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It was a dark secret longing to be revealed. Many have said that this secret would outshine the love for
opposite sex, love for the people we’ve been within a family, love for the craft we’ve chosen and love
for the poor we encounter and help each day. This secret has gone through the years that only powerful
relationship can decipher. Until one time, a group of individuals that share common attributes, aspire a
common goal and talk common issues designed a great chef’ d’ ver. This group of individuals forged
compatibility with each other. In addition, this broke the rock that encloses the secret they’ve all waited



It was an imperturbable morn of the first day of the week of June. The breeze, that condensed body
heat, contacted and absorbed by one’s skin. The youthful tic-tac of the clock gesticulated Reese to get
up. Waking up in the early hours of the day was not her forte but grooming herself for school in a
diminutive period can boost her potential. Reese was a dedicated average student. However, what
people admired about her was her being straightforward -although sometimes makes her indiscreet.
Anyways, since Reese was already o’er of her dressing up, she was definitely equipped to face the
commencement of the class. The sun radiated its glare sharply towards the students attending the
Monday program. When she arrived in school, the foremost person she approached with exhilaration
was her dearly loved best friend, partner-in-crime and her human diary since elementary days, Lily.
Can’t blame the longevity of their camaraderie. Lily was so [infatuated] on color pink. She would find
everything endearing as long as it was tainted by pink. Hello Kitty, pink pussycat, pink shoulder bag, pink
coin purse, to name a few, belonged to her. They were so overwhelmed seeing each other again after
two months of school break and spending time with their respective families. The love and joy were
clearly figured out on both of them.

“Lily, how was your vacation? I really missed you.” Reese uttered.

“It was so okay. Actually, our family had gone to Sipalay for beach vacation. It was heavenly. The
bluishness of the waters got me. I really want to go back there. And I will make sure this time, you’re
with us.” Lily replied.

“Wow! How I wish. Anyways, I have something to talk to you about [you know].” Reese conveyed.

While in middle of conversing, one student caught their attention. Her name was Rela. Rela was so
strange to the two. She’s their new classmate from an elementary institute erected on the neighboring
barangay. Rela was a little bit bag of bones. Maybe she’s partaking neither vegetables nor fruits. Based
on her physical whole, she actually necessitated vitamins. Rela, since she’s alien to everyone, observes
stillness. She would just utter a word when her elementary classmate would speak to her.

“Reese, do you have any idea who’s that girl standing before us?” Lily interrogated.
“Nah, maybe a new classmate or a student from another school; let us not worry about her. Let us talk
about Mark. Ow! He’s so striking.” Reese expressed with giggle.

“You’re in love with him. OMG! But, I wonder why do you find him so fine-looking despite our
classmates’ outlook about his image.”

“Actually, I don’t care about what’s their estimation on how he looks. When you feel that love that
tickles you within, you have no care about other people anymore. When I look at him while our eyes are
meeting, the love flowing through my nerves moves me emotionally. When he smiles while her cheeks
blush, I cannot totally grasp by insight the things happening through my body as if I’m going to pass off.
But the bottom line is, his face was fulgent and he got my heart.”

You’re totally insane Reese. Anyways, let us now head to our classroom. Maybe our classmates are
already there. Let us go.

While inside the room where the four corners of it speak of the knowledge and wisdom, Reese and Lily
are still conversing about their vacation and their crushes. On the other hand, Rela is still at peace that
might spoil the saliva that flows through her lips and waves through her mouth. The classroom was filled
of noise produced by gossiping, talking, chatting, ranting, introducing and shouting that you would think
that the room was a bar full of partygoers. However, why is Rela so quiet that her silence deafens the
whole class, not excluding her? Few seconds later, her elementary friend, Jackie, approached her
through a tap on her shoulder. Thank God, her golden voice was really broadcasted but of course within
a small scope [just between her and that friend] only.

Jackie brought Rela to their other classmates and introduced her to them. Rela felt so energized [but
with little bit of nervousness] to meet her new classmates.

“Guys! My name is Jackie and I present to you my classmate since elementary and our classmate by this
point, Rela. You know, Rela was my best friend and she can make everyone happy, right Rela?”

Rela did not give any response.

“Oh Rela. She’s shy but I know that eventually she will ultimately make you laugh out loud. She’s just
familiarizing everything.”

