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Philippine Normal University

Institute of Teaching and Learning

Taft Avenue, Manila

Demonstration Lesson: PNU-ITL T.L.E./ General Practicum Day

Previous Assignment:

Topic: Prepare for the General Practicum Day

A. Words to Study
1. Table Implements/Appointments
2. Menu Planning
3. Menu List

B. Guide Questions
1. What are the ingredients needed for the foods on your menu list?
2. How did you come up with the food on your desired menu list?
3. Why is it important to plan first for an occasion?

C. Home Activity
1. Buy all the ingredients needed for the foods listed on your menu list.

D. Reference: www.google.com search for food recipes.

I. Objectives
After a series of learning experiences, students are expected to:

1. recall the formal and informal table setting through arranging the graphic
representation of table wares;
2. value the factors to consider in purchasing goods for food and beverage
service; and
3. perform an actual food and beverage service.

II. Content

A. Area: Food and Beverage Service

B. Unit: Catering Service
C. Topic: General Practicum Day
D. Instructional Aids:
picture representations
paper strips
E. Reference:
- A Module in Food and Beverage Service III
Technology and Livelihood Education III
Professor Lorena A. Castro
- www.google.com for the pictures

III. Procedure
A. Routinary Activities
1. Prayer, Cleanliness and Orderliness Checkup; Attendance
2. Drill
What are the factors to consider in purchasing food products such as:
- Fruits and Vegetables
- Meat
- Bread and Pastry
- Dairy Products

3. Review (ARRANGE ME!)

Arrange the picture representation of table wares according the table

B. Motivation (PAIR ME UP!)

Arrange the sequence of table service with the respective attendants.
1. Unlocking difficulties
Before proceeding, find first the meaning of the following words base
on the learner’s point of view:
A. Food
B. Beverage
C. Service

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

C. Presentation

Today you are going to show the

skills you have acquired from the previous
lessons you have tackled such as? (Let
them mention the skill they acquired on the
previous activities from first to fourth
Last time we had a draw lots of
what occasion your group will be assigned
to which you have prepared the foods for
your respective assignments.
What occasions are assigned to
your group? Student will raise their hand and
Is everyone ready to present the
foods you have prepared for tasting
today? Yes, Teacher.

May I just ask you, how did your

group came up with the foods you have
prepared for us today? Some students will relate their actual
experiences on how they planned and
prepared for the food service practicum.
(Show the rubric form sample.)
I have printed here the rubrics for
each group. The moment the copies were
given to you, kindly write down your group
name, year and section, date of
presentation and the occasion you have
prepared found on the left side of the
Below your group details is an
attendants’ checkup wherein you need to
identify yourselves whether your group
members wore the appropriate outfit for
today’s presentation. Just check either
“yes” or “no” to respective attendant
positions applicable.
On the right side of your forms,
your critics will judge you base on the
following criterion and percentages
totaling to 100%:

- Food Prepared are Nutritious.

= 25%
- Preparation is done applying safety
and sanitation.
= 20%
- Prepared foods are relevant to the
assigned occasion.
= 20%
- Taste is palatable.
= 20%
- Proper table setting and table
appointments is correctly done.
= 15%

After you have finished filling up,

the representatives of each group could
already give the forms to your respective
critics. You will only have an hour to
execute your tasks from the preparation
and entertaining of customers.
Any other questions grade 9
Malaya? None, Teacher.
Well then, are you sure you are
now really ready to present your
masterpiece? Yes, Teacher.
Let us then start!
Please distribute the rubrics form
first and fill-up. The other groups or
members may already proceed on their
respective assignments. Those who aren’t
finish yet in cooking their foods please
proceed in doing so. Okay, Teacher.

(After an hour.)
Grade 9 Malaya, Time’s Up!!!
Kindly line-up to your respective
post. Yes, Teacher.

D. Closing Activities

1. Generalization

Before proceeding to your critics’

evaluation, let me first ask what have you
learned in your actual food and beverage
servicing today? Some students will give their thoughts.

2. Valuing
What important lesson have you
gained in the process of actual food and
beverage service? Some students will give their thoughts.

3. Application
Students are expected to apply
their learned skills in T.L.E. Food and
Beverage Service in their real life
V. Assignment:
Topic – Unit Test on Catering Service/ Long Test
A. Words to Study
Recall the different terms encountered in food and beverage service on
previous lessons.

B. Guide Questions
1. What knowledge have you gained after having an actual performance of
food and beverage service?
2. How can the different knowledge in food and beverage service benefit a
student like you?
3. Why do you think a person like you should know the different skills in food
and beverage service?

C. Home Activity
Review all your notes with regards to food and beverage service and be
ready for a long test.

D. Reference: Personal Notebook, Module in Food and Beverage Service