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cAUii ^Ci/Za cfulau, zi^crec/of Gmei^i^

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The price paid represented the worth the buyer — not the seller — placed on the object. The joy of possessing it contains a special uplifting ingredient that permits the possessor to live in an aura reserved for the Saints. In trying to analyze the reason for this preference I have concluded that whereas Music and Poetry employ only one's emotional sensibilities — Painting reiinircs the use of your emotional mechanisnt and also your faculty of comprehension. The purchaser however collects a daily spiritual dividend that goes hand in hand with ownership of great art. There are many who have $616.000. He is the pioneer who assembles collector is a collection on the basis of his taste and knowledge. This belief is substantiated by the fact that a far greater number of people prefer IHusic and Poetry to Painting. I could without hesitation assure the interrogator that such was indeed the case. It has been my experience that in purchasing works of art the buyer is inevitably the one who gains. In art Belacroix believed Painting to be the most difficult medium. I choose to believe he meant not only difficult of execution but also of comprehension. It also gains for him a special niche in the hearts and esteem of those with whom he daily rubs elbows. . but there is but one who possesses this marvelous painting by Cezanne. While he diligently pursues a well chartered course others spend time and mottey in pursuit of the latest art fad. too few mention the merits of the painting. In commenting on this. In my opin- ion such a feeling of well-being cannot be derived through possessing a large bank balance. As a ctmsequence I believe tme's capacity for enjoyment of Painting and Sculpture is commensurate with the power to observe and emotion- ally absorb the image thus created. In a recentLondon Sales Room $616. When ashed if it were possible that the selling price represented the paint- ing's true value.The genuine a rare being. To the esthetic there is little connection between the price tag and the art object. To the majority only the sales price seems important. The seller receives payment hut mice.000 was paid for a paint- ing by Cezanne.

Reduced to their simplest form I should say it resolves itself largely into a matter of personal taste. It seemed much more desirable to own and . in the formation of a collection I had no desire to tnvn a painting b. By choice I confined my activi- ties to a small group./ each of the better known Contemporary artists. In several instances this figure ex- ceeded 100. Availability is also a hey factor in collecting. is often not readily recognizable. It was my belief that since I could own — and perhaps more important — absorb the significance of — but a limited amount of art was better it that I restrict my endeavors. During the early years of collecting and observing I classified art as abstract or realistic. And by Schools such Dada or Surrealist. These are in reality not easy questions. Within this group my collection often contained 40 to 50 works by a single artist. Today as I recognize but two kinds of art.Proof of the intangible value of good art can be gained by considering that although its component parts tnay be of no material value. i have often been ashed why I purchased this or that object or why I chose to buy the worh of one artist in preference to another. Good Art and Bad Art. The true uiorth of an art object. This is where taste and experience play an all important role in the formation of a collection. as that of a Musical composition or Poent. art trea- sures nevertheless are usually the first thing sought by an invading army.

Sta'el or Picasso. G. "Stone's Throw". This ot course was a matter of personal choice. I wish it were possible for me to do it all over again. Giacometti. Pittsburgh. Exercising your prerogative as to what you buy and how you display an important part of the joy of collecting. that of seeing the individuals' work against a baekgrotind of numerous works by his contemporaries.be thoroughly ctmversant tcith a comprehensive group of worU by one artist than to possess individual works by a great number of artists. It had a further aspect of interest. Pa. This method of grouping for display permitted the viewer an oppor- tunity to make a more accurate appraisal of the individual artist's work than seeing the same material scattered throughout the collection. There is fortunately room it is for all tastes in today's exciting world of art. It was my belief that the total esthetic impact of the more than two hundred on exhibit failed to equal that of say a wall devoted to showing the complete range of Schwitter's work. Du- butfet.Burrt. . David Thompson. Through the collection hanging at "Stone's Throw" I was able to demon- strate the merits of this approach in collecting contemporary art. Fautrier. Or a gallery devoted solely to the work of one artist such as Klee. This nuntber did not include various group-hangings of work by one artist. Leger. Here I continuouslyhad on exhibit more than two hundred works of art.

The President and the Board of Trustees of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

welcome the opportunity of presenting one hundred paintings selected from the

G. David Thompson Collection.

We are grateful to the Municipal Museum at The Hague — one of three European

museums which featured the collection — for facilitating the preparatory steps for

the current exhibition, and to the Galerie Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland, for cooperat-

ing with the Museum staff in arranging the loan show.

Through its uncompromising commitment to quality, the collection itself is a tribute

to G. David Thompson.