Reese interrupted Jackie’s informal speech. “Rela, welcome! We are the same here. We are also new to
this class. When we were in elementary, we were in second best section. If you notice, most of them
derived from the pilot class of our school. Nevertheless, we are really doing our best to connect with
them and feel comfortable with the class. Eventually, these unfamiliar faces you see will be your best of
friends. Just don’t feel uncomfortable and just take this room as your home and us as your family.
Before I forget, I’m Reese, on my left is Lily.” Lily waved her right hand to be recognized. Subsequently,
Rela smirked.
Finally, those learning buddies welcomed her with flying colors. This is the time Rela meets Lily and

After a minute, their teacher had shown her presence.

“Good Morning Class, I am Mrs. Bello. I will be your section counselor and at the same time your English
teacher. Since, this is the first day of class, I will announce the requirements that you need to comply for
my subject and your class schedule.”

While the teacher was writing the requirements and the class schedule on the board, Jackie made the
bridge between Rela and Alexa.

Jackie called Rela in small voice for her not to be heard by their teacher.

“Rela, notice me.”

“What, Jackie?”

“I want you to meet Alexa. Rela, this is Alexa. Alexa, that is Rela.”

Both girls say Hi to one another.

Alexa, meanwhile, has a resemblance of Rela. She got Rela’s color of the skin and glueyness [of course,
not that thin as that of the latter]. She could be considered as Rela’s image on the reflector. Additionally,
she acquired the eye-catching small depressions in her cheeks.

Finally, the bell rang. A new teacher had come over. It was Mr. Contes.

(The Quote of the Day)
Mr. Contes got inside the classroom. All the students greeted him “Good morning Sir”. He responded a
short salutation to everyone. Mr. Contes brought out his things to begin his class. He would be teaching
Information Technology, a subject that deals with computers and other media that have something to
do with information disseminations and communication progression.

Rela, Alexa and Jackie were still chatting to each other. Their mouths were wide-opened as there were
plethoras of words stuck on theirs that they needed them to discharge. Their chuckles, without their
knowing, gave birth to noise. Overtly, Mr. Contes called up the attention of the three girls.

“The three of you, what are you doing?”

“No Sir, we are just overwhelmed of you Sir. We are very much excited to listen to you.” Alexa
“Listen to me? If you want listen, you better shut your mouths up.”
“Okay Sir.”
The three are still cackling despite the reprimanding of Mr. Contes. They laughed at how Alexa answered
Mr. Contes’ question. They called Alexa’s response as a prudent one.

Meanwhile, Mr. Contes talked about an inspirational story. This is about a class that has never been
broken apart despite the chaos that arises within the group and with the other groups. He detailed the
events occurred in the story. Until he came up with a quote that serves as a reminder for everyone
about how they should treat each other. He imparted to everyone the ideals of this quote.

“Class, your friendship would sometimes end because you would depart each other when the tertiary
education comes around but if you create a family that composes all of you, definitely the bond that ties
all of you together will never be broken and surely will never be destroyed by any catastrophic events
that may come into your way.”

He quoted “All for one, one for all”.

He elucidated, “This is not only about unity but also about prolonging the relationship that may arise
from all of you. Unity comes only if you need to work together but when you have already the
foundation, a formidable to obliterate, you can work together even if you are not seeing each other. The
relationship will be one to transmit the message to every one of you of what you want to achieve. Unity
comes after relationship but relationship comes before everything. “All for one, one for all”, this quote
hopefully will imbue you with the ideals of a best class. This may teach you to help one another in case
of fortuitous events, laugh together even if everyone is striking you stones of criticisms, to fight together
when needed and raise yourselves together when the world pulls you down.”

Everyone was inculcated of what Mr. Contes had told. Mr. Contes requested everyone to have a short
introduction about their selves.
“Okay, class. Since this is the primary day of our class and in order to start living the quote, I want you to
think of a just short introduction about yourself. Think the unique one so that when people hear it they
can out rightly be reminded of you.”

Lily initiated the introduction.

“Good morning guys. My name is Lily Alegre. I’m 12 years of age. People think of me as a person
passionate on color pink. They often call me as a “The Pulchritudinous” of course when I’m in pink.”

Rela followed Lily to have her introduction.

