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Name : Teresa “Terri” Loftus

Introduction DOB : December 5th, 2002

Nationality : Caucasian
Background: Not much in
photography, though i know a bit
from my cousin who is a
photographer, more in music
(doing musicals for 4 years woo)
Inspiration : Good things
William Henry Jackson (April 4, 1843 – June 30, 1942)

Nationality : Caucasian

Technical Training : Self-taught

Inspiration : Nature, art

(note: i didn’t know where to find his photos, so i picked other ones. Hope thats ok!)
The Rules of
● Framing

○ The amount of light in a


● This photo demonstrates my

knowledge this rule of
composition because the photo
is very bright, shows the focus
of the photograph and has a
good amount of light to produce
beautiful photos.
● Rule of Thirds

○ Applied by aligning a
subject with the guide lines
and their intersection
points, placing the horizon
on the top or bottom line, or
allowing linear features in
the image to flow from
section to section.
This photo demonstrates Rule of
Thirds because the main focus of
the photo is right over the bird.
● Leading Lines

○ Used to draw a viewers attention to a

specific part of the frame, whether it's a
person, or a vanishing point in the
background of the frame.

This photo shows Leading Lines

by the vanishing point of this
photo, the windmill, being in the
● Textures & Patterns

○ When colors and patterns

occur in an orderly way, or to
create tension or calmness.

This photo demonstrates

Textures and Patterns by the
color order and the pattern of the
● Background

○ Simplifying your pictures

down to a key focal point.

This photo demonstrates

background because it is more
focused on a background then
● Color

○ How colors draw or

direct our eyes
throughout an image

The color in the background

demonstrates color in the Rules
of Composition.
● Viewpoint

○ Camera angle tells your

viewers how to feel about
your subject.

The viewpoint of the tree

demonstrates the Viewpoint rule
of the Rules Of Composition
● Cropping

○ Fill entire frame with your subject,

showing us what is important.

The photo is cropped and

focused on the red and green
molds hugging.
● Balance (Symmetry or

○ Where you put elements in a


This picture demonstrates

● Depth

○ Creating depth by including

foreground, middle-ground,
and background.

This photo has depth because

how close the cat is to the nose.
My Own Shots Using The Rules of Composition