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Case Study Competition

Bring out the Marketing Strategist in you!
Your strategy might be implemented in real life!!!

Prizes worth
Rs. 25,000 to be won!
ConQuest, IIM Shillong Consulting Club

Introduction: Beer market in India

The Indian beer market is expected to have a value of $6.4 billion by 2013 1. The strong
economic growth in India which has resulted in high disposable incomes in affluent
segments of the society is expected to result in growth in beer sales, across the country,
in the next two or three years. Growth over the last decade has also been as a result of
the changes in the Indian society where youngsters are now more open about alcohol
consumption, and begin drinking at an early age, which is particularly the case with

The demand for beer is year round, however it peaks during the summer months and
bottoms during the winter months. However this trend is now seen to be changing with
the beer sales increasing in winter months too. Unlike the strong southern beer market,
where the state governments reserve the right to price alcoholic beverages, eastern
states have a flexible pricing system. The under-developed logistics and lower
purchasing power of this market had, however, kept national brewers away until
recently, when many major beer brands of the world have started to make their
presence felt in this region.

North-Eastern India – a growing market!

The factors responsible for its growth in demand inter-alia include growing
urbanization; increasing acceptability of social drinking in clubs, restaurants and even
in households by the younger generation including ladies; increase in tourist arrival in
this region etc. Given all these factors the demand rate is unlikely to falter in the near

In the North-eastern states, beer is distributed without any hinges to retail vendors,
who sell the same to consumers. All categories of retail vends like clubs, restaurants, etc.
are allowed to vend beer. However, in other states the channel of distribution is either
privately held or through State Corporation set up specifically for the purpose of
distribution of beer and foreign liquor.

Datamonitor research

ConQuest, IIM Shillong Consulting Club

The beer companies, these days, are also using the Internet/interactive web portal to
link up big stores, restaurants, clubs, and big institutional buyers like Army, Navy and
Air force. This kind of B2B and B2C link up would improve serving to consumers’ choice
better and would prune the distribution cost significantly resulting in significant
competitive advantage as well as improved bottom line for the firms.

The Challenge: Marketing Strategy Case Study Competition

The client is the largest business house in North-Eastern India, venturing into the highly
potential beer market of North-Eastern region. The client is looking to launch lager beer
in NE India. Though the demand in the region is very promising for this new player, it
has to still compete with the established brands like Kingfisher, Foster’s, Hayward’s,
Carlsberg etc. Assume that you have been recruited as a Marketing Consultant for this
business house; develop a marketing strategy for the product.

Tool Box

To ease your job, we have a toolbox which consists of primary and secondary data on
beer market in India and NE in particular. You can download them here

Key Deliverables:

1. Brand name for this new beer brand

2. A tag line!

3. Logo & its meaning (If you aren’t too well-versed with designing a logo, a
description of it will do)

4. Marketing Strategy to enter and sustain in the market, beating the huge
competition from established players

ConQuest, IIM Shillong Consulting Club

1. Maximum of 2 members in a team. No member can be a part of more than 1
team. Members need not be of same institute.
2. Participation is open to all management students pursuing a Masters in Business
Administration (full-time) or an equivalent degree.
3. All entries will become the property of ConQuest, which might be implemented
in real life!
Round 1
1. The entries should be in the form of a Powerpoint presentation (ppt/pptx), with
a maximum of 7 slides.
Slide No Contents
1 Team Name, Name of Participants, Batch, Phone No, Email ID, College
2 Proposed Brand Name
3 Logo (If you aren’t too well-versed with designing a logo, a description of it will do)
4 Tag Line
5-7 Outline of Marketing Strategy

2. Please name the ppt/pptx file as TeamName_InstituteName and mail it to

3. The deadline for submission of the entries is 23:59 hours on February 7th, 2010
4. Results would be declared by February 14th, 2010
Round 2
1. Ten teams would be shortlisted for the second round
2. The selected teams would be required to send a detailed write-up of the
marketing strategy, the exact details of which would be communicated later.

Contact details:
Name E-mail Phone
Mohit Khemka mohit08@iimshillong.in +91 94367 00601
Kannan PNV kannan08@iimshillong.in +91 96121 41830

For updates visit www.iims-conquest.in

I Prize – Rs. 15,000/-

II Prize – Rs. 10,000/-
Certificates for all shortlisted teams

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