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Microsoft Excel shortcut keys (PC)


F2 Edit active cell F5 Goto

F3 Paste name into a formula SHIFT + ARROW Select the adjacent cell

F4 Toggle references SHIFT + SPACEBAR Select entire row

ALT + ENTER Start a new line within the same cell CTRL + SPACEBAR Select entire column

SHIFT + F2 Insert or edit cell comment CTRL + SHIFT + HOME Select all to the start of
the sheet
SHIFT + F10 Display short cut menu
(i.e. same as right click) CTRL + SHIFT + END Select all to the last used
cell of the sheet
SHIFT + F11 Insert worksheet
CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW Select to the end of the last used
CTRL + F3 Define a name for a cell cell in row/column

CTRL + D Fill down (e.g. copy formula down in CTRL + ARROW Select the last used cell in
selected cells) row/column

CTRL + R Fill right CTRL + PAGE UP/DOWN Move to the next or previous
worksheet (Move between tabs if
CTRL + SHIFT + A Insert argument names and you are in a menu window)
parentheses for a function after typing
a function name in a formula CTRL + TAB Move to next workbook
(while in spreadsheet)
ALT, I, R Insert row Move to next divider
(when in menu options)
ALT, I, C Insert column
TAB Move to the next cell (Move
between items within a menu

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys (PC)

CTRL + 1 Brings up format cells menu CTRL+ ; Enter date

CTRL + B Bold CTRL + : Enter time

CTRL + I Italic CTRL + ` Show formula/show values

(key to the left of 1)
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + ] Select cells which refer to the active cell
CTRL + V Paste (useful before deleting a cell in a worksheet)

ALT, E, S Paste special ALT Drives menu bar

CTRL + X Cut ALT + TAB Next open program

CTRL + Z Undo ALT + = Auto sum

CTRL + Y Repeat last action

CTRL + A Select all used cells (select entire worksheet

if command is repeated)