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Nutrition Program Manager

Recruitment test
(Version January 2011)

NAME: ____________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

The aim of the test is to assess your technical knowledge of nutrition and humanitarian related
issues, as well as your EXCEL skills.

You have 2 hours to fill the test.

You may answer:

- In a separate page
- In note-form as long as it is understandable to the reader.


Part 1. Key-concepts of nutrition (/ 20 pts)

1. How would you define undernutrition? 2pts)

2. Explain the differences between macronutrients and micronutrients. (2pts)

3. Explain the differences between acute and chronic malnutrition. (2pts)

4. What are the main determinants of malnutrition? (2pts)

5. Describe a “healthy” food ration and explain the potential variations between people.

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6. Who are the persons that are the most at risk of malnutrition and why? (2pts)

7. What are some of the short and long term functional consequences of childhood
malnutrition? (2pts)

8. Describe the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and the mother. What are the
recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding breastfeeding?

9. Describe the relation between “Infection” and “Malnutrition”. (2pts)

10. What is the aim of a nutrition survey? (2pts)

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Part 2. Case - Study (/ 30 pts)
Important note
The country chosen for this test is Zimbabwe. Please beware that the information below is not a
true reflection of the humanitarian situation, and has been modified for the purposes of this test.
Beware to limit your interpretation of the context to what has been written below, and do not
base your answers on your knowledge of the REAL Zimbabwe.

ACF has been present in Zimbabwe since 2002 and has combined short and medium term
integrated interventions in the field of agriculture, water and sanitation, and nutrition in rural
areas of the Southern Provinces
As a Nutrition Program Manager, you are supervising a therapeutic care program treating severe
malnourished children with 3 outpatient centres and 1 inpatient centre in Gutu district. You have
just received the monthly reports from each of the centres. You need to consolidate and analyze
the data and lastly make some recommendations.

A. Computer Test (10pts)

1. Open the EXCEL test located on the Desktop.

2. Read and follow the instructions.
3. When you have finished, save the file on the Desktop.

B. Questions, Analysis & Recommendations (20pts)

1. By comparing the number and type of admissions from the three outpatient facilities,
what observations can you make? What questions does this raise? What will you
recommend? (4pts)

2. By comparing the number and type of discharges from the outpatient facilities and the
inpatient one, what observations can you make? What questions does this raise? What
will you recommend? (4pts)

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3. You are supervising another outpatient centre in Gutu district in collaboration with
the Ministry of Health (MoH), but the head nurse of the health care has not provided
you with the monthly data. It is not the first time. Explain how you proceed to get the
data. (4pts)

4. List five stakeholders you will have to work with to successfully run your nutrition
program. What kind of rapport will you establish with each of them? (4pts)

5. As a Nutrition Program Manager, you have to organise and conduct a training session
related to protocols of malnutrition to the staff of Mutero Outpatient centre. Describe
the different steps you carry out to ensure that you are ready to conduct a good
training. (4pts)

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Part 3. Self-Assessment Form
Please give an honest assessment of your abilities in the competencies below. No score is
allocated to this part. The following definitions provide a general guide to ranking levels of

Level 0: No theoretical knowledge and/or no working skills

Level 1: Some theoretical knowledge and/or limited working skills
Level 2: Good broad theoretical knowledge only
Level 3: Good theoretical knowledge plus some working skills
Level 4: Competent both theoretically and practically backed up with significant work experience
Level 5: Capable of operating autonomously in this category. Usually means at least 5 years direct
professional experience

Core Competency
Examples of Knowledge / Experience
Level 0 to 5
Project Management
Context Analysis/Needs

Project Monitoring
Project Impact Evaluation
Writing Reports & Proposals
Community-based Management
of Acute Malnutrition

Nutrition survey with SMART


Coverage Survey
Health System Strengthening
Health Promotion & Education
Community Mobilization
Infant & Young Children Feeding

Food Supplementation
Food Fortification
Food Diversification
Project Research
Other types of health programs
Quality Control

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