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what to read next in independent publishing
One hour to
escape. One
lifetime to relive.
Stuff, The exciting new novel from John Crawley

Imag ine having but an hour to collect

the things of your life, before an
out-of-control wildfire destroys
everything you own. David Taylor
faces just that horrific circumstance
as he packs his belong ings—his life is
replayed before our eyes, as we shout,
“get out, get out.”

Stuff is a novel based on the Bastrop

fires of Texas in 2011. Hundreds of
homes were destroyed and lives turned
upside down. David Taylor’s was just
one of these stories, of people f leeing
for their lives.

A nd for some, there is no escaping.

There is only one more trip back inside
for more stuff.

w w w.johncrawleybooks.com
Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Lulu.com.

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what to read next in independent publishing


BABYLON Kindle Action/

by John M. Schwartz


“Many readers will be convinced that “Lyrical...Mystical...The prose is
a literary discovery of this magnitude something to behold...Best page turner
really might change the course of fashion KIRKUS
contemporary politics, so conf ident and
convincing is the vision of this novel.”
KIRKUS “A wonderfully
“...an adventure spanning twelve written, provocative
millennia...an intriguing myth with
powerful philosophical core that speaks novel!” K IRKUS
to the importance of...creating ones
own destiny through visualization...
living in the present moment...
controlling emotions and eliminating
grief and sadness...”

Avai lable at:

* 6.12; ISBN: 9781461107132.
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8 the polish boxer 64 last words

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Eduardo Halfon 65 contributors

12 clarice lispector
an interview with biographer
and translator Benjamin Moser
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Steve McCurry, www.stevemccurry.com.
14 world books
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book finalists

26 expedition
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28 photo essay
reading around the world
by Steve McCurry what to read next in independent publishing
a word from the publisher


hen we launched Shelf Unbound two years

ago, we were hoping that by virtue of be-
ing digital the magazine would make its way to readers outside the
United States. But we had no idea that we would end up with sub-
scribers in 56 countries all over the globe. Canada and England, of
course. But also Bhutan, Japan, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, and more.
Our subscriber map on page 6 gives you the entire list and a visual
that shows that we share across borders a love of reading and of dis-
covering great books.
Photographer Steve McCurry has traveled the world for decades
creating iconic images of people and places, most notably his famous
Afghan Girl cover for National Geographic. In our interview with McCur-
ry, he talks about his fascination with people reading all over the world,
which he has documented and shares in his blog: http://stevemccur-
ry.com/blog/fly. We are honored to have one of these photos, of a man
reading in Burma, on the cover of this issue of Shelf Unbound.
Thanks primarily to small presses, and to dedicated translators, we
have the opportunity to “read global,” to read books in all manner of
languages translated into English, to read stories from other cultures,
to read about what matters large and small to people around the plan-
et. “A good book is an education of the heart,” wrote Susan Sontag.
“It enlarges your sense of human possibility, of what human nature is,
of what happens in the world.” Or, to quote the Cat in the Hat: “The
more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you
learn, the more places you’ll go.” Bon voyage, dear readers.

Margaret Brown

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and other Twenties somethings

what to read next in independent publishing 68 SEPTEMBER 2010
what to read next in independent publishing


INSIDE Photographer

IRAQ Vivian
Maier The
THE Laura Dern
Indie Bookstore

what to read next in independent publishing 68 SEPTEMBER 2010
what to read next in independent publishing 68 SEPTEMBER 2010
what to read next in independent publishing


how they
Novel ties
were found


máze JOH

create dangerously
Ed Ruscha
The L Life
Literary Tattoos
Suitcase Books
Orange Prize Finalist
Kathleen Winter
what to read next in independent publishing
what to read next in independent publishing
what to read next in independent publishing 68 SEPTEMBER 2010
what to read next in independent publishing




Canal House

IDENTIT Y sharon pomerantz

portland, oregon


Detroit slut lulla bies
blows to Kael Alford
Disassembled the head MIGRATION

speed vegan
the end of baseball PAM GRIER

what to read next in independent publishing 68 SEPTEMBER 2010
what to read next in independent publishing 68 SEPTEMBER 2010
what to read next in independent publishing
what to read next in independent publishing
what to read next in independent publishing

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feature spanish

The Polish Boxer

by Eduardo Halfon
Translated by Daniel Hahn, Ollie Brock, Lisa Dillman,
Thomas Bunstead, and Anne McLean

Bellevue Literary Press


Eduardo Halfon has been deemed one of the best young Latin American
writers by the Hay Festival of Bogota; read his first work to be translated
into English, The Polish Boxer, and you’ll see why. The concept of literature
“tearing through” reality is both a theme of the novel and a device of it.
We talked to Halfon about metafiction, translation, and filming his book
trailer in Guatemala.

Shelf Unbound: You wrote the Halfon. What drew you to the reality and fiction and fiction
short story “The Polish Boxer,” idea of a metafictive narrative?  about fiction, and feeling very
about your grandfather surviv- Eduardo Halfon: Before I knew comfortable to be there. I guess
ing Auschwitz, as a stand-alone what I was doing—though I’m I’ve always been drawn to the-
piece and then developed a still never entirely sure what I’m ater pieces that tear down the
novel around the story. The novel doing—I was already wandering fourth wall, and movie scenes
centers on a Guatemalan litera- in the midst of that bizarre ter- where the character suddenly
ture professor named Eduardo rain, lost somewhere between breaks character and speaks

into the camera, and liter- How do you, the real-life Halfon, the room. At some point reality
ary works constructed out of answer this question? tears through literature, and lit-
echoes and mirrors. No rules Halfon: Perhaps in the same way erature tears through reality, and
that can’t be bent. No margins that the character Halfon would I don’t know which comes first,
that are off-limits. No images answer it: I see no distinction the chicken or the egg or the
that can’t later be interpret- between reality and literature. chicken. That other Halfon sure
ed differently. No story that is Or I don’t care to see one. It’s does smoke a lot, though.
confined to being just a story. almost as if that distinction, that
Ultimately, we write the books dividing line between the two, Shelf: The character Halfon
we want to read. didn’t exist. As if they were one says, “I’m fascinated by inter-
and the same. As if the real-life nal rather than external revolu-
Shelf: Your main character ref- Halfon and the character Halfon tions.” Where does your own
erences the classic example of were both sitting right here trying fascination with internal revolu-
metafiction, Don Quixote, and to answer this question, perhaps tions come from?
like Cervantes you end up ques- taking turns or perhaps both Halfon: It may be because I’ve
tioning the truths of your own talking at once, in unison. Reality witnessed first-hand the false-
story and the ability of literature works best through literature. ness and hypocrisy of too many
to convey reality. The charac- Literature only works if it feels political revolutions—mostly in
ter Halfon asks, “How has my real, and true, and palpable—if Latin America. Supposed revo-
literature torn through reality?” you can smell it once it leaves lutionaries with funny hats and a

pseudo-populist discourse who unknowingly longing to become I was born into Spanish, in
are really only seeking personal something else. Guatemala—my family and I left
gain, whether this be power or the country in 1981, the day of
wealth or whatever. The only Shelf: You are fluent in both my tenth birthday. Spanish is my
revolutions that I deem honest Spanish and English. Why do mother tongue, even if English
are those that don’t need to you choose to write in Spanish? later became more dominant,
be said, or seen, or even heard Halfon: There are at least, even if there’s now a stepmoth-
about—very personal and inter- without some form of psycho- er tongue that I love and hate
nal shakeups that alter some- therapy, three possible answers just as much. But a third and
one’s beliefs or perceptions and to that question. It could be sweeter and perhaps even a
thus somehow, silently, secretly, because when I finally discov- more truthful answer is that lit-
also alter the world. Many of the ered books and literature and erature, at some level, is a way
characters in The Polish Boxer writing—in my late twenties, and of returning to my childhood,
are experiencing this, or have completely by accident—I was of revisiting those places and
experienced it already. The pia- living back in Guatemala, after people I grew up with before
nist Milan Rakic, the poet Juan having spent all of my adoles- being thrown out into the world.
Kalel, the academic and Twain cent and university years in the And my childhood, up until the
expert Joe Krupp, the engineer United States, first in Florida, day of my tenth birthday when
Eduardo Halfon who’s slowly, then in North Carolina. A sec- we arrived in Miami, was all in
and secretly, and perhaps even ond answer could be because Spanish. Writing, for me, is all

about a constant searching and I’ve taken too many liberties in Halfon: At first, I guess all I
digging for roots, and my roots rewriting them, thus produc- wanted was to film my grandfa-
were planted in Spanish mud. ing not translations, but entirelyther’s number—my grandfather’s
different versions of the origi- tattoo, received in Auschwitz,
Shelf: And why do you have nals—which raises the question in 1942—traveling throughout
other people translate your of what exactly is a translation, Guatemala, thus combining
work into English? if not a new version. In any case,visually two key elements of the
Halfon: That’s another ques- I’m sure that if I keep reaching book. But while filming, I kept
tion I can’t answer so easily. I can come up with one or two having the idea that it is was as
For one, my literary language is more very plausible answers. if my grandfather himself were
Spanish; that is, I learned how But I might pull a hamstring. traveling throughout Guatemala,
to write literature in Spanish. telling and retelling the story
Not in English. And know- Shelf: You recently filmed your of his number and the Polish
ing a language, even fluently, book trailer in Guatemala, ask- boxer to all those people who
even perfectly, doesn’t auto- ing people young and old to eagerly picked up the flimsy
matically make one a writer in hold up a sign with your grand- sheet of cardboard, glanced at
that language. Not withstand- father’s number: 69752 (view the the big black digits, and so gra-
ing Nabokov. Also, in the few trailer here: http://www.youtube. ciously smiled at the camera.
pieces of mine that I have tried com/watch?v=kq1UzG_wmIs). Impossible for me to convey
to self-translate in the past, Tell us about the process. more in a minute and a half.

feature portuguese

Brazil’s 20th century literary sensation

New Directions | www.ndbooks.com

“The reader of Clarice Lispector sees a soul turned inside out,” writes
Benjamin Moser in his much-lauded biography Why This World.
Moser’s translation of The Hour of the Star launched the New Directions
Clarice Lispector series, of which he is the editor. In conjunction
with the publication of four new books in the series, we talked to
Moser about the enigmatic Latin American writer (1920-1977), once
described as “that rare person who looked like Marlene Dietrich and
wrote like Virginia Woolf.”

