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SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.



This Manuscript is an attempt to introduce deeper spectrum of Real Reality and analyze their


Our quest to find reasons for “Why Things Are in the Way They Are” has ever been our driving force
towards “Science and Knowledge”. This Manuscript is an attempt to further explain briefly “Why Things
Are in the Way They Are”. This manuscript is a “to the point” & simplified attempt to explain & prove that
Everything we call as real (including Space, Energy, force, charge, field & Mass) are function of
“Cumulative Time content”, there by unifying Everything from broader sense, but as a subset or as
fractional dimensions of multi-verse of Time, i.e. “Everything Physical is representation of Values & are
function of Time, Time is representing Dynamics of Values Volume or Geometric Matrices of Values,
which is governed by Quasi-Absolute Consciousness(s) / Geometric Seed Function(s) to create/sustain
specific types of universe(s).” With this Manuscript, I also intend to clarify “Why Space of our universe is
not 3-dimensional”, to end age old misconception of “our universe is 3D or 4D or “n”D” & assert the fact
that 3D, 4D etc are mathematical tools and not reality of Space. Then there is an introduction to principle
that governs fundamental physical phenomenon like Action-Reaction & Inertia. This manuscript analyze
concept of Space, Time, Consciousness & possible structure of Real Reality.


Space, Time, Mass. Energy, Fields, Force, Momentum, Interactions, Equi-Preference, Gravitation,
Electromagnetism, Inertia, c, Speed of Light, 3D, 4D, Action-Reaction, probability, Intractability,
Operability, Cartesian, polar , spherical, coordinate system, infinites, zeros,


In Modern Physics, forms of energies have been unified, forces of nature have boiled down to few &
those few are understood to unify under Higher Energy states, Mass is now considered property that
Cumulative Energy Content exhibits.
So, if Mass can be considered as property that cumulative Energy content exhibits, then

m=E/c^2 => m= f1 (Energy, Space, Time) ------------------------------------------- (1)

E=mc^2 => E= f2 (Space, Time) -------------------------------------------------------- (2)

=> If Mass is considered to be property expressed by Energy-Space-Time, then Energy can be

expressed as function of Space-Time. ------------------------------------------------ (3)

Or, in other sense, Energy can be considered as property that de-condensed Mass exhibits,

E=mc^2 => E= f’2 (Mass, Space, Time) --------------------------------------------- (4)

m=E/c^2 => m= f’1 (Space, Time) ----------------------------------------------------- (5)

=> If Energy is considered to be property expressed by Mass-Space-Time, then Mass can be expressed
as function of Space-Time. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (6)

=> From (1) to (6) we can conclude the fact that Energy-Mass is property expressed by Space-Time.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

=>E/m =c^2 => c = (E/m) ^ (1/2)

=> d x= ((E/m) ^ (1/2))*d t ------------------------------------------ (7)

So, from (1) to (7) & with similar logic that equates Mass-Energy by “E=mc2”, we can infer that Energy &
Mass are properties exhibited as a result of Space-Time interactions.


=> When we combine “E = m * c ^ 2” & “c = d x / d t”, then we get c = (E / m) ^ (1/2) = (d x / d t) & We can
infer that Mass-Energy is function of Space-Time or Mass-Energy is cumulative content of Space-Time; or
in more meaningful sense, Energy can be considered to be kinetic form of Space-Time which is moving
as disturbance or wave at speed “c” or at velocity “v” when combined with Mass; & Mass can be
considered as potential form of Energy or Space-Time.

Also, d x = (E / m) ^ (1/2) * d t = c * d t = f3 (Time) ------------------------------------ (8)

