
Instead of making children stick to However, one question remains – are
traditional books, integrating technology there drawbacks to using modern technology
with learning processes means that children in the classroom?
are taught skills relevant to the working As with any advancement, there are
world. negative aspects to its implementation.
Giving students the opportunity to use When it comes to technological advances,
such resources during classes permits them critics are quick to suggest that use of
to choose and absorb a greater range of technology takes away from the effectiveness
knowledge. of traditional learning.
Having access to unlimited information No matter what kind of technology is
sources means that students are taught to being incorporated into classroom learning,
be selective and sceptical as well as exercise there will be negative consequences when its
critical thinking when it comes to consuming function is abused or misused.
and analysing information. Thus, the answer is simple. It should
Teaching children to use and be be mandatory for teachers to provide
comfortable with current technology also adequate levels of guidance and supervision
means that they learn the difference to ensure that students complete their
between using it in and out of the assigned tasks.
classroom. Implementing technology within an
At home, students may prefer to watch educational environment not only reflects
videos on YouTube or play games online, but the working world but also serves to ensure
they are taught to restrict themselves to the children entering schools today are fully
educational sites and videos when at fledged digital natives. – By Jessica Lazaro,
school. student of Alice Smith School
10 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018

Committed to excellence
GEMS International School Tropicana
Metropark (GEMS) offers an outstanding
education that is within reach of hard-
working parents and their children.
As the largest provider of private
education in the world, the reputation of
GEMS Education lets it attract the best
international teachers, who get to work in
GEMS is built on
top-notch educational facilities. solid values and beliefs
that guide its faculty
The scale of GEMS Education rivals the
best international schools in Kuala Lumpur.
On a wider scale, the world mission of GEMS
Education is to put quality education within and students’ actions
the reach of every child.
Outstanding schools do three things well –
and behaviours. As an
they provide a safe place for children to international school, it
learn, are happy places where children love
to be, and are success-driven while offering celebrates diversity in a
children a broad and balanced education
within and beyond the classroom.
respectful and inclusive
GEMS is built on solid values and beliefs way.
that guide its faculty and students’ actions
and behaviours.
As an international school, it celebrates
diversity in a respectful and inclusive way. subject resources, homework and
It pursues excellence in its activities and communication means.
encourages aspiration within all while taking The school is developing a broad
care of the well-being of others and the programme of events and activities, with
environment. drama and musical performances across the
Students of GEMS develop 21st century GEMS students are exposed to a wide variety of educational enrichment activities that help primary and secondary schools, sports
skills that prepare them for the opportunities them become valuable members of society. training and competitions, and a schoolwide
that life will bring. commitment to outdoor educational
Across a broad canvas of learning, There are no boundaries to learning and core of English, mathematics and science. It pursuits.
students are encouraged to be open-minded, no barriers to opportunity at GEMS. Parent also offers Mandarin, French and Bahasa GEMS teachers and external specialists
creative, resilient and reflective learners. engagement lies at the heart of the school’s Malaysia language programmes. have designed a rich tapestry of activities
GEMS develops young people’s creative mission, which works towards developing a Wonderful facilities provide a superb across the academic year (September to
minds, healthy bodies and ethical spirit strong commitment to mutually shared stage for impressive learning. State-of-the-art June).
needed to make a lasting contribution to the aspirations among hard-working parents classrooms are matched by specialist Accredited as a school within the Council
world so they can be leaders of a global and their families. facilities in science, sports and the arts. of British International Schools with its
society. GEMS has a solid British curriculum for A fast and secure wireless network educational standards and achievements
Great schools are about great people students aged three to 18. An inspiring Early supports the school’s commitment to verified independently, GEMS offers a first-
working together to achieve ambitious Years experience supports the enhanced and technology. The school has a progressive and class education.
ends. GEMS teachers are experienced and enriched curricula offered at its primary and pragmatic approach to information We would be delighted to arrange a
inspiring international educators who are secondary schools that lead to a wider range technology and its measured use. personal visit and tour of the school campus
trained to see things through children’s of subject options for the International Alongside well-equipped computer to discuss the individual needs of your child.
eyes. General Certificate of Secondary Education laboratories, learning processes are – Simon O’Grady, principal of GEMS
GEMS is committed to high-performance and A-Levels. supported with electronic tablets for primary International School
learning – a belief that all children are The school is accredited to run courses schoolchildren and laptops for more senior
capable of great things and should be guided that lead to the Cambridge International students. Lessons are framed within a n For more information, call 03-5036 8900
to achieve the highest standards. Examinations, which include a whole school modern online platform that contains or visit www.gems.edu.my
THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018 Private & International School Guide 11

Get a head start

KOLEJ Tunku Ja’afar (KTJ) International
Primary School, Negri Sembilan, offers
the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for
children aged three to five.
The EYFS, which is employed by schools in
the United Kingdom categorises student