Harry F. Guggenheim, President

1958. Represented in Venice Biennale. 51V4. Oil on canvas. Has designed theater sets and costumes. Participation in group exhibitions including Pittsburgh International. 1959. including large mosaic decoration. EARTHQUAKE. Weimar and Dessau. Documenta. 1909. 1951. 1951. Ziirich. 1950. 1948. Paris. JEAJV BAZAIJVE 1904- Born in Paris. 1947-56. Documenta. Oil on canvas. Lives in Paris. 28 x 21". stained glass and mosaics. Studied literature and sculpture before turning to painting in 1924. Oil on pressed wood. 1945. 1920 member Cologne Dada group. 26 x 19Vi". 1952. 1949. New York. 1959. Studied architecture with Mies van der Rohe. Pittsburgh International. Paris. 1936-41. x38Vi". 1950-58 Chairman. 1955. Oil on board relief. . Executed relief for UNESCO Building. 1916. 1960. 1949. N. associated with Kandinsky and Der Blaue Reiter. 1957. Munich and at Bauhaus. for UNESCO Building. Joined surrealist group. One of founders of Dada. 83% x 48Vi". 1958. Paris. 1958. 1906-09 studied painting in Weimar. BENT BLACK. 1925. Germany. Yale University. 1933-49. Kassel. Sao Paulo Bienal. 1912 to Munich. JEAJV ARP 1887- Born in Strassburg. Trips to United States. in Bottrop. Painted in Paris. 1957. One-man exhibitions at Leo Castelli Gallery.JOSEF ALBERS 1888- Born Ruhr district. near Paris. IVORMAIV BLVHM 1920- Born in Chicago. 1904 to Paris. C. Kassel. To Switzerland. THE CLEARING. 1953. 1923-33 professor at Bauhaus. 1940. Lives in Meudon- Val-Fleury. II. 1959. II. Black Mountain College. Came to United States to head art department. Lives in New York City. Essen. INTERREGNUM. 1959. 1950. 1959 received Ford Foundation Fellowship. Department of Design. Educated at art schools in Berlin.

1958. 1955. 1948. 1958. Venice Biennale. SUDDEN SILENCE. 1896 first one-man show at Durand-Ruel's. where he founded . 36 x 28Vi". 1954: Sao Paulo Bienal.4utomatiste group. Wk x 25Vi". E. Paris. NUDE AT THE WINDOW: Oil on canvas. 1938. 1953. Oil on canvas. WOMAN WITH A MANDOLIN. Studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. became member of Nabi group. 1952. Galerie Kahnweiler. 1919. 1906 exhibited ivith Fauves at Salon des Independants. Died at Le Cannet. Participated in Pittsburgh International. 1939. Netv York. 24 x29Vi". 45 x 57". 1888-89 studied at Ecole des Beaux- Arts and Academic Julian. Quebec. Returned to Montreal. Oil on canvas. 1910. 1900. Oil on canvas. Paris. From 1907 close association with Picasso. Venice Biennale. 1954. Studied at Academic Humbert. PAVL-EMILE BORDVAS 1905-1960 Born in Saint-Hilaire. 1948-52. 49V2 x 26W. 1928-30. 1930. Lives in Paris. 1893-99 Le Havre. Ecole d'Art Sucre. 35V2 x 42Vz" . 1907. 1951. Met Denis. GEORGES BRAQK/E 1882- Born in Argenteuil. Saint-Hilaire.PIERRE BONNARD 1867-1947 Born in Fontenay-aux-Roses. 1953-54. Died in Paris. 1937. LANDSCAPE AT LA ClOTAT. Oil on canvas. 1960. STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT BOWL. STILL LIFE WITH VASE. 1955-60. 1950. Paris. 1926 visited United States as member of Pittsburgh International fury. 1908 first one-man show. near Paris. Montreal. to Paris. 1893 met Vollard who showed and published his lithographs and book illustrations.4SEL AND PALETTE. Participated in Pittsburgh International. Vuillard . Oil on canvas. France. 1902-04. 1955. France. 1948.