=> =>

E = m * c2 => c2 = = =>c= =

=> = => = ∗

F = m * a => a = = => = => =[ ]∗

Also, F = c * E= * ,
E = => = =[ ]∗

p = m * v => v = = => = => =
∗ ∗
Also, p = mE * c = mE * , = => = =

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

Where, “c” is not just velocity, but also signifies rate of interaction between fully energized-Mass and
Space-Time i.e. “c” is the velocity of Energy in free Space-Time interaction and also should be the rate at
which elements of Space can get distilled into elements of Time or values.
“c” & “c^2”(i.e. (d x/d t) & (E/m) , Space-Time & Energy-mass relation) signifies rate at which “causality
loop” is transmitted across by “seed function” of our universe (please refer conclusion of this manuscript
for further details).
Inside black hole (c, c^2) (i.e. (d x/d t) & (E/m) , Space-Time & Energy-mass relation) tends to zero .i.e.
rate of Space-Time-Energy-Mass (STEM) interaction tends to zero.
Matter becoming like black hole state maybe fate of our universe (ULTIMATE STALMATE), after this
matter of our universe might become elementary particle of newer universe(s).
Similarly, during unbiased Space-Time-Mass-Energy interaction, c^2 is rate of conversion of Mass to
Energy & 1/c^2 will be rate conversion from Energy to Mass (so latter might have lesser rate, because
c^2>1/c^2, similar to element of Time to elements of Space conversion (c >1/c)). This logic is parallel to
concept of chemical reaction, where number of atoms of reactant of given reaction will determines the
rate of reactions to form its product, i.e. c^2 Times more elements/atoms of Energy need to combine to
form Mass compared to Mass to Energy conversion process.
Also, Force = Mass*acceleration = m*a = Mass*(d v /d t), this equation can be used to measure force by
its effect on system.
Force = c* (d (energized Mass in system)/ Time interval) = c*(d (mE) /d t) ----this signify cause of change
in momentum in the system, i.e. force or change in momentum is a function of amount of energized Mass
(denoted by ME or mE) in the system

Figure 2: Trigonometric Representation of Space-Time dilation

“E = m * c^2” => E is proportional to m & c^2 => E & m are having linear relationship while E & c are
having relationship of quadratic in nature. So, using mE to represent E will give much simpler linear
equations. So above equations will boil down to simpler addition & subtraction.

“c = d x / d t” => velocity has linear relation with Space-Time, so it will be simpler to use concept of
velocity to understand Space-Time interactions & concept of mE can be used to analyze interaction of
Energy-Mass of the system, as they have linear relationships.

Energized Mass is nothing but Energy with rate interaction or velocity of “c” in free Space-Time
interactions. Also,

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

TABLE I & II showing Cause & Effect definition of Momentum, Force & Energy.

WHERE ME or mE is Mass equivalent of Energy content, ME or mE represents physical form of

momentum, force, Energy and their other forms

“This approach gives a clearer picture on why it’s difficult get more than speed of light. “Energy” is Mass-
Space-Time interaction with momentum of “mE*c”; so even if we completely replace rest Mass with
energized Mass, even then maximum momentum of final Mass will have will be “ME*c” & this Mass will
still have velocity of “c”, even though energized Mass content of system changed by (ME-mE).From the
point of view of effect/increase in velocity, we feel that maximum velocity attainable will tend to approach
“c” even when the energized Mass content of the system approaches infinite”
Zero to “c” (0->c) change in velocity can be represented by infinite steps of dilution of mass by mE to attain
final maximum momentum of “mE*c”
If “c” limits kinetic (Energy) of definite amount of Mass, then “ci” should limit potential (Energy) of definite
amount of Mass. So, “ci” will also limit potential related properties of given amount of Mass, i.e. like field,
charge etc. “ci” & “c” combined will also limit maximum volume or size of Massive structure that can be
naturally stable.
So, Mass, Energy & Space are function of Time.

Energy = f4 (Time) ----------------------------------------- 10

Mass = f5 (Time) ------------------------------------------- 11
Space = f6 (Time) ------------------------------------------ 12

So further to above “EVERYTHING “PHYSICAL” ARE FUNCTIONS OF TIME” can be proved either by:
1) By introducing/substituting above equations (1) to (12) / concepts to other physical equations &
2) By Dimensional analysis, According to concepts of dimensional analysis of physical quantities,
almost all physical quantities can be expressed in dimensions of “Mass-Energy” & “Space-Time”.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com


So similarly, other physical quantities also can be proved to be functions of Time. For example,

Above equations shows that fields are properties of Space-Time when interacting with Mass or charge.
Even if field-force is mediate by particles, then those particles will have to interact with Space-Time to
move from one body to other. (“How graviton (even if existing) escape from black holes, to create strong
gravitation fields, even when light can’t escape”?)

