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Inception To prepare the out line require client ministry of Education, srilanka. Prepare the requirement
ment regading to the university with the architech to prepare the brief document
project at pittakotte Architect prepare difrent design regarding to the client,s requirement.

1.Analyze wheather the project is Client provide the detail regarding the project to get a good decision
Feasibility feasible,functionally and financially Architect make sure whether the project is feasible, funtunally & technically
2.Make sure about the water& Engineers Geographical &topographical tests
electricity connection Qs prepare the cost of the project accrding to preliminary estimates
3.Preparation of cost of the project Local Authority Receive the request for the water &current connection
Outline proposals To determine the outline design Client Decide the best proposals from the alternatives proposals

for project Architect Submit the various outline proposals

Suggesting further ideas for the selected proposals
Start the design process for the slected proposals
Qs Submit the cost of the project for the alternative proposals
Emgineers Submit the structure plans for alternative proposals

1.Develop the project brief and Engineers Develop the structural design
Scheme Design detailedproposals from approved Develop the service design
outline proposals Architect Complete the full design &drawing
2.Submission all planning constru
ction methods ,outline of specifi Qs Finalize the cost of plan
cation and cost
3.Submit application for full Local Authority Analize checkall kind of service drawing &requirement
planning permission.

Detail design 1.finalize design,outline Client Confirm the design ,specification,cost

specification,cost and construction Architect Submit the finalized drawing
2.Obtain all approvals Qs prepare the approximate quantities doing the price adjustment
to the price intex
Engineers Finalized the structure design&submit the specifications
Production 1.Prepare the all drawings,sched- Architech Prepare the production information regarding to the cultural theme
information ules,and specification for tender project
purpose Qs Take off quantities
2. Decision regarding to prepare the BOQ
procurement method Engineers Finalize the drawing&specifications

BOQ 1.Finlize BOQand information Qs Finalize&submit the BOQ

regarding to the tender Preparation&submit the documents regarding to tender

Tender Action 1.Complete the tentering process Client Approve the the selected contractor
according to suitable tender Qs Select the best contractor regading to the tender process
method.&select the best one Architect Analyze the drawing regarding to the tender evaluvation

Project 1.Preparing the construction site Client prepare the site to hand over to the contractor
to hand-over to contractor Provide conditions of contract&brief site inspectorate
2.Provide contract condition Contractor Qs Study the aii kind of information regarding to theproject
&brief site inspectorate contractor Consult the consulting team getting to a good idea about cost effective
operation on site 1.provide the required information client providing the money as per the bill ,make the site visit& check
for the specific work Archiech providing the variation list&if ther any changes ,provide the
2. To follow plans through to &specification
practical completion of the project contractor construct the project according to the drawing &plan take the
3.Doing the works according to the from client&consultant regarding to the completed work
construction manner &procedure contractor Qs prepare the interim valuation bill
Consultant Qs check the interim valuation bill &measure the works approve the bill
Engineer Check whether the construction project going in succesful way
any faults
Completion 1.complete the all kind of work client Undertake the building
according to the drawing,plan& Settle the final bill
requirement Architect Exmine the defect and make the approval with 50% retention
2.Hand over the building to the client Contractor Qs Finalize the final bill& submit
3. settle the final bill Consultant qs Check the final bill &approve
Contractor Legally Handover the building to the client

Feed back 1.Analyze the management Qs Analyze the cost record

2.analyze the performance Local authority Check approve the performance& quality of the project