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Jan Marcos Lòpez
General Review English 3
Units 0-4

Write the Correct Simple present form of the verb.

I. Complete Julia’s sentences with the correct verb form.

1. I …live… (live, lives) with my parents.
2. We ……live … (live, lives) downtown.
3. My parents …has….. (has, have) an apartment.
4. I …walk… (walk, walks) to work.
5. I …don’t … (don’t, doesn’t) need a car.
6. My mother …doesn’t.. (don’t, doesn’t) walk to work.
7. She …uses…. (use, uses) public transportation.
8. She …takes… (take, takes) the subway.
9. My father is retired, so he …doesn’t…. (don’t, doesn’t) have a job.
10. But he …does… (do, does) a lot of work at home.

II. Circle the word that best completes the idea.

1. Fred likes to play soccer. He is a fan of Ronaldo.
a) likes b) like c) don’t like

2. Mildred doesn’t to go out. She enjoys the peace of her home.

a) doesn’t like b) don’t like c) likes

3. Do Susan and Tony enjoy swimming?

a) Yes, I do b) No, we don’t c) Yes, they do.

4. Do you like milk?

a) Yes, I like b) Yes, she does c) Yes, I do

5. Your brother like vegetables.

a) Doesn’t b) don’t c) do not

III. Read and answer the questions.

Hi. I'm Roxanne. I'm 13 years old. I'm from Montreal, a big city i n Canada. Montreal isn't
the capital of Canada. The capital city of our country is Ottawa. Guadalupe and Martina
are my friends. Guadalupe is 13 and Martina is 14. They aren't from Canada; they are
from Mexico. They are on holiday in Montreal!

Where is Roxanne from?

Roxanne is from Montreal
Are Guadalupe and Martina from Canada?
They aren't from Canada; they are from Mexico
Where are they from?
Is Montreal the capital of Canada?
Not, Montreal isn't the capital of Canada
What is the capital of Canada?
The capital is city of Ottawa

IV. Complete the sentences. Use is, are, or am.

1. Ana --is-- from The United States.

2. Pedro, Ana and I -or-- in the same English Class.

3. I -am- a student of architecture.

4. She --is---- so happy today.

5. We --are-- best friends.

V. Read. Write the time in letters.

1. 8:00 eight in the morning

2. 5:30 five and thirty in the morning
3. 4:40 the four and forty
4. 1:25 the one and twenty-five minutes
5. 9:09 the nine and nine minutes

VI. Write 5 clothing items for men and 5 for women.

1. lingerie
2. blouse
3. _ high heels shoes
4. _dress
5. skirt

1. pant
2. t-shirt
3. shirt
4. shoes
5. jake
VII. Use the possessive adjectives given to complete the sentences.
My, his, her, our, their, its.

1. Two students didn't do mathematics homework.

2. I have a car. my car is black.
3. We have a dog. our name is Pancho.
4. Nancy is from England. his husband is from Australia.
5. John goes to high school. her little brother goes to primary school.
6. We go to UAPA University. its University is fantastic.
7. François and Alain are French. their family are from France.
8. Mary likes grandmother. She often visits her.

VIII. Answer the following questions

What do you eat for breakfast?

Coffee, juice, and some life
What do you eat for lunch?
Rice, been, fish
What do you eat for dinner?

IX. Write many or much to complete the following sentences.

1. There are many apples here.
2. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
3. There aren’t tall buildings in my community.
4. I have keys on the table.
5. There’s much meat for the barbecue.
6. For John’s birthday party we need to have children.
7. How much bread do you need?
8. We need really .
9. There isn’t many butter. Let’s buy some.
10. In your computer there’s much music from Ricardo Arjona.

X. Write the present continuous.

Example: 1. He _is answering (answer) the phone.

1. You listening (listen) to pop music.
2. They practicing (practice) the guitar.
3. She eating (eat) a sandwich.
4. I reading (read) my favorite novel.
5. Mary and I visiting (visit) our best friends.