Figure 3: Representation of Field as condensation of Space-Time by exchange of Massiveness or charge

Field is created by exchange of properties between Space and Mass in case of gravitation or charge in
case of electromagnetism, i.e. in case of gravity, surrounding Space in contact with Mass becomes
Massive or more like Quasi energized Mass (me), this provides acceleration to Mass in the gravitational
field, and curvature of Space (condensivity or condensation of Space towards Mass) by position of Mass
provides direction to accelerate.
Electromagnetic field will also have same basic principle, but charged Mass, which is a form of Energy-
Mass interaction, will be exchanging charge with Space to create its field. Some particles might mediate
the action of field, some particles might be byproduct, but role of Space-Time in action of field-force can’t
be outweighed by role of particles.
Also, it will be more logical to assume that gravitation and electromagnetic fields are created by Space-
Time-Mass-Energy interaction (i.e. Space condensation causing curvature of Space-Time) because:

(1) Both Gravitational & electromagnetic field are used for power production like in hydro-electric
plant generators, so it is logical to assume that there should be Force-Energy with both fields =>
created by Space-Time-Mass-Energy interaction.
(2) Curvature of Space-Time will find it difficult to explain how field acts inside the body owning it.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com


Exchanges charge with immediate surrounding Space to attain equilibrium, system have lower Energy
volume/content, higher Energy density, lower surface area, higher surface area/volume ratio; so have
lower range but higher strength


Exchanges Massiveness with immediate surrounding Space to attain equilibrium, system have higher
Energy volume/content, lower Energy density, higher surface area, lower surface area/volume ratio; so
have higher range but lower strength



Planck’s constant, h= wavelength*Mass*v = f (length, Mass, Space-Time) or h=Energy/frequency=

f(Energy ,Time) => same results as above, so uncertainty, wave function etc can be proved to be function
of Time.

This same procedure can be repeated for any physical quantity or physical equations and result will be
that all physical quantities are cumulative sense of function of Time.

“Time” maybe motion of hands in God’s clock or gear tooth counter or process Time of some mechanism
that creates what we call reality, or some perplexing randomness counter or even nothing at all or most
probably might be indication of present degree of “infinity and zeros” of Real Reality, but also with “all
physical quantities = function of Time” is to show that Time gives legitimate meaning and sense for what
we call reality.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

If this be truth, then most probably big bang never happened in the way it’s been previously thought and
we maybe still inside singularity, only sense of Time is changing and our mind and senses are
deciphering it as Space-Mass-Energy and all other physical senses.

The Time might be like single river, but current passing through each bodies immersed in it vary
according to resistance it offers. The Elements of Time are like value of (1/ infinite), most of Time taken as
insignificant, but cumulating it creates every value and everything. If (1/ infinite) was really equal to zero,
then nothing would have existed ever.

For simplifying things, I have used a very crude approach here, but detailed approach will lead to similar
results, as this concept is mutually conclusive with concept of dimensional analysis.

“EVERYTHING PHYSICAL IS FUNCTION OF TIME” is also logically conclusive with “Principle of

Intractability and/or Operability”.


OPERATIONS”) in crude sense can be stated as: “to have/undergo a meaningful interaction or operation
(let it be logical, mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, philosophical or any other field) can be done
only on some sense of equality or commonness.
For example, there is no sense in mathematically adding a cat and a dog; but if we consider them as
animals, then we get a mathematically meaningful result of “2” animals. Also, we can operate real and
imaginary numbers and get meaningful results only because we consider them to be on single plane.


In above figure, if we neglect common boundary, then intersection of A and B is null; but if we consider
(A, B) to be part of U, then union of (A, B) becomes U.

So, it’s logical to consider that all physical quantities are function of Time, that’s why they are able to
interact with each others, like Mass-Energy is able to curve/condense Space –Time & Space-Time
curvature is able to move Energy-Mass for same reasons. Similar is the case for electromagnetism,
strong & weak interactions. Time/Values being the real meaning of everything physical might be the core
reason why advancements in Science-Physics are moving us to realization of “Grand Unification of

From this concept, we can derive new types of mechanism, where we can operate/represent interacting
physical quantities as either Space, Mass, Time or Values. This will create type of mechanisms that are
parallel/alternate to mechanism which consider Energy as their core parameter.


