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LEVEL Intensive 3-4.

Book: Life Elementary Units 7 to 12

1) Very brief personal introduction to warm-up.

2) Lecture on artist´s life or a tourist destination to be visited in the world.

(Remember to bring either painting(s) and /or some images)

3)Situations to role play: (remember that apart from acting, asking and answering
questions is essential)
1.1 Problems with technology
A: You are working abroad and you need to contact a co-worker to give important
information about work and also about the hotel you are in, the date you are getting back to
the office, the flight you are taking,etc. Your mobile is not working well but in the end you
succeed in providing all the information.
B: Write down all the information. Ask and answer questions.

1.2 Problems with technology

B: Make 3 questions to your partner about the topic.
A: Answer the questions and also ask your partner about the topic.

2.1 Making arrangements

A and B: A invites B to go out to see a show at the theatre, a concert or a movie. Ask and
answer about interests, likes and dislikes, discuss the three options, show enthusiasm and
disapproval. Get to an agreement for a show, time, etc.
2.2 A: Do you like going to the cinema? What is the last movie you watched? Did you like
B: Do you often invite friends to go to a concert or show? Are you interesting in
attending any show at the moment? Have you ever been to a live show/concert?

3.1 Getting around the city

A:You are a tourist in London , you want to get some advice about places you should
visit while in the city. Go and ask at the Tourist Information Center.
At the airport: You work in the check-in desk.
B: You are at the reception desk. Be kind and try to provide help to the tourist.
3.2 Express your ideas about the city of Salta for tourist in terms of attractions, food,
activities to do, culture and traditions, food, etc.

4) Articles. Get ready to speak about:

1) Tattoos in Fashion and for Life (p.99)
2) Why haven´t scientists invented it yet? (p.123)
3) Should I go there? (p.135)
4) Looking for a New Earth (p.147)

Sample general questions to support:

1. a) Would you like to have a tattoo? Why do you think people get tattooed?
b) What are the common body parts to be tattooed?
c) Would you rely on a politician, doctor or teacher who is tattooed?
d) What did you find interesting in the article?
2. a) Express your ambitions about the future. ( job, family, interests)
b) What do you like doing in your free time or at the weekend?
3. How do you usually get around in the city? Describe means of transport in our city.
Compare taxis and buses.
4. What is the most useful current invention? How important is your mobile phone for
you? Are you addicted to technology?
5. Have you ever travelled by plane/ abroad? Have you ever spoken English with any
foreigner? Where would you like to travel next?
6. Do you think we really care about Earth? Would you like to travel into space? What do
you know about Earth Day?

5)Short stories: Be ready to answer any question on these stories: The Phantom of the
Opera – The Death of Karen Silkwood

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