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Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor

September 15, 1935

Section 1
1. Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or kindred blood are forbidden.
Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of
evading this law, they were concluded abroad.
2. Proceedings for annulment may be initiated only by the Public Prosecutor.
Section 2
Sexual relations outside marriage between Jews and nationals of German or kindred
blood are forbidden
Section 3
Jews will not be permitted to employ female citizens of German or kindred blood as
domestic servants.
Section 4
1. Jews are forbidden to display the Reich and national flag or the national colors. […]
Section 5
1. A person who acts contrary to the prohibition of Section 1 will be punished with
hard labour.
2. A person who acts contrary to the prohibition of Section 2 will be punished with
imprisonment or with hard labour. […]

The Reich Citizenship Law

September 15, 1935

Article 2
1. A citizen of the Reich is that subject only who is of German or kindred blood and
who, through his conduct, shows that he is both desirous and fit to serve the German people
and Reich faithfully. […]
3. Only the citizen of the Reich enjoys full political rights in accordance with the
provision of the laws.

The Reich Citizenship Law

November 14, 1935

Article 4
1. A Jew cannot be a citizen of the Reich. He has no right to vote in political affairs
and he cannot occupy public office. […]

Order removing Jews from German economic life


Article 1
1. From January 1, 1938, operation of retail shops, mail order houses, independent
exercise of handicrafts is forbidden to Jews.
2. Moreover it is forbidden to Jews from the same date to offer goods or services in the
markets of all kinds, fairs, or exhibitions or to advertise such or accept orders therefor.
3. Jewish shops operated in violation of this order will be closed by police.


“Regulating Registration at the University of Liberal Arts and Technology, the Budapest
University of Economics and the Academy of Law”
(the so-called numerus clausus)
Act XXV of 1920

1. § From the 1920/21 academic year only those individuals can enrol in the Universities of
Liberal Arts and Technology, the Budapest University of Economics and the Academy of
Law who are absolutely reliable on the basis of national loyalty and morality, and only in
numbers whose thorough education is ensured.

3. § […] During the approval of the applications besides the national loyalty and morality of
the candidates their intellectual skills should be considered and also the percentage of
ethnic groups and races [népfajok] among the students. The percentage of ethnic students
and students of other races should mirror their percentage in the general population of the
country, or at least fill 90% of their quota.
Statute no. 123.033/1920 of the Ministry of Cults and Public Instruction regarding the
execution of law XXV (1920)
Israelites are to be considered a separate ethnicity.

To ensuring greater efficiency in securing the balance of social and economic life
(the so-called First Jewish Law)
Act XV of 1938

3. § In the chambers of journalists, theatre and film chambers the proportion of Jews cannot
exceed twenty percent amongst the members of aforesaid chambers.
7. § In the chambers of legal practitioners, technicians, physicians maximum twenty percent
of the members can be Jews.

On the restriction of the role of Jews in public and economic life

(the so-called Second Jewish Law)
Act IV of 1939
1. § According to this legislation those individuals are considered Jewish who are Israelites by
faith or whose parents (at least one of them), or whose grandparents (at least two of them)
are of Israelite faith at the time this bill becomes law or before this, also the descendants of
these individuals born after the introduction of this law.
4. § A Jew cannot be elected to the House of Lords. Exceptions are those who represent the
Israelite religious leaders.
7. § In the universities and academies among first year students only six percent of Jews can
be accepted […]

For the protection of racial purity

(the so-called Third Jewish Law)
Act XV of 1941
9. § Marriage between non Jews and Jews is forbidden.