According to mathematical axiom, parallel lines don’t have meeting or intersection, 2 straight lines in non-
curved Space can have only single point of contact and 3 straight lines in same condition will have only 3
point of contact.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

Figure 5: “Why Space can’t be only 3D”

=> We need at least 3 lines to locate a point with respect to another point in Space, i.e. First line joining
both points of interest gives us sense of direction of point with respect to other.

Second line can be drawn in pretty much any direction or angle to first one, but should be at an angle to
the first line and should meet first line at the origin. Third line can be drawn at any direction or angle such
that it passes through “point for which position is to be determined” & also intersects first line at same
point and third line should have a point of intersection with second line. So 1st line gives us direction and
with help of 2nd and 3rd lines we find position of points with respect to each other on the 1st line.

Figures 6 : Illustration of how same values of x, y, z lengths give different geometric shape as result, i.e. 3
dimensions is not enough for deducing shape of volume or if we know the shape of volume under
consideration, then we can extrapolate 3 known dimensions to study / to have complete mathematical
picture of shape under consideration.

Cartesian system, polar coordinate system, spherical & other coordinate system uses above properties of
straight lines in different approaches. We use same approach for locating points with respect to each
other in plane or volume. In plane we don’t call 3rd line as function of 3rd dimension, but in volume we
erroneously relate it with 3rd dimension. In fact, “3” comes from the property of straight lines, and not from
property of Space.
o o
90 is a special angle & have many specialties like other angles have their own sets of specialties, but 90
is not special enough to determine or become under laying fact to determine number of dimension in our

3D or 4D are mathematical approach or tool to understand or study Space-Time activities/interactions

and has nothing to do with real Space.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

For Space we need minimum of 3 dimensions, because all other dimensions can be represented as
functions of those 3 dimensions.
Considering Space to be 3d is same as considering all polygons to be triangles, refer Figure. 5.
If we are still in doubt about Space being 3D, then we need to understand only a simple fact that: “if we
have values of length on 3 dimensions (x, y, z) & if lengths on other radii from origin are unrestricted,
then we can have infinite figures (including regular and irregular) that can satisfying above condition.
Space can be considered as infinitely infinite dimensional or of zero dimensional, both are mutually
inclusive sense.
Space maybe considered as a continuum which might have pixels, beyond size of those pixels our sense
of reality may cease to exist i.e. we might have to encounter truer “Elements of Time or Values” which
might be different from our world’s sense of Space-Energy-Mass (please refer conclusion of this
manuscript for further details, more specifically those Atoms or Pixels of Real Reality are elemental form
of infinitely super positioned “Entity ("S")".
The variation/difference in the density of these “Atoms or Pixels of Reality” floating on the “Axis/Base of
Time” acts as Space, Energy or Mass.

Figure 7: Atoms/Pixels of Reality

The shape of our “Atoms or Pixels of Reality” of our universe will depend on type of Quasi-Absolute
Consciousness / Seed Function & Value Volume / Geometric Matrices (please refer conclusion of this
manuscript for further details).

These “Atoms or Pixels of Reality” can be spherical like stars, planets, atoms, waves, electron etc,
because sphere is best representation of “Law of Equi-Preference” at state of equilibrium. Also, laws of
universe is found to be isotropic (doesn’t have preferred direction under unbiased conditions. Most
probably the spherical diameter of these “Atoms/Pixels of Reality” might have Planck length as its
theoretical diameter.


This can be stated as “Any unbiased tendency prefers all its realizable options equally or quantum of
action are distributed to all options according to their degree of REALIZABILITY/ probability”, i.e. in
unbiased case, if we roll a dice of six (or infinite) sides, then this law ensures that probability of each
option will be 1/6 (or 1/infinite) & all unrealizable options have more zero-er or less than 1/6 (or 1/infinite)

=> REALIZABILITY of an option is inversely proportional to degree of bias on that given option


SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

Figure 8: Physical application of LAW OF EQUI-PREFERENCE

This Law can act as litmus test to find whether a situation is biased or to find degree of interactions in the
system i.e. even if universe is proved to be randomness generator, even then universe must follow “Law
of Equi-Preference” at least at some basic level, at least because there should be some form of Equi-
Preference for equilibrium and probability to exist or have some meaning.

