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An Integrated Blockchain-based

Lifestyle and Messaging Ecosystem

Light Paper

The Olife platform believes in the use of blockchain technology to
propel the messaging ecosystem and industry into the future. In
decentralized networks, generated economic value and
governance are distributed among the network’s stakeholders.
Continued engagement with the service will then be promised,
creating a self-propagating, self-sustaining ecosystem that
universally benefits businesses and end-users.

The Beginning

- Branchless banking
- Micropayments


- Mobile Commerce - Digital Tokens
- Tokenization - Blockchain

There has been a rising interest when it comes to the convergence of “Internet
of Money”, “Internet of Value” (exchange) and “Internet of Things”. There is also
a higher level of understanding when it comes to opportunity in digital finance
services and distributed infrastructure development

These opportunities are being addressed by the evolving digital finance

landscape which creates a system-wide convergence and integration.
Adaptation befits based on accessibility, interoperability, security, ease of use,
security, reduced friction, transferability and more will be dictated by
users/consumers of all offerings. Ultimately, the best user experience (UX) will
attract the most consumers.
Current Landscape

50% of big corporations are

considering blockchain

Number of mobile
messenging app users to
Over US$1.4 billion in
investment over grow to 2.48 billion users
the past 3 years by 2021

Blockchain Market Mobile Messenging App Market

Market size to reach Southeast Asians spend

US$60.7 billion in 2024 3.6 hours on the mobile
internet every day

Southeast Asians spend 140

minutes on online shopping

r nize
rOur Story
he ay s and bran
Olife is set to revolutionize the world of mobile messaging applications. It will
redefine the way companies and brands connect with consumers, and vice
We are introducing a B2B2C chat and commerce app and an open-source
cryptographic token, Olife (OLE), which is envisioned to be a general-purpose
cryptocurrency for use within the Olife Ecosystem in the app’s chat, gaming,
social media and payment function.

Olife is similar to other digital currencies that enable you to earn and spend, and
more. It also is an application based on a blockchain network, can be used to
acquire and access various goods and services in the ecosystem,like gifting,
in-game items, tipping, content viewing and more; and can also be traded for
physical goods and services within the ecosystem.
The Building Blocks of Olife

The Olife Ecosystem is built upon

six key pillars:

1. Advertisements and Rewards

2. Payment and Commerce
3. Personal and Professional
4. Proof of Economic Activity
5. Proof of Stake
6. Smart Contracts

The 6 building blocks propels the

ecosystem and establishes synergy
between digital communication and
commerce sustainably.

They are distributed throughout the application to convey the overall function of
Olife for users.

Application Layer Chat Functions, video streaming,

payment and commerce, token wallet,
advertisement and interaction, rewards
program, gaming, music recognition,
professional engagement, geo-location

Facilitating Layer Smart Contracts

Core Layer Proof of Economic Activity, Proof of

Overview of Olife’s Onchain Activities
App Ecosystem & Incentive Model

Store and transfer OLE

Tiered transaction
reward with OLE
Tip with OLE

Pay for products &

services with OLE
Token Wallet

In-game purchases
with OLE Chat bots Spending Wallet

Staking Wallet

Pay for stickers

with OLE
Payment & Proof of
Text messaging Commerce Stake Engage with ads
& get OLE

Reach number of
Video/Voice Calls
participants & get OLE
Personal & Ads &
Professional Rewards Moments Official
Accounts Create business acc &
get OLE
Live Streaming
Gift OLE

Camera &
Building Blocks Check-in & get
Filters OLE
Pay for filters
with OLE
Music Recognition Services
Find Stores that
accept OLE
Professional Profile

Scan ad QR code &

App Functions get OLE

Setup profile & Pay for professional

get OLE services with OLE

Pay for premium

content with OLE

Action & Incentives


WeChat Olife

Messaging as the core function and

Messaging as a basic function
main token flow i.e. live stream tipping,
conference call participation reward

Official Accounts: subscription accounts Official account is individual-friendly

and service accounts for organisations and can be monetized

Moments social feeds with embedded Moments feeds with advertisements that
advertisements reward engagement with OLE tokens

WeChat Pay via fiat Olife Pay via OLE tokens which can be
earned as rewards, spent in the app and
traded in the real-world crypto market

Olife Integration - Challenges & Opportunities

Current challenges faced in the roadmap of Olife’s integration include emerging

financial technologies’ lack of trust towards and access to established financial
institutions and services, and vice versa.