She spoke as soft as a dog crashed by an accelerating car.
“Hello guys. I’m Rela Hemida. I graduated from Felisa Elementary School. I’m a shy-type person….Joke!
Just slight. My classmates before, thought of me as a crazy person. They found weird on how I observe
hygiene. Ha-ha-ha, never mind, you can just call me Rela. Of course, that is my name.”

Reese was next in line.

“ What a wonderful day to all of you! I’m Reese Makilan. I’m 11 years of age as of this moment. Actually,
the alacrity of the pumping of my heart is too high. I’m so nervous. Anyhow, people think of me as an
out-spoken person.”

Alexa went after.

“ Hi Guys! I’m Alexa Gonzales. I’m from Handumanan Elementary School 1. Actually, I don’t know how to
describe myself. Nevertheless, other think of me as a girl with artistic prowess. How assuming am I?
Hahaha. Gracias!”

Until all of their classmates stood before the others and had a short introduction of themselves.

Kriiiing! Kriiiing! The bell intensively rang to signal that it’s break time.

(Break time to Love Moment)

Reese and Lily headed right away to the cafeteria to have their break time after hearing the bell. Jackie
and Rela were still worried on how they could make friends with their classmates. Alexa, together with
Anna and Vimie, roamed around the school premises and proceeded afterwards to the canteen.

While having their snacks, Reese was writing a letter. This letter speaks of her love to Mark. Mark was
her friend since elementary. The letter reads:
Hello Mark! I’m your secret admirer. I adore you from the way you walk, the way you look at me,
the way you extend your lips to give a smirk, to the way you talk, the way you jive and the way you
mingle. I tend to hide my identity because I am too shy to be known by you. For the meantime, I hope
there’s love with the communication like this.
You are my rose that makes my love so red. You are my sunshine whose light brightens my life
every day. You are my most potent soul that I wish to be inside my body to make me feel alive
throughout my existence. You are my omnipresent idea that every day you don’t fail to be in my mind,
you don’t incur absence in my heart and you never disappoint me to see you in every corner that my sight
can reach.
I hope we can have time to know each other better. I wish I were to have courage to reveal my
identity to you.

Reese decided to put it in an envelope. She hugged and kissed the letter. She really giggled too hard.
Without her knowing, Mark was beside them eating siomai and rice.

Lily right away called Reese’s attention. She sharply pointed her lips on Mark.
“Reese, he’s here”
Reese was in surprise and tried to hide herself. She was too ashamed about what happened. She ran
away too fast so that she could out rightly get out of that shame. Instead of sending the letter to Mark,
she intended to throw it in a trash bin.

When she was about to fling it, someone held her hand attempting to cease her from doing it. She
slowly craned her neck until she perceived the face of Mark. Mark gave her a beam.

“Hey! What are you doing to that letter? “Mark asked.

“I’m throwing this. This is our English activity. I got low score, then I decided to fling it so that I could not
be reminded of my failure.”

“Can I read it? I’m sure you’re teacher does not know the essence of that letter.”

“No! You don’t have to read it. I’m sure my teacher knows how to grade our activities.”

“Please, let me read it.”

Mark instantly grabbed the letter from the hand of Reese. He was able to read it while Reese was
persuading Mark to give it back to her. Mark read the letter from the first alphabet stipulated on it up to
the last syllable.

“It was nice, though. I actually admire your writing prowess. I wonder why your teacher gave you a low
mark and who is the Mark on this letter?” Mark conveyed.

“Hmmm…It was the main character of the story we have read. Our teacher requested us to make a
letter for him if we were the secret admirer of that character.” Reese responded.

“I see. I advise you to keep this letter. Best works deserve to be cherished and treasured.”

“Okay. Thank you for that advice. I’ll keep this.”

Reese walked right away. Instead of worrying about that shame she felt on the canteen, she opted to
giggle as the love intruded her being.

Reese chatted Lily everything that happened. Lily was so amazed of that unexpected event in the life of

“You know Lily, this is really the best and the most romantic day of my life. I want to televise it. Oh my
God! I still cannot believe in what happened.”

“I’m so happy for you but do you think he did not hear everything we talked about a while ago at the

“I’m sure he heard it but I don’t care about it anymore. If he’s going to decipher that I feel special about
him, then so be it. By the way, how about Calvin? “

”Calvin? Who is Calvin?”

“Don’t pretend that you don’t know him. I have read your exchanging of messages on your phone. Are
you already together?”