The individual “Preference or tendencies” are part of Equi-Preference in wider Space-Time sense.
In quantum and normal world, what we see is conditional probability which is biased by various elements
of Space-Time.
This law governs probability and tendency of system to come to equilibrium, thereby helps us rule on
Also, if x= Uncertainty of individual system
=> Certainty= (1-xn) or (1-(x1*x2*x3….xn)), where n is number of individual interacting systems.
As value of x is less than 1 for all values of n (i.e. uncertainty is less than or equal to 1 for all values of
n), on repeated multiplication, the value of uncertainty of combined systems will tend to zero & certainty
will tend to 1, i.e. higher the number of constrains or degree of freedom => lower the randomness.
This might be reason why particle world of relativity is having much lesser uncertainty (or wave nature)
compared to uncertain & probabilistic quantum world.
Equilibrium is achieved because system tends to normalize its interaction with surrounding to attain
Equi-Preference. Law of Equi-Preference is like basic shape and everything else are its arrangements &
Proof: Mathematically probability for any option of any unbiased tendency = (1/ total no. of options for
tendency which is usually infinite), (1/infinite is not equal to “0”, but equal to smallest sense of reality).
This will be same for all option till tendency is unbiased, so tendency will have equal probability for each
of its options.
Newton’s laws of motion including Action-Reaction and Inertia are result of above law & each Time we
think that world should have infinite possibilities and have parallel worlds, and then we are unknowingly
referring to this basic law.
ACTION-REACTION: Action-Reaction is obtained when Equi-Preference is biased by material strength.
E.g. Fluid Pressure acts equally in all direction on its container, but if that container breaks into 2
halves, we would find both halves moving away from each other with equal momentum in direction
perpendicular to plan of breakage. This is because other material strength is absorbing forces that want
to move materials into other directions, i.e. Action-Reaction is just a concept, but actually it’s “Equi-

INERTIA : If a body is at rest or motion, then all other options or chance of changing to other states of
motion have only one out of infinite chance, so body will continue to be same state of motion or rest until
disturbed by external cause.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com




If “Law of Equi-Preference” holds true universally, then everything would have been everything else, and
universe would have been jungles of possibilities.

=> Whole Existence should be embedded in an ENTITY (“S”) that is Something, Anything, Nothing,
Origin, End, Imaginaries/Infinite(s)/unity(s) and ZerO(s) in all the senses, i.e. in the state of “SANOEIO
EQUIVALENCE”, because by “LAW OF EQUI-PREFERENCE” unbiased system should be in an “INITIAL
STATE of EQUI-PREFERENCE” & should provide equal probability to all its options according to their
As “ENTITY (“S”) is “THE ABSOLUTE BASIC ENTITY/ Absolute Origin” => It should be in “THE
=>Every option is absolutely & equally realizable. => It should be in the state of “SANOEIO
“ENTITY (“S”)” will be UNRELIABLE AND UNCERTAIN ABSOLUTE. It will be like being super symmetric
infinitely infinite multiple superposition of “Everything/Nothing”, “Absolute/Relativistic”,
“Probable/Improbable”, “Imaginable/Unimaginable”, “Past/Present/Future”, “Geometric/Non-Geometric”,
“of the size of our ultimate Multi-verse (or infinite) or of size of infinitesimal” “Random Variable/Constant”,
“Dimensional & Non Dimensional” all same Time and in all completely true senses.
All Space-Time exists as elements of infinitely infinite super positioned possibilities of “ENTITY (“S”)”.
Our point of origin on Space-Time axis will be perpetually questionable, because of perpetual absence of
Absolutely basic, reliable and certain Absolute origin, because our “Absolutely basic origin” by definition
should be unreliable and uncertain Absolute by “SANOEIO equivalence” & “law of EQUI-PREFERENCE”.
If we extrapolate Chaos theory to above concept, we know that there will be Patterns/Orders/Geometrics
even in Absolute Randomness. These Patterns/Orders/Geometrics ( LIKE E8 LATTICE) will be like
Filters/ Quasi-Absolute Consciousness/ Seed Function/Conscious Universe(s) that will govern
/channel/manipulates uncertain, chaotic, randomness to create Universe(s) and govern them, like
chemicals of earth randomly reacted with each other to form amino acid and then life.
SUPER POSITIONED ENTITY (“S”), those incarnations becomes VALUES (act of observation).
QUASI-ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS formed by Geometric matrices of Values in the form of E8 lattice
will narrow down randomness to universe(s) it creates, because as explained before, if x= Uncertainty of
individual system/value
=> Certainty= (1-xn) or (1-(x1*x2*x3…x240...xn)), where n is number of individual interacting systems.
When x is less than or equal to 1 for all values of n (i.e. uncertainty is less than or equal to 1 for all values
of n), on repeated multiplication, the value of uncertainty of combined systems will tend to zero & certainty
will tend to 1, i.e. higher the number of constrains or degree of freedom => lower the randomness.
Consciousness/ Seed Function are like low randomness, universe sustainable zones inside infinitely
infinite possibilities of Entity (“S”).
Constant, variables and their variations in universe(s) are controlled / manipulated / channeled by QUASI-
ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS / SEED FUNCTION that create/sustain/are those specific universe(s).
The Dynamics counter of give set of value matrices or value volume becomes Time of that specific
universe, and those value matrices or value volume acts as Space or equivalent dimensions of that
Even then the question will remain “why things are in way they are”, “why only this possibility of existence
now”…etc etc. For this, only possible conclusion might be that universe is still inside singularity and
singularity is split into coexisting infinitely infinite possibilities, to form whatever we call as real. “But it’s
also a fact that some infinites are bigger than other infinites and some zero can be more zero-er than
other zeros”.