Fair returns to KL
learning and development into seven key
areas, which are:
l Communicational development – The
secure, stimulating environment provided
encourages young children to listen and
respond to a range of situations, allowing
them to develop language and other
SINCE 2012, Mint Communications has communication skills.
provided Malaysian and expatriate parents 11th Private & International School l Physical development – EYFS the seven learning and development
with a platform to search for the right Fair in Kuala Lumpur encourages physical activity and helps areas:
international school for their children children form healthy eating habits and l Every child is a unique child who is
through the Private & International School Date : June 23 and 24 understand the importance of being constantly learning and can be resilient,
Fairs. (Saturday and Sunday) active. capable, confident and self-assured.
Held in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang, Time : 11am to 7pm l Personal, social and emotional l Children learn to be strong and
the fairs give visitors the opportunity to Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre development – This focus area helps shape independent through positive relationships.
speak to representatives from leading children’s social skills and character. It also l Children learn and develop well in
international schools across the country in supports them in developing respect and an enabling environments in which their
a convenient location. Visit www.pisf.asia for the complete list of understanding of different feelings. experiences respond to their individual
“The Private & International School exhibitors. l Literacy development – It is important needs and there is a strong partnership
Fairs have been well received by both The upcoming fair will feature the for children to build phonemic awareness between practitioners and parents and
visitors and exhibitors. The fair also has inaugural PISF Poetry Slam 2018, where and an understanding of phonics so they can carers.
a presence in Singapore,” says Nickie Yew, participants perform original poems. start to read and write. l Children embrace learning and
co-founder and director of Mint Students aged nine to 14 from various l Mathematics – Children need to development in different ways and at
Communications. schools will compete to win attractive cash develop numeracy and be able to describe different rates.
The 11th Private & International School prizes. shapes, spaces and measures to be ready for
Fair in Kuala Lumpur will be held from At the fair, visitors will be able to purchase Year 1 lessons. In EYFS, early mathematical Academic and personal development are
11am to 7pm on June 23 and 24 at the Mid the 2018/2019 edition of the Education concepts are introduced through play and both considered crucial at KTJ. Students
Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Destination Malaysia guidebook at a real-life contexts. enjoy school, develop good friendships, learn
Admission is free. discounted price. l Understanding the world – EYFS to embrace learning and have a rewarding
Some of the exhibitors at the fair are An in-depth and comprehensive guide to encourages children to make sense of things educational experience.
Dwi Emas International School, GEMS international education in Malaysia, the by observing and exploring the world KTJ International Primary School invites
International School, HELP International guidebook offers detailed information on around them. parents to tour the school to observe its
School, Kingsgate International School, schools, useful articles, infographics and l Expressive arts and design – Activities enriching environment, meet its dedicated
Kingsley International School, Rafflesia much more. such as drawing, painting and playing staff and see its modern architecture,
International & Private Schools, Taylor’s Parents can also benefit from talks by musical instruments let children express excellent facilities and resources that can
International School and Westlake education experts covering a variety of themselves creatively, which is an important give their children the best possible start to
International School. useful topics. learning outcome of EYFS. schooling life.
Preschools, learning centres, special
educational needs centres and pre-university n To receive e-mail updates about the event, The EYFS curriculum is guided by four key n For more information on KTJ, call
providers will also be exhibiting at the fair. register online at www.pisf.asia principles that are used when implementing 06-7582 995 or e-mail registrar@ktj.edu.my
12 Private & International School Guide THE STAR, TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018

Nurturing digitally savvy students

DIGITAL media are tools or platforms that
enable students to not only receive
knowledge easily but also share information
with others.
In an increasingly digital landscape,
schools must consider how to incorporate
media technology into their education
system to prepare students for future
There is no escaping the fact that
computers play an integral role in many
industries and grant an individual access to
a wealth of knowledge.
Malaysia is moving towards becoming a
nation driven by technology and innovation
by 2020, and digital literacy is seen as a top
skill required by employers as indicated in a
survey conducted by LinkedIn Learning
titled The Skills Companies Need Most in
Since so many types of work such as
creative jobs, administrative duties, banking
and scientific research require the use and
knowledge of computers, one who is not
familiar with digital media could easily find
his or her employability negatively affected.
Although public schools in Malaysia are
starting to place more importance on the
role of information and computer
technology during lessons, private and
international schools in Malaysia have
generally taken technology a step further,
integrating it into the overall school