1855. 1935-37. . Began drawing at an early age. Oil on canvas. second. 1925. PORTRAIT OF MADAME CEZANNE. Murals for Paris world fairs. Salon des Independants. Traveled extensively. 1895. PAUL CEZAKKE 1839-1906 Born in Aix-en-Provence. Met Apollinaire and Gleizes. . Paris. 31Vi x 25Vi" EDGAR DEGAS 1834-1917 Born in Paris. 1937. After 1886 withdrew almost entirely from public exhibitions. Attended Academic Suisse in Paris to study painting. Pastel. 1878. 28Vi x KVi". 1911. Apprenticed to stage designer. Died in Aix-en-Provence. ROBERT DELAVKAV 1885-1941 Born in Paris. FOREST PATH. 1856 studied at Aix School of Drawing. Included in first Der Blaue Reiter exhibition. RHYTHM WITHOUT END. AFTER THE BATH. 1904 met Metzinger. 1859 studied law in accordance with father's wishes. Died at Montpellier. Munich. associated with Impressionists. 1904 featured at Salon d'Automne. From 1879 showed regularly at Salon des Independants. Studied law briefly. 1872-77. Oil on canvas. Participated in first. third Impressionist exhibitions. Paris. particularly in Italy. Circa 1886. 1874 participated in first Impressionist exhibition. 1914-20 Spain and Portugal. 1913 to Berlin with Apollinaire for one-man show at Der Sturm. Died in Paris. enrolled in Ecole des Beaux-Arts. 1911 showed with cubists in Salle 41. France. 1865-70 contributed to Salon. 1921 returned to Paris. 21 ^Axl7^A". Began sculpture. 63% x 51 Vi". 1895 first one-man show at Ambroise Vollard's. Oil on canvas.

1928. Died in Forcalquier. Frequent exhibitions in United States and Europe since then. met Matisse. 1958. MORNING LIGHT. 1907. France. Salon d'Automne. Exhibited at Salon des Independants. 1907 contract with dealer Kahnweiler. WHITE TOWER. music. Documenta. First prize Pittsburgh International. enrolled in Ecole des Beaux-Arts.ANDRE DERAIL 1880-1954 Born in Chatou. Died in Garches. France. 51V4 x 63%". First one-man exhibition. visited London. Paris. Paris . tapestries. Awarded first prize. France. Oil on canvas. 1895 entered Ecole des Beaux-Arts. JEAN DVBVFFET 1901- Born in Le Havre. METAPHYSICAL LANDSCAPE. at Academic Carriere. 1905 exhibited with Fauves at Salon d'Automne. 1959. 1895-1900 academic training at Ecole Poly technique. 1944. Lives in Vence and Paris. 1924 gave up art for commerce. Le Havre. Masee de I' Art Moderne. 23% x 28%". LE HAVRE. Executed ballet and theater decor. Oil on canvas. RAOVL BVFY 1877-1953 Born in Le Havre. 1952. Paris. interest in painting and friendship with Vlaminck . Retrospective. 1911 began designing printed textiles. 30 x 25V2". 1900 to Paris. Galerie Drouin. Did ceramics. International exhibitions include Pittsburgh International. 1955. 1952. Oil on canvas. 1942 resumed painting. 1904-05. . 28% x SeVi". Oil on canvas. 1914. 1906. 1953. 1903. 1918 studied painting. Kassel. languages in Paris. Paris. 1952. Venice Biennale. theater sets and book illustrations. II.

1888 to Aries. Oil and plaster on canvas. VIJVCEIVT VAJV GOGH 1853-1890 Born in Groot Zundert. Paris. . L'ARLESIENNE. where he committed suicide. Remy. 17% x 21 V^". 1882 first oil paintings. 62% x 22". GREENS. Gauguin and others. Returned to France. 1890 to Paris. under Bourdelle. Salon des Independants. 1889 admitted himself to asylum at St. then to Auvers. 1958. WHITE SILK. SQUARES. STANDING NUDE. near Paris. ALBERTO GIACOMETTI 1901— Born in Stampa. Represented in Pittsburgh International. met Lautrec. Oil and plaster on canvas. First one-man exhibition in Paris. 1956. The Netherlands. 17% x 21". Entered Academy. 1933. Oil on canvas. 1912 studied painting in London. Oil and plaster on canvas. 1886 to Paris. 1914. Kassel. 1957. First exhibition in Paris. Lives in Paris. Documenta. II. Oil on canvas.J£AiV FAVTRIER 1898— Born in Paris. Until 1915 studied with his father Giovanni Giacometti in Stampa. 1923. Worked in an art gallery. 1935-39 lived in Switzerland. later at Ecole des Arts et Metiers in Geneva. 1957. 10¥b x 13%". Documenta. Oil and plaster on canvas. Switzerland. 1959. 1952. 1880 began to study drawing. Represented in Venice Biennale. Kassel. 23Vz x 19%". "PETITE EMBALLAGE". 1928. as a schoolmaster and a lay preacher. later to his present residence at Chatenay-Malabry. 1887 met Pissarro. 1891 retrospective. First abstract paintings. 1959. II. Bernard. 1930-32 associated with surrealists in Paris. 1953. Antwerp. 1954. 1885. 2OV2 x25V2". 1890. 1922-23 in Paris.


C/rarln/^.Baziiim-: Th. 19S1.. .


Hoitniinl : Nitilc al thi. .iotal. 1007. Braqiir: iMiulscape at La C. Window.