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

So existence/split sense of singularity is chasing those unfathomed higher/different orders of infinites &
zeros continually, and Time may be signifying that chase.
This ticking Time element when cumulated might be the reason for expanding Space;; quantum behavior
and virtual particles of Space…etc…etc etc…This cumulative compounding of Time maybe continually
creating/signifying Space-Mass-EnergyEnergy into universe.
So “why they are in way they are”, most probably because this is how present degree of “infinity and zero”
after infinitely infinite years plus almost 2018 years when deciphered by ou ourr mind and senses looks like
and we are moving ahead chasing higher or different orders of “infinites and zeros of existence”.
Also, “Law of Equi-Preference”” is giving inertia to change of Time,, i.e. even there are infinitely infinite
possibilities for change,
ange, but each option is also one out of infinitely infinite option; so probability of each
option will tend to be 1/infinitely infinite; because of this Time or our reality’s chase towards
higher/different orders of “infinites and zeros” will have a const
constant tendency of inertia. Mass-Energy-
Space can be considered as functions of cumulative Time content which can only sublime in controlled
way because of “Law of Equi-Preference
eometric Matrix of value elements” or “Value Volume” can act as ““Quasi-Absolute Consciousness”;
depending on their pattern they will govern their constituting values
he shape(s) & dimension(s) of “element(s) of value(s)” will depend on sense they are representing and
mathematical tool used to perceive them. The element of value can be of linear, non linear, looped, multi- multi
cyclic, arc, or non geometric

Figure 9: Zero, Unity, Infinite Cycle

Figure 10: Zero, Unity, Infinite Relationship

Every “infinite” are “unity” in their higher sense, every “unity” is infinite of their lower sense (higher & lower
are subjective)
.i.e. “unity” & “infinite” is same meaning but may be in different sense

EL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com
SANOY SAMUEL, sanoy19@gmail.com,sanoysamuel86@gmail.com

Time is representation of value volume dynamics

Space-Mass-Energy (or their equivalent representation in other part of universe or other universes) is
representation of elements of value depending on their concentration and interactions.
0^0= (0, 1) => ((0^0) * infinite), ((0^0)/ (0^0)) or similar functions of “0” (representing self interaction of
void) which can act as “Randomness or Value generator” might be reason for “Value Volume Dynamics”
**Time and values here referred to are in there more Absolute sense, in multi- universal scale, but local
sense of Time & values might be different and much more malleable, but we may have to overcome
effects of universal Absolute Time and values on given environment before being able to manipulate local
Time and values of system under consideration.
Every law, theory, axiom & equations describing physical or non physical sense are like “special case
of theory of everything”. We might not achieve “Absolute theory of everything”, because of finite set of
rules available with mathematics and science, but we can bridge some of the gaps of QUALIA by logic
and philosophy to obtain better forms of “Relative theory of everything”


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