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Case Study

Billing and CRM

Replacement of appliance based solution with centralized MQ OSS/BSS solution at RVR Net

• Decentralized solution • End -to-End centralized solution • Centralized Operations

• Scalability issues • Scalable solution • Enhanced CSR efficiency
• Long timelines to launch new Services • Dynamic QoS change • Focus on newer revenue
• Lack of unified subscriber information • 360 degree Subscriber view • Focus on subscriber growth
• Lack of Policy Management • Self Care • Enhanced customer satisfaction
• Credit Limits

Service Controller Introduction

• Service Catalog RVR Net had a decentralized authentication, bandwidth management and rating
• Service Bundling systems. Hence typical daily operations at their NOC included manual intervention
• Zero-Touch Activation in managing Work Order generation, scheduling installations, POP-wise subscriber
• Real-Time Prepaid Management base tracking etc. Also the system at each of these POPs could not support more
• Subscriber Managed Services than a few hundred subscribers. This lead to performance issues at every
• Location Lock oversubscribed POP. Moreover if this system went down, identifying affected
• Scheduled Change of Services subscribers was a great challenge. Also consolidation of monthly collections from
• Auto-renewals various POPs to arrive at revenue had to be done manually which took time and
Customer care
As it was increasingly difficult to manage these decentralized operations, RVR soon
• 360 Degree view realized that it was imperative that its existing appliance based solution be replaced
• Trouble Ticket Management with a better solution. After a thorough evaluation of various solutions, RVR had
• Ticket Escalations opted for the centralized OSS/BSS suite from Magnaquest.
• Role/User based Dashboards

Self Care Deployment

• Usage statistics A pre-implementation analysis study was done to identify the bottlenecks / gaps and
• Password Management come up with a migration plan without affecting the existing operations.
• Online Payments MagnaQuest proposed centralized solution to manage internet services and as well
• Online Tickets support the future plans of digital video and VoIP. Migration was taken up in phases
• Account Summary and each POP was moved to the central system without affecting the operations.
• Self Provisioning The prepaid number generation was replaced with credit limits, subscriber QoS
change is made dynamic. Subscriber activation, deactivation, billing, customer care,
all have been moved to the central system.

Case Study
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ROI Boosters

- Provisioning
With a firm objective of automating
processes wherever possible, RVR is
currently being benefited through
various automated features including:
• Near Zero Touch Activation
• Online registration & Self
• Auto Redirection to payment
gateway on credit expiry
• Dynamic QoS Change
For the distributed architecture, the Other significant improvements made at RVR by this implementation include faster
AAA server placed at a centralized authentication timelines, easy navigation, CoA, subscriber triggering provisioning
location, handles requests from the request for change of service and Trouble Ticket Management. A noteworthy
various distributed POPs advantage RVR has seen is the performance at both the authentication process and
policy enforcement has enhanced 5 times when compared with their earlier
- Policy Management appliance based solution.

RVR is able to offer differentiator RVR soon plans to launch VOIP services and will be more focused in providing
services where Policy Management Value Added Services. With their current infrastructure, RVR is now ready to
forms the core of the Service render services on the Next Generation platform enabling them to compete better
Fulfillment process. as they scale up to a larger subscriber base and a wider service delivery platform.
• Real-time prepaid management
• Night Bird, weekend plans Overall Business Impact
• Cross-service bundling with
Promotions. • RVR can now centrally manage their operations
• Meeting SLAs • Refined prepaid voucher management
• RVR is now ready to handle new revenue streams and subscriber growth
- Dealer Management
At RVR, the centralized OSS/BSS
About RVR Net
solution from MagnaQuest has
enabled management of over 60 RVR Net provides broadband Internet services to residential and corporate
resellers. customers in Hyderabad,soon. RVR offers customized services & packages, 24 X 7
support and connectivity through unmatched technology. Committed to customer
• Credit limits set for dealers
satisfaction, RVR ventures into a faster, broader and newer generation of Service
• Web access to dealers
• Secured access to customer base.

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Case Study
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