Shelf Unbound: How did you discover Clarice Lispector?

Benjamin Moser: I discovered Clarice when I was in my sophomore
year in college. I had wanted to study Chinese, but quickly discovered
that I was too dumb for it (the professor said it would take ten years to
read the newspaper!). I wanted to study a language, and by the time I
awoke from my Chinese dream the only language still accepting stu-
dents was Portuguese. I signed up and it opened a whole new world
to me, particularly Brazil. And the biggest revelation of all was Clarice
Lispector, when I read The Hour of the Star in the third semester. And
never got over her.  

Shelf: What about her writing drew you to it?

Moser: It’s funny because I could hardly speak Portuguese when I start-
ed reading her. So there must have been something that came across
even the considerable language barrier, and that just grabbed me from
the first minute. I’ll never forget the first time I read the very first page of The Hour of the Star. But that’s
how it is with falling in love. You know the first time you lay eyes on someone, without really knowing why.

Shelf: Tell us a bit about her life and works.
Moser: My biography, Why This World, tells the story in great detail,
but the main thing about her life is that she was born in a Jewish family
in Ukraine at a time of terrible war and suffering, in 1920. Her mother
was raped by Russian soldiers and ended up dying of the disease that
resulted. So even though Clarice grew up entirely in Brazil, where the
family finally washed up when she was little more than a year old, she
never lost sight of the cruelty of the world. Luckily, she never lost sight
of its beauty, either.  

Shelf: Her debut novel, Near to the Wild Heart, published in Brazil
in 1943 when she was just 23, was a surprise critical and popular
smash hit. What about this novel captivated Brazilian readers at
the time?
Moser: The main thing was the language, which had nothing to do
with any other kind of book that had ever been published in Brazil.
The reviews still bear witness to the excitement “hurricane Clarice”
unleashed among the Brazilian intelligentsia. For almost a year after
publication, articles about the book appeared continuously in every
major city in Brazil. Sixteen years later a journalist wrote, “We have no
memory of a more sensational debut, which lifted to such prominence
a name that, until shortly before, had been completely unknown.”
One said it was “the greatest debut novel a woman had written in all
of Brazilian literature.” Another critic went further: “Near to the Wild
Heart is the greatest novel a woman has ever written in the Portuguese
language.” And the amazing thing is that the language, seventy years
later, is still just as powerful.
Shelf: How do your translations of her works differ from the previ-
ous English translations?
Moser: The main problem was that the previous translators tried to
“correct” her. She was a highly educated woman, extremely literate,
well traveled, deeply learned. But people often assume that, because
the way she writes is so odd, that must be because she didn’t know
what she was doing. What she is trying to do is break the language,
reinvent it. So I understand the temptation to try to make it a bit easier, but it sounds weird to Brazil-
ians and it ought to sound weird in English, too. 

feature latitudes

From A (well, okay, B) to Z – this year’s Best Translated

Book Award fiction longlist from Three Percent.
How do you say “must read” in Serbian?

Buzz Aldrin, What Happened Fiasco

to You in All the Confusion? by Imre Kertész
by Johan Harstad Translated by Tim Wilkinson
Translated by Deborah Dawkin Original language: Hungarian
Original language: Norwegian Author lives in: Berlin, Germany
Author lives in: Oslo, Norway First line: “The old boy was stand-
First line: “The person you love ing in front of the filing cabinet.”
is 72.8% water, and it hasn’t Melville House
rained for weeks.” www.mhpbooks.com
Seven Stories
www.sevenstories.com Funeral for a Dog
by Thomas Pletzinger

Demolishing Nisard Translated by Ross Benjamin

by Eric Chevillard Original language: German
Translated by Jordan Stump Author lives in: Berlin, Germany
Original language: French First line: “Elizabeth demanded
Author lives in: France a decision, and I left our apart-
First line: “According to Desire ment without making one.”
Nisard, French literature fell into W.W. Norton
an irreversible decline with the www.wwnorton.com
death of Bossuet and the end
of the seventeenth century, an I Am a Japanese Writer
opinion he expressed in 183, so by Dany Laferrière

imagine how things must have Translated by David Homel

gone downhill since, imagine Original language: French
the distaste he would surely Author lives in: Montreal, Quebec
have felt for this book, dating First line: “My publisher called
as it does form the early years while I was out buying fresh
of the twenty-first.” salmon.”
Dalkey Archive Press Douglas & MacIntyre
www.dalkeyarchive.com www.dmpibooks.com

In Red by Magdalena Tulli
 Leeches by David Albahari
Translated by Bill Johnston
 Translated from by Ellen
Original language: Polish Elias-Bursać
Author lives in: Original language: Serbian
Warsaw, Poland Author lives in:
First line: “Whoever has been Calgary, Alberta, Canada
everywhere and seen every- First line: “Now, six years after
thing, last of all should pay a the fact, I realize things might
visit to Stitchings.” have gone differently, but back
Archipelago Books then, on Sunday, March 8, 1998,
www.archipelagobooks.org when it all began, it was impos-
sible to imagine any other way
Kafka’s Leopards for events to unfold.”
by Moacyr Scliar
 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Translated by Thomas O. www.hmhco.com

Original language: Portuguese Lightning: A Novel
Author lived in: by Jean Echenoz
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Translated by Linda Coverdale
First line: “The purpose of this Original language: French
report is to inform your Excel- Author lives in: Paris, France
lency regarding the detention First line: “We all like to know,
of suspect Jaime Kantarov- if possible, exactly when we
itch, codename “Cantaloupe,” were born.”
picked up on the night of the New Press
24th-25th of November of 1965 www.thenewpress.com
in one of the main streets of
Porto Alegre.” Montecore
Texas Tech University Press by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

www.ttupress.org Translated by Rachel Willson-

Kornél Esti Original language: Swedish
by Dezsö Kosztolányi
 Author lives in: Stockholm,
Translated by Bernard Adams
 Sweden, and Berlin, Germany
Original language: Hungarian First line: “Hello, dear reader,
Author lived in: Budapest, standing there skimming in the
Hungary book boutique!”
First line: “I had passed the Knopf
midpoint of my life, when one www.knopfdoubleday.com
windy day in spring, I remem-
bered Kornél Esti.” My Two Worlds
New Directions by Sergio Chejfec
www.ndbooks.com Translated by Margaret B. Carson
Original language: Spanish Author lives in:
Author lives in: New York City, NY Aix-en-Provence, France
First line: “Only a few days First line: “The senior girl was
are left before another birthday, helping Tiffany adjust her cel-
and if I’ve decided to begin this luloid collar.”
way it’s because two friends, University of Nebraska Press
through their books, made me www.nebraskapress.unl.edu
see that these days can be a
cause to reflect, to make excus- Purgatory
es, or to justify the years lived.”by Tomás Eloy Martínez

Open Letter Translated by Frank Wynne

www.openletterbooks.org Original language: Spanish
Author lived in:
New Finnish Grammar Buenos Aires, Argentina
by Diego Marani
 First line: “Simon Cardoso had
Translated by Judith Landry
 been dead thirty years when his
Original language: Italian wife, Emilia Dupuy, spotted him
Author lives in: Brussels, Belgium at lunchtime in the lounge bar in
First line: “My name is Petri Trudy Tuesday.”
Friari, I live at no. 16 Kaiser- Bloomsbury
Wilhelmstrasse, Hamburg and www.bloomsbury.com
I work as a neurologist at the
city’s university hospital.” Scars
Dedalus by Juan José Saer

www.dedalusbooks.com Translated by Steve Dolph

Original language: Spanish
Never Any End to Paris Author lived in: Paris, France
by Enrique Vila-Matas
 First line: “There’s this filthy,
Translated by Anne McLean evil June light coming through
Original language: Spanish the window.”
Author lives in: Barcelona, Spain Open Letter
First line: “I went to Key West www.openletterbooks.org
in Florida this year to enter the
annual Ernest Hemingway look- Scenes from Village Life
alike contest.” by Amos Oz

New Directions Translated by Nicholas de
www.ndbooks.com Lange

Original language: Hebrew
Private Property Author lives in: Arad, Israel
by Paule Constant
 First line: “The stranger was
Translated by Margot Miller not quite a stranger.”
and France Grenaudier-Klijn
 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Original language: French www.hmhco.com
Seven Years The Truth about Marie
by Peter Stamm
 by Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Translated by Michael Hofmann
 Translated by Matthew B.
Original language: German Smith

Author lives in: Original language: French
Winterthur, Switzerland Author lives in: Brussels, Belgium
First line: “Sonia stood in the First line: “Later on, thinking
middle of the brightly lit space; back on the last few hours of
she liked to be at the center of that sweltering night, I realized
things.” we had made love at the same
Other Press time, Marie and I, but not with
www.otherpress.com each other.”
Dalkey Archive Press
The Shadow-Boxing Woman www.dalkeyarchive.com
by Inka Parei