Braqite: Still Lifr with Fiuit Bowl. 1919.lirmjuv: W oniai} with a \Ian(/o!in. . 1910.

1895.Cezanne: Portrait vl Mailann' Cezanne. Cezanne: Forest Path. 1872-77. .


Degas: After the Bath. . Circa 1886.


1904-05.Derain: Morning Light. .


Kandinsky: Nude. 1911. .


i^A ^^^^^^^Vj: r ^ V 1 jm I a . .- Klee: Palace in Four Parts. 1933.

!'«"'. --"^^mM-- ' -- ..:-".* . : ^._" . •sSf. .^^C. /L/ee.. ^1^"'": g..">* '•.::. -- SIS'::'".B: "--CW^^^^m' S'^^M'^^ ^^: :ii -:::. .-. . 'J: ^-. :.. --is". •.._ .• . " . ".-»- S^SF' --- " :3ft.-* ''"-' '... /n the Flower Garden..^ .:...'' J&JiMi:!^.:.:".-.''.." • t . -i|J' ^'. .^'^..r--sjr>v . rr."• J- •i-i*: hr:. 1939.-' -'-jsiKWii-:^. : '- . -.


1926. 1930. .Leger: Compass. Leger: Composition I.

XJEii .

Malisse: Grey Nude. 1929. Mini: Constellation. 19. .33.

1912.Mondrian: Tree. .

Mondrian: Composition. Blue and Yellow. 1935. .

. 1920-25.Monet: Wisteria.



I'lllT.I'irasso: Hiisl III n Himiiin. Picasso: Slill Lil. /"IV! .' wilh Mandolin.


I93U. . 1956. I'icasso: Xiulc Belurc ihe Garden.I'icasiu: Sciilrd Fiiiurc.

1913.Roiiault: Moroccan. .



. : 1 JA T ^ '^'-'Lr/-^ (^^. r -: . Woh: Ilarhor District. 1926.Ts:OI:ola.-< f.».- -*"®^a . f: I •c '-W UOI& Srlncitl.:3Ji. : . ^t:?' n \.

W'indmiU. ??'\ \v-. . \ i-- ro/s. '1 \ . 1940-U.-i— \:.


Los Angeles. First one-man exhibition. JUAJV GRIS 1887-1927 Born in Madrid. 1941-42. 1959. Stable. 75 x SOVt". Died in Paris. 1919. Kassel. 1935. Documenta. including Young America. 1902 studied at School of Arts and Industry. 1953. 1957. Kassel. Self-taught except for three months at Otis Art Institute. 1922-23 executed stage sets and costumes for Diaghilev. 1907. In the army 1942-46. To New York. Documenta. at Salon des Independants and with cubists at Section d'Or. 72V4 x 76V2". One-man exhibitions since 1944. 1952. 1949-51. 1912. Oil and collage. Has exhibited in United States and Europe. Subsequent New York exhibitions at Tanager. 1934-35 to Mexico. INSIGHT. New York. II. Oil on canvas. 1906 to Paris. Venice Biennale. II. New York. 1956-58. 1960. ALFRED JEJVSEiV 1903— Born in Guatemala City. New York. 21% x 15". Whitney Museum. 1914. Oil on canvas. JANUS STILL LIFE. 1946. First one-man show at Heller Gallery. Madrid. TEA CUPS. Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts. Lives in New York City. 1925-26 studied at Fine Arts Museum. Oil. Studied at Art Student's League. Oil on canvas. 1935-40. Group exhibitions since 1951. 1957. Baltimore. Pittsburgh International. . New York. PHILIP Gt/STOJV 1913- Born in Montreal. Worked on WPA Federal Art Project. 1955. 25^ x 36Vi".MICHAEL GOLDBERG 1924- Born in Neiv York City. STILL LIFE. 193840. Instructor at Maryland Institute. 1959. First exhibited. 1959. where he now lives. 1959. 1916. COMPOSITION (BRANCH). Lives in New York City. 74 x 45%". Group exhibitions include Sao Paulo Bienal. Bertha Schaefer and Martha Jackson Galleries. 1958. Tiber de Nagy Gallery. charcoal and collage on canvas. Met Kahnweiler. To Los Angeles. 1959. 1958. San Diego. Sao Paulo Bienal.

