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Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller (Penn Jillette and Teller) are American

magicians and entertainers who have performed together
since the late 1970s, noted for their ongoing act which
combines elements of comedy with magic. The duo, hav-
ing been featured in numerous stage and television shows
such as including Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and they are
currently headline in Las Vegas at The Rio. Penn Jillette
serves as the act’s orator and raconteur. Teller, on the
other hand, generally does not speak while performing,
and instead communicates through mime and nonverbals,
although his voice can occasionally be heard during their
live shows and television appearances. Besides magic,
the pair has become associated with the advocacy of
atheism, scientific skepticism, and libertarianism, partic-
ularly through their television show Penn & Teller: Bull-

1 Career
Penn & Teller in 1988, at the 40th Emmy Awards

Penn Jillette and Teller were introduced to one another

by Wier Chrisemer, and performed their first show to-
gether at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on 19 Au- an episode of the game show Fear Factor on NBC,
gust 1975.[2] From the late 1970s through 1981, Penn, NBC’s The West Wing, in a two-part episode of the fi-
Teller, and Chrisemer performed as a trio called “The nal season of ABC’s Home Improvement in 1998, four
Asparagus Valley Cultural Society” which played in San episodes during season 1 of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in
Francisco at the Phoenix Theater.[3] Chrisemer helped to 1996, NBC’s Las Vegas, and Fox’s The Simpsons episodes
develop some bits that continued, most notably Teller’s "Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder" and "The Great Simpsina"
“Shadows” trick, which involves a single red rose.[4] The and the Futurama film Futurama: Into the Wild Green
group disbanded in 1981 after Chrisemer quit show busi- Yonder in 2009. They appeared in the music video for
ness, leaving Penn Jillette and Teller to work as a pair on Katy Perry's 2009 single "Waking Up in Vegas", in which
a show called “Mrs. Lonsberry’s Seance of Horror”.[3] they are thrown out of a hotel room by Perry.
Their Showtime network television show Bullshit! took a
By 1985, Penn & Teller were receiving positive reviews
for their Off Broadway show and Emmy Award-winning skeptical look at psychics, religion, the pseudoscientific,
conspiracy theories, and the paranormal. It has featured
PBS special, Penn & Teller Go Public.[5] In 1987, they be-
gan the first of two successful Broadway runs. The same critical segments on gun control, astrology, Feng Shui,
year, they appeared as three-card Monte scam artists in environmental issues, PETA, weight loss, the Americans
the music video for "It’s Tricky" by Run-DMC. Through with Disabilities Act, and the war on drugs.
the late 1980s and early 1990s, the duo made numerous They have also described themselves as teetotalers. Their
television appearances on Late Night with David Letter- book, Penn & Teller’s How to Play in Traffic, explains that
man and Saturday Night Live, as well as The Tonight Show they avoid alcohol, drugs, and caffeine, though they do
with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Today, and appear to smoke cigarettes in some videos.
many others. The pair have written several books about magic, includ-
Penn & Teller had national tours throughout the 1990s, ing Penn & Teller’s Cruel Tricks For Dear Friends, Penn &
gaining critical praise. They have also made televi- Teller’s How to Play with Your Food, and Penn & Teller’s
sion guest appearances on Babylon 5[6] (as the comedy How to Play in Traffic. Since 2001, Penn & Teller have
team Rebo and Zooty), The Drew Carey Show, a few performed six nights a week (or as Penn put it on Bullshit!:
episodes of Hollywood Squares from 1998 until 2004, “Every night of the week ... except Fridays!") in Las Ve-
ABC’s Muppets Tonight, FOX’s The Bernie Mac Show, gas at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino.


Penn Jillette hosted a weekday one-hour talk show on

Infinity Broadcasting’s Free FM radio network from Jan-
uary 3, 2006, to March 2, 2007, with cohost Michael
Goudeau.[7][8] He also hosted the game show Identity,
which debuted on December 18, 2006, on NBC.
Their television series Penn & Teller Tell a Lie premiered
on the Discovery Channel on October 5, 2011.
Penn & Teller have also shown support for the Brights
movement[9] and are now listed on the movement’s home-
page under the Enthusiastic Brights section.[10] Accord-
ing to an article in Wired magazine, their license plates
are customized so they read, “Atheist” and “Godless”, and
when Penn signs autographs, he sometimes writes “there
is no God” with his signature.[11] Penn & Teller at a ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame in April 2013