Translated by Katy Derbyshire
 Upstaged by Jacques Jouet
Original language: German Translated by Leland de la
Author lives in: Durantaye
Berlin, Germany Original language: French
First line: “She’s my neighbor.” Author lives in: France
Seagull Books First line: “On Tuesday March
www.seagullbooks.org 9th our eighth performance
of Going Out to the People,
Stone Upon Stone written and directed by Marcel
by Wiesław Myśliwski
 Flavy, was disrupted.”
Translated by Bill Johnston
 Dalkey Archive Press
Original language: Polish www.dalkeyarchive.com
Author lives in: Poland
First line: “Having a tomb built.” Zone
Archipelago Books by Mathias Énard

www.archipelagobooks.org Translated by Charlotte Mandell
Original language: French
Suicide by Edouard Levé
 Author lives in: France
Translated by Jan Steyn
 First line: “everything is harder
Original language: French once you reach man’s estate,
Author lived in: Paris, France everything rings falser a little
First line: “One Saturday in metallic like the sound of two
the month of August, you leave bronze weapons clashing they
your home wearing your ten- make you come back to your-
nis gear, accompanied by your self without letting you get out
wife.” of anything …”
Dalkey Archive Press Open Letter
www.dalkeyarchive.com www.openletterbooks.org

translations russian

ndrei Gelasimov is a leading
contributor to what might be
called the Russian “boom,” the
explosion of talented younger writers of
a wide variety of stylistic persuasions
who have come to the fore in Russia
mainly in the last decade. Thirst, his
first novel to come out in English—in a
way, a classic road trip novel—centers
around Kostya, a hideously maimed
Chechen war vet, who joins his war
buddies to search for one of their num-
ber who has gone missing.
Gelasimov says he likes to write
“fast”—and he’s not referring to his typ-
ing speed. His fiction quite simply hap-
pens fast, a tremendously appealing
Thirst quality. In a fast hundred pages Gela-
by Andrei Gelasimov simov explores the complex psychol-
translated from the Russian by ogy of a young man whose physical
Marian Schwartz presence frightens people, young and
old. The road trip provides a framework
AmazonCrossing for reliving the bombing that nearly left
www.amazon.com him for dead and reconnecting with his
self-centered bombast of an estranged
father and his half-siblings and gives the reader glimpses into his emerg-
ing identity, not only post-disfigurement but post-adolescence.
Thirst revels in dead-on dialog with an undertow of dry wit. The reader
comes to know so much about Kostya in a short period of time largely
because of his vivid interactions: with the little boy next door (“Now go
to bed. Chop chop”), his war buddies (“Have you gone stupid or some-
thing?”), and his estranged father (“I’m not your son. . . . The boy who was
afraid of you was left behind in that APC”). Gelasimov’s Russian has an
effective counterpart in contemporary English (“In short, the story was
shit. The same old fucking shit”) that hits the reader on a visceral level.
Thirst is a book you want to reread immediately to figure out how the
author performed this marvelous sleight of hand.
—Marian Schwartz

Outsmart the
Train your brain to become
a better leader.

“Packed with the latest

research findings,
conveyed in an easy,
engaging style. This is
information to juice up
creativity, jumpstart
anything you do with
your brain better. ”
—Daniel Pink,
author of A Whole New Mind and Drive

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translations german

recious little is known about
the life of Zhu Da (1626–1705),
who was born into a branch of
the Chinese Ming dynasty, and who
later became the painter and calligra-
pher Bada Shanren. Richard Weihe’s
Sea of Ink, which first appeared in
the German original almost a decade
ago, fleshes out the scant details
available to provide a fictionalised
account of Bada Shanren’s existence
and development as an artist.
Bada comes of age at a time of
great political turmoil in China. The
Sea of Ink Manchu tribes invade from the north,
by Richard Weihe bringing to an end the three-hundred-
translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch year reign of the Mings and establish-
ing the Qing dynasty. Fleeing his pala-
Peirene Press tial home in the south of the country,
www.peirenepress.com Bada abandons his family and takes
refuge in a monastery, where he stud-
ies under Abbot Hongmin. Here he painstakingly learns and hones his
craft until he understands the spiritual and philosophical precepts which
underpin it. After a spell rebuilding and running his own monastery, Bada
returns to the city and finds another wife. This second marriage is short
lived, however, and Bada leads an increasingly ascetic life, resisting efforts
by the regime and hustlers in the art world to co-opt him for their own
interests. Freed from all material possessions save a handful of painting
tools, the artist eventually becomes inseparable from his art.
Weihe’s style is as deceptively effortless as the ten beautifully simple
pictures by Bada Shanren that are reproduced in the book; the two
complement each other in the imaginative descriptions of the painting
process. The author’s cool, succinct prose and use of short chapters
enhance the meditative nature of this beguiling story which interweaves
art theory, history, metaphysics and narrative, packing it all into a slim
volume. The aim of the British publisher, Peirene, is to produce books
to be read in a single sitting. Sea of Ink certainly fits the bill.
—Jamie Bulloch


employees get
so much attention?

“When great employees

take on all the extra
work, others learn
they don’t need to try harder,
because there are no punishments
for slacking off and no real benefits
for going that extra mile.”
—Shifting the Monkey

In Shifting the Monkey, Todd Whitaker

shows you why focusing on the best
employees first is crucial for the success
of your business.

2012 Small Business Book Awards

Management Category Winner

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excerpt french

University of Nebraska Press | www.nebraskapress.unl.edu

Dialogue on the Beach

In the end, the tire had run aground on the beach, washed onto a dry spot
between the tarred crabs and the broken stub of cement that had once served as
a staircase or the beginning of a dock. The tire was damaged in several places,
revealing its curved entrails, its interior, where a bit of seawater still glistened.
Brown looked at it closely for a quarter of an hour, then turned toward Cuzco.
“Sometimes I wonder if we serve any purpose,” he said.
This time Cuzco had no notebook on his knees, or by his side. Perhaps he’d
given up on his writing, perhaps he’d lost his pen and decided to put off com-
posing his text until later. He had a mad look about him, the look of a mad
sea bird, with his grooved cheeks, and his eyes suddenly shrunken and lidless,
shooting out golden glints.
“What do you mean, we?” he asked.
“You and me, the Organization,” Brown explained.
“You know, Brown,” said Cuzco, “at this point, with humanity living out its
last moments, I don’t see …”
“Don’t see what, Cuzco” Brown pressed, loudly, in the manner of an interrogation.
“About serving a purpose,” said Cuzco with a scowl, as if deeply displeased
at having to talk. “I don’t see why you pose the problem in those terms.
Humans are nearing the end of their agony. We’re here with them, that’s all.”
Brown resumed his study of the tire. The high tide had left it beyond the
reach of the waves, but perhaps it would return to the sea when the water came
back to lick and jostle it again. Perhaps it would come and go like that for a few
days, a few weeks, between land and sea, before running aground somewhere
for good, on the dump or in a shoal. It was ragged and dirty.
“And I also wonder where we lie, in the end, on the human or even the
animal scale.”
“What we lie under?” said Cuzco.
“Yes,” Brown snickered sadly. “I wonder.”
“That’s just it,” said Cuzco. “This time you’ve asked the write question,
Brown. What we lie under.”

Excerpted from We Monks and Soldiers by Lutz Bassman translated by Jordan Stump
by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. © 2012 by the Board of Regents of the
University of Nebraska. Available wherever books are sold or from the Univ. of Nebraska
Press 800.848.6224 and at nebraskapress.unl.edu

excerpt asian american

Where Are You From?: An Anthology of Asian American Writing

Edited by Larry Yu and Valerie Katagiri
Thymos | www.thymos.org

We have been in the United States for a long time. But because we are still
being asked where we come from, we are sharing our various answers through
this book. We hope people will understand us better and help us fight the rac-
ism, prejudice, and discrimination that still exist. This anthology also serves as
a historical record of who we are at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

—Byron Wong, Larry Yu, and Valerie Katagiri


Zachary. Aaron. Shigeru. Katagiri. A near-perfect split between English and

I am currently living in New York and feel lucky to be making a living in
music, film, and web-design.
I write songs that sound like every other pop-song in America. I write them
in English, because that’s the tongue with which I can best express myself—
the language of my mind and my heart.
For the sake of my face and body, I hope to make films that can contribute to
a more progressive image of Asians in general, and Asian males in particular.
I build websites—broadcasts to the world—but for other people’s visions
because I’m still searching for my own.
I still struggle to find focus and direction.
I still think about the things I do and how they define me.
I wonder how much agency I can have even in defining myself.
Looking up and down the New York City streets, I see that this city has
become a melting pot of culture, identity, values, and history. I am in this
city—can I be like this city? Can I let the legacy of my heritage and the immer-
sion of my present intertwine to move forward in tandem toward a future that
acknowledges, respects, and embraces them both?
I grew up surrounded by white people – speaking as they did, loving the
things they loved, embracing the culture that they made, but it didn’t change
the color of my skin or the blackness of my hair.
If you saw me in a crowd of Tokyo businessmen, thick in a morning rush
hour, you would find me to be indistinguishable from everybody around me,
yet I am sure that they would know the difference. They would sense my
American mind and heart.
And I keep coming back to my grandfather’s words: the way he stressed
that he was not just American and realize that I, too, am an Asian American.
Asian, yet American. Asian American.

From “Face & Body, Mind & Heart” by Zach Katagiri, Where Are You From?: An
Anthology of Asian American Writing, edited by Larry Yu and Valerie Katagiri,
Thymos 2012, www.thymos.org. Excerpted with permission. All rights reserved.

excerpt all around the world

On July 24, 1994, Jason Lewis and

Steve Smith set out to circumnavigate
the Earth using human power only:
walking, cycling, and inline skating
five continents, and kayaking, swim-
ming, rowing, and pedaling a boat
across the rivers, seas, and oceans.
Taking 13 years to complete, their
46,505-mile journey was hailed as
“the last great first for circumnaviga-
tion” by the London Sunday Times.
Lewis uses human-powered journeys
to promote world citizenship and zero
carbon emission travel and has visited
more than 900 schools in 37 countries
to spread awareness.
BillyFish Press

July 24, 1994. The Royal Observatory. Greenwich.

