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A vision of your office MiWand Hand-held Scanner

Scan anytime, anywhere

with the cordless portable scanner

Include Include Support

A4 Rechargeable
Mini SD Card Color/B&W Mini SD Card

The handheld scanner brings The easy-to-use LCD screen

Features: and button
you a wireless and highly
efficient life 10 3 1 2 11

Ultralight, portable scanner This is a truly portable, cordless handheld

scanner that allows you to capture important
Powered by an CNP-50 Li-Ion battery documents, books, letters, receipts, photos SD
and more into a micro SD card. Powered by a

No computer required to scan! rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the handheld

scanner is cordless and easy to travel with. As
Save images to microSD card up to
you move the scanner over an area as large 9 6 4 8 5 7
32 GB as 8.27”x 14”, its sensitive color image sensor
1 Battery indicator Battery is full, Empty battery
scans at high (600 dpi), or standard (300 dpi)
2 Color selector Press to choose color or
Direct save images in JPEG/PDF file resolution, saving images as JPEG/PDF files
black and white
format stored on an inserted micro SD TM
card. The
3 Effect indicator PHOTO indicator Color,
built-in display shows the selected resolution,
B/W indicator Black and white
Ideal to scan books, or documents file format, color or black and white mode, 4 Counting indicator Show scan count
up to 14” (356 mm) scan count, remaining battery life, and even 5 Resolution selector Press to choose STD ( standard ) or
the scanning speed. What is amazing, it only HQ ( high quality redolution )
Very easy for daily use takes 2 seconds to scan a color A4 document. 6 Resolution STD ( 300 dipi )
black-white mode). indicator HQ ( 600 dpi )
Resolution up to 600 dpi 7 File format selector Press to choose JPEG or PDF
To view or download the scanned image, you 8 File format indicator JPEG , PDF or MPDF
Color/gray mode selection can either remove the micro SD card and
9 SD card indicator Picture will be stored in micro SD card
connect it to a card reader, or connect the 10 LED A red flashing LED indicator error

View images in iPad scanner to your computer via a supplied USB Show ready status or scan in progress
cable. 11 Power/Scan Hold 2 seconds to power on / press
Button to start scan end scan
MiWand Hand-held Scanner
View images in iPad Wireless design, scan images NewSoft Presto! PageManager
-Super business software, management efficiency of
anywhere enterprises information promoted once again!

The brand new portable

Document Plastic Checks Business
ID cards cards
scanner weights only
223g and can be
operated with a single
hand. Powered by a
rechargeable Li-Ion
battery, you do not
SD need to carry a heavy PageManager main screen

power adapter and

Through the mini USB port, the scanned hunt for an electric Presto! PageManager lets users easily share
documents, can be easily transferred outlet anymore! Since network resources, as well as manage
to iPad . no computer is required to start a scan, you photos and files. It can assist users to transfer
can carry it to anywhere, anytime! Whenever a pile of documents into ordered PDF files,
on the road, in a plane, a car, or a café, you and view, compile, search, deliver and
can digitize almost everything right away! copy them in various formats. With this
Whether standing or sitting, you can complete software, users can directly print and fax
your scan by simply gliding it over a surface. documents through simple drag-and-drop,
Even the posters on the wall or a pretty carton not only effectively assisting enterprises to
can be easily digitized! In addition, an manage business information, but also
over-speed alert is provided to let you control improving the efficiency of the working staff.
your scanning speed to ensure the best image

MiWand Hand-held Scanner Specifications:

System requirement
Pentium 4 or higher
Hand-held Scanner

Technology: CIS (contact image sensor)
Windows® XP/ 2000 / Vista /7 USB Y Cable
Memory card : Support Micro SD™ card up to 32GB
Interface: 128MB RAM (256MB RAM for Windows XP) Quick Guide
USB 2.0 / 1.1 Device
Power indicator:
Battery indicator:
Scan resolution:
LED . CD-ROM drive
USB port
Carry bag
600/300 dpi Calibration Chart
Buttons: 1: Power Cleaning Cloth
2: STD/ Hi
Micro SD Card
3: Photo/BW
4: JPEG/ M-PDF CD-ROM includes:
Scan mode: Hi : 600 dpi -NewSoft Presto! Page Manager
STD : 300 dpi -User’s Manual
File format: JPG : Photo / B/W
M-PDF/PDF : Photo / B/W
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery life: 700 pages A4 (nonstop scanning)
LCM: Yes (16mm X 27.3 mm)
Auto power off: 3 min
Max. Scan area: 8.27" X 17"
OS: Win2K or later
Speed (A4): 600 gray : 5s
600 color : 10s
300 gray : 0.5s
300 color : 1.5s
Dimension: 39 X 263 X 36 mm
Weight: Approxiimately 223 g (including Battery )

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