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Assignment on

Google and Yahoo

United International University

Submitted to :
Jinea Akhtar

Submitted by :
Noor Ibne Salehin
ID : 111082071

Date of submission : 8 August, 2010

Introduction :

Google vision is to organized the world’s information and make it universally accessible
and useful. This is the historical search engine. There are several other services that
website is giving to their users. The most fascinating thing when you visit
www.google.com is that you will be automatically redirected to your local website. Like if
you’re surfing Google website from Bangladesh and if you type in the address bar like
www.google.com, the website will automatically judge your IP address and country and
take you to www.google.com.bd. This is the special thing that you will find in Google
website. You can also view the website in your own language if the website supports.
This option is not available in yahoo website. You have to go by yourself on your
specific yahoo local website page.

One more thing about Google is that it doesn’t take too much time to open as the size of
the web page is very low and it is easy to use. Even the person who never used internet
before can surf Google website easily.
You can set your search settings that will help users to refine their search according to
what they are looking for.

There is one more interesting thing in Google website is that you need to Type a search
phrase in your language, Google will find results in other languages and translate them
for you to read. It is very easy to use and very convenient.

History of Google :

 Google vision is to organized the world’s information and make it universally

accessible and useful. This is the historical search engine.
 1995- Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford.
 1996- Both as Stanford computer science grad students, begin collaborating on a
search engine called Backrub!
 1997- BackRub search engine renamed Google after the word "googol," a
mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100
 1998 Aug-Angel Funding to the duo for Google Inc. with check of $100,000. by
Andy Bechtolsheim (Cofounder of Sun Microsystems)
 1998 Sept - Google sets up workspace in Susan Wojcicki's garage .
 1999 Feb -Outgrows garage office and move to new digs at 165 University
Avenue in Palo Alto with just 8 employees.
 June 1999- Announces a $25 million round from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner
Perkins.John Doerr and Michael Moritz join the board.
 Aug 1999- move to our first Mountain View location.
 May 2000- 10 languages of Google.com released. Won first Webby awards.
 June 2000-Forged a partnership with Yahoo.
 October 2000- Google adword launched.
 Aug 2001- Eric Schimdt becomes CEO.
 May 2002-Major partnership with AOL.
 Jan. 2004- Launch of Orkut ,foray into social networking.
 Aug 2004- of 19,605,052 shares of Class A common stock takes place on Wall
Street on August 18. Opening price: $85 per share.
 Oct 2004- New offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad
 Launch of Desktop search, Google Sms and Google scholar
 March 2005-Acquired Urchin, a web analytics company whose technology is
used to create Google Analytics.
 Feb 2006- Gmail chat released

 Jan 2007- partnership with China mobile.
 Feb 2007- Google Docs and spreadsheets released.
 Sept 2008-Innovations continued on an on , last being Google Chrome OS.

Few other Google offering :

Fig : 1

Business aspect :

Fig : 2
4 layer that Google keep strong :

Fig : 3

Google’s subtly prepares to surpass Microsoft in non search by 2020 :

Fig : 4

How Google Works ?

Let’s see how Google processes a query

Fig : 5

Copyright © 2003 Google Inc.

Google.com Worldwide Traffic Rank :

Country Rank

United States 1

Iran 1

Bangladesh 1

Algeria 1


3.0 Google’s E-commerce

Google Commerce Search combines Google search quality, speed, and usability with
retail-centric features designed specifically for online merchants. As a hosted solution,
Google Commerce Search sets up easily and can scale instantly to handle any
seasonal traffic spikes.

Fig : 6

Google.com 2010

Yahoo is the corporate website that facilitates the users about search and business
needs. Users can search web, images, videos and shopping here.

One more interesting thing users can avail that they can customize their yahoo
webpage after logging in to their account and even they can change the color of their
web page. Users can also add and edit their options. Yahoo also gives the option to
their users that the company changes its first page daily.

Yahoo provides the latest news on the main page that helps the users to become up to
date with the latest news and happening of the world.

Users, who are stock market investors, can get the NASDAQ and Dow quotes right on
their web page. But Google don’t provide this option.

Yahoo provides the featured services, business solutions and corporate information to
their users. Yahoo also provides some articles on daily basis for the entertainment of

Yahoo also provides the recommendation for the users according to what he or she is
surfing on yahoo website. It is very useful thing that only yahoo is providing. The same
thing is also available in youtube when you search for any video.


Automatic judge
your IP and take
you to

Language bar

Fig : 7

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stock market
investors, can get
the information

latest news and

happening of the

Fig : 8

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

Fig : 9

Fig : 10

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Trafficking :

Google.com is ranked #1 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic

rankings. Relative to the overall population of internet users, this site's audience tends
to be users who browse from school ; they are also disproportionately men aged under
35 and over 45. The site belongs to the “Google” category. Roughly 26% of visits to
Google.com consist of only one page view and it has been online for at least twelve

(Alexa.com, August 7, 2010)

Fig : 11

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Security :

Google Web Security for Enterprise protects organizations of all sizes against web
malware attacks in real time and enables the safe, productive use of the web, without
incurring hardware, upfront capital, or IT management costs. The product enables
organizations to control how employees use the Internet, and provides easy-to-use tools
to create, enforce, and monitor the right web policy for your organization. Now, through
a new add-on feature, we're extending that security to users wherever they may be

Protecting off-network users used to require them to connect via a VPN when they were
out of the office — often with mixed results. With this new feature, all off-network users'
web traffic is automatically directed to scanning infrastructure to enforce your policies
and protect their computers, requiring no action on the part of individuals.

In this way google hope to help your organization take greater control over its security,
bandwidth and web communications. Google Web Security is powered by Postini with
technology from ScanSafe, and integrated with Google Apps security and compliance
messaging services.

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Conclusion :

I think Google is better but instead of posting a one word answer, I'll break the
comparison down by service.

Email: Google is the clear winner because of it's extensive features, little advertising
and huge storage space. G Mail even has new labs features that bring even more
functionality to web mail. Yahoo on the other hand has tons of flash advertising and the
interface seems cluttered.

My Yahoo / iGoogle: Yahoo may slide by here because the interface seems clean and
loads faster. If you decide to use Google for everything else than iGoogle will work fine.

Maps: Google Maps seems to have a cleaner interface and offers street view for a lot of
the US and Europe. Yahoo has more flash ads which bother me but seems to load
really fast. They both of adjustable routes and satellite imagery. This one is a tie!

News: Yahoo has a more modern interface with popular searches at the top. It includes
customization as does Google. Again, if you are using a Google account for other
reasons, Google News is good - same with Yahoo... (Tie)

Video service: To sum it up, Google Video is almost dead (it searches almost every
other video service). Google owns YouTube, the biggest online video provider - Google
has to win here

Shopping: Google has the cleaner interface here. They both include retailer reviews
and comparisons. Both services are well designed but Google lays out the results more
like their search page (very minimal interface)

Calendar: Tie - they are both similar.

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