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IVI Announces Next Open-Source Value Assessment Platform Will Focus on

Lung Cancer

Collaboration with LUNGevity Will Develop Patient-Centric Models to Assess Value in Innovative
Lung Cancer Therapies

Los Angeles, CA, June 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) - a collaboration
of academics, patient advocacy organizations, payers, life sciences companies, providers and delivery
systems dedicated to finding scientifically credible approaches to measuring value in health care -
announced that their next Open-Source Value Project (OSVP) will focus on non-small cell lung cancer.

IVI affirmed its commitment to patient partnership in its work, announcing that the organization will
collaborate with LUNGevity, an organization dedicated to advancing research for lung cancer and
advocating for patients with all forms of the disease, to ensure that input from the patient community is at
the forefront of all model development to assess value in lung cancer therapies.

“IVI is pleased to collaborate with LUNGevity to develop next-generation tools that comprehensively
assess value in lung cancer treatments,” said Jennifer Bright, IVI's Acting Executive Director. “Not long
ago, a lung cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. Now with immunotherapies and inhibitors, there is
growing hope for patients. But to turn hope into reality, we need deeper data and clearer insights about
the value therapies deliver for patients, payers, health systems and employers. Our collaboration with
LUNGevity will uncover these insights as we drive value assessment 2.0 in healthcare.”

Specifically, the next OSVP modeling platform will focus on epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)
positive, non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Approximately 20% of new lung cancer
cases are EGFR+ NSCLC, with 45,750 people diagnosed with EGFR+ NSCLC every year. Despite rapid
innovation in treatment, the probability of survival at 5 years is only 4.7%.

“LUNGevity is pleased to collaborate with IVI to bring the patient viewpoint into value assessment from
the beginning,” said Andrea Ferris, LUNGevity's CEO. “Understanding the real-world value in lung
cancer treatment is essential for patients, payers and providers. That's why we are excited to help develop
IVI's open-source platform to transparently examine value for emerging lung cancer treatments, with the
patient perspective at the forefront.”

The selection of EGFR+ NSCLC was guided by discussions with oncologists, researchers, members of
IVI's Strategic Advisory Panel, and most importantly, numerous members of the patient advocacy and
support community. Input from the patient community was particularly important to the decision process
since IVI believes that the patient perspective is critical to any assessment of value in health care.

“As a primary driver of health care spending, a focus of extensive debate around the value of cancer care,
and an area of immense clinical need, the field of oncology offers a unique opportunity to develop
patient-centered, robust, and flexible models for understanding the value of care,” said Mark Linthicum,
IVI's Director of Scientific Communications. “New therapies to treat lung cancers give great hope to

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patients and present questions to many healthcare stakeholders. We believe models that utilize a variety
of data, including from patient viewpoints, about lung cancer therapies will create deeper insights about
value for patients, payers, employers and health systems.”

To kick off the platform development, IVI will conduct research quantifying the patient experience with
this disease. This research will include patient focus groups followed by a quantitative survey examining
drivers of value, preferences in treatment, and other key contextual questions. The research will help
inform the structure and content of OSVP patient simulations and decision models.

IVI plans to release the first version of their non-small lung cancer platform in November, which will be
followed by an open public comment period.

About the OSVP

Based on an open and collaborative development process, the OSVP establishes a platform for the
development of dynamic, transparent and flexible models that allows diverse health care stakeholders to
scientifically measure value in health care treatments or services. IVI's first open-source modeling
platform focuses on the value of treatments for moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.

About IVI

IVI is a collaboration of academics, patient advocacy organizations, payers, life sciences companies,
providers and delivery systems dedicated to finding scientifically credible approaches to measuring value
in health care. IVI's Strategic Advisory Panel includes experienced leaders from across the health care
industry. Their role is to provide advice and ensure the credibility and rigor in the research and policy
products and to ensure all parties have a voice in IVI activities.

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