White expedition tee shirts fluttering in the breeze, Steve and I stood strad-
dling our bicycles, front tires resting on a two-inch strip of brass embedded
in the ancient cobblestones. Above us, fixed atop a spike like a giant cocktail
cherry, a large crimson ball would drop at precisely 13:00 hours, as it first had
in 1883 for ships on the River Thames to set their chronometers by. Our great
journey was about to begin.
My heart drummed faster and faster as the seconds counted down. It was a
tremendous moment, made even more so by the history surrounding us.
As the centre of all time and space, calibrating every click and watch on the
planet, the prime meridian of longitude held the keys to the nation’s maritime
past, and to our own futures. It was central to Britain establishing her superi-
ority over the world’s oceans at the peak of Empire. And, after traveling three
hundred and sixty lines of longitude westwards, using the same navigational
increments of degrees, minutes, and seconds that once steered our explorer

ancestors to the farthest flung corners of the globe and back, we could also
hope to return to the same point from which we started.
The noonday sun shone at its zenith above assembled family and friends.
My two sisters, Julia and Vicky, stood smiling supportively, holding the hands
of my nephews Edward, George, and Freddie, still too young to really under-
stand what their deranged uncle was up to now. Earlier, dear Vicky had
pressed two Cadbury’s chocolate bars into my hand. “For extra energy,” she’d
whispered encouragingly.
It would be a long time before I saw any of them again. Just how long, I had
no way of knowing.
The world would have moved on unimaginably in thirteen years. My old
Motorola “brick” cellular phone would transform into a device no bigger than
a credit card. The Internet and climate change would be regular street talk,
not just whispered conspiracy amongst geeks and tree huggers. Tony Blair
would have come and gone. The franc, lira, and peseta replaced by the euro.
Osama bin Laden and reality TV stars would be household names.
I glanced at Steve. His knuckles were chalk white from throttling the han-
dlebars of his bike. His face was drawn with exhaustion. None of us had slept
the past two days. At five am that morning, Kenny, Martin, and I were still
vacating the squat, literally shoveling clothes and equipment into black rub-
bish sacks and tossing them into the back of the DHL van. I’d then pedaled
hell for leather across London for a seven am interview at the Sky News studios
in Isleworth, before backtracking via Hammersmith to close my account with
Barclays. I’d walked out with #319.20 in my pocket, the sum total of my sav-
ings to circumnavigate the world.
“It should have dropped by now,” Steve said, looking over his shoulder at the
crimson ball. I checked my watch. It was four minutes past the hour. Was it
stuck? Of all the days for Grandfather Time’s one remaining ball not to drop …
“Sod it,” I muttered. “Let’s get on with it.”
We grasped each other’s forearms, nodded, and leaned into the first of some
half billion pedal rotations. Waving to the cheering crowd, we swept out of the
courtyard and entered an avenue of graceful sweet chestnuts, their verdant
limbs bowing overhead in farewell bidding.

From The Expedition by Jason Lewis, BillyFish Books 2012, www.billyfishbooks.com,

Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

feature photo essay

Photographing the World

Steve McCurry

For more than 30 years, Steve

McCurry has traveled the world
and created iconic photographs,
notably his Afghan Girl image,
named by National Geographic as its
most recognized photograph.
His new Stern Portfolio book
showcases some of his finest work.
Shelf Unbound: Your portraits, such as your famous Afghan Girl photograph
that was on the cover of National Geographic in 1985, both document a
moment and tell a story. How do you approach storytelling in photography?
Steve McCurry: In my portraiture, I strive to have the photo communicate some-
thing of what it’s like to be that person. I want to have some sort of insight into the
human condition of the subject. In the case of the Afghan girl, her village had been
destroyed, she’d been walking for several days and was clearly fairly traumatized
by what she’d seen and experienced. There’s a mystery as to what is really going
on in her mind, but every face has a story to tell.

Shelf: Of your photographs of people reading, do you have a favorite, and can
you share the story behind it?
McCurry: There is an image I took of on elderly man in Yemen, reading the Qu’ran
as he waits for customers in his tiny corner of a market in Sana’a. There is some-
thing about his serenity in that moment, engrossed in words he likely had read a
hundred times before, that spoke to me. Amidst the fervent activity of the market-
place, he had totally escaped within the contents of that small book.

Shelf: You’ve been traveling the world for decades. Is there any place you
haven’t been that you would like to visit? 
McCurry: Travel is one of the main things that got me interested in photography
to begin with. I always enjoy visiting new places, but it’s just as important to me to
return to places I have visited before, and see how they have changed. My favorite
destination is always my next one.

Everywhere I go in the
world, I see young and old,
rich and poor, reading books.
Whether readers are engaged
in the sacred or the secular,
they are, for a time,
transported to another world.
It is a universal activity, and
people read while they do
just about everything else.
30 O C T O Bcopyright
E R / N O V E Steve
M B E R McCurry,
2012 www.stevemccurry.com.
32 O C T O Bcopyright
E R / N O V E Steve
M B E R McCurry,
2012 www.stevemccurry.com.
34 O C T O Bcopyright
E R / N O V E Steve
M B E R McCurry,
2012 www.stevemccurry.com.
Sips Card puts short fiction and po-
etry into local coffee shop venues
around the country. We are a pub-
lication run by artists, for artists.
Each card contains a QR code,
loaded with a short story, or set
of poems, from an independent
writer, meant to last as long as
a cup of coffee. Our passion is
to share the work of other art-
ists with likely readers. Visit
for more information.

Call for submissions: We are accepting

short fiction and poetry submissions for
our October 2012 issue from August 1st
through August 31st. Guidelines can be
found at www.sipscard.com/submit.
A Collector of The Warszaw
Affections: Tales from a Harry Braham novel
a Woman’s Heart by John M Bushby
The Author of Shadow Soldiers by John M. Bushby
by Judith Glynn

A seatmate hello on I
n 1918, as the
World War ends, a
a flight to Madrid
X PRESS very deadly conflict
becomes an affair for
R S Z AW E between Bolsheviks
middle-aged Leah WA and fascists evolves.
and Miguel when they THE American air ace
land. They continue Harry Braham, is
back home, despite caught in the midst
him living with a woman and her vow to stop of the battle. From
dead-end romances. When he faces a life- Paris to Berlin and
threatening diagnosis and she dreads attending Warszaw Braham fights spies and the Red Army
her daughter’s wedding alone, they confront the to help a new nation survive.
magic of travel and a life apart.

Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
and Smashwords.com. Also available in Spanish. Available at Amazon.com.

Boomers: Pop
Culture Legacy
of the Vanguard Special Advertising
Baby Boomers
by Sandra Lee Section For Authors
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P erfect gift for Baby Boomer family members, in our new Special Advertising
friends, and colleagues born 1946 - 1964. Section for Authors. Each issue of
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My Teacher’s Rocking Chair
Password Confessions
By Jim LaBate by Delbert “Delby” Pape

om is a college
junior who’s
in love with his
T n 23 short stories,
Pape shares the
journeys of an eclectic
professor, Margaret group of characters
Cavellari—who is hot! from across the United
In addition, she’s kind, States who face difficult
funny, and interesting. decisions, learn valuable
And a great teacher. lessons, and embrace
So when Tom all the spontaneity of life. Themes of family,
discovers her password, will he read her e-mail, trust, loyalty, and curiosity make Pape’s stories
look at her files, or go into her gradebook? Find relatable. Although fiction, they could, in reality,
the answers when you read this contemporary have happened...maybe to someone like you!
novel from Mohawk River Press.

www.mohawkriverpress.com Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
Available at Amazon.com. and iUniverse.com.

FICTION/fantasy/epic “A wicked generation seeketh a miraculous sign” - Matt. 16:4 Dominion
m, “On this rock I build my church, and the gates of Hell
shall not prevail against it.” Matt. 16:18
W Daryl Chestney
ith its gleaming basalt towers, austere cathedrals and reclusive
temples, the city-state of Grimpkin is the bold embodiment of
by Daryl Chestney
civilization. Its history is as hallowed as its statue-ringed Forum and
its citizens as sober as the slate-hued sky.
An anxious traveler has been drawn into the district.

She is an Acaanan, one of a dark-skinned

akif has at last people infamous for their fascination with
the occult. But to Grimpkin’s robed patri-
cians she is only a shabby, scheming pariah.
akif is an
unearthed a Acaanan, one of a
f The Acaanan is convinced that lost within
the sprawling district hides an icon of
ancient and elemental dimensions.

Rare Earth Stone,

Mystery enshrines the relic but many
believe that it is an agent of doom
whose shadow haunts Grimpkin’s
scarred consciousness.
dark-skinned people
but harnessing its The Acaanan has staked her for-
tune on unearthing the relic
and bringing its truth to light.
infamous for their
secret proves to be fascination with the
But all her efforts are fruit-
less until one evening when,
at wit’s end, she stumbles into
a possible path. To find it she

thorny. To sort it must decipher a bizarre code
that conceals a lost world of
the macabre.
occult. She is hunting
out, she must visit for an ancient icon
mysterious magma within the city-state
pits, solicit advice of Grimpkin and has
from an ancient figure staked her fortune
haunting the ruined city underneath Grimpkin, on bringing its truth to light. Then she stumbles
and brave a distant shrine with an unspeakable across a bizarre code that holds the secret, one
past- all while avoiding a mysterious agent that is buried within a world of the macabre.
tracking her.

www.darylchestney.com; www.maldiveria.com www.darylchestney.com; www.maldiveria.com

Available at Amazon.com, Atlasbooks.com Available at Amazon.com, Atlasbooks.com, and
and Darylchestney.com. Darylchestney.com.
Vera Kara’s Family, Being Anti-Social
Picking Up the Pieces, by Leigh Cunningham
by Agnes Hannes
M ace Evans
is single

T rue historical
biography. Vera’s
Grandfather was
at thirty-eight.
When her much
unloved older sister,
Brewmaster to Czar Shannon, declares
Nicholas. They encounter hair-raising events that Mace is anti-
escaping through Siberia. Rebuilding, the Karas social, she embarks
endure the good, the bad and the ugly of life on a journey to
in Peking, China. In 1942, Vera’s husband is understand her
reported dead. Before the communists march condition; whether she was born that way or
in a handsome Marine from Texas whisks Vera if it is the accumulation of thirty-eight years of
out of harms way.  Vera experiences life’s joys/ unfortunate encounters with other humans and
sorrows with three good husbands and one dogs. Gold medallist, Chick Lit, 2012 Readers
extortionist she finally outsmarts. Favorite book awards.

Available at Amazon.com, Nook, Kindle, and direct at www.leighkcunningham.com

aghannes@verizon.net. Available at Amazon.com.

Future Tense
by Eddie Upnick

W hen you
combine a near
future world outlook
Special Advertising
Section For Authors
with a science
fiction twist you get Promote your book in Shelf Unbound
Future Tense. “Eddie in our new Special Advertising
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or on the Kindle.
The Greeks of Ockham’s Razor
Beaubien Street by William Barrett
by Suzanne Jenkins Burton

G rowing up in a
Greek household
in Greektown, Jill
W hen her
inexplicably cancels
Zannos doesn’t fit in. the lifesaving project
A Detroit homicide she heads, Dagney
detective, she’s planted Hamilton is swept
in the traditions started into a mystery driven
by her grandparents, while dealing with crime in by powerful, unseen
the city. She’s a workaholic with no girlfriends, forces. With billions
an odd boyfriend, and an uncanny intuition. at stake, big business and big politics will
The Greeks of Beaubien Street is a tale of a stop at nothing—including murder—to silence
family grounded in old world tradition, seeking her. However, Dagney is more than up to the
acceptance in American society. challenge of solving the mystery, fighting back
and winning against all odds.

www.suzannejenkins.net www.williambarrettburton.com
Available at Amazon.com. Available at Amazon.com.

