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-By Harshita

World Environment Day is observed on 5th of June, every year. On that day everybody seems
to be active and momentous towards environment vowing to keep their surroundings clean and
protect it by any other means but as and when the day vanishes everybody becomes negligent.
The government, business leaders, and citizens are concerned about the environment and are
proposing steps to reverse the trend. It is not a difficult task to keep our environment safe and
hygienic. But every person thinks that this is not his/her individual responsibility or he will only
put a step forward when he will watch somebody doing that or even till not that. We forget every
time that we represent our surroundings and environment. People judge us from our outer

The producers who are responsible for our livelihood in each and every way. We are
demolishing them for our comforts. Over the last few decades, exploitation of our environment
has gone up at an alarming rate. As over actions are not in favor of our planet hence natural
occurrences are more often striking us. The evidence is in front of us 'Badrinath Tragedy' which
was the cause of landscape, bursting of clouds leads to high rainfall etc.

For our comforts, we are compromising with our future and life. Global warming can be
observed which is intensifying at an alarming rate. Globe is heating, ice caps are melting.
Formation of a high number of industries of mining causes pollution and making land
unproductive. A number of transports hitting the roads are increasing day by day. Population
hike is creating excessive pressure on land not only in terms of food but also leads to increase
in waste production. Waste products are dumped into oceans which also include nuclear waste
threatening marine life. Our atmosphere is flooded with chemicals hence causing acid rain.
Among world’s most polluted cities, chart the top positions are occupied by Indian cities like
New Delhi, Gwalior, Allahabad, Kanpur etc. Overall we can say there is a disturbance in the
ecosystem and this is how we are surely doomed towards disaster.

The environment is everything present around us. We all are directly or indirectly dependent
upon environment. We should take good measures to minimize emissions into the environment
so that global warming not be amplified. So we become generous towards it by using reusable
products, turn off appliances when are not in use, afforestation and sustainable development
should be followed. We should take efforts by shifting towards renewable resources.
Fortunately, above methods can protect the environment from these ravages.


Prayaas Corps- is a Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization working in the field of
Education Sector, Leprosy, Shelter, and Health Care.
With a certain motto to stir and inspire the youth’s mind in schools and colleges for National
consciousness and work for the cause of society, this independent student organization was
formed in 2013 on the day of 12th January. On the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, Prayaas-
India, as it was initially called, comprised of a few students from Amity University Jaipur,
Rajasthan. Under the leadership of Mr. Jaspal Godara, Mr. Manish Sharma and Mr. Aditya
Gopal, they took up the initiative of working for the elation of the people of the society in order to
create a better future and children who wish to serve our Motherland. Now, after four years and
five months since formation, a few membered Prayaas- India
transformed into Prayaas Corps, with volunteers not only active in Jaipur but in cities like
Jodhpur, Kota, New Delhi, Jabalpur, Silchar etc and has branches in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan,
New Delhi etc. With more than 500 on the field and social media volunteers from all over the
nation, connected through www.prayaascorps.com, Facebook and Instagram pages, the
organization has extended its reach to major cities In India in a couple of years. The intense
problems prevailing in society, illiteracy, women empowerment, environmental issues, social
upliftment, every single aspect has been considered and new ways have been constructed each
time to fight the evils. Awareness programmes, education missions, medical camps etc have
contributed to eradicate mass suffering and create a healthy and sound society.
Many more years are yet to come. Many more people are yet to be saved. Prayaas Corps has
yet to grow and it shall. With numbers of dedicated volunteers increasing, it sure is meant to
create a huge difference in society.

Our Work and Initiatives

● Shiksha Mission- Shiksha Mission is one of the most drastic and superlative initiatives of
Prayaas Corps. Realizing the hollowness of the Indian education system, volunteers took a
major step in educating children in nearby government schools which lacks to provide children a
fundamental education. Children are taught after school, not only the syllabi but co-curricular
activities too. Shiksha Mission received an overwhelming response from villagers who were
reluctant to give their children a proper education as well as from children who were interested
to learn and adopt new skills and learnings.

● Leprosy Event-
There exists a misconception among people of our country regarding Leprosy. Discarding such
baseless concepts and to give those people hope of life, volunteers celebrate World Leprosy
Day and Republic Day every year with Leprosy contracted people of Indra Kushta Ashram.
Apart from providing them food and delicacies, educational and entertainment events also
organized to show them that they are too, a part of this society and country. They are
encouraged to study, to learn and never lose hope so that someday they might become dutiful
● Raahat- A gift of warmth-
Northern India is one of such part of our country which, each year, witnesses extreme winters.
Well to do thrive, the poor and the needy suffer. It is through Raahat the volunteers carry out a
large-scale blanket and warm cloth distribution to the needy and poor to help them sustain the
extreme cold. The event is conducted in two parts. In the first part, people in Old Age Homes
are being donated blankets and in the next phase, needy people on streets are being provided
with clothes and blankets. Through years, the growth has been substantial.

● Environmental Issues-
Volunteers of Prayaas Corps have taken steps for environmental protection as well. Organising
plantation drives, providing food and water in hanging pitchers for the birds in summer and
cleanliness drives under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan have been the major events which reflect the
organization’s sustainable perspective towards our environment.
These events received huge accolades as support increased.
● Health Care-
With growing support and volunteers, Prayaas Corps in association with many hospitals have
organized medical camps and blood donation events. This helped in several ways.
Blood donation cards helped volunteers to donate blood to the one in need whenever
necessary. It too gave an opportunity for many people to save as many lives by donating their
blood. Health camps are too being organized in villages with poor medical facilities. Doctors
treat villagers free of cost providing quality medicines and treatment.

About Author’s:
The above article is framed by Harshita Chaudhary, a student from BIT, Mesra pursuing
B.E. (2017-2021) .Working as content writer at PRAYAAS CORPS, to draw public
attention towards social problems.