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Application Data 60-440 Page 1

Wesinghouse Roadway Luminaires

Viscou nt

V scolfi mercl.ry urn na res . . a fresh
un lrzed design concept in suburban ryie
um na Tes
VlscoL-rnl urn na res are deal for ghl ng
res denl a ar]d suburban toadways. They
are equa y good for lrghi ng nd!slr a
parks, outdoor co.nmercLa ;reas and falrn
or rura areas-qua ty llghl ng at low
rnrl a cost
All units have b! ll n ba asls lo operate
175 or 250 walt mercLrry amps. A s de
mounting Lrrr ls have a ocking type recep-
tacle for photocontro ihat meels EE
N EMA slandards

Refraclor s stabil zed acry c plast c-

'. r" o \od o o oooL. ... tg
or crack ng. Four nd v oua refractor quad
ranls are sec!Te y F lted by rfler ock ng
des gn. creatlng four Jlexrble jo nts so thal
the €nl re refraclor s more res slant to
shock rapact damage frorn var]dal sm.
T\, pe V refractor rs one p ece.

S lver a Lrm num harnmertone f n sh s

standard. oDl ona co ors avarlable on
T t an Fed
N/lonaco Blue
Wh le
Navalo Beige
Slerra Gold
sland Green
B ack


E.ll.C/21:l1i DB
Application Data 60-440 Page 2

Roadway Luminaires
Viscou nt

How to Specify Photometric Perf ormance

Lumina re sha be West nghouse Viscount Vlscount S# 6714D03G36 Type V. w th
uminare Style No. .......... consistng H39 22KC lW a"np.
of a d e cast alurn num holrsing. for (s de
mount, top mount) w th (100. 1 75. 250) ISOLUX LINES OF HORIZONTAL FOOTCANDLES
watt regulated outpul mercury ballast VALUES BASED ON 25 FOOT MOUNT NG HE/GHT
assernbly, (spec fy) vo tage. Ref ector and I
dctllcta'ta' lo d5 e^oll"s, "ll b'di.l i ?-
bution type (specify). S pfitter for side
n'rount shali accept 1%" standard pipe
brackets, top anount Lrnits shali accept T %"
-apo eo . reaooo proe S de mo rrl ,1i s o
shail include photocontrol receptac e. Ee 1

Component Parts 2

890D571G01 Befleclor'Refractor Assemb y. Type I o 3

890D571G02 Ref ector Selractor Assembly. Type ll
Fef ector- Relraclor Assembly. Type lll
8900 57I G03
8900571G04 Reflecror Refiaclor Assembly. Type lV
890D571G05 Ref ectorReiraclor Assembly. Type V
320C760G01 Lock ng Type Feceplacle Short ng cap

Order by Style Number

1lla" Side Mount

6714003G34 I 175 W 120/240 Resulared-T. L. lrl

6714D03G36 175 W 120/240nequated T. L.-V
890D569G23 250 W. 115/230 Feq!lated oltput T.
I L. lll
890D569G25 250 W I151230 Resulaled Oulp!t-T L.-V
Note Photocontrol is nol inc uded Order separalely.

1%" Top Mount

175 W. '120l240 EecLrlated-lll

115 W. t20/244 Be9! ated V
250 U/. 11 5/230 Begu aled Oulp!t-lll
250 W. 1l5l230 Regu ated output V

Viscount 5-Pack

175 W. V scount 5 Pack

120 W.-T. L.-V

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Outdoor Lighting Division: Cleveland, Ohio 44101

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