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NorQuest College-PN Program

Assignment: Professional Portfolio

Student Name: Allissa Duke # 3009343

Course: NFDN 2005


L-1-5 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify, manage and report

Competency: Category Letter, Number and Subcategory

signs and/ or symptoms of abuse of pediatric client according to agency



Significant Learning Experience: Describe one significant learning experience in this course related to the CLPNA Competency identified. Provide an example

During the theory lecture component of NFDN 2005 we were shown different images of visible injuries on children and asked to determine if, based on the patterns of the injury we would reason them to be most likely abuse, or a typical bruise/marking children are likely to have.

What you Learned: Describe what you learned and how it relates to the competency identified.

Though this exercise was disturbing, it was necessary for us, to try to imagine different ways children and infants may be abused, so we can be aware of red flag signs, and act accordingly in the best interest of the child. We imagined what the world looks like to children and made me think of hazards and activities corelating to their developmental stages that could contribute to common injuries, even though they do not necessarily indicate abusive scenarios. Abnormalities suggesting signs of abuse cannot be reported if I don’t know what I am looking to identify what is considered abnormal or a potential abusive situation? If abuse is not identified, there is no way to help that child and family better manage their circumstance.

Proficiency Rating: Use the “Proficiency Rating Categories(excellent, good, fair, poor) to rate your proficiency in the identified CLPNA competency. Explain what was done to achieve the competency and to support your rating.


have a good foundation of understanding this competency due to theory I

have studied, and discussions I participated in. I can apply the concepts to scenarios and suggested circumstances, but I have yet to experience applying this knowledge in my nursing practice thus far, so I would rate my proficiency as Fair.

Significance of Learning:

As an advocate for my pediatric client it is my responsibility to be aware and knowledgeable of signs and symptoms of abuse, so that appropriate steps in managing and reporting can take place when necessary. I am now better equipped to be a resource for pediatric clients, due to the new knowledge I have gained, and critical thinking I have practiced throughout discussions when addressing this competency.

Explain how the identified competency enhanced your learning (was meaningful) in this course



am now aware of how important it is to be conscious of subtle abnormal

Nursing Practice: Describe how you will be able to apply this learning in your current and future nursing practice (What are your strengths and what are your future learning needs).

behaviors, and patterned markings or bruising on children and parents. I consider myself quite observant, and I pay special attention to detail. These qualities, along with my protective demeanor will strengthen my ability to identify and report signs of abuse. With experience I expect to learn how to effectively ask appropriate questions that should lead to further identifiers to support, or refute suspicions of abuse, while maintaining the sense of safety with children.

May 2017-final

NorQuest College-PN Program

APA: Reference

CLPNA; Pediatric Nursing: L-1-5 (2015)

May 2017-final