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June 19, 2018


RE: Engagement for Legal Services

Dear ____________,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide legal

advices and representation to your company. I look forward to
working with you and will do our best to provide the highest
quality legal services in a responsive and efficient manner. As we
discussed in our recent conversation, this letter is intended to
confirm the terms of our representation.

Scope of Services. You asked me to represent you in

connection with
contained in the Representation Agreement which is attached to
this Letter.

Professional Undertaking. I will be primarily responsible

for our services to you, but with your approval and in order to
provide you with the best service, I may involve _____________ for
certain tasks.

Responsibilities. In reliance upon information and

guidance provided by you, I will provide legal counsel and
assistance to you in accordance with this letter, keep you
reasonably informed of progress and developments, and respond
to your queries.

To enable us to effectively render these services, you agree

to cooperate fully with me in all matters relating to the
preparation and presentation of your case, to fully and accurately
disclose to me all facts that may be relevant to the matter or that
I may otherwise request, and to keep me apprised of
developments relating to this matter.

Fees and other charges. I will be charging a specific fee

for this engagement. You agree to be responsible for paying all
costs (filing fees, printing and photocopying charges,
transportation, etc.) related to this engagement.

Termination. You are free to request that I cease

representing you at any time for any reason.

I may cease representing you under the following

circumstances: (1) further representation would be useless or
unreasonable or would not help you to achieve your objectives;
(2) you have failed to cooperate in the representation; or (3) you
are no longer financially able to continue the engagement.

Acceptance. If this letter correctly reflects your

understanding of the terms and conditions of my representation,
please confirm your acceptance by signing in the space provided
below. Upon your acceptance, these terms and conditions will
apply retroactively to the date I first performed services on your

I am pleased to have this opportunity to be of service to you

and to work with you.

Very truly yours,


I read and understand the terms and conditions

set forth in this letter and agree to them.

Date: ______________________