From 1933. Stage designs for Swedish Ballet. associated with Der Blaue Reiter. 1901. 1912 wrote Concerning the Spiritual in Art. TROUBLED. Began painting. 1938. Oil on plaster. Oil on canvas. 194145. 1949 mosaic for church fagade at Assy. Oil on canvas. . 1921-23 . 10 x 13". 1920-30 professor at Bauhaus. Gouache and India ink. luhere he died. Died at Locarno-Mural to. 1939. 1933. 1930. 2PA x 15". PAUL KLEE 1879-1940 Born in Bern. Museum of Pictorial Culture. 1911. 1933. 1931 professor at Dusseldorf Academy of Art. taught at Academy of Fine Arts. 1925 wrote Pedagogical Sketchbook. 1919 returned to Moscow. Died in Gif-sur-Yvette. Oil on canvas. 1934. Switzerland. Oil on canvas. Normandy. France. COMPASS. SEATED NUDE. Visits to United States in 1931. 13Vi x MVi". FIELD. PALACE IN FOUR PARTS. 1912 Paris. Oil on canvas. 1927. 1898 studied in Munich. NUDE. Oil on canvas. Weimar and trip to Dessau. Gouache on board. Charcoal. ¥eimar and Dessau. 1922-32 professor at Bauhaus. 1924. 58x39". 1926. 1910-14. FER1VA]V» LEGER 1881-1955 Born in Argentan. 1911. TIME AND THE PLANTS. 1913. 35V2 x 26V2". Associated with cubists. Oil on wood. COMPOSITION I. 15V4 x 17". First considered music as a profession but chose painting. 9 x 12W. director. 38 x 57%". 6% x I6V2". 1951 window for church at Audincourt. worked as an architectural draughtsman. 1914 Kairuan. 1911 with Franz Marc founded Der Blaue Reiter group in Munich and edited yearbook by that name. 19V4 x 12Vz". STILL LIFE WITH INKWELL. 1925. 15Vi x 21". 55V2 x IMVz".VASILY KANDIIVSKY 1866-1944 Born in Moscow. 1896 to Munich. Paris. 1924 film Ballet Mecanique. IN THE FLOWER GARDEN. THE CHAPEL QUAKES. Tunisia. CHECK! 1931. Gouache. 1927. 1900 to Paris. Returned to Bern.

France. Paris. 34Vi x 24W. where he organized ABC group. COLLAGE M -10-56. Oil on canvas. 1924-27 Art Student's League. Received Logan Medal and Purchase Prize. Oil on canvas. New York. . INCREASE. Died in Moscow. Exhibited in Europe. where he worked with van Doesburg. EL LISSITZKY 1890-1947 Born in Smolensk. 38% x 51 Vi". Lives in New York City. LAVENDER. 1959. 1925. Later exhibited with Singier and Gischia. 1933-34. New York and Provincetown.Arts. COIVRAD MARCA. 1920-22. United States and Europe. 1921. Associate Professor. 1925-28 Hannover. Ford Foundation Fellowship. One-man exhibitions since 1946. Lives in East Hampton. COMPOSITION. Taught at Moscow Academy. Bertholle. Alabama. 1931 to Paris. met Le Moal. Whitney Museum Annual. 1959. Studied architecture at Ecole des Beaux. Since 1948 both group and one-man exhibitions in. Studied at Academy of Fine Arts. 1938-43. Self-taught. 1923-25 Switzerland. 1935 studied with Bissiere. University of California. 1954. Studied at Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. 1922 to Berlin. 1928 returned to Russia.-June 1958. Has designed tapestries and stained glass for churches. 1959. started to paint at this time. JOBiV LITTLE 1907— Born in Sanford. Rassia. Oil on canvas. . South America and United States. New York. Spent part of 1959 in Rome. 1937 . 73V4: x 73Vi". Amiens. . 30Vi x 32Vi". 1919. Published The Isms of Art with Arp. Joined constructivist movement of Tallin and Rodchenko. Studied engineering. ALFRED MAlKESSiER 1911- Born in Saint-Ouen (Somme). Moholy-Nagy and Mies van der Rohe. Oil and collage on canvas.RELLI 1913— Born in Boston. Feb. Musee des Arts Decoratifs. Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts.

