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Viscount b ulletin
suburban type luminaires
100, 175 and 250-watt mercury lamps
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Viscount mercury luminaires . . a fresh, unitized design concept in suburban
type luminaires A new look {or roadway or off-streei appLications.
Viscouni }uminaires are iCeal for lightinq residentiai and suburban roadways.
They are equally applicable {or lighting industrial parks, outdoor commercial
areas and farm or ruraL areas. Quality lighting dt low initial cost.
All uniis have built-in ballasts to operate 100, 175 or 250-watt mercury lamps.

choice ol colored linishes: Standard hard-textured, silver-aluminum baked

enamel finish resists heat, abrasion and weathering. Seven additional custom
colors are available on special order.
e{{icieni ballast operationr The Viscount offers an exclusive regulated output
ballast that assures peak lamp performance. AIL ballasts have exclusive ADUR'
BIL insulation system to assure superior performance and longer li{e.
durability: Housinq is Light weight die cast aLuminum. Refractor is stabilized
acryLic plastic. Resistant to weather, discolorization, crazing or crackinq.
ellicient light conlrol: Prismatic reJractor e{fectively controls and directs light
output into desired pattern.

Ausust, 1967
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Monaco Island Navajo Beige

BIue Green

Silver alurnrnIr., h,rn,ri,..tone f,n,sh o] ,.poxy base, bcled enamel

rs the stordard h].tsh (shown on clrldv/oy, obove). Custon colors
are avorloble, or specrol or.ler os rllu!t.dteC. Or.ler"similor to
Sierra style nunber .. except . (.olor)." 1
Gold T,r,on Red unit sbown cn pose L Satin Black and White are olso
Viscount descriplive
suburban type luminaires
100, 175 and 250-watt mercury lamps
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ffi socket

FF housinq
Porcelain shrouded socket is permanently mounted
to correctly locate 5-inch LCL (liqhi center length)
mercury lamps in the optical system. Lamp qrips and
One-piece, die-cast aluminum. Encloses and protects
balLast assembly and slipfitter Jrom weather.
a springloaded center contact assure proper elec-
trical contact. Pressure clamp-type terminals are
porcelain shrouded for safeiy.

ffi relractor-reflector assembly

Supplied as a complete assembly in four quadrants ffi s[pfitter

or single piece acrylic plastic. When four quadrants Slipfitter with bracket stop accepts 1 /4,inch standard
are used, they are key fitted iogether and held brackets. A vertical adjustment of -|3 degrees per-
securely with hoop rings, eliminating slippaqe or mits leveling with only a screwdriver. Reflector
misalignment. The Type V re{ractor is normally removal is not necessary for leveling.
furnished as a sinqle piece but is available as guad-
rants, on request. locking receptacles {or photocontrol
Re{ractor is clamped to a flat aluminum reflector. A11 units have Iocking receptacles for photocontroi
The opiical assembly is securely held to the housing that meet applicable EEi-NEMA standards.
and is keyed in place for the correct light pattern
coverage. It is easily removed. accessory cap lor locking receptacle

There are eight quadrant designs available. Each Accessory cap, style number 320 C76O GOl, is used
individudl quadrant is marked to identily its basic in place o{ a photocontrol for lamp and ballast oper-
distribution Type. One is opaque Jor maximum ation. It is used when controL is to be remote from the
shielding. By combining them seLeciively, virtually luminaire. It is also an aid in testing.
any special distribution pattern can be obtained. For
further in{ormation concerning special patterns, con'
tact your Wesiinghouse Lighiing SaLes Engineer. in inches

buili-in ballast
o llS'volt requlated output-high power factor.
Illustrated on page 2.
a 230-volt regulated output high power factor
a 24O-volt reactor-normal power factor

l2O-voit high reactance type normal power facior

AII core and coil assemblies have ADUR-BIL insula-

tion, which {eatures a nominal BIL o{ lS-kv. AIL core
and coiL assemblies are tested at 4OOO volts to ground.
Complete balLasts are tested at 2500 volts to ground
for 30 seconds, and for proper lamp operation. AII
ballasts start Llfequard mercury lamps at -20" F.
proj area l.l sq ft
Regulated output ballasts are iwo-winding ilpe and add O.l sq {t lor photoconirol
dccept d 45lo voltaqe reduction be{ore lamp drop-
out occurs.
bulletin 1.,'":.: '

60-153 !":."