In spite of this, both worlds are are open and searching for strategic partnerships
and relationships. In the near future, there will be the witnessing of large-scale
convergence and the fusion of legacy, emergent digital finance offerings and
delivery platforms. Blockchain-based “proof of concepts” are emerging. The true
competitive advantage and innovation for digital finance players lies with cen-
tralised meeting
centralized cloud,
meeting meeting
cloud, distributed
meeting solutions.
distributed solutions.
Masternode Network

The majority of crypto currencies that make use of masternodes, split their block
reward per block equally between the mining and masternode distribution
mechanisms. The intended fairness of this reward distribution can be subverted
by the growth of masternodes held by large holders of OLE tokens without limits
leading to potential centralization of the budgeting system much like having a
majority shareholder in a company. The additional benefits of masternodes can
lead to less number of users conducting Proof of Stake (PoS) mining activities
and thus lowering the security of the PoS network.

Masternodes are nodes running the same wallet software on the same
blockchain to provide extra services to the network. These services include coin
mixing for increased privacy of transactions, instant transactions and a
decentralized governance that provides a decentralized budgeting system with
immutable proposal and voting systems.
Early Adopters Partner Program
We are welcoming merchants and service providers on board as early adopters for Olife as part
of growing the community and expanding our brand.
Early Adopters Partners
Token Distribution

Aggregate OLE Token Distribution

50%- Olife Stakeholders

20%- Management Team

50%- Private Sale

5%- Early Adoptor

Partner Program

50%- Company Reserve 10%- Product Development

(10% release per annum) (R&D Team)

2%- CSR

8%- Operation Team Legal Counsel

Olife Stakeholders Distribution

On June 5th 2018, starting at 6PM Singapore Time, we will offer 50% of all Olife
tokens to be distributed for purchase by private investors and partners in the
Private Sale (under the ticker symbol OLE). The remaining 50% of Olife tokens
created will be issued to Olife Stakeholders as an incentive to ensure long-term
commitment to the token’s adoption. Further details of the distribution of tokens
to the stakeholders is outlined above.

Funds Usage

20%- Business &

Market Development

Funds Allocation

25%- Reserve Funds

20%- Operation Expenses

& Startup Cost

35% Platform Development

(Software & Hardware)
Developmental Roadmap
Kicking off with the token sale, Olife will follow the timeline below to trigger
interactions and dedication from the participants:
Olife C-suite Team

Joseph Lim Mike Tiong Giulio Dorrucci Donald Tan

Co-founder Co-founder Chief Commercial Officer Chief Marketing Officer

Johnson Lim Eddie Lee Darren Chen

Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Community Officer

Olife Advisory Board

Anthony Koh Chong Chee Wah Ong Chong Yeow Thomas Irle
Advisory in Payment Advisory in Secure Advisory in Finance Advisory in Consumer
Solutions Mobile Communications Marketing
& Cryptographic

Dr. Edwin Long Alfred Chia

Advisory in Technology Advisory in Legal Matters
Olife Management Team

Eugene Chen Seah Choon Kiat Clara Lau Benjamin Chan

PR and Communications Senior Business Strategic Partnerships Operations Manager
Director Development Manager Manager

Raymond Lim Desmond Pang Ezaline Hoon Mark Rowie

Business Development Strategic Partnerships UI/UX Manager Backend Developer
Manager Manager Manager

Rosaline Ng Melissa Lim Belinda Liew

Corporate Project Manager Finance Manager
Pre-Sale starts 5 Jun 2018
Token Name: Olife (OLE)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 OLE
Tokens for Private Sale: 50% of total supply
Soft Cap: 20, 000, 000 USD
Hard Cap: 174, 000, 000 USD

Olife Chat Application Beta Launch Date:

Q1 2019

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