Oil on canvas. 1922 exhibited in international Dada exhibition. 1938-40 London. 31V2x24V2". 51V4 x65V'k". 1925 decor Terrace Plaza Hotel. Murals: 1937 Paris Exposition. 1914 exhibited at Salon des Independants. 36% x 32V4" STILL LIFE WITH FISH. and Moreau. CONSTELLATION. Paris. 1917. 1938. Moscow and Berlin. COMPOSITION. 1935. Paris. Paris. Lives in Palma Majorca. Oil on canvas. France. Cincinnati. 1910 to Spain. for Diaghilev ballet. 1953. 1940 to United States. . COMPOSITION NO. Mass. Oil on canvas. 1950-51. 1911. Oil on canvas. II. Leader of the Fauves. Oil on board. Oil on canvas. 1958. The Netherlands. 29 x 24". V WITH COLOR PLANES. 1917 founded with van Doesburg and others the periodical De Stijl. Oil on canvas. PIET MOJVDRIAJV 1872-1944 Born in Amersfoort. Harvard University. Published Le Neo Plasticisme. 49Vi x 37". COMPOSITION. Guggenheim International Award. Died in New York City. Studied at Academy of Fine Arts. at Salon d'Automne from 1903. 1947. Died in Nice. 1929. 1911 to Moscow. Exhibited at Salon des Independants from 1901. 1921. POETIC LANDSCAPE. 39% x 32". Designed Vence chapel. 1914-19 The Netherlands. 1919 to Paris. GREY NUDE. . YELLOW.42 x21". HEiVRI MATISSE 1869-1954 Born in Le Cateau. Oil on canvas. Oilonmasonite. 1930. 1920. 1911-13 trips to Morocco. Cambridge. 1937. Oil on canvas. 1912. 36% x 27%".RED. FLOWERS AND CERAMIC PLATE. 1910 to Paris. WHITE. 1933. BLUE AND YELLOW.. 1908 exhibited in New York. 1925 in first surrealist group exhibition. 19Vi x 24" COMPOSITION NO. 1891 studied in Paris with Bouguereau. 16 x 13Vi". 28% x 27Vi". One-man show. 1904. Amsterdam. JOAN MIRO 1893- Born in Barcelona. BLACK AND WHITE. HALLOWEEN. Graduate Center. completed 1951. Oil on canvas. TREE. Spain. Ambroise Vollard's.

1901. 13% x9W. Oil on canvas. 1900-01 trips to Madrid and Paris. SSVa x 51Vz". Chalk. Since 1946 has lived in the south of France. 59Vi x 79". 1874. STILL LIFE WITH MELON. 1895. Oil on canvas. Oil on canvas. Oil on canvas. Known for his geometrical plaster reliefs as well as for his paintings. Oil on canvas. near Bordeaux. 39Vz x 31%". Oil on canvas. SEATED NUDE ON BLUE. 1930. Buckinghamshire. 1890-91 began Haystack series. 1959. 1937 "Guernica". 1920-25. 1952. SKETCH FOR A SCULPTURE. SEATED CHILD. Oil on canvas. STILL LIFE WITH MANDOLIN. 28 x 35%". Oil on wood. Oil on canvas. 21V4. COMPOSITION (PALE BLUE CIRCLE). KNEELING NUDE. Aivarded many prizes including first prize. WISTERIA. SlVi x 63%". x 15%". Paris. Oil on wood. Oil on canvas. BEJV JVICHOLSO]V 1894— Born in Denham. 1958. Guggenheim International Award. Studied at Slade School. Sisley and Bazille. 28Vzx23'^h". 13 x 21%". Participated in first Impressionist exhibition. 1923. 36Vi x 28%".CLAUDE MOIVET 1840-1926 Born in Paris. followed by Cathedral of Rouen and Waterlilies series. 1908. . Paris and most subsequent Impressionist shows. Died in Giverny. TWO FIGURES. Venice Biennale. 1935. PABLO PICASSO 1881 — Born in Malaga. WOMAN WITH MANDOLIN. France. influence of Turner. New York. 1907 met Prague with whom he developed cubism. Spain. 16 x 13". London and in Tours and Milan. Ulissi Prize. Studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. London. 1956. Pittsburgh International. 1955. 1934. Oil on canvas. 26 x 19W. 1904 settled in Paris. 1917-21 stage sets and costumes for Diaghilev ballet. BUST OF A WOMAN. Retrospectives: Paris. 1956. SEATED FIGURE.23Vz x39Vi". To Barcelona. Oil on canvas. 1871 trip to London with Pissarro . Son of artist. 1939. England. 1907. 1930. NUDE BEFORE THE GARDEN. A leading figure in the Impressionist movement. Friendship with Renoir. 1939. 1948. 1939. 1939-40 Royan. Sir William Nicholson. 16 x 13". BULLFIGHT. 1960.