2 Off-stage relationship 4 Tricks

Penn Jillette has told interviewer Larry King and Seth
Penn & Teller material varies from light-hearted gags
Meyers that a big part of the duo’s success and longevity
such as graphic tricks and clever pranks to tackling issues
is due to their never having been close friends. They re-
through political satire and by exposing frauds. Many of
spect each other as business partners and enjoy working
their effects rely heavily on shock appeal and fantasy vi-
together, but have little in common besides magic. As a
olence, although presented in a humorous manner. Some
result of their drastically different lifestyles and interests,
of their more daring tricks include Teller hanging upside-
they rarely socialize or interact when not working. Jillette
down over a cushion of spikes in a straitjacket, Teller sub-
believes that their partnership succeeds precisely because
merged in a huge container of water, and Teller being run
they give each other a great deal of space off-stage.
over by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer. Penn & Teller will
Penn later amended this position in a video where he often present tricks that they initially appear to have bun-
and Teller responded to questions from members of gled, in the “trick gone wrong” vein.
Reddit and also in a video interview for Big Think, stat-
Sometimes, the pair will claim to reveal a secret of how
ing that while they share few similar interests outside
a magic trick is done, but those tricks are usually in-
magic, Teller is his best friend and his children treat
vented by the duo for the sole purpose of exposing them,
him as a close relative. He states that while most en-
and therefore designed with more spectacular and weird
tertainment partnerships such as Martin and Lewis and
methods than would have been necessary had it just been
Lennon–McCartney were based on a deep affection for
a “conventional” magic trick. For example, during their
each other that lends to a certain volatility when things
NBC Off the Deep End special, an escape act was per-
go wrong, their business relationship and friendship is
formed where Teller was placed into a wooden box that
based on a respect for each other.[12][13] Teller echoes
was then put into shark-infested waters. The live audi-
these sentiments. In an NPR interview, Teller said their
ence believed Teller to be inside, but the television au-
disagreements often lead to better artistic decisions be-
dience was shown that Teller escaped the box through a
cause they bring out new ideas and expand the range of
trapdoor in the bottom before it was placed in the water.
He continued to read a magazine and eat a snack while
awaiting his cue. Often a trick will be presented as if to
explain it to the audience, only for a more elaborate ver-
sion to be performed. In a segment of Bullshit!, Penn &
3 Honors Teller demonstrate the illusion of sawing a woman in half,
only for the saw to fall and “accidentally” cut the woman
On April 5, 2013, Penn & Teller were honored with the in half again.
2,494th star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their Penn & Teller perform their own adaptation of the fa-
achievement in the category of Live Performance. Their mous bullet catch illusion. Each simultaneously fires a
star is a few steps away from the star of Harry Houdini gun at the other through small panes of glass and then
and down the street from The Magic Castle.[15][16][17] “catches” the other’s bullet in his mouth. They also have
In 2005, Penn & Teller were awarded the Richard an assortment of card tricks in their repertoire, virtually
Dawkins Award, an award given to people who raised all of them involving the force of the Three of Clubs on
public consciousness of atheism in the previous year. an unsuspecting audience member as this card is easy for

viewers to identify on television cameras.[18] Protection Agency, as well as taken stances against
The duo will sometimes perform tricks that discuss the in- circumcision and gun control, and in support of ideas such
tellectual underpinnings of magic. One of their routines, as freedom to eat fast food, private property, and lower
titled “Magician vs. Juggler”, features Teller performing taxes. Penn & Teller are both H.L. Mencken research
card tricks while Penn juggles and delivers a monologue fellows with the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank
on the difference between the two: jugglers start as so- and research organization.[24][25]
cially aware children who go outside and learn juggling
with other children; magicians are misfits who stay in the
house and teach themselves magic tricks out of spite. 6 Filmography
In one of their most politically charged tricks, they make
an American flag seem to disappear by wrapping it in a 6.1 Television
copy of the United States Bill of Rights, and apparently
setting the flag on fire, so that “the flag is gone but the 6.2 Books
Bill of Rights remains”. The routine may also feature the
“Chinese bill of rights”, presented as a transparent piece Penn & Teller:
of acetate. They normally end the trick by restoring the
unscathed flag to its starting place on the flagpole; how- • Penn & Teller’s How to Play in Traffic (1997, ISBN
ever, on a TV guest appearance on The West Wing, this 1-57297-293-9)
final part was omitted.[19] The methods of the trick were
revealed by the duo in an episode of Fool Us. • Penn & Teller’s How to Play with Your Food (1992,
ISBN 0-679-74311-1)
One of their more recent tricks[20] involves a powered nail
gun with a quantity of missing nails from the series of • Penn & Teller’s Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends (1989,
nails in its magazine. Penn begins by firing several ap- ISBN 0-394-75351-8)
parently real nails into a board in front of him. He then
proceeds to fire the nail gun into the palm of his hand sev- Penn without Teller:
eral times, while suffering no injuries. His pattern builds
as he oscillates between firing blanks into his hand and fir- • Sock (2004, ISBN 0-312-32805-2)
ing nails into the board, and fires one blank into Teller’s
crotch. Near the end of the trick, he says that it is a trick • How to Cheat Your Friends at Poker: The Wisdom of
and that he and Teller believe that it is morally wrong to Dickie Richard (2006, ISBN 0-312-34905-X; Co-
do things on stage that are really dangerous—it makes the author: Mickey D. Lynn)
audience complicit in unnecessary human risk.[21]
• God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and
A trick introduced in 2010 is a modern version of the bag Other Magical Tales (2011, ISBN 1451610378)
escape, replacing the traditional sack with a black trash
bag apparently filled with helium. Teller is placed in the • Every Day is an Atheist Holiday!: More Magical
bag which is then pumped full of helium and sealed by an Tales from the Author of God, No! (2012, ISBN
audience member. For the escape, the audience is blinded 1469276887)
by a bright light for a second and when they are able to see • Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear
again, Teller has escaped from the bag and Penn is holding and Other Magical Tales (2016, ISBN 1501140183)
it, still full of helium, above his head, before releasing it
to float to the ceiling. The duo had hoped to put the trick
Teller without Penn:
in their mini-tour in London; however, it was first shown
to the public in their Las Vegas show on 18 August 2010.
In June 2011, Penn & Teller performed this trick for the • When I'm Dead All This Will Be Yours: Joe Teller—
first time in the United Kingdom on their ITV show Fool A Portrait By His Kid (2000, ISBN 0-922233-22-5)