page 4 suburban type luminaires

Order by style number. Slyle nurnbers shown are lor stand-

ard silver-aluminum Iinish. Ior color unils, see paqe 2.

order by style numbe!:

IIS-ASA disiribution with clear mercurv Iamps

Type I Type I, Type IA, Type II Type II, Type IIA, Type III Type IV Type V*
style 3-way siyle 3-way 4-way style style style
siyle style style. number

reg'ulated output ballast ' high power factor

..raILIL-, !: l1:iI1r.: 12D 1/
a9il D:.69 aaa il.rai Daal alilo a'rrl Dia! .]!1 690 i)riirg iiir'/ ::a : i3 _: 124'!'. I7
a!0 D!6! G11 a9r D.tita(]!,1 ri9a uaia: allt: ODoil lli-1tl:
e90 D:iaril rl iil a9a L-li6! altt a-ri D5a! atlil 'o :aio1t3l: t2! ,l

a!0lri63 i l21 A9il D!{i9 al!l: tla t-r:a:14:2 89t I)ia9.9.1 lra t9
rl!.4 Dlil! GSiJ 19

reactor ballast . normal power factor

80D 240 r 51. 214
R at .qa, Il - _
illo i5?5 ala? ! ..' O rl,1c-5l; l2a at_l 13

ago I)5trg G,1l tlgrl I):i,'li Ga9 a3!ir:75Glr-r il!n D:'a9 a'l: a!0 D575 atl l I t -12 .tD _ t ,, D -c 2:a:al; ata It
8!O D569 41,16 !9C D5:'.r Glil a!0 D5?: a.ll l laiiJ lir,i)l] G4-l 1t!0 D!'_/a atl! '0 12il tl )1,

nqo l):ri:r G51 allo D5t:i Cl r alil D:?5 a l:l !!!' DaL'3 1152 1l!0 15 r-i al :rl 15
890 D5a:J ai:)6 ar!O D5i:r (lt]]!' Dl?5 ai'12 lgar Dl,ii9 ail,,r €!OUrlr.iG::l :1 r D.. r D.l T5

high reactance baliast . normal power factor

890 D:i9 G6L it90 D5?t a;25 a9C D:?, al aa |9ar Diall G62 ala Da?a G2? arga Da,,ii Gr! !90 D5a! ata: rrla D:i69 G6:i ! 201i i: )2C 1:l

!90 D569 Gtrb !:iC D575 4i29 agc D5t: c ii) rl:r I Ur aa .]ar? Il90 D5?5 G:l !90 Dlji:i r:13? alo 11569 .]6! ltgit D5u9 G63 !!. Daatg ai ia
ar90 n5ti G3:l ilirl D!il9 G?2 llgo D575 G35 g9o D:i?ll G36 Il9011569 G73 490 Dalt9 G?.1 890 D569 G75 I2015 i: ))_a I5
Luhinaire does noi include Lanp o. photoconholj oider 6eparately
O Includes a third te.mjnal Ior rhe rcquired 3-wire l2ol240 toli inpul
* TlTe Y plastic relractbr i6 sinqle Fiece; Qudd.dnt assen$ly available on .equest.

order by style number

u90lrlrjrl ajall ')..a

a:ra D(-151 atrra
g!L. DCr! Cllr:l 2.il
lirii, I la,2lio
Tv',e IJ 3 rrrr:r,,urpl.l.. reh..r.i.
1t9o DCt5 at:,' T;!,i: Ir!-.1'r:r ..nDlel. : 1an, 115, 2i0
!9C l]oair Cl|:l Tf ir. lll
Tr;r. lll ...rIl-te
...rr]l-te .i,i,di,l..
.i,i,di,l.. r).5
!90 DC!li (lar.1 ft.-r IV .r,:,rler r.l.r.lor 2t)
a90 DD5a atoS T!i- V .n,,..1,: .c,rr..t.. !9il D3A6 G01 100, t?5,:5rl 0.5

ftrther inforndtian:
p.ices p.ice list 60-120

WstitrsLonse leselves th€ riqhl lo cLanqe specilicalions and

Wes'lingh0use Hectric C0rp0rati0n .lsiqn withont n.h.ei and assumes no respolsibilily jor
malonq lheee modilicatiors on dny alparalus lreviously sold.
Lighting 0ivisi0n: Edgewater Park. Cleveland. 0hl0 sDpere€des issue dated May, 1963
maired ro: !/!s; !/2r4rlDB; D /2\11lD\ C/2I4rlDB