1945. 2OV2 x 28". New York. Kassel. 1929-30. 1940-51 California. First one-man exhibition Galerie Druet. Studied at Art Student's League with Thomas Hart Benton. Came to New York 1929. 40Vi x 27Vi". 1921 to Paris. 1924 joined surrealist group. Oil and collage on canvas. Died in East Hampton. where he joined Dada group. 1901 met Huysmans. 1947. Texas. 1913. 1951. N. Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Lived in Arizona and Wyoming.JACKSON POLLOCK 1912-1956 Born in Cody. where he exhibited regularly until 1908. 1950. Oil on canvas. 1910. 1959. 1951. Oil on canvas. Posthumous retrospective. Documenta. 1959. MOROCCAN. windows for Church at Assy. A founder of Salon d'Automne. 1912. Active in printmaking. 1893 met Matisse in Moreau's class. 1956. First one-man exhibition. Art of This Century. Exhibited in Armory Show. 1904 met Leon Bloy. Paris. New York. Now lives in Paris. Paris . New York. 1902-12 exhibited annually at Salon des Independants. 1929. GEORGES ROVAVLT 1871-1958 Born in Paris. 1948. COMPOSITION. New York. Died in Paris. including II. Traveled in Italy and North Africa. First one-man show in 1943. The Museum of Modern Art. . Studied at Kansas City Art Institute. Oil on canvas. Art Student's League. 24 x 20". designed decor for Diaghilev ballet. Has made surrealist films. Group exhibitions since 1951. Wyoming. 1949-50. ROBERT RAVSCHEJVBERG 1925— Born in Port Arthur. SHIMMERING IMAGE. To New York. 29% x 41". 194849. 1929. With Duchamp and de Zayas founded New York Dada group. One-man exhibitions since 1953. COMPOSITION. 1947. C. 1957 (Special Room) . Black Mountain College. 1917. 1952-53. 1891. Included in Sao Paulo Bienal. Venice Biennale. New York. New York. The Museum of Modern Art. 16 Americans. 1903. Studied stained glass making. 1957. MAJV RAY 1890- Born in Philadelphia. Academic Julian. New York. 1913. 1921 took up photography using "Rayograph" technique. 1897. Lives in New York City.

35 x 51 V2". MILK FLOWER. Collage on board. 1947. 1910. 1909-14 Academy of Dresden. BUNT. 1944. Collage. Studied at School of Fine Arts. x5Vi". 1954. CHASM SOt/TIIVE 18941943 Born in Smilovitch. exhibited in Salon de Mai. 1919.17. Collage on leather. returned to Paris. 1908. 1946. England. 1930. 1947. Died in Paris. 7 x5Vi". Oil on canvas. 1926. Traveled extensively in Europe and North Africa. Brussels. 7 4y2 x 37".B. Paris. 32% x 24". Collage. First one-man exhibition. Died in Ambleside. Collage and gouache. Paris. I3V2 x 11". 1922. Leger. Petersburg. DOOR WITHOUT ENTRANCE. 1932-33. 1915 Merzbau. Cendrars. founded Merz his own sector of the Dada movement. Settled in England. tvhere he studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. IOV2 x 8%". 16V. 1956. NICOLAS BE STAEL 1914-1955 Born in St. 1941.KC/RT SCHWiTTERS 1887-1948 Born in Hannover. 15 X U". Hannover. Member of Cercle et Carre group. Mz30. 1921. Vilna. BRIDGE OF AUTEUIL. Paris. Zborowski.1947. contributed to review Der Sturm. Collage. N. OKOLA. Met Chagall. Oil on canvas. 1943. Modigliani and the dealer. 7 x 6%". 1932. Oil on canvas. Exhibited rarely. Oil and collage on tvood. 1919. 1937 to Paris. Studied at. 7 x SVz". Cagnes. 7Vz x 5W (oval). 6V2. 1922. RE. published review Merz. Circa 1923. REPL. ROSA D ABEL 1926. School of Decorative Arts of Hannover. 1940-42 Nice. .I x 13" (oval). 15 x 12Vi". 1930-37. 1954 settled at Antibes where he committed suicide. Retrospective. 1922 to Brussels. Collage. 1945-55. 1919 left Russia. Chatelguyon and Paris. Studied at School of Fine Arts. 6Vix4%". After 1919 lived in Ceret. Mz 464. MISTR. 1913 to Paris. Oil and collage on board. Collage. GREY CIRCLE. Lithuania. Musee National d'Art Moderne. MERZBILD 13A. Collage on board.4L. 1946. 1930 and Abstraction-Creation. Mz.

