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Load Haul Dump

General Specification

Capacities Powertrain
Tramming capacity 10,000 kg 22,000 lbs Engine Cummins QSL 9
Hydraulic breakout force lift 19,727 kg 43,400 lbs Output 280HP@2000

Hydraulic breakout force tilt 20,332 kg 44,730 lbs General

Air filtration Donaldson PSD Powercore
SAE breakout force 17,132 kg 37,690 lbs Exhaust system DOC with Silencer Standard / DPF optional
Standard bucket volume 4.6 m3 6.0 yd3 Fuel tank capacity 362 litres 95.6 USG
Converter Dana 8000 Series w/o Lock-up
Weights Transmission Dana Powers shift 36000 Series
Shifting Electronic Shift
Operating weight 28,818 kg 63,400 lbs Speeds 4 forward / 4 reverse
Total loaded weight 38,818 kg 85,400 lbs Axles
Axle weight without load Front and rear Dana 19D axle
Differentials, front Limited Slip Differential
  Front axle 12,955 kg 28,500 lbs
Differentials, rear No Spin
  Rear axle 15,864 kg 34,900 lbs Brakes SAHR Brakes
Axle weight with load Rear axle oscillation angle ±10 Deg
  Front axle 28,068 kg 61,750 lbs Tires
  Rear axle 10,750 kg 23,650 lbs Size 18.00 X 25 BIAS L5S*

Driving speeds F and R (0% grade) loaded Hydraulics

1st Gear 4.8 km/h 3.0 mph System design - Variable displacement piston pump with load sensing
open loop circuit design for optimal efficiency. Proportional hydraulic
2nd Gear 9.3 km/h 5.8 mph valve with closed centre spool with priority steering, shock valves and
3rd Gear 15.6 km/h 9.8 mph load sense relief valves.
4th Gear 24.2 km/h 15.1 mph Bucket/boom control - Single 2 axis proportional electric joystick
Steering Control - Single 1 axis proportional
Bucket motion times (+/-1 s) electric joystick with gear selector
Dump time 5.0 s Bucket dump cylinder - One (1), double acting, single stage
Raising time 5.8 s Boom Hoist cylinder - Two (2), double acting, single stage
Lowering time 4.4 s Steer cylinder - Two (2), double acting, single stage
Brake system - Service brakes are enclosed spring-applied, hydraulically
Articulation motion times (+/-1 s) released, liquid cooled multi-disk on all four wheel ends. The service
Turning time: right 4.5 s brakes also functions as emergency and park brakes. Brakes will apply
upon loss of hydraulic pressure or electrical power.
Turning time: left 4.5 s
Hydraulic tank volumes 325 litres 85.9 US Gal
Front and rear frames Welded steel box construction Electrical equipment
Material ASTM A572 GR50 (CSA G40.21-50W) Alternator 24VDC 100A Delco Remy
Bucket Joy EZ-fill cast cutting edge Batteries 2 x 12V
Starter Electric
Driving and working lights 4 forward/2 reverse
2 Joy LT-1051 Load Haul Dump General Specification

Overall dimensions
Height to top
A 2400 mm 94 in
of canopy
B Tramming length 9777 mm 385 in
M Length - rear axle
C 3087 mm 122 in
to bumper
Centre hinge to
D 2032 mm 80 in
rear axle
Centre hinge to
E 1591 mm 63 in
front axle
F Reach 1699 mm 67 in
S Height to top
N G 1901 mm 75 in
of hood
Height -
H 368 mm 14 in
ground clearnance
Height -
J 1825 mm 72 in
dump clearance
K Height - bucket pin 3379 mm 133 in
L T Height -
L 4788 mm 189 in
bucket raised
A M Width - overall 2692 mm 106 in
J U G N Max width RF 2413 mm 95 in
P Outside radius 6769 mm 266 in
R Inside radius 3380 mm 133 in
F S Turn angle 42.5 deg
T Dump angle 45 deg
U Roll back angle 47 deg

5,0 m3 (6.5 cu yd) bucket Fire suppression Radio remote control
Enclosed cabin with system - manual
air conditioning and automatic
(Other options available – ask your Komatsu service representative)

Engine options
Maximum No. of Cooling
Engine Certification Displacement Output Induction type Governor
torque cylinders type
Cummins 280 BHP (209 kW) 1070 lb-ft (1451 N-m)
Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, 8.9 litres 6 Water cooled Turbocharged Electronic
QSL 9 @ 2000 RPM @ 1400 RPM
US nonroad
Mercedes 295BHP 220KW 885 lb-ft (1200 N-m) @
TIER3, EURO 7.2 litres 6 Water cooled Turbocharged Electronic
926 @ 2200 RPM 1300-1600 RPM
nonroad Stage III

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