The Passerby
by Thomas Ray Crowel

E leven-year-old Trudie
Brice is strangled to
Special Advertising
death in her home two weeks Section For Authors
before Christmas, 1986. The
crime goes unsolved. Twenty Promote your book in Shelf Unbound
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confess? Inspired by true events, The Passerby 40 countries around the globe. Our
has all the twists and turns of a cold case introductory ad rate for this section is
murder investigation, but with an entirely unique $250/quarter page as seen here.
and powerful ending.
Contact publisher Margaret Brown
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Smashwords.com, KoboBooks.com, Margaret@shelfmediagroup.com
the iBookstore, Diesel.com, PageFoundry.com, 214.704.4182.
and Baker-Taylor.
For Love & Liberty Nowhere Yet
by Stephen M. Grimble by Edward Cozza

S tephen M. Grimble’s
provocative, page-
turning novel, For Love &
F ormer friends and lost
loves reconnect on
a lively, soul searching
Liberty, is a political saga weekend in Palm Springs.
for our time—a love letter Each discovering they hold
to America wrapped in a hopes long forgotten, each
cautionary tale. This is the carrying fears that the best
perfect antidote for every times of their lives may have already passed. The
intelligent American who mending of emotional fences takes them further
may be apathetic about or ignorant of politics, than they thought possible. Rekindled feelings
history, and the Constitution, but who believes and new awakenings show them some paths not
in liberty and wishes to secure its blessings to previously considered.
posterity. Freedom Fever: Catch It!
www.stephengrimble.com Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
Available as hardback, paperback, and e-book at eBookit.com, the iBookstore, KoboBooks.com,
Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Wasteland the Google bookstore, Diesel-ebooks.com, and
Books, and BooksaMillion.com. soon at the Sony bookstore.

Rendition Mana
by Albert Ashforth by Asher Tensei

A n espionage
thriller told against
the background of
Eurich’s world is on a
seemingly imminent
collision course
America’s secret war on with Chaos, due to
terror, a war in which a weakening barrier
after 9/11 there have between Earth and
been no rules. Albert another world that has
Ashforth, a former been hidden for millennia, causing Eurich’s
military contractor, universe to turn upside down. New moons have
takes the reader behind the headlines to tell the appeared in the sky, panic is rippling through
story of Alex Klear, a veteran intelligence officer, everyone, and Eurich is the only one with the
who finds himself at the center of an international power to fix what’s gone wrong.
conspiracy aimed at destroying the United
www.oceanviewpub.com Available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.
Available at Amazon.com. com and soon at Google Play and Paperback.
Shadow Dragon 16 Ways to Fix (or
by Lance Horton we’ll never fix) Public

I n this spine-tingling
mystery thriller, FBI
by Harlan Hansen PhD

victim specialist, Kyle

Andrews, is sent to
snowy Montana to help
A must-read for
parents and
educators, advising:
investigate a series more effective new
of bizarre and brutal teacher training,
murders. There he upgrade principals’
meets grieving reporter, Carrie Daniels, and the dismal training, eliminate tenure, reform
two suddenly find themselves caught between a current pay policy, more in-school staff
frightening conspiracy and a mysterious, deadly development, implement true merit pay plan,
presence. Someone—or something—is on the train paraprofessionals, clean up early childhood
loose on Shadow Mountain. education, broaden the curriculum “teach” kids
how to behave, a real home-school partnership,
www.shadowdragon.info early work-related curriculum, early service-
BOOK TRAILER LINK | FACEBOOK LINK related curriculum, strong national effort.
Available at Amazon.com, BN.com,
the iBookstore, and Google Play. Available as print and e-book at Amazon.com.

Oceana: a love story Shadow Soldiers

a novella by cc lindh by John M. Bushby

Oceana: a love story is

a poetic novella about
I n 1939, as war
descends on
Europe, an American
two athletes and their becomes involved
love for each other and in trying to save
their respective sports: refugees from the
Oceana is a lifelong Nazis. From Havana,
surfer and Guy is a to Berlin, to Lisbon,
golf pro from England. ship owner Rick
Though their time together is brief, like the land Kasten outraces the
and sea, Oceana and Guy come to define and Gestapo to get his
transform each other. 2012 Pinnacle Award/ passengers safely into American waters. With
Best Novella National Association of Book the help of a mysterious Hungarian woman and
Entrepreneurs. members of the newly formed OSS, Kasten
weaves his way through a tangled web of intrigue
and danger.
Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
Ebooks.com, and iBooks. Available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com.
The Way of the Master Mr. Bob the
by Steve Burns MR. BOB Chicken Engineer
THE CHICKEN by Robert Hargreaves

M urder and betrayal

in ancient China.
Returning home, Yuen
F or most
Americans, the
name Vietnam brings
Meng Ji is reunited up memories of
with his mentor, Master war and politics: An
Confucius. His first American war and
task is to investigate American politics.
the brutal murder of a Little attention is
dignitary from the Qi given to the country itself, its people, and 1,000
province. Set in the year 518BC, this is a story of years of Vietnamese history.
murder and betrayal with detailed insights into This same blind spot has led us into Iraq and
the customs and philosophies of ancient China. Afghanistan, but my own personal story is of
Vietnam, and chickens.
Available at Amazon.com, Amazon.org.
uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.it,
BarnesandNoble.com, Landmarkonthenet.com,
Tower.com, Wheelers.co.nz, and nbcindia.com. Available at Amazon.com.

Diary of a Dieting Chased Across

Madhouse Australia
by Paige Singleton by Reynold Conger

Smart, sassy, overweight

secretary Rowan Faine
A merican tourists
do not realize
that documents
navigates a mad world critical to a terrorist
of demanding lawyers, bomb plot are on
wacky co-workers and their laptop. The
dysfunctional families. terrorists chase them
When Rowan’s best across Australia.
friend gives her a copy of Diary of a Dieting They attempt
Madhouse, her world changes forever. Learn more burglary, shooting,
about Rowan’s diet in the second part of this sexual seduction, ambush and a high speed car
collection as author Paige Singleton and friends chase (on the wrong side of the road from the
introduce an amazing plant-based diet plan. American’s perspective). The Americans find
themselves running for their lives.

Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
and all major online booksellers. Xlibris.com, ChasedAcrossAustralia.com
A Tale of Two Sisters Out of His Mouth: A
by Sheryl St. George Love Letter from Fred
Williams as Told by

A rollicking, riotous Logan Rogers

look at two women by Robert Logan Rogers
who have the gift of
making life as ridiculous
as possible at every I magine you just
finished fishing on the
Sea of Galilee. Here is
turn, St. George’s book
is a smile-inducing the next morning’s buzz.
tonic for anyone in the “He was walking on the
need of a laugh or even water and then Peter
just a sense that they are not alone in facing life’s joined Him!”
more incomprehensible moments. Fred Williams is a modern day Peter. Wherever
Full of good-natured laughs and familial he goes, gemstones appear in his meetings.
warmth, A Tale of Two Sisters is an extraordinary Gold dust manifests. Water turns to wine. Manna
gift that will teach you how to enjoy life and comes from heaven. Oil fills jars.
laugh at all of its misadventures. Enjoy this eyewitness account!

FACEBOOK LINK Available at www.createspace.com/3768626

Available at Amazon.com and on Kindle. or Amazon.com and Kindle.

Changing Behavior The Mimic’s Own Voice

by Georgianna Donadio by Tom Williams

I mmediately transform
your relationships with
easy-to-learn, proven
“The Mimic’s Own Voice is
as close to a perfect book
. . . as I have read in many
communication skills and moons.”
experience new levels of —James Greer,
fulfillment, collaboration and author of The Failure
intimacy. Developed and clinically researched and Artificial Light
for over 30 years by relationships expert Dr.
Georgianna Donadio. Winner - 2012 Indie Book
award; Awarded 5 STARS by ForeWord Clarion,
Changing Behavior is recommended by Kirkus
In his novella, The Mimic’s Own Voice, Tom
Williams welcomes you to the world of Douglas
Myles, professional mimic, where comedians
as “a top-tier psychological self-help manual … dominate the entertainment landscape, and
[a] strikingly original case for the transformative Myles becomes the most famous of them all. But
power of receptiveness.” 
 how long will that last?

www.changingbehavior.org Available at Main Street Rag Publishing Company:

BOOK TRAILER LINK http://www.mainstreetrag.com/TWilliams.html
Available at Amazon.com and on Kindle. and BarnesandNoble.com.
Human works Whisper Privileges
by Jean-Pierre Makosso by Dianne Venetta

I n this collection of
poems, Jean-Pierre
Makosso presents an
M iami is hosting the
Special Olympics
and Clay Rutledge’s
epic with heart, an son is competing in the
African history through games. He’s a sure bet
poetic prose, the griot to win the gold—until
in written form. It an unexpected turn
documents the black of events jeopardizes
continent from its everything. Lured by
roots in a collectivist paradise, through slavery Clay’s sexy confidence,
to present day post-colonialism. You will feel event planner Sydney Flores is tempted to mix
the despair of black Africans. You will ache for business with pleasure, but is he worth risking
justice. You will dream of peace for all people. her job? Her security? Oh yes…

www.dedicaces.ca Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
Available at Amazon.ca, Biblio.com, and Lulu.com. iBookstore, Smashwords, and more.

Lamb to the A Happy Healthy You
Slaughter by Mary Johanna


by Pete Delohery
o his
aving McCurley, et al

t and
uidance for

. But
nows, ufus
women over 35
nt the
orized who are beginning
and a
Hilliard vs. “Iron
physical and/or
Mike” McGann,

fight emotional transitions

r the
just another fight
that can affect
on The Continuous
their happiness

LAMB TO THE Sports Network,

and balance for the
S l au g h t e R but by the time it
rest of their lives.
is over the lives of
Five professional
these and many
women—two medical doctors, a psychologist,
others will be forever different. Readers will
an exercise physiologist, and an attorney and
witness a surprising end unfolds.
certified life coach help empower women during
the aging process, combat disease and improve

www.petedelohery.com overall health and well-being.

