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Justice Alfredo J. Lagamon (Ret.)* Atty. Alberto R. Lagamon*Atty. Archibald R. Lagamon* Atty. Dence Cris L. Rondon
Atty. Heinz Guderian L. Villanueva* Atty. Adriano G. Bahian Jr.*Atty. Jerie M. Ragsac*Atty. Pauline Mae P. Araneta

June 18, 2018

c/o Lailani Obre
City Agriculture Office
LGU-Malaybalay City
Casisang, Malaybalay City

To the above addressed person,


Please be informed that our client, RONILO C. INOCENCIO, sought legal assistance
regarding your indebtedness in the amount of Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php
300,000.00) as balance for the amount you him.

As purported payment of the said indebtedness, you issued two (2) checks with our
client as payee. The said checks are numbered (a) 0000044167, and (b) 0000044168
with Asia United Bank, Malaybalay City as the drawee bank. The checks are
respectively valued at Php 150,000.00 each, totaling to Php 300,000.00.

However, on June 18, 2018, the said checks were returned on the ground that they
were drawn against insufficient funds. Attached herewith are copies of the documents
attesting that the checks are drawn as such.

Under our law, it is criminal act for a person to issue a check knowing that the account
corresponding thereof has no funds or the same is insufficient. Batas Pambansa Blg.
22 is clear, thus:

“Section 1. Checks without sufficient funds. - Any person who makes or draws
and issues any check to apply on account or for value, knowing at the time of issue
that he does not have sufficient funds in or credit with the drawee bank for the
payment of such check in full upon its presentment, which check is subsequently
dishonored by the drawee bank for insufficiency of funds or credit or would have
been dishonored for the same reason had not the drawer, without any valid reason,
ordered the bank to stop payment, shall be punished by imprisonment of not less
than thirty days but not more than one (1) year or by a fine of not less than but not
more than double the amount of the check which fine shall in no case exceed Two
Hundred Thousand Pesos, or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of
the court.

The same penalty shall be imposed upon any person who, having sufficient funds
in or credit with the drawee bank when he makes or draws and issues a check,
shall fail to keep sufficient funds or to maintain a credit to cover the full amount of
the check if presented within a period of ninety (90) days from the date appearing
thereon, for which reason it is dishonored by the drawee bank. x x x

Thus, RONILO C. INOCENCIO is formally demanding you to pay your obligation, or

at the very least arrange with him on how to settle your account, otherwise filing the
necessary case against you in the regular courts for the payment of your obligation
and to enforce and protect their rights with damages will be acted upon and for your
possible imprisonment. We are giving you TEN (10) DAYS from receipt of this letter
to settle your debt.

Please treat this letter with preferential attention it deserves and spare this with all
the rigors, time and inconvenience which are inherent in court litigation.

Very truly yours,


Associate Lawyer


2nd Floor Jamstar Bldg. San Isidro-J. Carillo Street
Brgy. 5, Poblacion Malaybalay City Bukidnon