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Designed with

Dlubal Software ...

Are you interested in presenting your projects designed with

Dlubal programs on our website? We would like to offer you our
platform for your publications. Every day many people are
visiting our homepage www.dlubal.com. Moreover, our product
brochure provides space to show customer projects.
Additionally, important project information can be spread
worldwide by Dlubal newsletters. Together we can create a list
of references that benefits both of us. Take advantage of a
cooperation with Dlubal Engineering Software and make new
business contacts.

What to do?
Send us information about your project. Describe your work
with Dlubal programs and tell us what is most important.
You may write about the following topics:

Place, location and function of project

Specifications concerning building owner and architect
Contract volume and total contract price in €
Special characteristics of construction project
Reason why the structure/building was planned, motive of
building owner
Information on structural analysis
Data concerning start and end of planning and construction
Description of structural system (length, width, height, Type of construction (steel construction, solid construction etc.)
floors, grid, foundation etc.) Applied standards
Load data, wind load zone, snow load zone, earthquakes
Significant load cases and combinations
Description of framework design and stiffening
Theory and calculation method
Reason why the structure was calculated as framework or by FEA
Reason why the structure was calculated in 2D or 3D
How was the structure modeled (e.g. import of CAD, direct
modeling in RSTAB/RFEM)
Description of modeling (e.g. copying, mirroring, drag-and-drop)
Characteristics, challenges, problems and solutions
Did you use a special function in the program that facilitate the
How much time did you need for the data input, the calculation
and the total design?
Which modules did you use?
Further important imformation

Please send us:

Correct address of companies to be mentioned for publication
and website if available
High resolution pictures of project, pictures of all construction
stages if possible
Input data of RSTAB/RFEM
Plans for structural system and item lists etc.

Please make sure to not infringe any rights of publication and
to have approval of the building owner and all companies
involved. As soon as we have received all documentation and
materials we will contact you and make a proposal for

Thank you very much!

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