Available at Amazon.com, xlibris.com, and www.ahappyhealthyyoubook.com
BarnesandNoble.com. Available at Amazon.com.
Black Coal and An Embarrassment
White Lies of Riches
by Geri Monaghan by Gerald Hansen

I n her new novel Black

Coal and White Lies,
Geri Monaghan reveals
“ Masterpiece”

—Colin Quinn, Comedian.

the hardships facing When Ursula Barnett
a young woman living and her husband win
in the conservative the Irish lottery, they
restrictions of the think their troubles are
1950s, following her over. But they are just
from the small town expectations placed on her beginning. An Embarrassment of Riches will
as a young woman to the stigmas associated take you on a journey to Northern Ireland, where
with premarital sex and single parenthood, Protestants and Catholics wage battle daily,
painting a vivid portrait of a different time. and where crossing family with finance leads to
passion and tragedy, heartache and hilarity.

www.geriart.com www.geraldhansenbooks.com
Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
iBookstore, and Abbott Press. Sony.com, and Kobo.com.

Backseat Pilate’s Ghost (John

by Tom Wascoe Pilate Series Book

I n 1969 failure from

college or dropping
out meant the draft
By J. Alexander

and possibly Vietnam.

Michael’s freshman
year has not gone
J ohn Pilate’s family
is blossoming
and so is his new
well. He believes that writing career, until
pledging a fraternity a vindictive criminal
will put him on the returns for revenge.
right path. To get in With his family under
he must hitchhike 1,500 miles in one weekend. attack and more
The rides he gets, the people he meets change suspects than allies, Pilate must face down a
his life. demon from his past…and face his own inner
torment for the last time.

www.TomWascoe.com www.PilatesCross.com
Available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Ebook & paperback available at Amazon.com and
and iBookstore. Lulu.com October 31, 2012.
Eirelan—Saga of the The Days of Peleg
Latter-Day Celts By Jon Saboe
by Liam O’Shiel

In Eirelan you will live

for a time with men
I n ancient
Mesopotamia, Peleg is
commissioned aboard
and women, old and the Urbat, a vessel
young, fighters and destined to survey their
writers, poets and ship new world—and also
captains, who cannot find clues about the
take for granted that mysterious, vanished
anything they treasure Watchers of old. But he
will survive to be the inheritance of their children. has also been given a secret mission to discover
Conor, Fethnaid, Oran, Mairin travel a road the answer to the one question that no one dares
unlike ours. It is a dangerous road, yet one well to ask aloud: Why is humanity dying?
worth exploring. Contact the author: highc.king@ “A first-rate epic that challenges current dogma.”
verizon.net. —Kirkus Reviews

www.eirelan.com Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
Available at Amazon.com in print and as ebook. and Google eBooks.

Wax The Days of Laméch

by Therese by Jon Saboe
Ambrosi Smith

“A combination coming-
of-age story and mystery,
I n the aftermath of
the Family Wars, the
Semyaz arrive from
following Matilda unknown lands with a
‘Tilly’ Bettencourt as message of peace, but
she struggles against young Laméch finds
traditional expectations himself thrust into a
of women in the 1940s... centuries-old resistance
Smith’s richly imagined where he discovers their true nature. His missions
characters breathe life into this look at female bring him to their secret research facilities—and a
friendship in a time of limited social opportunity beautiful dark-haired prisoner who will teach him
for women, as well as the enduring power of the true meaning of love and sacrifice.
friendship to transcend almost any challenge.” “An entertaining story of rebellion, seeded with
—Kirkus Media sinister plots.” —Clarion Review

www.womeninthe1940s.com www.daysoflamech.com
Ask for it at your favorite bookstore or order it Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
online through Amazon.com. and Google eBooks.
Jermaine Peterman Order of the Seers
by Mark T. Briggs by Cerece Rennie Murphy

J th
ermaine Peterman
is your average
4 grader who goes
art one of the thrilling
Order of the Seers
trilogy fuses action,
out one Saturday mystery, romance, and
morning and is adventure in a science
alarmed by something fiction novel that keeps
in the forest near you at the edge of your
his house. He must seat.  When a genetic
gather up his friends marker for people who can see the future is
to discover what the identified, Seers become the target of a modern
mystery really is. In this entertaining story for the day witch-hunt designed to exploit their ability.
adolescent reader, parents have the assurance But when the Seers decide to fight back, they
that the content is fitting for the entire family. unleash a series of events that will change the
world.  See the Power Within.

www.mbriggswriting.com www.crmurphybooks.com
Available at BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
and PublishAmerica.net.   and IndieBound.com.

Alva: Four Wheels

Jw Grodt’s first volume of Dark Tales: Tales of The Tellers is a taste
Dark Tales:
Dark Tales

of his vivid imagination. These ten tales contained herein are

of high-
of Terror
excellent for fright and delight. All pre-screeners have rendered
Tales of the Tellers

hit the opinions from fun to frightful.

heavy- So if you like stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, sto-

by Jw Grodt Volume One

Jw Grodt
mp wa-
ries that send a little chill up your spine, tales of creatures, vam-
nt a few pires, an occasional werewolf and just some downright sick peo-
er Black ple, then follow along as Grodt spins the tales as they were told to

by Jw Grodt
ark and him by those who lived them. Some you will feel sorry for, some
s sadly you will despise and some you will not wish to believe.

So take this book home, enjoy its juicy contents and don’t worry,

Four Wheels of Terror


Volume Two is in full swing.

his coming-of-age
e three

ms of a
s. They

ose, his
Jw Grodt is currently Senior Vice-President and Virginia
tale is wrapped in f you like stories that

adside. Principal Broker of a nineteen-office RE/MAX real estate franchise,

through currently the number one largest selling RE/MAX franchise in the
w from world. Grodt, a Realtor since

nostalgia and drizzled keep you on the edge

oe were
1973, now pursues a long time
pt gain- desire to write short stories,

striking novellas and novels. He is a

with some high of your seat, stories that

former active duty U.S. Marine
and holds a black belt in Tae
dent and
ffice RE/
e number
Four Wheels of Terror Kwon Do. His interests include
designing, commissioning and

school basketball, the

showing classic American cars. T T
ales of The
send a little chill up your
V o
he world.
He currently resides in the olume ne
Jw Grodt

ong time
d novels. suburbs of the nation’s capital
holds a
sts also unknown of leaving
with his wife and teenage son.
ISBN 9781770678583 spine, tales of creatures,
Jw Grodt
showing 90000 >
es in the
wife and
home for college, 9 781770 678583
vampires, an occasional
and how to deal with werewolf and just some
a teen’s first car – one with a mysterious option downright sick people, then follow along as
that no amount of money could buy or remove. Grodt spins ten separate tales as they were told
If you remember drive-in movies, parking on a to him by those who lived them.
lonely road, drag racing and classic old cars, you
will enjoy this tale.

www.jwgrodt.wordpress.com www.jwgrodt.wordpress.com
Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
and iUniverse.com. and Friesen Press.
Sweet Home, Jamaica Soul Sale: A Rude
by Claudette Beckford- Awakening
Brady by Americus Dotter

A shocking discovery
regarding her
parentage sets a
A my Dotter finds
herself in the
middle of an FBI
UK teenager on a investigation after
seventeen-year search, attempting to help
which takes her from officials with a case
the UK to Jamaica involving a wanted
where she discovers highway gunman.
a large, previously unknown group of family What authorities found was more than anyone
members and a place she wants to call home. could have anticipated. Many fertility clinics
An epic family saga which chronicles her journey are now under investigation for the illegal sale
into adulthood with its attendant dramas, tears of human embryos. Soul Sale is an example of
and laughter. “quantum psychiatry,” where spirituality meets
Available at Authorhouse.com, Amazon.co.uk, http://americusdotter.wordpress.com
Amazon.com, and BarnesandNoble.com. Available at Lulu.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

A New Birth The Last

of Freedom: Shipwrecked Sailor
The Visitor by Joseph Ezzo
by Robert G. Pielke
“In this modern
“Though the sci-fi picaresque in
aspect is huge, I the tradition
loved the overall of Gargantua
action. The Visitor’s and Pantagruel,
strength also lies in Gulliver’s Travels
the dialogue. When and The Odyssey,
Lincoln talks, it each episode links
sounds like Lincoln. loosely within the frame of protagonist Q’s
When Robert E. Lee journey of self-recovery. Q, an amnesiac, finds
interacts with Blair, it feels real. Pielke has taken himself in dire situations full of brutal violence
a pivotal event in American history and created and disturbing sexual politics. Imaginative and
another outcome that I couldn’t have imagined. ambitious.”
Even better, he does it well.” —KIRKUS

www.robertgpielke.com www.lastshipwrecked.com
Available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Available at Amazon.com.
Realms of Gold
by Terry Stanfill
Fossil River
by Jock Miller
B ianca Fiore traces
the Vix Krater’s

T he U.S. must find

new sources of
fossil fuel—or face an
ancient journey from
the golden city of
Sybaris to the golden
energy crisis that will
hillsides of la Côte d’Or.
plunge the nation into
Her compelling quest
a deep depression.
ignites a romance with
The world’s largest
Italian archaeologist
fossil fuel deposit
Giovanni Di Serlo. Bianca’s intuitive conclusion
is discovered in a
of what the Krater meant to the ancient Celts,
remote mountain
and its connection and significance to Arthurian
range within Alaska’s Noatak National Preserve.
legend, bonds the two lovers forever.
Preventing access to it is a colony of living
dinosaurs--protecting its territory to the death.
www.fossilriver-thenovel.com www.realmsofgoldthenovel.blogspot.com
Available at Amazon.com. Available at Amazon.com.