“No! We are just friends.”

‘”Friends? I don’t think so. Is there a friend so concerned about if you have already eaten your breakfast,
your lunch, your dinner or even your snacks? I’m your best friend but I don’t even ask you if you have
partaken your meal.”

“Yes, him. Reese, we are just friends and there’s nothing more than that.”

“But if there’s progress, don’t ever forget to update me.”

“There will never be progress, I assure you.”


(Lily’s Controversy)

Twenty days after the opening of the school year, the bond of some of students inside the class were
getting tighter and tighter. The closeness upgraded to the next level that they laughed aloud together by
sharing larks, by telling funny stories and gesturing peculiar faces.

Rela was getting too humorous that she even afforded to entwine her slender body. She made the
whole class chortle to the fullest that someone would think that there was going to be no tomorrow.
The existent fun enormously conceived an extraordinary intimacy between each other.

While the whole class were enjoying the hour that no teacher had gone and definitely no class had
happened, Lily tightly held her cellular phone while her fingers moved too fast as they pressed the
keypad that comprised the letter she wanted to type. She extended her lips side by side, as her phone
received new messages from the person she was texting to. As another new message passed by her
phone, the excitement in her heart stimulated a blush and a deeper depression on her cheeks. The
reddish cheeks that dazzled captured the interest of Reese.

While Lily was so busy typing a message she wanted to deliver through an SMS to its recipient, Reese
diligently engaged herself looking and perusing every word that came out of the message. Reese
became so intrigued of the barter of messages that happened between two persons. She was able to
read the message from the person.

“Of course I like you. I always think of you, every minute, every second, every hertz and every smallest
time that I can think of. My mind never stops in conceiving thoughts that craft a beautiful human
masterpiece and it’s you. You make my world stop from rotating around its axis when my eyes meet
yours. I like you very much. You are the most attractive maiden I have ever met all of my life.”
Reese uncontrollably reacted too much about the message she had read. Lily, on the other hand, was in
shock to know that Reese was reading the messages.

“Oh my goodness, Reese why are your reading our swapping of notes through an SMS?”

“No. I am not reading your notes. Of course, I have a copy of my own. Why would I spend my time
perusing your notes?”

“Reese, you are my friend. Don’t make stories and don’t change the topic. I know you read his message,
do not deny it.”

“Okay. Okay. I admit. I read his message to you. So, do you have something to update on me?”

Reese was waiting for an impressive answer.

“Of course, I have.”

“So, what is it?”

“I update you that we are not friends anymore.”

“Oh my gosh! You and the guy were not friends anymore. So I presume you are in a relationship!

“Crazy people are all around. Of course, I and that guy are only friends but you and I are not friends

“WHAT! You’re joking me. Lily, your joke has not been so funny.”

“I’m not joking. You know that I don’t know to play with jokes.”

“So, you are ceasing our friendship because you have that guy now who can stand as your best friend.”

“Hahahaha! I’m just joking you. Of course I will not sacrifice our friendship over that guy.”

“I know it. You made me so nervous. I thought you were very serious about it.”

“Our friendship is one of the precious gifts I receive all of my life. Why would I cease it just for one

“That’s why I really love you as my best friend. You never fail to make me feel that our friendship is
priceless and as polished as a diamond. By the way, what’s now the status?”

“Ahmm… Okay. He is courting me. I allowed him but I told him that I need time. I don’t want to make
rush decisions.”

“Let me read your messages. Pleeeasse.”

“You’re so intriguing but because you are my best friend, okay, I will let you read it. Here!”
Reese read the messages aloud, of course not too loud that everyone could hear.

“My topaz, [Wow topaz!] Good morning I hope you’re going to have a very nice day ahead.”

“Have you eaten your breakfast? Don’t ever skip it. I don’t want you to starve.”

“Just text me if your class is done. I want you to focus on the discussion. Of course, I want to motivate
not to distract you.”

“Do you really want to know why I like so much?”

“Of course I like you. I always think of you, every minute, every second, every hertz and every smallest
time that I can think of. My mind never stops in conceiving thoughts that craft a beautiful human
masterpiece and it’s you. You make my world stop from rotating around its axis when my eyes meet
yours. I like you very much. You are the most attractive maiden I have ever met all of my life.”