Knowledge access
We have all heard that knowledge is Schools are being equipped with the latest technology to help children achieve success in class and their future careers.
Consider the most efficient way for processing software and spreadsheet teachers and practise what is known as
students to find information about
numerous topics from a wide variety of
programs is seen as a basic skill. Private and
international schools help prepare students
blended learning.
Blended learning is a modern-day learning Mastering these
sources: by connecting to the Internet and
scouring the World Wide Web.
for their future careers by providing tablets,
laptops and desktop computers that are
approach made possible by the Internet and
digital media.
programs and highly
Private and international schools offer this loaded with a variety of educational, It can take many forms but at its core profitable skills take
remarkably useful facility to students by
allowing easy access to fast and secure
organisational and creative software.
Software that helps one create
represents a style of learning that combines
traditional face-to-face instruction (teaching time and instruction
wireless Internet connection from anywhere
on the school campus.
presentations, handle numerical data, edit
photographs, create music, learn to code and
that takes place in a classroom with a
teacher and no computers) and the use of
– which private and
Having this amenity can be likened to produce videos are just a few examples of online learning. This style of learning is now international schools
having a portal of knowledge to explore at
any given moment – how is this not a
what children can be exposed to in private
and international schools.
a norm across private and international
schools. readily make available
wondrous thing?
Students can go online to learn more
Shattuck-St Mary’s School is one institution
that prides itself on a 21st century learning
For example, Mont’Kiara International
School practises the Bring Your Own Device
to students with their
about the topic at hand during lessons or environment with its two-storey weCreate programme, where students use their own small student-to-teacher
find useful information for any assignment
done outside of class time.
Center, a space that offers state-of-the-art
technologies to help students pursue their
digital devices and are able to interact via
wireless network filled with informational ratios.
In the 2018 Global Digital suite of reports passion in creative and scientific fields tools fit for their education.
by We Are Social and Hootsuite, a significant including robotics, architecture, music and This manner of education empowers
finding is highlighted: there are more than filmmaking. students as they can control the pace, time
four billion people across the globe who are Mastering these programs and highly and place of their learning. concepts and tools) and spurs them to
Internet users today, accounting for more profitable skills take time and instruction – Students will not feel left out if they miss examine the effects of digital media
than half of the world’s inhabitants. which private and international schools lessons due to illness or other circumstances development on businesses, governments,
By encouraging children and teenagers to readily make available to students with their as they can access an archive of information workers and citizens at large.
harness the power of the Internet for small student-to-teacher ratios. and connect easily with their classmates or Here, students scrutinise and contemplate
educational purposes, we are Creative technology industries teachers. the often complex relationship between
preparing them to be part of a are also set to grow and are on human beings and the rise of information
world that is well-informed
and hungry for knowledge.
the lookout for people who
are skilled in areas such
ICT as a subject technology.
As students grow up to be part of a society
as computer There are generally two ways that schools that will require them to be well-versed in
Skill improvement programming, web
design, graphic design,
can incorporate digital media into their
education plan – either through teaching
digital media to be successful, it will surely
be to their advantage to be aware of all the
Computers are at the film production and information and communications technology ways technology can affect them and those
centre of modern animation – areas (ICT) within different subject areas such as around them.
technology. If our that students can science, English and history or through After all, the digital world is the opposite
children cannot develop teaching ICT as a subject in its own right. of living in a vacuum. The possibilities for
use computers, competency in HELP International School covers ICT and connection and knowledge-sharing are
they are not only during their Design Technology as subjects while Epsom boundless, leading to changes in the ways
unable to connect school years. College in Malaysia teaches computing at humans live.
to the Internet but different age levels. Among the issues that students can delve
also lose out on
building a number of
Information At the secondary school level, Matrix
International School presents Computer
into are online information privacy
concerns, equal access to knowledge, how
valuable skills that sharing Studies as an additional subject while news can be spread online and the ways in
future employers would St Joseph’s Institution International School which computers can automate many
be looking for. Another facility that all Malaysia assimilates ICT teaching into other labour-intensive tasks (which will carve
According to a 2017 report private and international subjects’ lessons for its High School out a change in the future job market).
by the European Commission schools provide is a platform programme. A multifaceted course surrounding the
titled ICT for Work: Digital Skills in for students to share and The International Baccalaureate Diploma topic of ICT that informs students about
the Workplace, the use of receive information, known as a Programme, a renowned programme that the opportunities and limitations of digital
information technology has risen content management system or is well-respected by top institutions of media while advocating ethical thinking
dramatically in the past five years e-learning platform. higher education, also offers ICT-focused will create a future of digitally savvy
in more than 90% of workplaces, These online platforms allow subjects such as Computer Science and citizens.
including in areas not traditionally students to easily navigate lesson Information Technology in a Global Society Private and international schools play a
seen as associated with the digital content or receive feedback on (ITGS). crucial part in cultivating a nation of citizens
revolution such as farming or their work. They can also be The ITGS is a comprehensive subject that who truly understand how to utilise the
vocational work. updated on the latest class or familiarises students with information power of computers and the Internet in an
Today, knowledge of word- school announcements by technology systems (including terminology, intelligent yet responsible way.