Dr. Fuddle and the The Messiah Matrix

Gold Baton by Kenneth John
by Warren L. Woodruff Atchity

T yler and his

sister Christina
face a bone
A renowned scholar-
monsignor is
killed in Rome.
chilling mystery. A Roman coin is
Only Dr. Fuddle recovered from a
offers them help- wreck off the coast of
-and a dangerous ancient Judea. It’s up
challenge. They to his young American
must leave earth and enter Orphea, and save protégé (a Jesuit
it from the evil Jedernann’s rule of chaos and priest) and a brilliant archaeologist to unravel the
cacophony. Can they and their friends survive tapestry that conceals in plain view the greatest
the journey and reclaim the legendary gold baton mystery in the ecclesiastical world—while fighting
that will restore harmony to the earth?  to control their passion for each other.

www.drfuddle.com www.messiahmatrix.com
Available at Amazon.com. Available at Amazon.com.
An Illegal President: STRUFFEL
A Novel Struffel’s Walk
by Pat Lawrence Struffel’s New Bed
by Susan M. Maithya;

A sinister force thrusts

Congressman Paul
Garrett into the madness
illustrated by Lowell

of presidential politics.
Who or what is behind
the fantastic conspiracy;
I nternational Book Awards 2012 Finalist. An
awesome and brilliantly illustrated child’s book
about Struffel the little bear, and his adventures
more inexplicably—why? with his family and friends. It has been designed
With his life threatened, his children endangered, as two books in one—a great bonus for readers—
and his wife terrified, Paul is forced to make life- and portrays a variety of children’s experiences
altering decisions which will forever change his through Struffel’s adventures. Young readers are
future, his marriage, indeed, his entire existence; sure to enjoy the captivating storyline.
and the political future of America hangs in the
balance. www.struffelseries.com
www.patlawrence.net Twitter: @Stuffelthebear
BOOK TRAILER LINK Facebook: The Struffel Series
Available at iBookstore, Amazon.com, and Available at AuthorHouse.com, Amazon.com,
BarnesandNoble.com BarnesandNoble.com, and local book retailers.

Shadow Dragon Never Climbed

by Lance Horton His Mountain:
One Life’s Journey

n this spine-tingling
mystery thriller, FBI
victim specialist, Kyle
To the Heights and
The Abyss
(Second Edition)

Andrews, is sent to by Julian Gladstone
snowy Montana to help
investigate a series
of bizarre and brutal
murders. There he
A t this moment
millions of
American males
meets grieving reporter, Carrie Daniels, and the are publicly
two suddenly find themselves caught between a “underdressing” in feminine lingerie. And no, they
frightening conspiracy and a mysterious, deadly are not gay! Join me in the disarmingly honest
presence. Someone—or something—is on the engrossing journey of one. Call 1-877-buybook
loose on Shadow Mountain. to order. Find reviews, blogs, and more at the
website below.

www.ShadowDragon.info www.neverclimbedhismountain.com
Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Available at BuyBooksontheWeb.com,
Kobo.com, and iUniverse.com. Amazon.com, BarnesnandNoble.com, and bookstores.
The Flower The Silent Hunt
Daughter by Mark Jameson
by K.R. Lobel

T he Flower
Daughter is the
D o you know just
how unprepared
the US was for 9/11?
story of one father The Silent Hunt is
and one daughter, a book about the
and 30 centuries. day-to-day race by
Beginning in pre- the CIA and the FBI
history in England, to understand who
to The Children’s Al-Qaeda was at
Crusade, and on all and how to stop
to 19th century Kansas, the book tells of the them. The author was a CIA officer who was
struggle of men and women to come to terms right in the middle of US operations between the
with each other, to find balance and redemption. CIA and the FBI then, and he tells a riveting story
Some conflicts are very old and very important. of those days.

www.syeopub.com www.syeopub.com
Available at iBookstore, BarnesandNoble.com, Available at iBookstore, BarnesandNoble.com,
and Amazon.com. and Amazon.com.

The Color of Evil Flowering and

By Connie Corcoran Other Stories
Wilson by Tom Bentley
“Connie Corcoran
Wilson is a born
F lowering’s stories
are built around
themes of loss, social
storyteller! The Color disruption, mistaken
of Evil is a real page- judgment and stumbling
turner—and a very good redemption. From a
one, indeed! [This first shoplifting sociopathic
novel in a trilogy] is total genius, to a card-dealing
entertainment. Wilson’s witch offering a mystical
got a winner here!” experience at the blackjack tables, to a harsh
—William F. Nolan, Logan’s Run and drunk who turns out to be a malignant—yet
Nightworlds, Living Legend in Dark Fantasy chillingly accurate—soothsayer, characters are
* E-lit Gold Medal winner 2012 complex and not always charming, but their
* Silver Feather winner 2012 colors are memorably bright.
www.thecolorofevil.com and www.tombentley.com/flowering-stories.php
www.conniecwilson.com Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com
Available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. and most online bookstores.
Depth of Deception Missing the
(A Titanic Murder Laughter
Mystery) by Jude Barnes
by Alexander Galant

* Finalist in the E-Book: A

“situation” arose
which was so
devastating that I had
Mystery/ Thriller/ Adventure
2012 International Book to pull off the road
Awards * and take a look at
my life to try to figure

T he year is 1982, and a beautiful young woman, out how I ended up in that relationship. It is about
dressed in Edwardian clothing, is found floating deceit, betrayal, heartbreak and survival. About
unconscious in the North Atlantic with a 1912 every belief being shattered; parents, family,
boarding pass to the RMS Titanic. Is it a bizarre partner. Then, deciding if to trust another human
case of time-travel that links her to an unsolved being, again..
murder from 1909, or an elaborate hoax?

Available at Amazon.com, IndieBound.org,
KoboBooks.com, iBookstore, Sony.com, and
BarnesandNoble.com. Available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com.

Johnny the Eternal The Vampire

ed by a by A. Rodriguez Girl Next Door

he will
purpose ohnny is an by Richard Arbib

from its A D AW N IN D ARKNE S S

of the
) and a
impetuous young ark falls in love with
man who has died Sylvia, the beautiful,
ships to
he felt
nd trust
s place
and been recruited but quirky girl next door,
has a
o writes
by a Heavenly Order not realizing that she’s
as an Earth Angel a vampire who killed his
sy and

on the upcoming last neighbor.


apocalypse. When he When Mark first meets

suffers an ostensibly
fatal accident, causing “You’re the girl of my dreams!” Sylvia smiles and
him amnesia, he will responds with a warning—“Be careful what you
have to find out who he really is again, and with wish for.”
the help of a beautiful chosen one he will do so … “Alternately eerie and funny, the novel blends
horror, romance, and humor.”
—from the publisher’s press release.
Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Available at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.
and all online stores. Paperback and all e-book formats available on author’s website.
Salvestrols: It’s Just a Matter of
Nature’s Defense Balance—You Can’t
Against Cancer Put a Straight Leg on
by Brian A. Schaefer a Crooked Man
by Kevin S. Garrison

S alvestrols are
a new class of
natural compounds T his true story is
defined by the action reading by the American
of the metabolites Academy of Orthotists
produced when they are & Prosthetists. How
metabolised by the CYP1B1 enzyme in cancer does a teenager survive
cells. Simply put, salvestrols are food-based a permanent disability, maintain his sense of
compounds that provide an explanation of the humor, and develop a charming true passion for
link between diet and cancer, and between life? Can the pursuit of his dream be a quest that
organic fruit and vegetable consumption, and is tested on many levels? What does he need to
lower cancer incidence. make his dream come true?

www.salvestrolbook.com www.GarrisonsProsthetics.com
Available as an ebook at Lulu.com, Smashwords. Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
com, and Amazon.com. and iUniverse.com.

The Grey Tier The Circle Broken

by Michele Scott by Richard Johnston

T rauma healer +
the ghosts of
Janis Joplin and Bob
S et in the chaotic
Clash of
Civilizations between
Marley, along with Jesuit Missionaries
a Hottie Spirit = A harvesting native
Great Read! Fans of souls in 17th Century
Sookie Stackhouse Canada and fur
will love Evie Preston. traders with guns
What happens and brandy fighting
when a small town girl moves to Hollywood to to control this unmapped wilderness, Remy
pursue her dreams and winds up smack dab in from France and Tikanaka, native Wendat
the middle of a murder investigation, haunted by girl, encounter bitter hostility to their unlikely
famous dead celebs, and working for the biggest adolescent love affair in a story of love, discovery
pop star in the music industry? and death, including real and fictional characters.

www.michelescott.com www.thecirclebroken.com
Available at Amazon.com. Available at Amazon.com and Trafford.com.
F. Scott Fitzgerald / conan o’Brien / Paul Feig /
david SedariS / raymond carver / jameS agee /
jonathan Franzen / michael chaBon / miranda
july / erneSt hemingway / Flannery o’connor /
lorrie moore / adam Sandler / Steve martin /
In the new collection I Found This nora ePhron / dave eggerS / alice munro / and
Funny, Judd Apatow presents
many more
the work of some of his favorite
authors and artists. The book
showcases many different styles
of writing, from fiction to short
humor to essays to comedy
sketches to poetry.

Proceeds from the book will

go to 826 National, a nonprofit
tutoring, writing, and publishing
organization with locations in
eight cities across the country.

www.826national.org Chapters of 826 are located in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles,
Chicago, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Boston, and Washington, DC.
Please visit our website to purchase this book,
donate, volunteer, and find out more.
indie: spotlight

The Unexpected
Volumes 1 and 2
By Christi Grab

o one expected these thirty-something
professionals to give up their success-
ful careers to pilot their own small boat
around the world, especially because they
started with almost no boating experience. Instead of
the expected sailboat, they chose a 43-foot trawler
powerboat, which many believed was incapable of
crossing oceans. Most people expected them to fail.
But they surprised the skeptics when they success-
fully circumnavigated the globe in two years, visiting
110 places along the way in thirty-four countries.