7 Other media
5 Libertarianism
7.1 Music
On Bullshit!, the duo described their social and politi- • “Penn & Teller Present: Music to Look at Boxes By”
cal views as libertarian. In addition to disbelief in the (With Mike “Jonesy” Jones)
paranormal and pseudoscience, Penn & Teller also taken
a view of doubtfulness to government authority.[23] In var- • “It’s Tricky” by Run–D.M.C. (Penn & Teller shown
ious episodes of their show, they have heavily criticized throughout the video and at the end appear to take
both the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental over the persona of Run–D.M.C.)

• “Something to Believe In” by The Ramones (Penn [5] “Penn & Teller Booking Agent – Book Penn & Teller Co-
& Teller are seen supporting the fictitious “Hands median For Corporate and Private Events Worldwide”.
Across Your Face” charity) Artists > Comedy. Entertainment Booking Agency. Re-
trieved 2013-08-31.
• “Waking up in Vegas” by Katy Perry (Penn & Teller
are kicked out of their hotel room by Perry and her [6] “Penn & Teller on Babylon 5". 13 July 2004. Retrieved
boyfriend.) 2013-08-31.

[7] Infinity Broadcasting article on Penn

7.2 Video games [8] Penn & Teller website

• Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors 1995 – Absolute [9] “The Brights’ Net – Enthusiastic Brights (Page 2)". The-
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• Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Spellbound 1998 – Si- [10] The Brights’ Net: Enthusiastic Brights
mon & Schuster for PC – Voices for Drell & Skippy [11] Gagnon, Geoffrey (November 2006). “Faces of the New
Atheism: The Illusionists”. Wired. Retrieved 14 March
The 1995 video game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mir- 2010. Never shy about their atheism (Penn’s got the
rors featured a mini-game called Desert Bus in which the Nevada license plates ATHEIST and GODLESS), the two
player drove a bus route between Tucson and Las Vegas. have been raising their voices – even the oft-silent Teller
Once reaching the destination, the player gets one point – to decry the muddying line between church and state...
and, if desired, can then drive the return route. The game Sometimes they'll even sign autographs with “There is no
was considered by some to be long and boring yet found God.”
a cult audience.[31] [12] Penn & Teller (October 4, 2011). “IAMA: Penn and
The game has since been used in an annual charity event Teller | reddit’s top ten questions”. YouTube. Retrieved
called “Desert Bus for Hope” run by the Canadian inter- 2013-10-23.
net comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun. The fundraiser [13] Penn Jillette (June 13, 2011). “Penn Jillette: Penn and
involves members of LoadingReadyRun (and occasional Teller Are Not Lovers”. YouTube. Retrieved 2013-10-
guests) playing the game and streaming that live online, 23.
while interviewing celebrities via Skype and accepting
challenges for the audience, with all proceeds being do- [14] http://www.npr.org/2015/08/01/428169268/
nated to Child’s Play. On November 14, 2011, an iOS for-penn-tellers-magical-partnership-the-trick-is-telling-the-truth
port of Desert Bus was created and released in the iTunes [15] “Magicians Penn & Teller get star on Hollywood Walk of
Store. The game was developed in conjunction with the Fame”. Retrieved April 6, 2013.
Desert Bus For Hope event and all profits from the game
are donated to charity. [16] “Magicians Penn & Teller Get Star On Walk Of Fame”.
Retrieved April 6, 2013.

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Las Vegas being destroyed by Penn & Teller’s lat- [20] Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Season 1. Episode 5. July 16,
est magic trick involving a nuclear warhead gone 2011. ITV.
[21] Penn Says: Nail Gun Trick

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• A man, a ball, a hoop, a bench (and an alleged
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