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Tourism is not only a concept of enjoyment or travelling or passing the holidays,

but also a development concept and it has now been placed a wider significance
among the mass people, government and development planner in Bangladesh.
Sylhet has a bright prospect to develop its tourism sectors as its treasures weather it
is going to miserable situation in the absence of proper plan and realistic steps.
Now we see the festival that impact in sylhet tourism.
Bangladesh is the land of festivals. We have very old and famous cultural heritage.
Year round you will find here some festival is celebrating. Some of cultural, some
of religious, some of seasonal, some of nationally.

Overview of sylhet tourism

Sylhet region is growing faster in tourism industry in Bangladesh. It is located in
the north-eastern part of Bangladesh,is well known for its tea gardens, lush tropical
forests, different tribal communities, natural water falls, crystal clear water lakes
bordered by ever green hills, haors, shrine of Hazrat Shahjala (R.) and Hazarat
Shahparan (R.), and the region however is currently known for its business boom-
being one of the richest regions in Bangladesh. This region is in an apex position in
the country for remittance flow from the Europe, America and Middle East.
Nestled in the picturesque Surma Valley amidst scenic tea plantations and lush
green tropical forests, greater Sylhet is a prime attraction for all tourists visiting
Bangladesh. Sylhet thus became a region of saints, shrines and daring but virile
people. Its rich potentialities became easily attractive and the 18th century
Englishmen made their fortune in tea plantation. About 80 km. from Sylhet town
connected by roads and rail. , Srimangal, which is known as the tea capital of
Bangladesh, is the actual tea center of the area.
Festivals in Sylhet

Eid (Eidul Fitor & Eidul Azha) are main religious festival to the Muslims. The
biggest Muslim festival, Eid-ul- Fitr is observed throughout the world. The Eid
falls on the following day of Ramadan or the month of fasting. . Eid-ul-Azha is the
second biggest festival of the Muslims. It marks the Hajj in Mecca on the 10th of

Hindu festivals Durga Puja, the biggest festival of the Hindu community in the
country, continues for ten days with the last three days being the most joyful. The
festivities culminate with the idol of goddess Durga immersed in the river. In
Dhaka the big celebrations are held ; at Dhakeswari Temple, where a fair is also
held and at the Ram Krishna Mission.

First day of spring season as per Bangla calendar, there is Pahela Falgun festival
celebrates, women wear golden color saris with their hair bedecked in flowers.
Likewise, men prefer to wear panjabis, in winter we celebrate Paush Mela / Pitha
Utshab (several type of Bengali Cakes festival) and Ghuri Utshab (Kite festival).
Our independent day (26th March), Victory day (16th March) and International
mother Language Day (21st February) are main national festivals.

The Bengali New Year (PAHELA BAISHAKH): We have our own calendar called
Bangla Shon what is passing her 15th century (according to 14th April 2016 is the
1st day of Bengali New Year 1423).The Bengali New Year begins at dawn, and the
day is marked with singing, processions, and fairs. Traditionally, businesses start
this day with a new ledger, clearing out the old.
People of Bangladesh enjoy a national holiday on Pahela Boishakh. All over the
country people can enjoy fairs and festivals. Singers perform traditional songs
welcoming the New Year. People enjoy classical JATRA plays.

Some Important Festivals in Sylhet

Manipuri Raash festival

Popularly known as the raash festival. Though this festival is organised in
Monipuri Royal Palace in Sylhet city, it is celebrated at Madhabpur and Adampur
under Komalganj Upazilla in Moulvibazaar in an even grander manner. Celebrated
since 1769, the raash festival has attracted not only the Monipuri community but
people from diverse religious backgrounds as well.

Shah Jalal (R)’s death anniversary and wood-cutting festival

The tradition of observing the death anniversary of the great saint Hazrat Shah
Jalal (R) with grandeur dates back almost 700 years. This is held at the end of
September and early October. Thousands of devotees throng his shrine. Various
programmes including those of spiritual music are held. With the vibrant
participation of devotees, the city of Sylhet adopts a colourful look. To
commemorate the event every year a large number of devotees wrap themselves in
red shawls, go to Lakkatura and return to the shrine with some firewood while
paying tribute to his soul by singing spiritual songs.

Hason Festival
It is popularly known as the town of the illustrious folk musician Hason Raja, who
is equally venerated all over Bangladesh. To commemorate his contribution in
Bengali folklore, Hason Festival has been organised in Sunamganj in the
December-January period for the last few years

Muharram festival at Prithimpasha

Prithimpasha Jamindar Bari – a feudal palace under Kulaura Upazilla in
Moulvibazar – has a rich legacy of nearly 200 years. The huge tarn in front of the
palace, aesthetic works on its walls and eye- catching visuals on the mosque allure
tourists with an interest in history and culture. As the feudal lords belonged to the
Shiite Muslim sect, Ashura has long been celebrated gleefully in this palace. The
current successors of the feudal lords still follow this tradition by organising a
cultural fair in front of the palace during the first 10 days of the lunar month of
Muharram every year.

It is obvious that there are lots of festivals are very famous to attract tourist to
those, government need to develop the tourist facilities should be taken up in a
planned manner at government and nongovernment levels. Tourism should be
integrated with all the national events, either cultural or religious and it should be
prepared more dependable and attractive publicity items, including tour itinerary,
for distribution.