W hen Eric and I were planning our around the world

boat trip, we read several travel books. Each was a
collection of “best of” stories and never really explained

[ Click here for more information

or to purchase from Lulu.com ] what daily life was like as they traveled for an extended
period of time. We wanted to read about what they learned
and how they grew as people. So I wrote the books that I
wished I’d read before we left. We hope the books inspire
people to live their dreams, even if it means going against
conventional wisdom: sometimes the harder road is more
rewarding than the easier road.
—Christi Grab

Friday, October 5 – Tanna Island, Vanuatu

We took a dirt road through the interior of the island. The
road was bumpy and hilly, cutting through dense, fertile
jungle and offering stunning views from all the peaks. It
was a long drive, and with such a heavy load, the truck was
moving slowly. We passed a few villages with a handful of

small homes. Most of them were built with an odd combination of
modern and traditional materials. Along the way, we also passed sev-
eral vehicles, all of them pickups with just as many people crammed
into the bed of the truck, if not more.
We came to a poorly maintained, very steep dirt road that led almost
to the peak of the volcano. The truck dropped us off at the end of the
road. We were amused to see a mailbox there—the only mailbox on
a volcano in the world. Too bad we didn’t bring any postcards. It was
a steep but surprisingly short walk to the peak. We could hear the
volcano rumbling as we approached. It was a deep, almost anguished,
groan that reverberated through us.
As we got to the crest, we could see a huge hole in the ground.
Glowing red sparks and smoke were coming up from the depths of the
hole and landing on a ledge on the opposite side from where we stood.
From the scattered rocks on the ground around us, we could tell that
sometimes the lava landed where we were standing, which shocked us.
We had thought we’d be at a viewing station a safe distance from the
fallout, but we weren’t. We were literally standing on the rim of an active
volcano! Even more surprising was that there were no barriers of any
kind. We could have jumped into the volcano if we wanted to. This
definitely topped the list of things you would never be allowed to do in
the U.S.
The volcano consistently growled, spewing forth red rock and smoke.
The rumbling grew steadily louder and more pained, and the lava
spurts became thicker and taller. After about ten minutes, the volcano
let out a tremendous roar and an enormous amount of lava shot up at
least fifty feet over our heads. Fortunately, even in the bigger blow, the
lava sparks all landed on the other side. After the big blow, both the
rumbling and lava immediately quieted back down, but then steadily
built up again for about twenty minutes. Then there was another huge
blow. We realized it was a pattern—consistent small eruptions inter-
spersed with a big eruption every ten to twenty minutes.
We were completely mesmerized as we watched the volcano, feeling
like the abilities of humans were insignificant and feeble compared to
the raw power of Mother Nature. But for some reason it wasn’t scary.
It was simply awe-inspiring.

From The Unexpected Circumnavigation, Volume 1, by Christi Grab.

Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.


I am happy living simply

I am happy living simply

like a clock, or a calendar.
Or a woman, thin,
lost—as any creature. To know
the spirit is my beloved. To arrive on earth—swift
as a ray of light, or a look.
To live as I write: spare—the way
God asks me—and friends do not.


From Dark Elderberry Branch: Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva A

Reading, by Ilya Kaminsky and Jean Valentine, to be published
November 2012 by Alice James Books, www.alicejamesbooks.
org. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.


20 12


t publishing
xt in independen
BER 201
what to read ne


on our shelf


A loving portrait of two social

misfits—one an obese
recluse, the other a kid from
the wrong side of the tracks—
Liz Moore’s Heft is, above all,
a paean to our shared human-
ity. We are social creatures,
Heft declares on almost every
page, and our need for love
is rivaled only by our capacity
for change. Stylistically remi-
niscent of A Confederacy of
Dunces and The Catcher in the
—Marc Schuster
STORIES Heft by Liz Moore, W.W.
Norton and Company 2012,
W hen a distant relative of
writer Erin McHugh’s
is canonized, she decides it’s

P oets & Writers called Floyd wwnorton.com time to up her own do-gooding.
Skloot “one of the fifty This book chronicles her year of
most inspiring authors in the “trying to be just a little bit bet-
world.” Read Cream of Kohlrabi ter” by doing one charitable act
and you will see why. Skloot each day. Along the way she
is particularly adept at depict- collects 365 anecdotes of gen-
ing the micro-nuances of indi- erosities large and small, and
viduals and of their interactions an equal number of ideas for
with each other. Proving that better living. One Good Deed is
the apple doesn’t fall far from one small step for kind.
the tree, Skoot is the father of —Margaret Brown
Rebecca Skloot, author of the
best-selling The Immortal Life One Good Deed by Erin
of Henrietta Lacks. McHugh, Abrams Image 2012,
—Anna Nair www.abramsimage.com

Cream of Kohlrabi: Stories by

Floyd Skloot, Tupelo Press
2011, www.tupelopress.org

small press reviews

Public Displays of Affectation

by Shaun Haurin

PS Books

haun Haurin’s debut collection of short stories, Public Dis-
plays of Affectation, offers a subtle and emotionally complex
examination of the ties that bind. For the most part, the char-
acters in this collection are looking for love—romantic and other-
wise—which is fitting, given the setting: All of the stories take place
in and around Philadelphia, widely known as the City of Brotherly
Love.  In many instances, the love is forbidden, as in “Best Man,”
which finds a not-so-young-anymore bachelor pining away for his
best friend’s wife. That the best friend is himself engaged in an
extra-marital affair only adds to the would-be lover’s dilemma.
Other stories in Public Displays of Affectation find Haurin explor-
ing the love between parents and children. In one heartbreaking
instance, a story titled “Bloodsucker,” a grown man dons a vampire
costume in order to catch a glimpse of his estranged daughter on
Halloween. Elsewhere, in a story titled “Me, Tarzan,” a boy named
Sammartino Hayes wants nothing more than to be able to respect
his father, a frustrated illustrator who dreams of hitting the big time
with a cartoon canine named Bobo Lazarus.
With a keen eye for the telling detail and a well-tuned ear for dia-
logue, Haurin explores the myriad shades of gray that shroud adult-
hood and haunt the contemporary heart, thus rendering Public Dis-
plays of Affectation a compelling and emotionally intelligent collection.
—Marc Schuster, www.smallpressreviews.wordpress.com

Shelf Unbound Contributing Editor Marc Schuster is the author of

The Grievers, The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl,
Don DeLillo, Jean Baudrillard, and the Consumer Conundrum, and,
with Tom Powers, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: The Discerning
Fan’s Guide to Doctor Who. He is the editor of Small Press Reviews,
and his work has appeared in numerous magazines and journals
ranging from Weird Tales to Reader’s Digest. When he’s not writing,
Marc teaches writing and literature courses at Montgomery County
Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.


“ Round the world!”

he murmered.
“In eighty days,”
responded Mr. Fogg.
“So we haven’t a
moment to lose.

— from Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

october/november contributors

LUTZ BASSMANN belongs to a community of imaginary Robert Capa Gold Medal, National Press Photographers
authors invented, championed, and literarily realized by Award, and an unprecedented four first prize awards from
Antoine Volodine, a French writer of Slavic origins born the World Press Photo contest.
in 1950. Volodine’s many celebrated, category-defying
works include the award-winning Minor Angels (Nebraska, BENJAMIN MOSER is a writer, editor, critic, and trans-
2004), which blends science fiction, Tibetan myth, a ludic lator who was born in Houston in 1976 and lives in the
approach to writing, and a profound humanistic idealism. Netherlands. His first book, Why This World: A Biography
of Clarice Lispector, was published by Oxford University
JAMIE BULLOCH is a historian and has been working Press. He is the Series Editor of the new retranslations of
as a professional translator from German since 2001. His Clarice Lispector published in the United States by New
most recent works include The Sweetness of Life by Paulus Directions and in the United Kingdom by Penguin Modern
Hochgatter for Quercus and Ruth Maier’s Diary for Harvill Classics. He is also a member of the board of the National
Secker. He lives in London with his wife and three children. Book Critics Circle.

ANDREI GELASIMOV, born in Irkutsk in 1965, studied MARIAN SCHWARTZ is a prize-winning translator of
foreign languages at the Yakutsk State University and Russian fiction, history, biography, criticism, and fine art.
directing at the Moscow Theater Institute. He became an She is the principal English translator of the works of Nina
overnight literary sensation in Russia in 2001 when his Berberova and translated the New York Times bestseller
story “A Tender Age,” which he published on the Internet, The Last Tsar, by Edvard Radzinsky. She is the recipient
was awarded a prize for the best debut. of two National Endowment for the Arts translation fel-
lowships and is a past president of the American Literary
CHRISTI GRAB worked in the mortgage industry for Translators Association
eleven years before she and her husband, a software
engineer, “gave it all up” to travel around the world on a THYMOS is an Asian American awareness and activ-
small powerboat. Since completing their worldwide jour- ism group based in Portland, Oregon. Their mission is
ney, Christi has started a new career as a writer. to promote intellectual and social self-determination for
Asian Americans. Their membership consists of lawyers,
EDUARDO HALFON was born in Guatemala City. He business people, professionals, politicians, writers, and
moved to the United States with his family at the age of community leaders. www.thymos.org
ten, went to school in South Florida, studied industrial
engineering at North Carolina State University, and then MARINA TSVETAEVA was a Russian and Soviet poet.
returned to Guatemala to teach literature at Universidad Her work is considered among some of the greatest in
Francisco Marroquín for eight years. Named one of the twentieth century Russian literature. She lived through
best young Latin American writers by the Hay Festival of and wrote of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Mos-
Bogotá, he is also the recipient of the prestigious José cow famine that followed it.
María de Pereda Prize for the Short Novel.
RICHARD WEIHE studied drama and philosophy in
JASON LEWIS is a British-born adventurer, author, and Zurich and Oxford. His poetic biographies of influen-
environmental activist specializing in human-powered tial artists have earned him a wide readership. Sea of
endeavours. In 2007, he became the first person to cir- Ink, published in Switzerland in 2005, won the Prix des
cumnavigate the Earth without using motors or sails. Audituers de la Radio Suisse Romande. In 2010 he
published Ocean of Milk based on the Indian-Hungarian
STEVE MCCURRY has been a one of the most iconic painter Amrita Sher-Gil.
voices in contemporary photography for more than 30
years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a Shelf Unbound is published bimonthly by Shelf Media
dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world Group LLC, 3322 Greenview Drive, Garland, TX 75044.
to his name. McCurry has been recognized with some of Copyright 2012 by Shelf Media Group LLC. Subscriptions
the most prestigious awards in the industry, including the are FREE, go to www.shelfmediagroup.com to subscribe.

what to read next in independent publishing



what to read next in independent publishing