45 x57Vz". 1960. Oil and mixed media on canvas. 30% x 30%". Kassel. Documenta. Included in Sao Paulo Bienal. Tempera. 1917. of artists Marcel Duchamp. Associated with cubists. . Painter. France. Received Prix Paul Guillaume. Barcelona. 1956 Pittsburgh International. 1959. FIGURE. Pittsburgh International. 1932-33 member of Abstraction- Creation group. 1953. One-man exhibitions since Recent group exhibitions include Sao Paulo Bienal. 194f) in southern France. Self-taught. 1950. ROCK. Europe. Oil on canvas. Studied Chinese calligraphy in China. Oiloncanvas. ANTOm TAPIES 1923— Born in Barcelona. France. 1955. Venice Biennale. 1950 to Paris on French government scholarship. 1948 co-founder of group and review Dau al Set. Raymond Duchamp-Villon. 1955. 1955. Burgundy. Kassel. 1921. Self-taught. Participated in Pittsburgh International. Wisconsin. 1951. Documenta. 1911 to New York. etcher. 1894 to Paris. PIERRE TAL COAT 1905- Born in Clohars-Carnoet. Venice Biennale. 1946 gave up law studies to devote himself exclusively to painting. WHITE WORLD. 1936 visited the United States. Later lived in Chicago and in Seattle. Suzanne Duchamp. Aix-en-Provence. Near and Far East. Switzerland. 1959. 1952. COMPOSITION. first one-man show. 1958 (first prize). 1957. Participated in Venice Biennale. 1958 (two prizes) . 1952. 1936. To Paris. 1956. engraver. (first prize for painting). 1953 (purchase prize) Venice Biennale. 1950. 18^/^ x 24". JACQUES VffLLOJV 1875- Eldest brother Born in Damville (Eure).2lVixl5". 1950. Lives in Puteaux. Lives in Barcelona. 1925. Studied sculpture. 1958. Lives in Paris. Pittsburgh International. nARK TOBEY 1890— Bom in Centerville. Traveled in Mexico. Has lived in Brittany. designed models for pottery industry in Quimper. 1952. Barcelona. 1955. Lives in Basel. II. 1958. 1956. Brittany. 1950 (first prize). . II. 1934. 1950.

1938 retrospective at Musee des Arts Decoratifs. Academic Julian. Died in Paris. Died at La Baule. . 1957-58. Lived in Spain. Chicago . Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. ABJA YUJVKERS 7900— Born in Riga. 1889 joined Nabi group viith Denis. COMPOSITION. Berlin. Galerie Drouin. 55Vi x 39W. 1958. Family moved to Paris. Exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Many group and one-man exhibitions. France. 8% x 5Vz". Enrolled in Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Educated in St. Black Mountain College. Ink and watercolor. renewed 1954-55. Studied the violin. Exhibited also at Bernheim-J eune. Artaud and others. Mexico. Participated in numerous group exhibitions. WINDMILL. 9 x 11". citizen. enrolled for a short time at Bauhaus. 1947. Bonnard. Studied at Art Institute of Chicago. AIR MAIL. Watercolor. Now an American New York City. 7Vi x I2V2". living in EMBROIDERED HALO. Petersburg. Los Angeles. 28% x 23W. COMPOSITION. 9 x 11%". N. Oil on canvas. . C. associated with surrealists. Worked as photographer. EMERSON WOELFFER 1914— Born in Chicago. North Africa. HARBOR DISTRICT. IN THE PARK. WOLS 1913-1951 Born Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze in Berlin. 1939 returned to France and began to paint. Illustrated books by Kafka. 1957. 1886. 1932 to Paris. Oil on paper mounted on canvas. recipient of Ford Foundation Fellowship. Guggenheim Fellowship 1949-50.EDOVARD WILLARB 1868-1940 Born in Cuiseaux. Paris. 1877. 1947 to United States. 30Vz x 36%". Oil on canvas. Latvia. Included in Pittsburgh International. 1940-44. Ink and watercolor. Sartre. 32 x26Vi". Spent World War II in Sweden. Pastel. 1888. Paris. First one-man exhibition. Settled in Paris 1928-38. Has taught at Institute of Design. From 1919 traveled in Europe. 1959. Salon d'Automne. Self-taught as an artist. Serusier and others. COMPOSITION. Ink and watercolor. Salon des Independants. Now teaching at Chouinard School. 1952. First one-man show at Revue Blanche.

Feigen. 1911. The following work listed in the catalogue had to be withdrawn for reasons beyond our control: van Gogh: L'ARLESIENNE. Illinois. TWO FIGURES. Collection Richard L. Monet: WISTERIA. The following works were not originally part of the G. Collection Mr. 1939. 1934. Kirk Douglas. 1890. Beverly Hills. SEATED CHILD. Chicago. Picasso: SEATED NUDE ON BLUE. 1939. 1920-25. . California. David Thompson Collection but were added to the Museum showings with the owner's consent: Kandinsky: NUDE. 1939. and Mrs. The works listed below were recently sold and are now in the following collections: Picasso: BULLFIGHT.


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David Thompson Collection" . in May 1961 for the Trustees of The Solomon R. 1961 5000 copies of this catalogue. Inc. Exhibition '61/3 May-August.. New York. designed by Herbert Matter. Guggenheim Foundation on the occasion of the exhibition "One Hundred Paintings from the G. have been printed by Sterlip Press.