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Hillcrest/Washington Coles 

Voluntary Acquisition and 
Relocation Program

Sean Strawbridge, Chief Executive Officer
June 19, 2018
About the Hillcrest/Washington Coles
Voluntary Acquisition and Relocation Program
In 2016, as a result of a settlement agreement reached between TxDOT and the 
FHWA in response to a Title VI Civil Rights Complaint filed by the Texas Rio 
Grande Legal Aid Group on behalf of the residents of the Hillcrest/Washington‐
Coles Neighborhood against the Harbor Bridge Replacement Project, the Port of 
Corpus Christi launched a three‐year voluntary participation program to acquire 
eligible properties in the Hillcrest and Washington‐Coles neighborhoods, 
relocate the owners/tenants, and demolish the acquired properties. 

The Port committed $20 million to the Program, and the regional MPO agencies
agreed to a TxDOT reimbursement process for expenditures over the Port’s $20
million commitment.

As a result of the settlement, the Title VI complaint was dropped and the Harbor
Bridge Replacement Project was saved.
Program Funding Sources & Uses


Port of Corpus Christi “Acquisition Cost” – Includes the out‐of‐pocket cost 

$20 Million Cap incurred in carrying out the Neighborhood Acquisition 
Plan and Relocation Program
TxDOT – MPO Backstop “Excess Acquisition Costs” ‐ If the Port spends more 
Excess of Port’s $20 Million than $20 Million on Acquisition Costs, TxDOT will 
reimburse the Port for these Excess Acquisition Costs
TxDOT Elective Tenant Relocation Benefits paid to July 1 
Tenants Only – Does not include administration 
Bridge Project Lead Agencies

Four Party Agreement Agencies

Port Authority Scope of Responsibility

 Port Authority is responsible for the voluntary Real Estate Acquisition

and Relocation Services Program for eligible homeowners under the
Voluntary Acquisition Plan as per the Uniform Act
 Port Authority is responsible for recordkeeping and regular reporting to
TxDOT on a quarterly basis
 Port is responsible for maintenance of properties after conveyance
 Port is responsible for demolition of properties after conveyance
 Port will participate in regular meetings with TxDOT and the
Community Advisory Board
Four Key Program Precepts

Respect Dignity Fairness Transparency

Program Administration
Del Richardson & Associates, Inc. provides relocation
assistance, property management, public affairs outreach,
and environmental compliance services to public, private,
and non‐profit agencies.

In ensuring right away services for the new bridge, Port 
Corpus Christi, has enlisted the expertise of Del Richardson 
& Associates, Inc. for the  Hillcrest/Washington‐Coles 
Voluntary Real Estate Acquisition and Relocation Assistance 
Program. Del and her team are currently administering the 
program and engaging the community through outreach 
events to ensure our neighbors are treated with the utmost 
respect throughout this process.
Program Field Office Location
2301 N. Port Avenue ‐ Corner of N. Port Avenue and W. Broadway Street
Program Eligible Neighborhood Area

Approximately 339 Acres
Potential Eligible Participants and Parcels
Parcel Data Initial Now Potential Residential Acquisition Initial Now
Parcels in Program Area 545 545
Owner Occupants 227 202
Vacant Parcels (Lot) ‐41 ‐41
Off‐Site Owners Single Family 221 226
Church/Business Parcels ‐17 ‐17
Multi‐Family 37 35
Ineligible Parcels* ‐2 ‐24
Potential Residential Parcels: 485 463 Potential Res. Acquisitions: 485 463

Potential Relocation  Initial Now


Owner Occupants 227 202

Tenants 302 293

(includes Multi‐Family Units)

Potential Relocations: 529 495

Program Progress
Acquisition Progress Relocation Progress

Interest in Selling 332 Owner Occupants  112

Offer Presented
Confirmed Program Eligibility 273
Owner Occupants 74
Appraisals Completed 255 Relocated
Offers Presented 233 Tenant Entitlements  93
Offers Accepted 211
Tenants Relocated 64
Offers Declined 12

Closed – Acquired Parcels 148

Demolished 95
Relocation Assistance

Replacement Properties