“You know love doesn’t always come through an appealing physical appearance. If you think you are not
beautiful, think that I’m here saying you are the most beautiful. If you consider yourself as loser of your
own life, I’m here to cheer you up until you stand again and be a winner. If you never figure out that the
world provides you everything you want, I am here again to remind you that the world never provides
what you want but suffices you of what you need. If you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere,
don’t ever forget to look up to the sky and find the brightest star because I am there ready to give you
the directions to bring you home.

Reese giggled too much to the extent that she slapped and pinched Lily on her shoulders.

Wow, I’m so touched. He’s so sweet. What is the name of this guy?”

“Hmmm… Actually, his name is… “

“His name is?”

“His name is Calvin. He’s Calvin.”

“Oh my goodness, it was him. So why it is that last time there’s a Calvin on your phone, now you are
saying that the unknown number is him? Why is that so?”

“Actually, I intentionally deleted the name so that you would not know that he was the one I am texting.
Since I’ve told you everything, there’s no significance about changing and hiding his identity at all.”

“I support you my friend but remember always set limitations and be reminded of them.”


(Rela is on the wings of love)

Entwining her body so flexible, she made the whole class chuckle to the fullest. The chuckles could
actually beat the

Christian, via his car, headed to Mel’s dwelling to talk about their reunion on the 31st of December.
While driving his car, a phone call came up.

“Hello! I can’t talk at this moment. I am driving.” Christian answered the call.

“This is so important Chris, Rela made scandal here at the mall. We need you here” the caller’s

“What?! Okay. I am on my way. I will be there after 10 minutes.”

“We will wait you here.”

Christian arrived in the mall after 20 minutes of drive. Since he’s late, he was not able to witness what
happened. He roamed around the mall. After few seconds, a girl approached him.

“Are you Christian, right?”

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

“You don’t remember me? I am Vanessa.”

“Vanessa? Vanessa? I can’t really remember you.”

“Don’t worry. I will not be mad at you. Anyway, you’re looking for one of your friends? That one who
made a scandal here a while ago?”

“Oh yes. Where are they?”

“They went already. As what I have overheard, the girl was brought to rehabilitation shelter. I am not
sure but just check it out.”

“Oh my God. This can’t be happening. But thank you for the information and I will try my best to
remember you.”

Christian ran in a hurry towards his car. He started right away the engine so as not to waste time.
Another call from his phone came up and it was again the person who have just phoned up.

“Hello! Where are you now? I’d been to mall but you were already not there.”

“Chris, we are here at the Bacolod Rehabilitation Center Rela was brought here. I don’t know what to do

“Have you called Lily, and Alexa already about this?”

“Yes, Chris. They’re already here.”

“Okay, I’ll be there right away.”

Chris stroked the acceleration. The car accelerated from its normal speed. Due to that motion, his phone
fell off the car’s floor. When he was, about to pick his phone up, an old woman, holding two baskets
(one basket for each hand) of vegetables, crossed the street without his knowing. When he got up, he
found the old woman crossing the street but he lost his break. He attempted to divert his direction. He
saved the life of the elderly woman, but unfortunately, he drove himself to an accident that he would
never forget. He crashed into the wall, and few minutes later, the ambulance came up. Three
respondents helped him to get out of the car because his foot was stuck under the break.

“Sir, please help me.” Christian’s howl due to pain.

The three respondents let Christian get inside the ambulance for him to be delivered to the hospital for
an immediate treatment. He suffered several wounds on his body. His blood flows through his face and
some scratches were observed on his knees and elbows.

While in the rehabilitation center, Reese received a phone call. She answered it right away.

Hello Ma’am, is this Reese Makilan?” the caller asked.

“Yes I am. How can I help you?”

“Ma’am, this is from Riverside Hospital. We would just like to inform you that Christian Garcia was
brought here due to car accident.”

Reese was in surprise after knowing what happened to her friend.

Lily felt strange of the Reese’s expression.

“Reese, what happened?”

“Guys, I am so saddened to inform you that….”

“Reese, tell us what happened!”

“Christian is on the hospital.”

“Oh my goodness. I don’t know now what to do.”

“Why is this all happening to all of us?” Alexa questioned.

“Actually, I am so puzzled about what happened to both of our friends.” Lily expressed.

While the three are so problematic of what has happened to the both, Rela was laughing so hard that
someone would think that the air originating from her alveoli would run out.