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Meaning of the ENEC Mark

Approved by: ECS General Meeting 8-9 April 2014 No. of pages: 2
Date of issue: May 2014
Supersedes: PD ENEC 305 - September 2009 Page 1 of 2

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Meaning of the ENEC Mark

The ENEC mark is the single pan-European mark.

Electrical equipment or components for which the right to use the ENEC Mark has been
granted by a Certification Body adhering to the ENEC Agreement, are considered
unconditionally by any other Certification Body adhering to the ENEC Agreement as bearing
the ENEC Mark granted by themselves.

Electrical equipment bearing the ENEC mark is In compliance with specific EN standards
specified in PD ENEC 301 Annex B.
The ENEC mark always signifies that the product is safe in accordance with the appropriate
European safety directive (for example: LVD, MD, GPSD). Additionally, other aspects of
product conformity may be covered under the scope of the ENEC mark (e.g.: performance),
listed also in ENEC 301 Annex B.

Certification Bodies:

The application of the ENEC Mark to the electrical equipment is based on a testing and
certification procedure by one of the Certification Bodies adhering to the ENEC Agreement and
to European Standards only, in so far as mentioned in the current edition of PD ENEC 301
Annex B.


The product, for which a licence has been issued, is manufactured in a factory that has a
quality system in compliance with at least EN ISO 9001, in so far as mentioned in PD ENEC
301. The agreed inspection procedures carried out by the Bodies adhering to the scheme are
mentioned in PD ENEC 301.

Declaration of Conformity

The EC Declaration of Conformity, which is issued under the responsibility of the manufacturer,
must contain all required elements and the manufacturer has to compose a technical file. The
technical documentation must allow assessing the conformity of the electrical equipment to the
requirements of the applicable Directives. The manufacturer must keep the technical file on the
community territory at the disposal of the national authorities. Therefore the test report and the
ENEC certificate are elements of the technical file.

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